NOVEMBER 11 Today in classical music history

Bernhard ROMBERG

  • 1679 FP of Pallavicino's opera The Amazons in the Fortunate Isles to mark the opening of the Teatro Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta, near Venice.

  • 1704 FP of Campra's "Télémaque" excerpts from operas by Campra, Paris.

  • 1704 FP of COLASSE's "Télémaque, ou Les fragments de modernes" Paris.

  • 1706 Bach objects to doing choir practice at Arnstadt in addition to his duties.

  • 1727 (JC, GC=22 NOV) FP of Handel's opera Riccardo Primo, re d’Inghilterra 'Richard the First, King of England at the King’s Theater in the Haymarket in London.

  • 1767 Birth of German composer, cellist and choir director Bernhard ROMBERG in Dinklage, Oldenberg. d-Hamberg, 13 AUG 1841. Search for Bernhard ROMBERG

  • 1777 Birth of German inventor Johann SCHEIBLER, Jew's harp and tuning fork improver. Proposed pitch standard of A 440 adopted in USA.

  • 1777 Birth of German violinist and teacher Karl Friedrich MULLER with younger brothers formed a popular string quartet. His sons formed a quartet called "The Younger Mullers"Search for Karl Friedrich MULLER

  • 1779 FP of GRÉTRY's "Les Événements imprévus" Versailles.

  • 1793 FP of HAEFFNER's "Alcides inträde i Världen" Stockholm.

  • 1817 FP of ROSSINI's "Armida" Naples.

  • 1833 (12th ?)Birth of Russian composer Alexander BORODIN in St. Petersburg. A professor of chemistry and member of the Russian Five. d-27 FEB 1887. Search for Alexander BORODIN

  • 1833 FP of Cherubini's "Ali-Baba, ou Les Quarante Voleurs" Paris.

  • 1837 FP of HULLAH's "The Barber of Bassora" London.

  • 1848 FP of HALÉVY's "Le Val d'Andorre" Paris.

  • 1858 Birth of Italian castrato Alessandro Prof Moreschi, in Montecompatrio (near Rome). d. Rome, Apr. 21, 1922: Moreschi began his studies in Scuola (1871), although, it was already difficult to find a teacher, and after 12 years of strict studies in 1883, he joined the Papal Choir at the Sistine Chapel (1883-1913). He made a number of recordings, in Rome (1902-3). After his retirement, at age 54, he was relatively forgotten and died in Rome (1922).

  • 1861 Birth of French soprano Cécile Merguillier, in Paris. d. Dec. 1938.

  • 1863 FP of Faccio's "I profughi fiamminghi" La Scala.

  • 1868 FP of LECOCQ's "Les jumeaux de Bergame" Paris.

  • 1872 Birth of German-American violinist, conductor and composer Frederick A. STOCK in Jülich. Conducted the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1903 following Theodore Thomas. d-Chicago, 20 OCT 1942. Search for Frederick A. STOCK

  • 1882 FP of AUDRAN's "Gillette de Narbonne" Paris.

  • 1883 Birth of German soprano Elena GERHARDT in Leipzig. Lieder singer. Search for Elena GERHARDT

  • 1883 Birth of Swiss conductor Ernest ANSERMET in Vevey. d-Geneva, 20 FEB 1969. MET Apr. 3, 1916 Les Sylphides; 2 seasons (1961-1962) 36 perf., 15 works. Search for Ernest ANSERMET

  • 1886 Birth of Hungarian contralto Maria BASILIDES in Jolsva. d- Budapest, 26 SEP 1946. Search for Maria BASILIDES

  • 1887 FP of LECOCQ's "Ali-Baba" Bruselles.

  • 1889 FP of Richard Strauss tone poem Don Juan, Strauss conducting, in Weimar. CD-Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Don Juan / Karajan

  • 1890 FP of J. Brahms's String Quintet No. 2 in G, Op. 111. Rosé Quartet & violist in Vienna. CD-Brahms: The Complete Quintets

  • 1896 Birth of German soprano Lisel Sturmfels, in Bremen. d. Apr. 14, 1964. Début (1920).

  • 1898 Birth of Belgian tenor Giuseppe Lugo,  in Isola della Scala. d. Milan Sep. 18, 1980.

  • Lebendige Vergangenheit - Giuseppe Lugo

  • 1898 English composer Frederick Delius bought a famous painting by Gauguin. The nude titled Nevermore.  Paul Gauguin Nevermore Poster 24X36 St2711[image]

  • 1898 FP of Coleridge-Taylor's Hiawatha, in London. CD-Coleridge-Taylor: Scenes from Hiawatha's Wedding Feast; Romance of the Prairie Lilies Op39

  • 1899 FP of Leslie Stuart's musical comedy Florodora, at Lyric Theater in London. CD-Florodora (1899 Original London Cast)

  • 1900 FP of DE KOVAN's "Red Feather" New York.

