OCTOBER 30 Today in classical music history

Jean Mouton

  • 1522 Death of Flemish composer Jean Mouton in St. Quentin, France. b-1459. Search for Jean Mouton

  • 1733 FP of G. F. Handel's opera Semiramide at the King's Theater in the Haymarket in London.

  • 1735 Birth of English composer Edward MILLER in Norwich. d-Doncaster, 12 SEP 1807.

  • 1739 Handel finishes his twelve grand concertos for strings, op.6. Concerto grosso for String Orchestra ... A major ... Op. 6, No. 11. Revised and with a foreword by Georg Schumann. [Score.] (Edition Eulenburg)

  • 1753 FP of RAMEAU's "Daphnis et Eglé" Fontainebleau.

  • 1775 Birth of Italian composer Catterino CAVOS in Venice. d-St. Petersburg, Russia 10 MAY 1840. Believed to have composed the work Ivan Susanin before Glinka. Brattsy druzhno veseluiu. Air russe varié par Mr Cavos et chanté ... avec accompagnement de forté piano

  • 1783 FP of GRÉTRY's "La Caravane du Caire" opera ballet, Fontainebleau.

  • 1787 Birth of Russian cellist Count Matvei VIELHORSKY. Founded the Russian Musical Society.

  • 1810 Birth of French oboist Charles Louis TRIEBERT in Paris. From 1863 professor at the Conservatory. Oboe maker and composer.

  • 1812 FP of GYROWETZ's "Das Winterguartier in America" Vienna.

  • 1815 Birth of composer Francis F. HAGEN. d-7 JUN 1907.

  • 1815 FP of CAVOS' "Ivan Susanin" St. Petersburg composer conducting.

  • 1821 FP of MERCADANTE's "Andronico" melodramma tragico, Venice.

  • 1821 FP of MERCADANTE's "Elisa e Claudio" La Scala.

  • 1822 Schubert begins his Symphony in B minor to be known as the Unfinished. FP was 37 years later. CD-Schubert: The Complete Symphonies

  • 1830 FP of Hector Berlioz's Sardanapale in Paris, a cantata that won his the Prix de Rome. Fragment on CD-Berlioz: Cantates du Prix de Rome

  • 1836 FP of FLOTOW's "Sérafine" Royaumont.

  • 1854 Birth of American composer Julia Rive-King in Cincinnati, OH. d-Indianapolis, 24 JUL 1937.

  • 1864 Birth of American music patroness and composer, Elizabeth Sprague COOLIDGE in Chicago. Poulenc dedicated a flute sonata to her. d-4 NOV 1953. CD-Emmanuel Pahud - Paris

  • Historic Print (S): Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, 1864-1953

  • 1875 Birth of Italian opera composer Catterino CAVOS, in Venice. d. St. Petersburg, May 10, 1840.

  • 1876 FP of Johannes Brahms' String Quartet No. 3 in Bb in public performance by the Joachim Quartet in Berlin. CD-Classic Yo-Yo

  • 1877 FP of STRAUSS' Johann (II), "La Tzigane" Paris.

  • 1880 FP of Offenbach's completed by Delibes: "Belle Lurette" Paris.

  • 1882 FP of Tchaikovsky's Trio op. 50 for Nicolas Rubinstein, at a Russian Musical Society concert in Moscow. CD-Shostakovich/Tchaikovsky: Piano Trios

  • 1883 Death of German composer Robert Volkmann. b-Lommatzsch, 6 APR 1815. Search for Robert Volkmann

  • 1885 Birth of American composer, poet and writer Ezra POUND in Hailey, Idaho. d-1 NOV 1972. Search for Ezra POUND

  • 1885 Death of German composer Gustav Adolf MERKEL. b-Oberoderwitz, Dresden, 12 NOV 1827. Search for Gustav Adolf MERKEL

  • 1886 FP of AUDRAN's "La cigale et la fourmi" Paris.

  • 1886 FP of ZELLER's "Der Vagabund" operetta, Vienna.

  • 1894 Birth of English composer Peter WARLOCK in London, aka Philip Heseltine a friend of Delius. d-London, 17 DEC 1930. Search for Peter WARLOCK

  • 1894 The opening concert of the Lyric Opera in Baltimore by the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Emil Paur, with Melba and Plancon as soloists.

  • 1896 Birth of Italian opera conductor Antonino VOTTO in Piacenza. d-Milan, 30 SEP 1985. Search for Antonino VOTTO

  • 1896 FP of Amy Beach's Gaelic Symphony in Boston. CD-William Grant Still: Afro-American Symphony, Amy Beach: Gaelic Symphony

  • 1897 Birth in Mexico City of composer Agustín Lara aka Augustin LARA. In the early 1930's he composed such hit popular songs as Granada, Be Mine Tonight, You Belong To My Heart and many others. He was married to movie star Maria Felix. d-Mexico City, 5 NOV 1970. CD-Por Amor

  • 1897 Birth of German soprano Kathe Heidersbach.  Search for Kathe Heidersbach

  • 1903 FP of BUNGERT's "Odysseus' Tod" Dresden.

