NOVEMBER 28 Today in classical music history

 Jean-Baptiste LULLY

  • 1632 Birth of Italian-French composer Jean-Baptiste LULLY in Florence Italy. d-Paris, 1687. 22 MAR 1687 following infection from self inflected wound from his 6 foot conducting stick. Search for Jean-Baptiste LULLY
  • 1723 FP of J. S. Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 61 Nun komm der Heiden Heiland. It was performed on the 1st Sunday in Advent as part of Bach's first annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig 1723-24. Search for Nun komm der Heiden Heiland
  • 1784 Baptismal of German composer and pianist Ferdinand RIES in Bonn. d-Frankfurt, 13 JAN 1838. GMN Bio. Search for Ferdinand RIES
  • 1810 Birth of pianist and teacher Louis PLAIDY. Joined Mendelssohn at Leipzig Conservatory. Photo.
  • 1811 Birth of Italian bass Ignazio Marini in Tagliuno. Died 29 April, 1873 Debut 1832 Created Alcaide in Forza Del Destino (Verdi) Talbot in Maria Stuarda (Donizetti) Attila in Attila (Verdi) Senechal in Gianni di Parigi (Donizetti) Guido in Gemma di Vergy (Donizetti) Arnoldo in Adelia (Donizetti) Oberto in Oberto (Verdi) Eleazaro in Ebrea (Pacini) Marino in Giovanni II (Coccia) Lord Arcourt in Gioventu di Enrico V (Mercadante) Gusmano in Due Illustri Rivali (Mercadante).
  • 1811 FP of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Johann Philip Christian Schultz conducting, Friedrich Schneider, soloist. CD-Beethoven: Piano Concertos (Box Set)
  • 1815 Death of German violinist J. P. Salomon.
  • 1829 (GC, JC=16 NOV)Birth of Russian composer and pianist Anton RUBINSTEIN in Vikhvatinets, Podolia. d-Peterhof, 20 NOV 1894, buried on his birthday, see 1894 below. Search for Anton RUBINSTEIN
  • 1844 Birth of Italian tenor Angelo Masini in Terra del Sole. d- 28 Sep 1926, Debut as Pollione in Norma (Bellini) 1867 Teacher :- Gilda Minguzzi Pupil :- Nadezhda van Brandt
  • 1858 FP of Gounod's St. Cecilia Mass in Paris. CD-Dies Irae-The Essential Choral Collection
  • 1866 Death of German soprano Johanna Sophie Loewe. Born 24 May 1815 in Oldenburg. Debut in Elisabetta in Otto Mese in Due Ore (Donizetti) 1832 Teachers:- Giuseppe Ciccimarra, Francesco Lamperti Created Rowena in Templar und die Judin (Marschner) Elvira in Ernani (Verdi) Odabella in Attila (Verdi) Maria Padilla in Maria Padilla (Donizetti) Margherita in Adolfo di Warbel (Pacini).
  • 1868 Birth of Hungarian composer and violinist Franz DRDLA in Moravia. Search for Franz DRDLA.
  • 1872 Birth of American soprano Suzanne Adams in Cambridge Mass. Died 5 Feb 1953. Debut as Juliette in Romeo et Juliette (Gounod) 1894 Teachers:- Jacques Bouhy, Mathilde Marchesi, Created Hero in Much Ado About Nothing (Stanford).
  • 1880 Birth of American baritone Arthur Middleton in Logan Iowa. Died 16 Feb 1929. Created Herald in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1914 Teachers:- Charles Adams, Alexander Emslie Pupil :- Olive Townend-Middleton.
  • 1883 Birth of American composer Paul Hastings ALLEN. d-28 SEP 1952.
  • 1888 Birth of Russian soprano Oda SLOBODSKAYA in Petrograd. Died 29 July 1970. Debut as Lisa in Pique Dame (Tchaikovsky) 1918 Teacher :- Natalia Iretskaya Pupils :- Ann Collins, Yvonne Fuller Created Parasha in Mavra (Stravinsky).
  • 1893 Birth of American baritone Arthur Endreze in Chicago. d-15 Apr 1975 Debut as Escamillo in Carmen (Bizet) 128 Dec 1925 Teacher :- Jean De Reszke Created Guercoeur in Guercoeur (Magnard) Metternich in Aiglon (Honnegar / Ibert) Comte Mosca in Chartreuse de Parme (Sauguet) Creon in Medee (Milhaud). Search for Arthur Endreze.
  • 1894 Funeral of Anton Rubinstein in St. Petersburg. His 65th birthday.
  • 1895 Birth of Spanish pianist and conductor Jose ITURBI in Valencia. d-1980.  Search for Jose ITURBI
  • 1895 (JC, GC=10 DEC)FP of Rimsky-Korsakov's opera Christmas Eve in St. Petersburg. Rimsky-Korsakov: Christmas Eve / Night On Mount Triglav
  • 1896 (JC, GC=10 DEC) FP of M. Mussorgsky's opera Boris Godunov as orchestrated by Rimsky-Korsakov, in St. Petersburg. Boris Godunov in Full Score (Rimsky-Korsakov Version)
  • 1904 Birth of American soprano Helen Jepson in Titusville Pa Debut 1928 Teachers:- Mary Garden, Queena Mario. Search for Helen Jepson
  • 1907 Birth of English bass Norman Walker in Oldham. Died 5 Nov 1963, Debut as Knight in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1935 Teacher :- Walter Hyde Pupils :- Elizabeth Bainbridge, John Dobson, Anne Pashley John Heddle Nash, Margaret Norden, Lawrence Richard Created Tom Weller in Pickwick (Coates) Sang in premiere of Pilgrim's Progress (Vaughan Williams).
