NOVEMBER 21 Today in classical music history


  • 1695 Death of English composer Henry PURCELL at age 36, in Westminster, London. Buried under his organ at Westminster Abby. b-Westminster, 1659. Search for Henry PURCELL

  • 1710 Death of Italian composer Bernardo Pasquini in Rome. b-Massa da Valdinievole, 7 DEC 1637. Search for Bernardo Pasquini

  • 1723 FP of J. S. Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 70 Wachet! Betet! Betet! Wachet! performed on the 26th Sunday following Trinity in first annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig, 1723-24. Search for Wachet! Betet! Betet! Wachet!

  • 1796 FP of Beethoven's Ah, Perfido, sung at premiere by it's dedicatee Mme Dusek. Search for Beethoven's Ah, Perfido CD-Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 "Choral"; Choral Fantasy; Ah, Perfido

  • 1831 FP of Meyerbeer's Roberto D'Avalo, at Paris Opera. CD-Meyerbeer: Roberto il Diavolo

  • 1835 Death of Italian soprano Francesca Festa. Born 1778 Naples. Debut in 1799, Teachers:- Giuseppe Aprile, Pacchiarotti, Adelaide Borghi-Mamo Created Palmira in Imbroglio ne Porta un Altro (Mosca) Adele in Adele di Lusignano (Carafa) Berenice in Berenice in Siria (Carafa) Caterina in Falegname di Livonio (Pacini) Medea in Medea e Giasone (Coccia) Irene in Andronica (Mercadante) Palmira in Maometto (Von Winter) Sang in premiere of Turco in Italia (Rossini)

  • 1852 Birth of Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco TARREGA, in Villarreal, Castellon. d-Barcelona, 15 DEC 1909. Search for Francisco TARREGA

  • 1863 Death of Austrian violinist and teacher Joseph Mayseder in Vienna. b-Vienna, 26 OCT 1789. Search for Joseph Mayseder

  • 1868 Italian composer G. Rossini buried in Paris, at Père Lachaise cemetery among the graves of composers Chopin, Bellini and Cherubini, with funeral music on Adolphe Sax's saxophone. Search for G. Rossini

  • 1877 Birth of American composer Louis CAMPBELL-TIPTON. d-1 MAY 1921. Search for Louis CAMPBELL-TIPTON

  • 1877 Birth of German composer of organ and harmonium music Sigfrid KARG-ELERT in Obendorf am Neckar. d-Leipzig, 9 APR 1933. Search for Sigfrid KARG-ELERT

  • 1881 FP of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 2, by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Theodore Thomas. Madeleine Schiller, soloist. CD-Tchaikovsky: Piano Concertos 1-3/Concert Fantasy

  • 1885 Birth of Rumanian tenor Trajan Grosavescu in Lugoj, Rumania. Died 15 Feb 1927. Debut as Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 1920 Teacher :- Franz Steiner.

  • Scherzet immer (Bajazzo)
  • 1891 Birth of Bulgarian tenor Roman Hubner in Melnik. Debut 1921, Teachers:- Emilio Piccoli, Paul Ulanowsky, Vaclav Victorin

  • 1896 FP of Antonin Dvorák's symphonic poem The Noonday Witch Op. 108, in London. CD-Dvorak: Symphony No. 8; The Noonday Witch

  • 1898 Birth of Italian tenor Giuseppe Lugo in Verona. Died 18 Sep 1980, Debut as Cavaradossi in Tosca (Puccini) 6 Oct 1931 Teachers:- Gaudier, Raffaele Tenaglia. Search for Giuseppe Lugo

  • 1901 Birth of Italian bass Giacomo Vaghi in Como. Died 29 April 1978, Debut in Manon (Massenet) Created Hanoch in Straniero (Pizzetti)

  • 1901 Richard Srauss conducts FP of his opera Feuersnot, 'Fire Famine', in Dresden. CD-Strauss: Feursnot

  • 1911 Birth of Rumanian mezzo-soprano Marianne Radev in Costanza, Rumania. Died 17 Sep 1973, Debut as Marina in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) 1938 Teachers:- Riccardo Stracciari, Ivan Stefanov Created Concierge in Neue Mieter (Keleman)

  • 1920 Birth of Italian tenor Nicola Monti in Milan. Died 1 Mar 1993. Debut as Elvino in Sonnambula (Bellini) Feb 1951.