  • 1903 FP of Rebikov's The Christmas Tree an opera for children, in Moscow. Theme on CD-Shura Cherkassky, Piano

  • 1910 Birth of Italian pianist, harpsichorist and organist Luciano SGRIZZI in Bologna. d-Monte Carlo, 11 SEP 1994.

  • 1913 FP of BITTNER's "Der Abenteurer" Cologne.

  • 1914 Birth of Dutch composer Marius FLOTHUIS in Amsterdam. d-Amsterdam, 13 NOV 2001.

  • 1916 Birth of opera conductor Peter Paul FUCHS. MET Opera début: 28 DEC 1941. He conducted only concerts, 1 season (1941-42) 7 performances.

  • 1918 FP of  S. Wagner's "Sonnenflammen" Darmstadt.

  • 1921 Birth of Czech bass Rudolf Asmus, in Zlin. d. Berlin, Jan. 13, 2000.

  • 1924 Death of German composer Johann Muller.

  • 1924 Birth of Itaian tenor Piermirando Ferraro. 

  • 1925 FP of LEHÁR's "Paganini" operetta, Vienna.

  • 1928 Death of American composer and musicologist Oscar George Sonneck in NYC. b-Jersey City, NJ 6 OCT 1873.

  • 1929 FP of Wallingford Rieger's Study in Sonority. Philadelphia Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski conducting.

  • 1930 Birth of English writer and editor Stanley SADIE in London. Search for Stanley SADIE

  • 1934 Birth of Dutch flutist, musicologist and recorder virtuoso Franz BRUGGEN, in Amsterdam. Search for Franz BRUGGEN d- 12 AUG 2014. Obit.

  • 1935 First concert at The Composers' Forum-Laboratory in NYC, featuring the works of Roy Harris, a Federal Music Project.

  • 1937 Birth of Mexican tenor Salvador Novoa. 

  • 1939 Birth of Finnish baritone Jorma Falck, in Lappeenranta.

  • 1944 FP of Aaron Copland's ballet Appalachian Spring by Martha Graham's company, in Washington, DC. CD-The Ultimate Copland Album

  • 1946 Birth of Belgian counter-tenor Rene JACOBS in Ghent. Search for Rene JACOBS

  • 1946 FP of D. Khachaturian cello concerto in Moscow. CD-Rostropovich Plays Khachaturian, Shostakovich & Tchaikovsky

  • 1947 FP of Elie Siegmeister's Symphony No. 1. New York Philharmonic, Leopold Stokowski conducting.

  • 1949 Birth of English conductor James JUDDSearch for James JUDD

  • 1949 FP of WEILL's "Cry, the Beloved Country" aka "Lost in the Stars" musical tragedy, New York (1949); w/ Todd Duncan, Frank Roane, and Inez Matthews. CD-Lost In The Stars (1949 Original Broadway Cast)

  • 1953 Death of Hungarian operetta composer Emmerich Kálmán at age 71, in Paris. b-Siófok, 24 OCT 1882. Search for Emmerich Kálmán

  • 1955 Birth of French baritone François Le ROUX in Rennes. Studied at the Opéra Studio in Paris. Lyon Opera Company, 1980-85. Awards, the title of "Chevalier" by the French National Order of Arts and Lettres in 1996, and Musical Personality of the Year by the French Critics Association in 1997. Search for François Le ROUX

  • 1957 Birth of Russian violinist Schlomo MINTZ, in Moscow. Search for Schlomo MINTZ

  • 1957 FP of Dimitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 The Year 1905. USSR State Symphony, Natan Rakhlin in Moscow. CD-Shostakovich: Symphony No. 11

  • 1960 Birth of Greek pianist Dimitris SGOUROS in Athens. Search for Dimitris SGOUROS

  • 1960 Death of Australian composer Alfred Hill in Sydney. b-Melbourne, 16 NOV 1870. 

  • Hill, Alfred: String Quartets, Vol. 1 (Nos. 1-3)

  • 1965 Death of German soprano Caecilie Reich. Born in Berlin, 1911.

  • 1966 FP of David Van Vactor's Sinfonia Breve in Indianapolis, IN. CD-Van Vactor: Symphony No1; Symphony No3

  • 1970 FP of Luigi Dallapiccola's Sicut Umbra in Washington, DC.

  • 1971 Birth of Lithuanian composer Ramunas YARAS.

  • 1983 FP of HENZE's "Ödipus der Tyrann oder Der Vater vertreibt seinem Sohn und Schickt die Tochter in die Küche" Kindberg.

  • 1998 FP of Anthony Davis' Tales (Tails) of a Signifying Monkey. Pittsburgh Symphony, David Zinman conducting.

  • 2000 FP of REIMANN's "Bernarda Albas Haus" Munich.

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