NOVEMBER 18 Today in classical music history

Carl Friedrich Christian FASCH
  • 1678 Death of Italian composer Giovanni Maria Bononcini, at 36.  Born September 23, 1642. He was also a violinist and the father of a musical dynasty. In 1671 Bononcini the elder became a court musician at Modena. His treatise, Musico prattico, was published in 1673. The composers Giovanni Battista Bononcini and Antonio Maria Bononcini were his sons. Search for Giovanni Maria Bononcini
  • 1680 Birth of French-Belgian composer and flutist Jean Baptiste LOEILLET in Gent. d-London, 19 JUL 1730. Search for Jean Baptiste LOEILLET
  • 1736 Birth of German composer Carl Friedrich Christian FASCH in Zerbst. d-Berlin, 3 AUG 1800. Son of Johann FriedrichSearch for Carl Friedrich Christian FASCH
  • 1741 (JC, GC=29 NOV) Handel arrives in Dublin at the invitation of the country of Ireland to attend current concert season. Presented numerous concerts in the Irish capital, including the FP of his oratorio Messiah early in 1742.
  • 1742 Birth of Spanish composer Felix Maximo LOPEZ. d-1821. Search for Felix Maximo LOPEZ
  • 1763 Leopold Mozart and his two children, Wolfgang and Maria, arrive in Paris on their European concert tour. Search for Leopold Wolfgang and Maria Mozart
  • 1771 Death of Italian composer Giuseppe de Majo, at 73. b-Napoli, 5 DEC 1697.
  • 1772 Birth of Prussian composer Prince Louis Ferdinand CHRISTIAN. d-Friedrichsfelde, battle at Saalfeld, 9 AUG 1806. He wrote popular Trio in E flat for violin, cello and piano op10. Beethoven dedicated Piano Concerto # 3 to him.
  • 1781 Birth of Italian composer Felice BLANGINI in Turin. d-Paris, 18 DEC 1841. Search for Felice BLANGINI
  • 1786 Birth of English conductor and composer Sir Henry Rowley BISHOP in London. d-London 30 APR 1855. Founded London Philharmonic. Music prof at Oxford and Edinburgh. In 1842 the first composer to be knighted. Search for Sir Henry Rowley BISHOP
  • 1786 (Generally accepted dob) Birth of German composer Carl Maria Von WEBER in Eutin, Holstein. d-London, 5 JUN 1826. Search for Carl Maria Von WEBER
  • 1808 Birth of composer Antoine-Amable-Elie ELWART.
  • 1822 Death of English composer Anton Teyber, at 66.
  • 1822 Death of composer George Knowil Jackson, at 65, in Boston. b-Oxford, England, baptized on 15 APR 1757. Probably the most prestigious musician in New Jersey during the eighteenth century.
  • 1834 Birth of Civil War soldier and Harvard benefactor Henry Lee HIGGINSON in NYC. A banker who founded the Boston Symphony in 1881.
  • 1836 Birth of British playwright Sir William Schwenck GILBERT, in London. Wrote librettos for the operettas of Sir Arthur Sullivan. d-Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England, 29 MAY 1811, of cardiac arrest attempting to save a drowning woman who survived. Search for Sir William Schwenck GILBERT
  • 1841 Death of German composer Georg Chistoph Grosheim, at 77. b-Kassel, 1 JUL 1764.
  • 1852 Death of German composer Anton Bernhard Furstenau, at 60 in Dresden. Composed popular Concerto no. 8 in D in form einer gesangsszene for Flute and orch. op. 84. b-Munich, 1792.  Search for Anton Bernhard Furstenau
  • 1859(JC, GC=30 NOV) Birth of Russian composer and pianist Sergei Mikhailovich LIAPUNOV (Lyapunov), in Yaroslavl. d-Paris, 1924. Search for Sergei Mikhailovich LIAPUNOV
  • 1860 Birth of Polish statesman, first premier of Poland, pianist and composer Ignace Jan PADEREWSKI in Kurylowka, Podolia. d-NYC, 29 JUN 1941. Search for Ignace Jan PADEREWSKI
  • Paderewski: His Earliest Recordings
  • 1871 Birth of Spanish composer Amadeo VIVES in Barcelona-Collbató, nr Montserrat. Founded Orfeo Catala choral society and composer of zarzuelas, Spanish comic operas. Search for Amadeo VIVES
  • 1874 Birth of composer Riccardo MARTIN. See Caruso caracature. d-11 AUG 1952.
  • 1875 FP of Johannes Brahms's Piano Quartet No. 3 in c, Op. 60. Hellmesberger Quartet, with Brahms at the piano in Vienna. CD-Complete Piano Quartets of Brahms
  • 1877 (JC, GC=30 NOV)FP of P. Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme in Moscow. Search for Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme
  • 1882 Birth of Italian soprano Amelita GALLI-CURCI in Milan. d- La Jolla, CA 26 NOV 1963. Search for Amelita GALLI-CURCI
  • 1883 Opening of the Czech National Opera House in Prague. Presenting Smetana's Libuse and FP of Antonin Dvorak's Husitska Overture. CD-Josef Suk:A Summer Tale/Meditation/Antonin Dvorak:Husitska
  • 1887 Death of composer Eduard Marxsen, at 81.