  • 1924 FP of Alfredo Casella's La Giara a choreographed comedy after Pirandello in Paris. CD-Casella: Chamber Music

  • 1929 American debut of composer-conductor Alexander Glazunov, leading the Detroit Symphony in a performance of his Sixth Symphony. Search for Alexander Glazunov

  • 1930 Death of Scottish pianist and singer Marjory Kennedy Fraser in Edinburgh. b-Perth, Scotland 1 OCT 1857. Teachers:- David Kennedy, Mathilde Marchesi Created Old Crone in Seal Woman (Bantock). Search for Marjory Kennedy Fraser

  • 1931 Birth of Australian composer Malcolm WILLIAMSON in Sydney. d-Cambridge, England 3 MAR 2003. Search for Malcolm WILLIAMSON.

  • Malcolm Williamson: A Mischievous Muse
  • 1932 Birth of Danish composer Pelle GUDMUNDSEN-HOLMGREENSearch for Pelle GUDMUNDSEN-HOLMGREEN

  • 1933 Death of American vocalist and singing teacher Perley Dunn Aldrich. Born 1863, Blackstone MA. Died 21 Nov 1933. Teachers:- William Shakespeare, Giovanni Sbriglia, Angelo Trabadello Pupil :- Paul Althouse. Search for Perley Dunn Aldrich

  • 1935 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Two Piano Concerto, by Stravinsky and his son in Paris. CD-Reding And Piette Play Works for Two Pianos, Vol. II

  • 1936 Birth of American conductor James DePRIEST, in Philadelphia PA. Search for James DePRIEST. d-Arizona, 8 February 2013.

  • 1937 FP of Shostakovich's 5th Sym, in Leningrad. Leningrad Philharmonic, Yevgeny Mravinsky conducting.  Search for Shostakovich's 5th Sym

  • 1938 Death of Polish-born American pianist and composer Leopold Godowsky at age 68, in NYC. b-Vilna, 13 FEB 1870. Search for Leopold Godowsky

  • 1938 Death of American FEMALE tenor, Ruby HELDER, only modern day woman tenor, in Hollywood, CA. Ruby Helder: 'The Girl Tenor,' Recordings 1908-21.

  • Courage (1914 recording)
  • 1939 FP of Shostakovich's Symphony No. 6. Leningrad Philharmonic, Yevgeny Mravinsky conducting. CD-Shostakovich: Symphonies (Box Set)

  • 1941 FP of Paul Hindemith's Symphony in Eb. Minneapolis Symphony, Dimtri Mitropoulos conducting. Search for Hindemith's Symphony in Eb

  • 1942 Birth of Hungarian mezzo-soprano Julia HAMARI, in Budapest. Teacher :- Fatime Martin Pupil :- Silvia Bossa. Search for Julia HAMARI

  • 1942 Birth of American composer Michael VALENTISearch for Michael VALENTI

  • 1943 Death of Russian tenor Ivan Yershov. Born 8 Nov 1867 in Rostow. Debut 1894 Teachers:- Alexandra Alexandrova-Kochetov, Stanislaus Gabel, C Rossi Palechek Pupils :- Sofia Preobrashenskaya Created Grisha in Invisible City of Kitesh (Rimsky-Korsakov) Orestes in Oresteia (Taneyev) Valery in Servilia (Rimsky-Korsakov). Le Prophete: Roi Di Ciel & Pour Bertha

  • 1945 FP of Benjamin Britten's String Quartet No. 2 in C, Op. 36. Zorian Quartet in London. CD-Britten:String Quartets

  • 1947 FP of Vincent Persichetti's Symphony No. 3, by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy conducting. Search for Persichetti's Symphony No. 3

  • 1949 Birth of American computer composer Judith SHATINSearch for Judith SHATIN

  • 1950 Birth of American tenor Vinson COLE in Kansas City Debut as Werther in Werther (Massenet) 1975 Created Innis Brown in Jubilee (Kay). Search for Vinson COLE.

