• 1605 Death of Italian composer Orazio Vecchi at age 54, in Modena. b-Modena 6 DEC 1550.
  • 1667 FP of Cesti's opera The Misfortunes of Love in Vienna.
  • 1727 Handel becomes a naturalized British subject by order of the crown.
  • 1736 FP of Handel's Alexander's Feast at Covent Garden in London, attendance over 1300. Ed´s note: Included in the body of the the work - Original version of Organ Concerto in B-flat, Op. 4 #6 for Harp, lute and "Lyricord," and the Organ Concerto in G minor, Op. 4 #1. At the first performance the Concerto Grosso, HWV 318 and the Cantata "Cecilia, volgi unsuardo" were performance between the two parts. Thanks to Howard Weiner for the update.
  • 1743 Birth of Italian composer Luigi BOCCHERINI in Lucca. d-Madrid, 28 MAY 1805.
  • 1754 Birth of tenor Matteo Babbini in Bologna.  Died 21 Sep 1816 Debut 1773 Teacher, Arcangelo Cortoni Pupil, Giovanni Tadolini.
  • 1755 Death of castrato Giulio Maria Cavaletti Castrato in Rome. Teachers, Colonna, Francesco Antonio Pistocchi Sang in premiere of Penelope la Casta (Perti) Caduta de' Decemviri (A Scarlatti) Tito Sempronio Gracco (A Scarlatti) Tiberio Imperatore D'Oriente (Scarlatti).
  • 1760 Birth of soprano Katherina Cavalieri. Born 19 Feb 1760 in Wahring. Debut as Sandrina in Finta Giardinieri (Anfossi) 19 Jun 1775 Teacher, Antonio Salieri Created Constanze in Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Mozart) Mlle Silberklang in Schauspieldirektor (Mozart) Sophie in Bergknappen (Umlauf) Nannette in Rauchfangkehrer (Salieri) Emilia in Sposo Deluso (Mozart) Enrichetta in Sposa Malcontenti (Storace).
  • 1857 Birth of tenor Julius Lieban in Lundenburg.  Died 1 Feb 1940 Debut 1877 Teacher, Joseph Gansbacher, Pupils, Peter Cornelius, Einar Forchammer, Albert Reiss Mafalda Salvatini Sang in premiere of Der Improvisator (D'Albert) Der heirat wider Willen (Humperdinck) Rattenfanger von Hameln (Nessler) Boabdil (Moszkowski) Genesius (Weingartner) Don Quixote (Kienzl) Regina (Lortzing) Heilmer der Narr (Kienzl) Roland von Berlin (Leoncavallo) Mandragola (Waghalters).
  • 1763 Birth of Bohemian composer Adalbert GYROWETZ. d- 19 MAR 1850.
  • 1763 FP of Johann Christian Bach's opera Orione at the Kings' Theater in London. Runs for three months. He remains in London and becomes known as 'The English Bach'.
  • 1790 Death of Polish composer Johann Baptist Krumpholz in Paris. b-Zlonitz, 3 MAY 1745.
  • 1794 FP of F. J. Haydn's Symphony No. 99. Haydn conducting at the King's Theatre in London.
  • 1841 Birth of Swedish composer Elfrida ANDREE in Visby, Gotland. d-Gothenberg, 11 JAN 1929.
  • 1841 Birth of Spanish composer Felipe PEDRELL in Tortosa. d- Barcelona, 19 AUG 1922.
  • 1843 Birth of Spanish-Italian opera soprano Adelina PATTI in Madrid d-Wales, 27 SEP 1919.
  • 1863 Birth of Hungarian composer Tobias Emanuel MOOR in Kecskemét. d-Switzerland, 20 OCT 1931.
  • 1877 Birth of FRench composer Louis AUBERT in Parame. d-Paris, 10 JAN 1968.