  • 1906 FP of Ethel Smyth's opera The Wreckers 'Strandrecht' in Leipzig. CD-The Wreckers

  • 1906 FP of NIELSEN's "Maskarade" Copenhagen.

  • 1907 FP of Mancinelli's "Paolo e Francesca" Bologna  w/ Salomea Krusceniski (s) (1872-1952) Pol/It. [Francesca].

  • 1909 FP of HOLBROOKE's "Pierrot and Pierrette" London.

  • 1912 FP of ENNA's "The Nightingale" after Anderson, Copenhagen.

  • 1917 Birth of Austrian soprano Gertrud Grob-Prandl, in Vienna. d. May 16, 1995. Search for Gertrud Grob-Prandl

  • 1920 FP of FRANCKENSTEIN's "Li-Tai-Pe, der Kaisers Dichter" Berlin.

  • 1921 FP of Italian soprano Dora Gatta, in Foggia. d. Milan, July 25, 1989. Search for Dora Gatta,

  • 1922 BBC transmits its' first musical program in London. Search for BBC History

  • 1923 FP of Bloch's Piano Quintet, Harold Bauer pianist. First concert of the League of Composers, in NYC. CD-Martin, Briquet, Bloch: Quintettes pour piano & cordes

  • 1925 FP of JANÁCEK's "Šárka" Act 3 orchestrated by O. Chlubba, Brno.

  • 1926 FP of BIMBONI's "Winona" Portland, OR.

  • 1928 Birth of American composer and pianist Arthur CUNNINGHAM. d-1997.

  • 1930 Birth of English conductor Vernon HANDLEYSearch for Vernon HANDLEY

  • 1930 FP of REZNICEK's "Spiel oder Ernest" Dresden.

  • 1931 Birth of American cellist Leslie PARNASSearch for Leslie PARNAS

  • 1936 Birth of Bulgarian mezzo-soprano Alexandrina Milcheva,  in Shiyumen. MET Début: Apr. 8, 1987 [Dalila] Samson et Dalila, 3 seasons (1986-87, 89-91) 17 perf., 4 works. Search for Alexandrina Milcheva

  • 1936 Birth of English organist and choral conductor Harry BRAMMA. Search for Harry BRAMMA

  • 1936 Death of Welsh composer, conductor and violinist Sir Edward German, aka Jones, at age 74, in London. b-Whitchurch, Salp 17 FEB 1862. Search for Sir Edward German.

  • A Musical Peacemaker -The Life and Work of Sir Edward GermanSacred Classics - Messiah, Ave Maria, Pie Jesu, Zadok the Priest, L'enfance du Christ

  • 1937 Death of Polish composer Jerzy GABLENZ in Krakow. b-Krakow, 23 JAN 1888.

  • 1942 Birth of Hungarian mezzo-soprano Julia Hamari, in Budapest. MET Début: Apr. 24, 1982 [Rosina] Il Barbiere di Siviglia, 2 seasons (1981-82, 84-85) 16 perf., 2 works. Search for Julia Hamari

  • 1943 Birth of Swedish soprano Britt-Marie Aruhn,  in Motala, Nov. 11, 1943. Search for Britt-Marie Aruhn,

  • 1944 Birth of English organist Jennifer BATEMessiaen: The Organ Works - Jennifer Bate 6CD Box Set (including "La Nativite du Seigneur", "L'Ascension", "Livre d'Orgue", "Livre du Saint Sacrement", and "Les Neuf Meditations"

  • 1945 Death of American composer Jerome Kern at age 60, in NYC. b-NYC, 27 JAN 1885. Search for Jerome Kern

  • 1949 Birth of German soprano Audrey Michael, in Genf.

  • 1952 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Cantata Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra conducted by the composer. CD-Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky

  • 1954 Birth of American composer and cellist David CLEARY.

  • 1954 Marriage of American tenor James McCracken and American mezzo-soprano Sandra Warfield. Search for James McCracken | A Star in the Family.

  • 1962 Birth of Romanian soprano Ildiko Raimondi, in Arad. Search for Ildiko Raimondi

  • 1966 Birth of American composer James Nathanial HOLLAND. Classical compositions.

  • 1979 Death of Ukranian-born American filmscore composer Dimitri Tiomkin at age 85, in London from complications of fracture to his pelvis in a fall. FilmscoresSearch for Dimitri Tiomkin

  • 1984 (17th?)Death of composer Jan Novak, at 63. Search for Jan Novak

  • 1994 Death of English composer Elisabeth Maconchy in Norwich. b-Broxbourne, 19 MAR 1907. Search for Elisabeth Maconchy

  • 1999 FP of John Corigliano's Vocalise for soprano, electronics and orchestra. Sylvia McNair, with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Kurt Masur.

  • 2004 FP of Augusta Read Thomas' Dancing Galaxy for wind ensemble, by the New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble, in Boston.

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