NOVEMBER 9 Today in classical music history

  • 1664 Birth of German composer and organist Johannes SPETH in Speinshart. d-Augsburg, c. 1720. Search for Johannes SPETH Known for Toccata secunda, Organ Teyn church Prague.

  • 1697 Birth of Italian composer Claudio CASCIOLINI. d-1760. Search for Claudio CASCIOLINI

  • 1717 FP Campra's "Camille, reine des volsques" Paris.

  • 1723 Birth of German composer Anna Amalia von PREUSSEN in Berlin. d-Berlin, 30 MAR 1787.

  • Anna Amalia Von Preussen (1723-1787): Prinzessin Und Musikerin
  • 1726 Birth of Austrian violinist and composer Josef STARZER in Vienna. d- Vienna, 22 APR 1787. A violinist in the Viennese court chapel, he also served as a composer for the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg.

  • 1734 Handel starts his first season at Covent Garden, London, with Il Pastor FidoSearch for Il Pastor Fido

  • 1754 Death of composer German Johann Christoph Frauenholtz, at 70. b-1684.

  • 1760 Birth of Belgian composer Henri-Philippe GERARD in Liege. d-Versailles, 1848. Known for Rossignol, a song for voice, flute and ensemble.

  • 1766 Death of Dutch composer Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer in The Hague. b-Delden, 2 NOV 1692. Search for Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer

  • 1766 Leopold Mozart and his children finish their European tour in Munich then return to Salzburg. Search for Leopold Mozart

  • 1771 FP of GRÉTRY's "Zémier et Azor" Fontainebleau.

  • 1784 Mozart finishes String Quartet in Bb, K. 458, The HuntCD-Mozart: String Quartets, Vol. 12

  • 1801 Death of composer Carl Philipp Stamitz, at 56 in Jena. Studied with his father, composer Johann Stamitz. b-Manheimm, 8 MAY 1745. Search for Carl Philipp Stamitz,

  • 1821 Birth of French composer Jean-Baptiste Theodore WECKERLIN in Alcase. d-20 MAY 1910.

  • 1829 Death of Swiss-born French clarinetist and composer Jean Xavier Lefevre, at 66 in Paris. b-1763. Search for Jean Xavier Lefevre

  • 1835 Birth of Slovenian conductor and composer Davorin JENKO in Dvorje.

  • 1835 Birth of Belgian composer Jean-Theodore RADOUX in Liege. Search for Jean-Theodore RADOUX

  • 1837 Birth of English violinist and composer Alfred HOLMES in London. d-Paris, 1876.

  • 1842 FP of DIETSCH's "Le vaisseau fantôme, ou Le maudit de mers" Paris.

  • 1854 Birth of Czech violinist and composer Joseph Miroslav WEBER in Prague. d-1906. Search for Joseph Miroslav WEBER

  • 1854 FP of Franz Liszt's Fest-Song.

  • 1868 Birth of Italian composer Andrea d' ANGELI in Padua. d-Verona, 28 OCT 1940.

  • 1873 FP of Offenbach's "La Jolie Parfumeuse" Paris.

  • 1876 Death of Italian baritone Antonio Tamburini, in Nice. b-Faenza, 1800. Photo

  • 1877 Birth of Guatemalan composer Jesus CASTILLO in San Juan Ostuncalco. d-Quetzaltenango, 23 APR 1946.

  • 1878 First concert of the New York Symphony Society Orchestra, in Steinway Hall with Leopold Damrosch conducting. Search for Leopold Damrosch

  • 1879 FP of Antonin Dvorák's String Sextet No. 1, Op. 48, in Berlin. CD-Dvorak: The Complete String Quintets

  • 1880 Birth of Czech composer Rudolf KAREL in Pilsen. Studied with Dvorak at the Prague Conservatory. d-1945. Search for Rudolf KAREL

  • 1881 FP of Brahms' Second Piano Concerto. Brahms was soloist in Budapest. CD-Brahms: Piano Concerto Nos.1 & 2/Waltzes/Handel Variation

  • 1885 Birth of Italian tenor Aurelano Pertile, in Montagnana. d. Milan, Jan. 11, 1952: MET Début Dec. 1, 1921 [Cavaradossi] Tosca, 1 season (1921-22) 15 perf., 7 roles.

  • 1885 FP of Jakobowski's opera Erminie, in London.

  • 1893 FP of LEONCAVALLO's "I Medici" Milan.

  • 1897 Death of composer Moritz Heuzenroeder, at 48. b-15 JUL 1850.

  • 1900 FP of FIBICH's "Dargun" Prague.

  • 1900 FP of FIBICH's "Pád Arkuna" Prague.

  • 1901 FP of PFITZNER's "Die Rose vom Liebesgarten" Elberfeld.

  • 1901 FP of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, in its' entirety. Alexander Siloti conducting and the composer as soloist, in Moscow. CD-Tchaikovsky: Concerto No. 1/Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2

  • 1903 FP of HERBERT's "Babette" Operetta, Washington, D.C., w/ Fritzi Scheff (s) (1879-1954) Austrian; she was paid $1, 000 per week. Herbert lured her away from the Metropolitan Opera.