  • 1878 Birth of soprano Ella Tordek in Bohemia. Died 8 Sep 1918 Debut as Marenka in Bartered Bride (Smetana) 1898 Teacher, Mathilde Mallinger Created Susanna in Susanna's Secret (Wolf-Ferrari) Sang in premiere of Rusalka (Dvorak) Le Donne Curiose (Wolf-Ferrari).
  • 1880 Birth of American composer Arthur SHEPHERD in Paris, ID. Raised in Utah. d-Cleveland, 12 JAN 1958. Photo
  • 1886 Birth of American composer George Luther FOOTE. d-1956.
  • 1895 Birth of coach and composer Ferdinand Sieber. Born 5 Dec 1822 in Vienna.  Died 19 Feb 1895 Teachers, Anton Miksch, Giorgio Ronconi, Girolamo Forini Pupils, George Osgood, Hermine Spies.
  • 1897 Birth of baritone Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender in Aachen.  Died 13 Feb 1978 Debut as Wolfram in Tannhauser (Wagner) 1922 Teachers, Peter Raabe, Giuseppe Borgatti, Paul Bruns, Daub Jacques Stuckgold Pupils, Charlotte Berthold, Brigitte Fassbaender (daughter), Rita Streich Hans Gunter Nocker, Christianne Zinkler Eva Maria Molnar Erwin Wohlfart Sang in premiere of Scherz List und Rache (Wellesz) Das Bad auf der Tenne (Schoper) Oedipus der Tyrann (Orff).
  • 1903 Birth of tenor Charles Fronval. Died 29 Dec 1982 Debut 1935 Sang in premiere Moise (Levy).
  • 1906 Birth of American composer Louis GESENWAY in Dvinsk, Latvia. d-Philadelphia, 1976.
  • 1906 Birth of Welsh composer Grace WILLIAMS in Barry, Glamorganshire. d- 10 FEB 1977.
  • 1913 Birth of American oboist and composer Alvin ETLER, in Battle Creek, MI. d-Northampton, MA 14 JUN 1973. Obituary. Etler was Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities at Smith College where he had taught since 1949. Also taught at the University of Illinois, Cornell University and Western Reserve University. Was a member of the Indianapolis Symphony. Composed Concerto for Wind Quintet and String Orchestra, two Wind Quintets, and the Introduction and Allegro for oboe and piano.
  • 1913 Birth of tenor Max Worthley in Adelaide.  Died 19 Nov 1999 Teacher, Mrs Kugelberg Created Clem in Little Sweep (Britten) Astronomer in Galileo Galilei (Hoiby).
  • 1914 FP of Ricardo Zandonai's opera Francesca da Rimini in Turin.
  • 1915 Birth of bass Helmut Fehn in Buchbach. Died 25 Jun 1953 Debut 1940 Teacher, Paul Bender Sang in premiere of Troilus und Cressida (Zillig) Der Rauber (Klebe) Der Ameise (Ronnefeld) Marchen von der schonen Lilie (Klebe).
  • 1917 Birth of English conductor and organist George GUEST. d-2002.
  • 1923 Birth of American composer Donald LYBBERT. d-1981.
  • 1923 FP of Jean Sibelius' Sixth Symphony with the composer conducting in Helsinki.
  • 1926 Birth of Romanian composer Gyorgy KURTAG in Lugoj.
  • 1926 Birth of soprano Ruzena Kohoutova in Czechoslavakia. Sang in premiere in Woman's Virtue (Smutny).
  • 1926 FP of John Alden Carpenter's Skyscrapers, as ballet, NYC.
  • 1927 Death of Austrian composer Robert Fuchs in Vienna. b-Frauenthal, 15 FEB 1847.
  • 1929 FP of Bela Bartók'a String Quartet No. 3, by the Waldbauer Quartet in London.
  • 1932 FP of Copland's Symphonic Ode (1931). Boston Sym under Koussevitsky for the orchestra's 50th anniversary.