  • Vinson Cole - In Love with Love ~ Love Songs by Massenet, Bizet, Hahn
  • 1954 Death of German composer Karol Rathaus in NYC. b-Tarnopol, 16 SEP 1895. Search for Karol Rathaus

  • 1955 Birth of American micro-tonal composer Kyle GANNSearch for Kyle GANN

  • 1956 Birth of American composer Michelle EKIZIANSearch for Michelle EKIZIAN

  • 1960 Birth of American composer Stewart WALLACE.

  • 1974 Death of Swiss composer Frank Martin, age 84, in Naarden, Holland. b-Geneva, Switzerland, 15 SEP 1890. Search for composer Frank Martin,

  • 1974 FP of Peter Mennin's Symphony No. 8, Daniel Barenboim conducting New York Philharmonic. Search for Mennin's Symphony No. 8

  • 1977 Death of German baritone Paul Schoeffler. Born 15 Sep 1897, Debut as Herald in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1925 Teachers:- Ernst Grenzebach, Mario Sammarco, Rudolf Schmalnauer Waldemar Staegemann Pupils :- Elfriede Trotschel, Hans Christian, Peter Wimberger Created George Danton in Danton's Tod (Von Einem) Sang in premiere of Doktor Faust (Busoni). Search for Paul Schoeffler

  • 1984 Death of German baritone Gerhard Husch. Born 2 Feb 1901 in Hanover. Debut as Eberbach in Wildschutz (Lortzing) 22 Dec 1924 Teacher :- Hans Emge Pupils :- Brian Bannatyne-Scott, Sigrid Bjornsson, Ben Blackwater Derek Hammond-Stroud, Gordon Honey, Alison Pearce Eric Vietheer, Erik Sundquist, Nigel Rogers. Search for Gerhard Husch.

  • 1984 FP of Gunther Schuller's Concerto Quarterino for flute, oboe, trumpet & orchestra, Zubin Mehta conducting New York Philharmonic.

  • 1985 Debut of Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis with New York Philharmonic performing Haydn's Trumpet Concerto and with Philip Smith, Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Trumpets. Search for Wynton Marsalis

  • 1986 FP of John Harbison's 1987 Pulitzer prize winning cantata The Flight into Egypt at the New England Conservatory of Music. Soprano Lorraine Hunt, baritone John Osborne, and the Camerata Singers, David Hoose conducting. Search for HARBISON The Flight into Egypt

  • 1989 FP of Michael Torke's Rust for piano and winds, by the Orkest de Volharding at the Contemporary Music Festival, in Huddersfield, England. Search for Torke's Rust.

  • 1995 Death of American bass Leon Lishner. Born 4 Jul 1913 New York. Debut as Bartolo in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1942 Teacher :- Albert Garcia Created Melchior in Amahl & the Night Visitors (Menotti) Secret Police Agent in Consul (Menotti) Don Marco in Saint of Bleeker Street (Menotti) Death in Labyrinth (Menotti). Search for Leon Lishner

  • 1996 FP of George Perle's Transcendental Modulations Jahja Ling conducting the New York Philharmonic. A commission for their 150th anniversary. Search for Perle's Transcendental Modulations

  • 1997 Death of English composer Robert Simpson in Tralee, Ireland. b- Leamington Spa, 2 MAR 1921. Search for composer Robert Simpson

  • 1998 Death of Polish composer and organist Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz in Warsaw. b-Sierpc, 17 OCT 1916. Search for Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz.  

  • <2013 Death of American choral composer Conrad Susa in San Francisco. b-26 APR 1935. MUSICIANmilestones
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