  • 1907 Death of Italian baritone Enrico Delle Sedie. Born 17 June 1822 in Leghorn. Debut as Nabucco in Nabucco (Verdi) 1851 Teachers:- Domeniconi, Orazio Galassi, Persanola Pupils :- Emma Abott, Mme Bjorksten, Alessandro Bonci, Bianca Donado Alma Hulting, Christine Nilsson, Carlo Albani. Search for Enrico Delle Sedie
  • 1908 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Rose Bampton in Cleveland Ohio.  m. conductor Wilfred Pelletier. GMN Bio. Photo. Debut as Siebel in Faust (Gounod) 1929 Teachers:- Horatio Connell, Queena Mario Pupil :- Thomas Carey, Victoria Vergaa. Search for Rose Bampton
  • 1909 FP of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto, in Carnegie Hall, NYC. The composer was soloist with Walter Damrosh conducting the NY Symphony Society Orchestra. CD-Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3/Sonata No.2.
  • 1918 Death of Canadian organist and teacher Joseph Pierre Alexis Contant in Montreal. b-Montreal, 12 NOV 1858.
  • 1919 FP of Charles Tomlinson Griffes' The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan. Pierre Monteux conducting the BSO in Boston. CD-Works By Charles Tomlinson Griffes
  • 1919 Composer and pianist Henry Cowell performs a recital of his own works in NYC. CD-Henry Cowell:Piano Music
  • 1925 Birth of Cuban-American composer Aurelio de la VEGA in Havana. LA Times, profile. Search for Aurelio de la VEGA.
  • 1925 FP of A. Copland's Music for the Theater. Koussevitsky conducting, in NYC, at League of Composer's concert. Search for Copland's Music for the Theater
  • 1928 Birth of German tenor Georg Jelden in Erlangen. Teacher :- Hans Emge. Search for Georg Jelden
  • 1930 FP of Howard Hanson's Sym. No 2, Romantic in Boston by BSO Serge Koussevitzky conducting. CD-Hanson: Symphony No.2/Barber: Concerto for Violin & Orchesta
  • 1930 FP of Zoltan Kodály's Marosszék Dances in Dresden. CD-Kodály: Háry János, etc.
  • 1932 Death of Dutch bass-baritone Anton Van Rooy. Born 1 Jan 1870, Rotterdam. Debut as Wotan in Ring (Wagner) 1897 Teacher :- Julius Stockhausen. Search for Anton Van Rooy
  • 1940 FP of Nikolai Miaskovsky's Symphony No. 20, in Moscow. Search for Miaskovsky's Symphony .
  • 1943 Birth of Soviet composer Alexander KNAIFEL in Tashkent. Search for Alexander KNAIFEL
  • 1945 Birth of American composer Michael F. HUNT.
  • 1948 Birth of American composer Murray HOULLIF in Woodbourne, NY. Search for Murray HOULLIF
  • 1949 Birth of Russiian composer and dancer Alexander GODUNOV. Bolshoi defecter-1979.
  • 1953 Birth of American composer John KINGSearch for John KING
  • 1957 Death of baritone Tom Williams. Born Aug 1902. Teachers:- Maurice D'Oisley, Rosina Buckman
  • 1961 Death of bass-baritone James Milligan. Born 5 Apr 1927 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Debut 1955. Search for James Milligan
  • 1966 Death of American bandmaster and composer Vittorio GIANNINI in NYC. b-Philadelphia, 1903. Search for Vittorio GIANNINI
  • 1972 Death of British composer Havergal Brian, at age 96, in Shoreham-by-Sea. b-Dresden, Staffordshire, 29 JAN 1876. Search for Havergal Brian
  • 1990 FP of Christopher Rouse's Concerto per Corde Concerto for Strings, at Avery Fisher Hall by the American Symphony Orchestra, Catherine Comet conducting in NYC. Search for Christopher Rouse.
  • 1991 Death of tenor Horst Taubmann. Born 14 Feb 1912 Pierna. Debut as Lionel in Martha (Flotow) 1935 Created Flamand in Capriccio(Strauss). Nein, länger trag' ich nicht (Der Freischütz)
  • 1996 Death of English mezzo-soprano Anna Pollak. Born 1 May 1912 in Manchester. Debut as Dorabella in Cosi fan Tutte (Mozart) 1945 Teachers:- Joan Cross, Joseph Hislop Created Bianca in Rape of Lucretia (Britten) Mistress Ford in Sir John in Love (Vaughan-Williams) Ruth in Ruth (Berkeley) Mrs Strickland in Moon & Sixpence (Gardner) Madame Pernelle in Tartuffe (Benjamin) Lady Nelson in Nelson (Berkeley). Search for Anna Pollak
  • 2001 FP of Tobias Picker's opera Thérèse Raquin. Dallas Opera. CD-Picker: Thérèse Raquin
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