Today in classical music history SEPTEMBER 17

Henri-Montan Berton
  • 1179 Death of German writer and composer Hildegard von Bingen in Rupertsburg. b-Bemersheim, Germany 1098.
  • 1605 Birth of composer Francesco Sacrati
  • 1711 Birth of Austrian composer Ignaz Jakob HOLZBAUER in Vienna. d-Mannheim, 7 APR 1783.
  • 1722 FP of MOURET's "La Provençale" Paris.
  • 1748 Birth of composer Robert Wainwright.
  • 1762 Death of Italian composer and music master to Count Bellamont, Francesco Geminiani, in
     Dublin at age 74. b-Lucca, 5 DEC 1687.
  • 1767 Birth of French violinist, conductor and opera composer Henri-Montan Berton, in Paris. d. Paris, Apr. 22, 1844.
  • 1795 Baptismal of Italian opera composer and teacher Giuseppe SeverioRaffaele MERCADANTE in Altimura. d-Naples, 17 DEC 1870. Composed about sixty operas.
  • 1803 Death of Austrian composer Franz Xaver Sussmayr in Vienna. Studied with Mozart and Salier, completed Mozart's Requiem. b-Schewanenstadt, 1766.
  • 1814 Birth of composer Stefano Ronchetti-Molnteviti
  • 1815 Birth of Norwegian composer, teacher and conductor Halfdan KJERULF in Christiania. Inspired Grieg. d- Christiania, 11 AUG 1868.
  • 1818 Birth of composer Halfdan Kjeruif
  • 1821 Birth of composer Charles Victor Arthur Saint-Leon
  • 1827 Birth of German composer Ludwig Siegfried MEINARDUS in Hooksiel. d-Bielefeld, 10 JUL 1896.
  • 1846 Death of Austrian pianist, singer and composer Francesco Pollini in Milan. Studied with Mozart. b-Laibach, 25 MAR 1762.
  • 1849 Birth of composer Vaclav Juda Novotny
  • 1859 Birth of American composer Richard Henry WARREN. d-1933.
  • 1864 FP of Offenbach's La Belle Helene in Paris.
    Offenbach: La Belle Hélène
  • 1868 Birth of Italian tenor Ferruccio Giannini. d. 1948.
  • 1872 FP in USAmerica of Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries at a Central Park concert by the Theodore Thomas orchestra in NYC.
    Wagner: The Ride of the Valkyries, Overtures and Choruses
  • 1875 Birth of composer Vyacheslav Gavrilovich Karatigin
  • 1877 Birth of French pianist, organist and composer Jean HURE' in Gien (Loiret). d-Paris, 27 JAN 1930. Operas, "La cathédrale" (1910); "Le Bois sacré" produced at the Opéra-Comique.
  • 1878 Birth of Italian composer Vincenzo TOMMASINI in Rome. d-Rome, 23 DEC 1950.
  • 1880 Birth of French conductor and composer D. E. INGHELBRECHT in Paris. d-Paris, 14 FEB 1965. Operas, "La Nuit vénitienne" (1908); "Le chêne et le tilleul" (Paris, 1961).
  • 1883 Birth of composer Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson Berners
  • 1884 Birth of American composer, teacher and pianist, Charles Tomlinson GRIFFES in Elmira, NY. d-NYC, 8 APR 1920. Search for Charles Tomlinson GRIFFES
  • 1885 Birth of opera composer Uzeir HAJIBEYEV, in Uzeir Azerbaijani near Shusha. d. Baku, Nov. 23, 1948. Opera: "Leyli i Mejnun" (Baku, 1908); "Sheykh Sanan" (Baku,1909); "Rustam i Zokhrab" (Baku, 1910); "Asli i Kerem" (Baku,1912); "Shakh Abbas i Khurshid Banu" (Baku, 1912); "Arshin Mal Alan"(Baku, 1913); "Garun i Leyla" (not produced, 1915); "Koroghlu, son
    of a blind man" (Moskow, 1937).
  • 1892 Birth of Dutch composer Hendrik ANDRIESSEN in Haarlem. Father of Louis Andriessen and Jurriaan Andriessen. Brother of Willem Andriessen. d-Haarlem, 12 APR 1981. Search for Hendrik ANDRIESSEN
  • 1897 FP of HERVÉ's "Le cabinet Piperlin" Paris (1897).
  • 1905 Birth of composer Jorge Urrutia Blondel
  • 1906 Birth of English ballet dancer and choreographer Sir Frederick ASHTON, in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
    Ashton - The Dream / Ethan Stiefel, Alessandra Ferri, Herman Cornejo, American Ballet Theater
  • 1907 Birth of Polish tenor Andrzej Francziszek Bielecki. d.June 8, 1959.
