NOVEMBER 22 Today in classical music history

St. Cecilia
St. Cecilia's Day. Patron Saint of Musicians | Search for St. Cecilia's Day | Search for Patron Saint of Musicians | Search for St. Cecilia

  • 1450 Birth of composer Jacob OBRECHTSearch for Jacob OBRECHT

  • 1683(?) FP of Purcell's Ode for St. Cecelia's Day in London. CD- Purcell: Odes for St. Cecilia's Day and Handel: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day

  • Purcell: Odes for St. Cecilia's Day - Music for Queen Mary / Taverner Consort
  • 1690 Birth of French composer Francois Collin de BLAMONT in Versailles. d-14 FEB 1760. Search for Francois Collin de BLAMONT

  • 1692(?) FP of Purcell's Ode for St. Cecelia's Day in London. CD-Purcell: Odes for St. Cecilia's Day - Music for Queen Mary / Taverner Consort

  • 1709 Birth of composer Frantisek BENDA. d- 7 MAR 1786. Search for Frantisek BENDA

  • 1710 Birth of German composer Wilhelm Friedemann BACH. Eldest son of J.S. in Weimar. d-Berlin, 1 JUL 1784. Search for Wilhelm Friedemann BACH

  • 1710 Death of Italian composer Bernardo Pasquini at age 72, in Rome. Search for Bernardo Pasquini

  • 1712 (JC, GC=3 DEC) FP of G. F. Handel's opera Il pastor fido at the Queen’s Theater in London. Search for Il pastor fido

  • 1727 (GC, JC=11 NOV) FP of Handel's opera Riccardo Primo in London. Search for  Riccardo Primo

  • 1739 (JC, GC=3 DEC) FP of G. F. Handel's Ode for St. Cecilia's Day at Lincoln Inn Fields Theater, in London. CD-Handel: Ode for St. Cecillia's Day

  • 1740 (JC, GC=3 DEC)FP of Handel's operetta Imeneo at Lincoln Inn Fields Theater, in London. CD-Handel - Imeneo / Ostendorf · Baird · Fortunato · Hoch · Opalach · Brewer CO · R. Palmer

  • 1751 Death of composer Anton Englert, at 77. Search for Anton Englert,

  • 1776 Death of composer Johann Caspar Simon, at 75. Search for Johann Caspar Simon

  • 1780 Birth of German composer Conradin KREUTZER in Messkirch. d-Riga, Russia, 14 DEC 1849. Search for Conradin KREUTZER

  • 1805 Birth of English soprano Mary Anne Goward in Ipswich. Died 12 Mar 1899, Debut Nov 1823 Created Mermaid in Oberon (Weber).

  • 1813 Death of German composer Johann Gottfried Vierling, at 63 in Schmalkalden. b-Metzels, 1750. Composed popular organ Adagio in G. Search for Johann Gottfried Vierling

  • 1826 Death of composer Pavel Lambert Masek, at 65.

  • 1826 Prince Nicolas Gallitzin receives Beethoven's Last String Quartets. Ops 127, 130 and 132, in Vienna.

  • 1833 Birth of Italian baritone Francesco Pandolfini. Died 15 Feb 1916 Debut as Di Vergy in Gemma di Vergy (Donizetti) 1859 Teachers:- Ronconi, Luigi Vannuccini Created Arnoldo in Lituandi (Ponchielli) Virginio in Virginia (Mercadente)

  • 1838 Birth of composer Jose Augusto da Ferreira VEIGA, Viscount d' Arneiro.

  • 1851 FP of Félicien David's opera La Perle du Bresil with popular Charmant oiseau, in Paris. Search for La Perle du Bresil

  • 1852 Death of German composer August Alexander Klengel, at 69. Search for August Alexander Klengel

  • 1859 Birth of French soprano Cecile Ritter-Ciampi in La Cabriere. Died 1939, Teachers:- Carlotta Patti, Caroline Carvalho Pupil :- Gabrielle Ritter-Ciampi (daughter) Created Virginia in Paul & Virginia (Masse)

  • 1859 Birth of English Morris dance collector Cecil (James) Sharp in London. d-London 23 JUN 1924. Was noted for his work as a collector of English folk song and dance. Search for Cecil (James) Sharp

  • 1859 Death of German violinist and composer Ludwig "Louis" Spohr, (Faust), at 75. Search for Ludwig "Louis" Spohr

  • 1863 Birth of Czech baritone Frantisek Sir in Prague.  Died 7 Mar 1931, Teacher Jan Ludevit Lukes

  • 1870 Birth of composer Howard BROCKWAY. d-20 FEB 1951.

