OCTOBER 22 Today in classical music history

Alessandro Scarlatti

  • 1651 Death, in early morning hours, of German composer Jacob Praetorius, at 65. b-1586. Funeral service 24th. Search for Jacob Praetorius

  • 1686 Birth of German composer and organist Georg Balthasar SCHOTT in Schonau. d-1736.

  • 1698 Birth of Italian composer Nicola Bonifacio LOGROSCINOSearch for Nicola Bonifacio LOGROSCINO

  • 1725 Death of Italian composer Alessandro Scarlatti, at 65, in Naples. Search for Alessandro Scarlatti Father of Domenico. b-Palermo, 2 MAY 1660.

  • 1737 Birth of Italian composer Vincenzo MANFREDINI. d-1799. Search for Vincenzo MANFREDINI

  • 1739 Handel finishes his Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 10 in London. CD-Handel - Concerti grossi, op. 6 / AAM · Manze

  • 1752 Birth of Italian composer Ambrogio MINOJA. d-1825. Search for Ambrogio MINOJA

  • 1752 Birth of Prince Andre RASUMOVSKY, Russian Ambassador to Vienna and musician. Beethoven dedicated his Op 59 quartets and 5th and 6th symphonies to him. d-1836. Search for Andre RASUMOVSKY [Editor's note: Julian Calendar date. Great Britain (and colonies) appear to be the last western European country to adopt the Gregorian calendar, on 2 Sep 1752, which actually dawned as 14 Sep 1752, which would make the Count’s birthdate 2 November on the Gregorian Calendar. Though different countries adopted the Gregorian Calendar at different times, most Catholic countries adopted it in 1582, when promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII. Russia, however, didn’t adopt the Gregorian Calendar until 1918, it’s precise to note his birthdate as 22 Oct 1752.]

  • 1761 Birth of German composer Johann Christian Gottlob EIDENBENZ. d-20 AUG 1802.

  • 1764 Death of French baroque composer and violinist Jean-Marie Leclair in Paris. He was murdered as he entered his apartment allegedly by his nephew, also a violinist, who was never tried for the crime. Apparently jealous over the successful career of his uncle. b-Lyons, 10 MAY 1697. Search for Jean-Marie Leclair

  • 1765 Birth of German composer, pianist and conductor Daniel STEIBELT in Berlin. d-St. Petersburg, 2 OCT 1823. Search for Daniel STEIBELT

  • 1802 Death of English composer Samuel Arnold, at 62.

  • 1809 Birth of Italian composer Federico RICCI. d-1877. Search for Federico RICCI

  • 1811 Birth of Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso Franz LISZT in Raiding. d-Bayreuth, 31 JUL 1886. Search for Franz LISZT

  • Franz Liszt, Vol. 3: The Final Years, 1861-1886

  • 1813 Death of German composer August Harder, at 38. b-1775. Search for August Harder

  • 1826 Birth of Italian composer Guglielmo QUARENGHI. d-Milan, 1882.

  • 1832 Birth of Czech composer August LABITZKY in Petschau, Bohemia. d-Bavaria, 1903. Son of composer Josef Labitzky, 1802-1881. Search for August LABITZKY

  • 1832 Birth in Prussia of American conductor, violinist Leopold DAMROSCH in Poznan. d-NYC, 15 FEB 1885. Was founder of the NY Oratorio Society in 1874 and the NY Symphony Society in 1878. Search for Leopold DAMROSCH

  • 1835 Death of German organist and politician Willem G. F. Bentinck, at 73.

  • 1838 Birth of German composer Carl FUCHS. d-1922.

  • 1842 Birth of American soprano Annie Louise CARY. First to sing a Wagnerian role in the US. Ortrud in 'Lohengrin' in 1877.

  • 1856 Birth of Russian-Austrian composer and pianist Eduard SCHUTT in St. Petersburg. d-Obermias, Italy 26 JUL 1933.

  • Carnaval mignon: for the pianoforte : op. 48

  • 1859 Birth of German conductor Karl MUCK in Darmstadt. d-1940. Search for Karl MUCK

  • 1859 Death of composer Louis (Ludwig) Spohr in Kassel, at age 75. b-Braunschweig, 5 APR 1784.

  • 1868 First American performance of Jacques Offenbach's opera Genevive de Brabant, premieres in NYC. Search for Louis (Ludwig) Spohr  CD-Offenbach Anthologie, Vol. 1

  • 1879 Birth of American composer and accompanist Frank La FORGE. d-5 MAY 1953. Search for Frank La FORGE

  • 1881 First concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Sir George Henschel conducting at the old Boston Music Hall. Search for Boston Symphony Orchestra

  • Musings and Memories of a Musician

  • 1881 Death of Latvian composer, pedagogue, founder of choir culture, Janis Cimze, at 67. b-1814. Latvian music.

  • 1883 Birth of composer Victor JACOBI.

  • 1883 Grand Opening of the original Metropolitan Opera House in NYC with performance of Gounod's Faust with Nilsson, Scalchi, Campanini and del Puente, Auguste Vianesi, conducting. Search for Metropolitan Opera House

  • 1885 Birth of MET Opera tenor Giovanni MARTINELLI in Montagnana Italy. d-NYC, 2 FEB 1969. Giovanni Martinelli / Repertory / Search for Giovanni MARTINELLI.

  • 1885 Birth of composer Lothar WINDSPERGER.

  • 1889 Death of composer Olivier Metra at 59. Search for Olivier Metra

  • 1891 Birth of composer Fidelio Friedrich FINKE.