  • 1907 Birth of Soprano Hilde Scheppan d. sep. 24, 1970. Wer steigt beim Klang der Hymnen (Aida)
  • 1907 Death of Austrian composer Ignaz Brull in Vienna. b-Prossnitz, Moravia, 7 NOV 1846.
  • 1908 Birth of German composer Franz J A Grothe
  • 1908 Birth of Italian bass Nunu Sanchioni in Cairo.
  • 1913 Birth of composer Jorgen Jersild
  • 1917 Birth of Korean teacher and composer Isang YUN in Tong Young.
  • 1920 Birth of MET broadcast announcer Peter ALLEN in Toronto. Metriculated at Ohio State. During WW II, served as lieutenant and commanding officer of a minesweeper. Announcer for WQXR in 1947, working there twenty-eight years. He studied both violin and viola in early youth. Became the MET Opera network announcer on 4 JAN 1975, after the death of Milton Cross. Resigned the job in 2004.
  • 1922 Birth of soprano Liane Synek. Search for Liane Synek
  • 1929 Birth of American conductor Vincent LA SELVA.
  • 1930 Birth of Dutch composer Theo LOEVENDIE in Amsterdam. Composition teacher at the Conservatory in Amsterdam.
  • 1931 The first long-playing record to rotate at 33-1/3 rpm was demonstrated
    by the RCA Victor company at the Savoy Plaza Hotel, New York. The Columbia Record company developed a better version an released LPs in 1948.
  • 1931 FP of Delius A Song of Summer in London. Search for DELIUS A Song of Summer
  • 1932 Birth of tenor Pierre Duval
  • 1932 FP of BARANOVIC's "Strizeno-koseno" in Zagreb.
  • 1934 Birth of Italian tenor Renato FRANCESCONI in Rome. Studied in Rome and at Ferrara and made his début at Faenza [Manrico] Il Trovatore in 1968. Riccardo Muti engaged him for the Maggio Musical Fiorentino. Appeared as Radamès in Aida in Dublin, 1971, then the Wiener Staatsoper, Covent Garden, San Francisco, Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin,Buenos Aires and others. His performing repertoire of over 40 roles. Search for Renato FRANCESCONI
  • 1936 Birth of German bass Roland Hermann in Bochum.Search for Roland Hermann
  • 1939 Birth of American tenor David Griffith in Eugene, OR.
  • 1949 Birth of Spanish opera composer Miguel Gomez-Martinez in Granada.
  • 1952 Birth of bass John-Paul Bogart.
  • 1952 FP of Fortner's "Die Witwe von Epheus" Berlin 1952.
  • 1954 Birth of French composer Joel-Francois DURAND in Orleans. Search for Joel-Francois DURAND
  • 1954 Death of Italian tenor Alessandro Dolci in Bergamo.
  • 1957 Birth of English educator and director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, David BINTLEY.
  • 1957 FP of Henry Cowell's Persian Set. Minneapolis Symphony, Antal Dorati conducting at the Gulestan Palace in Tehran, Iran. Henry Cowell: Persian Set
  • 1964 FP of EINEM's "Der Zerrissene" Hamburg (1964).
  • 1966 ('65?)Death of German tenor Fritz Wunderlich at age 35, from a fall in his home in Heidelberg. b-Kusel, Lower Palatinate, Germany, 26 SEP 1930.
  • 1982 FP of Steve Reich's Tehillim for orchestra. New York Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta, in NYC. Tehillim
  • 1982 FP of AHLSTROM's "3 Sisters Who Are Not Sisters" San Francisco (1982).
  • 1988 FP of REISE's "Rasputin" New York, CO (1988)
  • 1991 Death of French violinist Rene 'Zino' Francescatti. b-Marseilles, 9 AUG 1902. Search for Zino Francescatti
  • 1998 Death of American composer William Albright in Ann Arbor, MI. b-Indians, 1944.
    In Memoriam: William Albright
  • 2002 FP of John Adams's Transmigration of Souls by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
    John Adams: On the Transmigration of Souls
  • 2003 First concert with Christoph Eschenbach conducting The Philadelphia Orchestra, as new music director, at the Kimmel Center for the performing arts in Philadelphia. Conducting Berlioz, Dvorak and Brahms.Search for Christoph Eschenbach
  • 2011 Death of German conductor Kurt Sanderling. OBIT b-19 September 1912.
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