  • 1872 FP of piano version of A. Dvorak's Piano Quintet in A, Op. 5 He revised this early chamber work in 1887. Performed at the Konvikt Hall in Prague. CD-Piano Quintets

  • 1876 Birth of French baritone Edouard Rouard in Nice. Died 13 Mar, 1962 Debut 1902 Teacher :- Auguste-Acanthe Bourouresque Pupils :- Freda Betti, Albert Voli Created Alaouddin in Padmavati (Roussel) King of Gold in Legende de St Christophe (D'Indy) Cheyboub in Antar (Dupont) Petrucchio in Megere Apprivoisee (Le Rey) Baron Pons in Nerto (Widor / Mistral) Amaury-Gancion in Fille de Roland (Rabaud) Eusebe in Jardin du Paradis (Bruneau) Kadour in Naila (Gaubert) Pan in Dieux sont Morts (Tournemire)

  • 1877 Birth of English mezzo-soprano Muriel Foster in Sunderland.  Died 23 Dec 1937, Teacher :- Anna Williams

  • 1879 Birth of Argentinian composer Julio Salvador Sagreras RAMIREZ in Buenos Aires.

  • 1891 Birth of composer Bengt Axel von TORNE.

  • 1895 (JC, GC=4 DEC) FP og S. Rachmaninoff's Caprice bohémien Capriccio on Gypsy Themes.

  • 1896 Death of Italian tenor Italo Campanini. Born 30 June 1845 Parma. Debut as Oloferno in Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti) 1863 Teachers:- G Griffini, Francesco Lamperti Sang in premiere of Talismano (Balfe). Search for Italo Campanini.

  • Portrait Signor Italo Campanini Bettini Old Print 1872
  • 1896 Birth of Italian composer Mario LaBROCA. d-1973. Search for Mario LaBROCA

  • 1896 Death of composer Leon Leopold Lewandoski, at 65.

  • 1900 Birth of Dutch composer Hugo GODRON in Amsterdam. d-Zoelmond, 6 DEC 1971.

  • 1900 Death of English composer Sir Arthur Sullivan at age 58 in London. Was collaborator of Operettas with librettist Sir William Gilbert. b-Lambeth, London, 1842. Search for Sir Arthur Sullivan

  • 1901 Birth of Spanish composer Joaquin RODRIGO in Sagunto. d-Madrid, 6 JUL 1999. Obit. | Search for Joaquin RODRIGO.

  • 1902 Birth of Austrian (Galician) cellist Emmanuel FEUERMANN in Kolomea Galicia. In USA from 1938. d-1942. Search for Emmanuel FEUERMANN

  • 1902 Death of composer Septimus Winner, at 75. Search for Septimus Winner

  • 1907 Birth of composer Bernard NAYLORSearch for Bernard NAYLOR

  • 1907 FP of Charles Martin Loeffler's A Pagan Poem. Dr. Karl Muck conducting BSO in Boston. Search for Loeffler's A Pagan Poem

  • 1913 Birth of English composer and pianist Edward Benjamin BRITTEN, in Lowestoft. Known for his many works including operas Peter Grimes and Billy Budd. Founded the Aldeburgh Music Festival with tenor Peter Pears. d-Aldeburgh, 4 DEC 1976. Search for Edward Benjamin BRITTEN

  • 1913 Birth of French baritone Jacques Jansen in Paris. Debut as Pelleas in Pelleas et Melisande (Debussy) Teachers:- Claire Croiza, Louis Jouvet, Charles Panzera, Raymond Rouleau

  • 1917 Birth of composer Jean-Etienne MARIE.