  • 1907 Birth of American composer Burrill PHILLIPS in Omaha, NE. d-22 JUN 1988. Search for Burrill PHILLIPS

  • 1907 Death of French composer, teacher and violinist Jean Baptiste Charles Dancla in Paris. b-Bagneres, 19 DEC 1817. Search for Jean Baptiste Charles Dancla

  • 1907 FP of GIORDANO's "Marcella" Milan.

  • 1911 Death of composer Edmund Schuecker, at 50.

  • 1911 FP of BITTNER's "Der Bergsee" Vienna.

  • 1913 FP of BRAUNFELS's "Ulenspiegel" Stuttgart.

  • 1918 Birth of American conductor Howard SHANET in Brooklyn, NY. Search for Howard SHANET

  • 1921 Birth of Canadian soprano Pierrette Alarie, in Montreal. MET Dec. 8, 1945 [Oscar] Un Ballo in Maschera, 3 seasons (1945-48) 26 perf., 4 works.

  • 1926 FP of Hindemith's opera Cardillac, in Dresden. rev. version, Zürich, June 20, 1952. CD-Cardillac

  • 1927 Death of Norwegian composer Ole Olsen, at 77 in Oslo. b-Hammerfest, 4 JUL 1850.

  • 1929 Birth of Italian bass-baritone Piero CAPPUCCILLI in Trieste. MET: Mar. 26, 1960 [Germon] La Traviata, (One-performance only). Search for Piero CAPPUCCILLI

  • 1929 Birth of Russian composer Alexandra NIKOLAYEVNA-PAKHMUTOVA in Beketovka, nr. Stalingrad.

  • 1930 Birth of Czech pianist Ivan MORAVEC (EE vahn MOR ah vetz) in Prague. Search for Ivan MORAVEC d-27 JUL 2015

  • 1940 Birth of Uruguayan composer Sergio CERVETTI in Dolores. Search for Sergio CERVETTI

  • 1940 FP of Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez for guitar and orchestra, in Barcelona. CD-Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez; Canzoneta

  • 1949 Death of Hungarian soprano Margit Bokor, in NYC. b-Losoncz. nr Budapest in 1905. d. New York, Nov. 9, 1949. MET Début: Jan. 14, 1941 [Octavian] Der Rosenkavalier, season (1940-41) 1 work, this was the only appearance by this performer. Bokor's range was such that it allowed her to sing roles from Amor in “Orpheo” to Octavian in “Der Rosenkavalier.” She was highly successful in Vienna.  Search for Margit Bokor

  • 1951 Death of Spanish composer Resurreccion Maria de Azkue, at 87, in Bilbo. b-Lekeitio, 1864.

  • 1951 Death of Hungarian-American composer Sigmund Romberg, at 64, in NYC. b-Nagykanisza, 29 JUL 1887. Search for Sigmund Romberg

  • 1954 Birth of mezzo-soprano Mette Ejsing. Search for Mette Ejsing

  • 1957 Birth of Swiss contralto Yvonne Naef. Poemes pour Mi (version for soprano and orchestra): Book 1: No. 4. Epouvante

  • 1958 Birth of American composer Joe L. ALEXANDER in New Bern, NC.

  • 1959 Death of American cellist and composer Frederick Preston Search, at 70 in Carmel, CA. Search for Frederick Preston Search

  • 1960 Birth of American composer Paul MINOTTO in NYC.

  • 1964 Birth of Swedish composer Peter WALLIN in Malmö. Search for Peter WALLIN

  • 1965 Birth of Welsh baritone Bryn TERFEL in Pantglas, North Wales, Anglesey. MET: Début: Oct. 19, 1994 [Figaro] Le Nozze di Figaro, 6 seasons (1994-2000) thru 2000, 34 perf., 7 roles, 4 works. Search for Bryn TERFEL

  • 1967 FP of Toro Takemitsu's November Steps. New York Philharmonic, Seiji Ozawa conducting. CD-Takemitsu: In an Autumn Garden

  • 1968 Death of Swedish pianist and composer Jan Johansson, at 37. Search for Jan Johansson,

  • 1974 Death of Austrian composer and musicologist Egon Joseph Wellesz, at 89, in Oxford. b-Vienna, 21 OCT 1885. Search for Egon Joseph Wellesz

  • 1974 New York City Opera concert where tenor Michele Molese, irate over an unfavorable review in the New York Times, stepped out of character and announced that "The last high C has been dedicated to Harold C. Schonberg." Schoenberg's review of his "pinched" high C during Un ballo in maschera performance of November 1, 1974 with Marisa Galvany as Amelia. He was fired the next day.

  • 1975 FP of John Corigliano's Oboe Concerto, in NYC. CD-Corigliano, Kverndokk & Denisov: Oboe Concertos

  • 1978 Death of Austrian violinist and composer Otto Siegl, at 82 in Vienna. b-Graz, 6 OCT 1896. Search for Otto Siegl

  • 1993 Death of English composer Stanley Myers. His Cavatina featured in the movie score The Deer Hunter. b-1933. Film creditsSearch for Stanley Myers

  • 1994 FP of Michael Torke's Nylon for guitar and chamber orchestra. East of England Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Nabarro, with Nicola Hall, guitar, at the Assembly Rooms in Derby, England.

  • 2000 FP of Karen Tanaka's Guardian Angel. Brooklyn Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

  • 2002 FP of David Del Tredici's Grand Trio for piano, violin and cello, by the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio, in College Park, MD.
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