  • Eduard Marxsen: Songs and Piano Works
  • 1887 Death of German violist and composer Heinrich Panofka, at age 80. b-1807.
  • 1888 FP of P. I. Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony, in St. Petersburg. CD-Tchaikovsky: Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 & 6
  • 1891 (GC, JC=6 NOV)FP of Tchaikovsky's symphonic work The Voyevode in Moscow. CD-Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5/Voyevode
  • 1892 Birth of Argentinian composer and conductor Jose Maria CASTRO. Brother of composer Juan CastroSearch for Jose Maria CASTRO
  • 1892 First concert at Carnegie Hall by New York Philharmonic. Search for New York Philharmonic
  • 1895 Birth of composer and pianist Ernst LEVYSearch for Ernst LEVY
  • 1897 Birth of American music critic Francis PERKINS in Boston. Followed Lawrence Gilman at NY Herald Tribune.
  • 1898 Birth of Japanese conductor and composer Hidemaro KONOE in Tokyo. d-Tokyo, 2 JUN 1973.
  • 1898 Birth of composer Oswald Erich SEHLBACH.
  • 1899 Birth of Hungarian-born American conductor Eugene ORMANDY (BLAU) in Budapest. d-Philadelphia, 1985. He conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1936 until 1980. Search for Eugene ORMANDY
  • 1902 Birth of Italian composer Barbara GIURANNA in Palermo, Italy. d-Rome, 1998. Composed popular Mi madre, se mi date Giovannino for Soprano and piano
  • 1903 Birth of American violist and composer Lillian FUCHS. Search for Lillian FUCHS.
  • Lillian Fuchs: First Lady of the Viola
  • 1904 Birth of Italian composer Guido SANTORSOLA. Search for Guido SANTORSOLA
  • 1911 Death of German conductor Max Zenger in Munich. b-Munich, 2 FEB 1837. Search for Max Zenger
  • 1918 Death of Brazilian pianist Augusto Stresser in Curitiba. b-Curitiba, 18 JUL 1871.
  • 1920 Birth of American composer Robert MIDDLETON.
  • 1920 Birth of composer Louis Alfred MENNINI.
  • 1925 Birth of composer William Robert MAYER.
  • 1927 Birth of American composer Lawrence Kenneth MOSS. Photo.
  • 1930 FP of D. Shostakovitch's opera The Nose, in Lenningrad. CD-Shostakovich: Das Lied con den Wäldern; Die Nase
  • 1933 Birth of composer Jacques CHARPENTIERSearch for Jacques CHARPENTIER
  • 1939 Birth of American composer Tom JOHNSONSearch for composer Tom JOHNSON
  • 1942 Birth of American pianist Jeffrey SIEGEL in Chicago. Search for Jeffrey SIEGEL
  • 1951 Birth of Austrian cellist and conductor Heinrich SCHIFFSearch for Heinrich SCHIFF
  • 1951 Death of composer Vaclav Kalik, at 60.
  • 1951 Death of composer William Henry Bennett Vodery, at 66.
  • 1953 Death of American composer Ruth "Peggy" Crawford Seeger at age 52, in Chevy Chase, MD. Step-mother of the folk musician Pete Seeger. b-East Liverpool, OH 3 JUL 1901. Search for Ruth "Peggy" Crawford Seeger
  • 1953 FP of Peter Mennin's Symphony No. 6. Louisville Orchestra in Louisville, KY. 
  • Peter Mennin: Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 6
  • 1958 Birth of blind French pianist Bernard d'ASCOLISearch for Bernard d'ASCOLI
  • 1955 Birth of American composer Carter BURWELL. Search for Carter BURWELL
  • 1962 Birth of Irish composer Stephen McMANUS in Donaghadee. Search for Stephen McMANUS
  • 1966 Death of composer Bela Tardos, at 56. b-1910. Search for Bela Tardos,
  • 1968 FP of Paul Creston's Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra, in Montevallo, AL. CD-Poulenc, Berezowski, Creston: Music for Two Pianos and Orchestra
  • 1969 Death of composer Leon Jongen, at 85. Search for Leon Jongen
  • 1972 Death of Columbian composer Segundo Luis Moreno Andrade, at 90. b-3 AUG 1882, Quito.
  • 1973 Death of Czech Opera composer Alois Haba, aka Neuland, at 80 in Prague. b-Vizorice, Moravia 21 JUN 1893. Search for Alois Haba
  • 1974 Birth of English composer Tarot CONWAY in London. Search for Tarot CONWAY
  • 1986 Death of Hungarian composer Lajos Bardos in Budapest. b-Budapest, 1 OCT 1899. Search for Lajos Bardos
  • 1992 Death of American soprano Dorothy Kirsten, from stroke at 82. b-Mont Clair, NJ 6 JUL 1915. Obit. Search for Dorothy Kirsten
  • Merry Widow
  • 1994 Death of English Royal Ballet dancer Michael George Somes, at 77, in London. b-Horsely, Gloucestershire, 28 SEP 1917.
  • 1999 Death of American composer and author Paul Bowles at age 88, in Tangier, Morocco. Studied with Copland. Search for Paul Bowles
  • 2003 FP of John Corigliano's Snapshot: Circa 1909. Elements String Quartet at Merkin Concert Hall, NYC. Search for Corigliano's Snapshot: Circa 1909
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