  • 1895 FP of David Belasco's Heart of Maryland in NYC. Search for Belasco's Heart of Maryland

  • 1898 Birth of Rumanian composer and violinist Marcel MIHALOVICI in Bucharest. d-Paris, 12 AUG 1985. Search for Marcel MIHALOVICI

  • 1904 Birth of Hungarian composer and theorist Paul ARMA. d-28 NOV 1987. Search for Paul ARMA

  • 1905 Birth of Hungarian composer Joseph KOSMA in Budapest. d-Paris, 1969. Search for Joseph KOSMA

  • 1906 Birth of Dutch composer Cornelis L "Kees" van BAAREN in Enschede. d-Oegstgeest, 2 SEP 1970.

  • 1917 Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra in its first recording session for Victor Records in Camden, NJ. Search for Philadelphia Orchestra / Search for Leopold Stokowski

  • 1920 FP in USAmerica of Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin by the Boston Symphony, Pierre Monteux conducting. CD-Ravel: Boléro

  • 1922 FP of Jaques Ibert's Ballade de la de Reading in Paris. Search for Ibert's Ballade de la de Reading

  • 1922 In NYC, Parsifal Place laid out in Bronx, named for knight in Wagner's Opera.

  • 1927 Birth of English composer and saxophonist Louis CARUS. Principal of the Birmingham School of Music, England, 1975-87.

  • 1928 Birth of American composer and pianist Clare FISCHER in Durand, MI. Student of composer and educator H. Owen ReedSearch for Clare FISCHER / Search for H. Owen Reed

  • 1929 Birth of composer Giorgio GASLINISearch for Giorgio GASLINI

  • 1929 Birth of English educator, Lord BIRKETT, President of the School for Performing Arts and Technology, British Record Industry Trust. Search for Lord BIRKETT

  • 1931 Birth of Japanese composer Hikaru HAYASHI in Tokyo.

  • Tan Dun: Pipa Concerto; Hayashi: Viola Concerto; Takemitsu: Nostalghia

  • 1934 Birth of New Zealand of baritone Sir Donald McINTYRE in Aukland. Search for Sir Donald McINTYRE

  • 1935 Death of Armenian musicologist Komitas aka Sogomonyan Sogoman, in Paris. b-Kyotaya, Turkey 8 OCT 1869. Search for Komitas 

  • 1937 Birth of composer Tadeas SALVASearch for Tadeas SALVA

  • 1942 Birth of composer Robin John MACONIESearch for Robin John MACONIE

  • 1942 FP of the orginal version of John Alden Carpenter's Symphony No. 2. New York Philharmonic, Bruno Walter conducting. CD-Carpenter: Adventures in a Perambulator / Symphonies 1 & 2

  • 1943 Birth of American violinist Paul ZUKOFSKY in Brooklyn NY .

  • Suite from The Black Maskers: II. Scene

  • 1943 Death of Austrian composer Josef Venantius von Woss, at 80 in Cattaro, Yugoslavia. b-Vienna, Austria 1863. Search for Josef Venantius von Woss

  • 1946 Birth of South African soprano Elizabeth CONNELLSearch for Elizabeth CONNELL

  • 1947 Birth of American electronic music composer Neil Burton ROLNICK.

  • 1962 FP of Otto Luening's Trio for piano, cello and flute, at the inaugural concert of the Group for Contemporary Music at the McMillin Theater of Columbia University in NYC. CD-Luening: Trio; Sonata for piano

  • 1965 Birth of Australian composer Georges LENTZ in Echternach, Luxembourg. Search for Georges LENTZ

  • 1967 FP of Krystoff Penderecki's Capriccio for violin and orchestra. Wanda Wilkomriska soloist at the Donaueschingen Festival in West Germany. CD-Matrix 5 - Krzysztov Penderecki: Anaklasis / Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima / Fonogrammi / De Natura Sonoris 1 & 2 / Capriccio / Canticum Canticorum Salomonis / The Dream of Jacob

  • 1969 Michael Tilson Thomas, the 25-year-old assistant conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, took over for ailing conductor William Steinberg, in NYC.  Search for Michael Tilson Thomas

  • 1970 Birth of American composer David RODWIN.

  • 1973 Death of Spanish cellist and conductor Pablo Casals, in San Juan, Puerto Rico at age of 96. b-Vendrell, Catalonia, 29 DEC 1876. Search for Pablo Casals

  • 1979 Death of teacher of many contemporary composers, Nadia Boulanger, in Paris at the age of 92. b-Paris, 16 SEP 1887. Search for Nadia Boulanger

  • 1983 Celebrating its 100th anniversary, New York’s Metropolitan Opera featured a daylong concert with some of the world’s greatest opera stars. On stage at the Met were Joan Sutherland, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti and other "NOTE-ables".

  • The Metropolitan Opera: Centennial Gala

  • 1984 Death of American composer Harold Laurence Walters, at 66 in Los Angeles, CA. b-Gurden, AR, 29 SEP 1918.

  • 1987 FP of John Adam's opera Nixon in China at Houston Grand Opera. CD-Adams:Nixon in China

  • 1990 FP of Michael Colgrass' Snow Walker for organ and orchestra, with the competition winner, Jonathan Biggers, as soloist, on a CBC radio broadcast during the Calgary Organ Festival Competition. CD-American Works for Organ and Orchestra

  • 1993 FP of John Harbison's The Most Often Used Chords 'Gli Accordi Piu Usati'. Los Angeles Philharmonic, Christopf Perick conducting. CD-Harbison: Symphony No3; Flute Concerto

  • 1994 Death of Canadian ethno-Musicologist, David Buchan, at 55. b-1950.
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