  • 1939 Birth of Russian tenor Vladimir ATLANTOV, in Leningrad. Debut 1963 Teachers:- Barona Barra, N Bolotina, P G Tichonov
  • 1941 Birth of bass Ian Comboy in Cheshire. Debut 2nd Priest in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1968 Teachers,Albert Haskayne, Ellis Keeler, Otakar Kraus, Wolfgang Steinbruck Eric Werba Created Hakon in Martyrdom of St Magnus (Maxwell Davies) Morton in Mary Queen of Scots (Musgrave) Zeus in Europa und der Stier (Jorns) Captain in Tornrak (Metcalf).
  • 1941 Death of Irish composer and arranger Sir Hamilton Harty at age 61, in Brighton. b-Hillsborough, 4 DEC 1879.
  • 1941 FP of Morton Gould's Spirituals for Orchestra conducted by the composer in NYC.
  • 1949 Birth of English soprano Penelope WALMSLEY-CLARK.
  • 1949 FP of Douglas Moore's opera The Emperor's New Clothes in NYC.
  • 1949 FP of Irving Fine's Partita for winds, by the New Art Wind Quintet in NYC.
  • 1950 Death of mezzo-soprano Edyth Walker. Born 27 Mar 1867 in Hopewell, N Y.  Died 19 Feb 1950 Debut as Fides in Prophete (Meyerbeer) 1894 Teachers, Francesco Lamperti, Aglaia von Orgeni, Von Schreiner, Marianne Brandt, Eichenberger Pupils, Irene Dalis, Blanche Thebom, Helen Vanni.
  • 1955 Birth of Dutch composer Willem Wander van NIEUWKERK in Amsterdam.
  • 1959 Death of soprano Selma Vom Scheidt. Born 26 Sep 1874 in Bremen.  Died 19 Feb 1959 Debut as Agathe in Freischutz (Weber) 1891 Teachers, Theodor Bertram, Heinrich Bollhoff Sang in premiere of Durer in Venedig (Von Baussnern).
  • 1961 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Anthem The dove descending breaks the air. Robert Craft conducting in Los Angeles.
  • 1969 Birth of American composer Peter FLINT.
  • 1970 Death of bass Edmund Burke. Born 12 Jul 1876 in Toronto. Debut as Cardinal in Juive (Halevy) 1905 Teachers, Alberto Antonio Visetti, Edmond Duvernoy, Richard D Percy Brestal Sang in premiere of Dylan Son of the Wave (Holbrooke).
  • 1970 Death of bass Pavel Ludikar. Born 3 Mar 1882 in Prague.  Died 19 Feb 1970 Debut as Sarastro in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1906 Teacher, Jean Louis Lasalle Pupils, Keith Engen, Rudolf Jedlicka Created Karl V in Karl V (Krenek).
  • 1971 Death of tenor D Morgan Davies. Born 1906. Created Don Marique in Don Juan de Manera (Goossens) Old Miner in Serf (Lloyd).
  • 1975 Death of Italian composer Luigi Dallapiccola at age 71, in Florence. b-Pisino, Istria 3 FEB 1904.
  • 1985 FP of Peter Maxwell Davies' Symphony No. 3, by the BBC Philharmonic, Edward Downes conducting at Manchester's Free Trade Hall.
  • 1990 FP of Daniel Asia's Symphony No. 1, by the Seattle Symphony, Christopher Kendall conducting.
  • 1994 Death of Italian composer Vittorio Rieti in NYC. b-Alexandria, Egypt, 28 JAN 1898.
  • 1996 Death of soprano Dorothy Maynor. Born 3 Sep 1910 in Norfolk, Virginia. Teachers, John Alan Houghton, Wilfred Klamroth.
  • 1999 FP of John Adams' Naïve and Sentimental Music by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Esa-Pekka Salonen, conducting at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2003 FP of Svend Hividfelt Nielsen's Dances and Detours, Toccata for Violin and Nonet. Randers Chamber Orchestra, Slaato, cond. in Randers, Denmark.
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