  • 1921 Birth of German baritone Gunther Reich in Liegnitz. Died 15 Jan 1989, Debut as Iago in Otello (Verdi) 1961 Pupil :- Karl-Friedrich Durr Created Lower Perl in Schwarze Maske (Penderecki) Soroker in 200,000 Taler (Blacher) Sang in premiere of Hamlet (Reutter) Madchen aus Domrery (Klebe)

  • 1921 Death of Swedish soprano Christine Nilsson in Vaxjo, Sweden. Died 22 Nov 1921. Debut as Violetta in Traviata (Verdi) 27 Oct 1864 Teachers:- Franz Berwald, Enrico Delle Sedie, Baroness Leuhusen Victor Masse, Pierre-Francois Wartel Created as Ophelia in Hamlet (Thomas) Myrrha in Sardanapale (De Joncieres) Lucrezia in Talismano (Balfe)

  • 1922 Debut at the MET Opera of Elisabeth Rethberg as Aida. Search for Elisabeth RethbergComplete Brunswick Recordings

  • 1922 Birth of composer Fikret Dzhamil AMIROV, Kirovabad Russia, Azerbaijani (Shur).

  • 1923 Birth of American composer Dika NEWLINSearch for Dika NEWLIN

  • 1924 Birth of Danish composer Axel Borup-JORGENSEN in Hjorring, Denmark.

  • 1925 Birth of American composer, horn player and conductor Gunther SCHULLER in NYC. The Compleat Conductor  | Search for Gunther SCHULLERSearch for Gunther SCHULLERSearch for Gunther SCHULLER Died 21 JUNE 2015, NPR

  • 1928 FP Ravel's Bolero. Ida Rubinstein dancing, composer conducting in Paris, at the Opera Comique. CD-Ravel: Boléro

  • 1930 Birth of English conductor Peter HURFORDSearch for Peter HURFORD.

  • 1930 Birth of English opera director Sir Peter HALL, also director of plays and films.

  • 1931 FP of Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite. Paul Whiteman Orchestra in Chicago. CD-Aaron Copland: Billy the Kid and Rodeo Suite/Ferde Grofé:Grand Canyon Suite

  • 1936 Birth of German conductor and composer Hans ZEN DER in Wiesbaden.

  • 1943 Death of Italian composer Pietro Alessandro Yon, at 57 in Huntington, Long Island, NY. b-Settimo-Vittone, 8 AUG 1886.

  • 1949 Birth of English mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Laurence in Harrogate. Debut in Nuit des Soupliantes (Cornelios) 1982 Created Lady de Hautdesert in Gawain (Birtwistle) Anna Arild in Electrification of Soviet Union (Osborne) Behemoyh in Meister und Marguerite (Holler)

  • 1951 Birth of American conductor Kent NAGANOSearch for Kent NAGANO

  • 1952 Birth of American composer Frank WALLACE in Houston, TX.

  • 1955 Death of composer Joseph Guy Marie Ropartz, at 91, in Lanloup. b-Guingamp, 15 JUN 1864. Search for Joseph Guy Marie Ropartz

  • 1961 Birth of English pianist Stephen HOUGHSearch for Stephen HOUGH

  • 1961 Death of French soprano Ninon Vallin in Isere [a department in the Rhône-Alpes (Rôno-Arpes in Arpitan) region in the east of France]. Died 22 Nov 1961, Debut as Micaela in Carmen (Bizet) 1912 Teachers:- Meyriane Heglon, M Mathieu, Mauvarnay Pupil :- Estelle Valery Sang in premiere of Martyre de St =Sebastien (Debussy) Jacquerie (Marinuzzi) Imperatore (Franci)

  • 1962 Birth of Korean soprano Sumi JO in Seoul Korea Debut as Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1986 Teacher :- Jianella Borelli. Search for Sumi JO

  • 1967 Death of Swedish composer Edvin Kallstenius, at 86, in Stocksund. b-Filipstad, 29 AUG 1881. Search for Edvin Kallstenius

  • 1968 Death of Italian bass Melchiorre Luise. Born 1899 in Naples. Debut as Rigoletto in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1928 Teacher :- Fernando De Lucia Pupils :- Umberto Borso, Morley Meredith, Hugh Beresford. Search for Melchiorre Luise

  • 1969 Death of Chilean composer Acario Cotapos, at 80.

  • 1980 Death of soprano Heliosa De Albuquerque. Born 1906 Rio. Teacher, Gabriela Besanzoni

  • 1982 Death of composer Max Deutsch, at 90.

  • 1986 Death of English conductor and composer Robert Sutton Whitney, at 82. b-Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 9 JUL 1904. Louisville KY Symphony, 1932-67.

  • 1996 Death of American baritone Mario Basiola Jr. Born 1 Sep 1935, Highland Park Illinois. Teacher, Mario Basiola Snr

  • 2011 Death of soprano Sena Jurinac. b- 24 October 1921.

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