• 1484 Birth of composer Johann Spangenberg.

  • 1616 Birth of composer Johann Erasmus Kindermann.

  • 1636 Birth of composer Esaias Reusner.

  • 1697 Death of German composer and organist Nicolaus Bruhns at age 32, in Husum.

  • 1716 Antonio Vivaldi looses job at Pieta because he spends too much time on operas.

  • 1719 Birth of English music critic and writer Sir John HAWKINS who wrote the first history of music.

  • 1725 Birth of composer Joseph Franz Xaver Dominik STALDER.

  • 1752 Birth of composer Edward Jones.

  • 1795 First concert appearance by Beethoven, at the Vienna Burgtheater, introducing his first Piano Concerto actually Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb with the composer as soloist. The concerto was written and premiered before his Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, which was published first.

  • 1806 FP of Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3. This was part of the second, or revised version, of the opera Fidelio at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna.

  • 1827 Beethoven's funeral in Vienna attended by Schubert, Hummel, Czerny and Kreutzer and other musical luminaries.

  • 1836 FP of Richard Wagner's opera Das Liebesverbot 'The Ban on Love' at the Stadttheater in Magdeburg. Based on Shakespeare's play Measure for MeasureWagner: Das Liebesverbot

  • 1859 Birth of French opera composer Herman BEMBERG in Paris. d-Bern, Switzerland, 21 JUL 1931.

  • 1862 Birth of American composer Carl BUSCH. d-1943.

  • 1871 The Royal Albert Hall opens in London. Queen Victoria in attendance.

  • 1874 FP of Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 3 in Eb, in Prague.

  • 1875 (Apr 29?) Birth of composer Paul Rubens. d-5 February 1917 English songwriter and librettist for some of the most popular Edwardian musical comedies.

  • 1876 Birth of composer Jan Ingenhoven.

  • 1878 Birth of American composer of early musicals, Albert Von TILZER. d-1956.

  • 1879 FP of Tchaikovsky's opera Eugen Onegin at the Malïy Theater in Moscow. READ: Eugene Onegin [Julian calendar, Gregorian is 17 MAR].

  • 1882 FP of the first symphony of 16 year old composer Alexander Glazunov in St. Petersburg. Mili Balakirev conducting. [Julian calendar, Gregorian 17 MAR].

  • 1886 Birth of composer Gustaf Adolf Tiburtius Bengtsson.

  • 1888 Death of French composer Charles-Henri Alkan, age 75, in Paris. b-30 NOV 1813.

  • 1890 Birth of Polish bass Robert BURG [Bart] in Prague. d-Dresden, 9 FEB 1946.

  • 1892 FP of 1st mm of S. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 1. Vasily Safanov conducting, the composer was soloist, in Moscow. [Julian calendar, Gregorian 17 MAR].

  • 1897 Birth of German tenor Fritz GöLLNITZ. d-Hamburg, 14 MAY 1965. Début (1930).

  • 1900 Birth of French bass-baritone Bernard Henri ETCHEVERRY in Bordeaux. d-Paris, 14 NOV 1960.

  • 1900 In Philadelphia, at the Academy of Music, Fritz Scheel conducts a concert with musicians who were to become The Fabulous Philidelphians of The Philadelphia Orchestra. READ: Those fabulous Philadelphians: the life of a great orchestra.

  • 1901 FP of Alexander Scriabin's complete First Symphony in Moscow.

  • 1902 Birth of English composer Sir William Turner WALTON in Lancashire. d-8 MAR 1983. READ: William Walton: Music and Literature.

  • 1902 Birth of Italian opera conductor Mario ROSSI in Rome. d-Rome, 29 JUN 1992.

  • 1906 Birth of English-born American organist E. Power BIGGS in Westcliff. d-Boston, 1977.

  • 1911 Death of French composer Félix-Alexandre Guilmant. b-12 MAR 1837.

  • 1911 FP of Chadwick's Suite Symphonique. Philadelphia Orchestra, with the composer conducting.

  • 1912 Birth of German bass Fritz OLLENDORF in Darmstadt. d-Zurich, 29 MAR 1977.

  • 1914 FP of Alfredo Casella's May Night. Casella conducting, in Paris.

  • 1924 Death of Irish organist, conductor, teacher and composer Sir Charles Villers Stanford in London. b-Dublin, 30 SEP 1852.

  • 1926 Birth of German conductor Werner TORKANOWSKY in Berlin. Conducted New Orleans Sym; Bangor Symphony Orchestra.

  • 1928 Birth of composer Vaclav Felix.

  • 1931 Birth of American soprano Gloria DAVY in New Rochelle, NY. MET Opera Début 12 FEB 1958 [Aida] Aida, 4 seasons (1957-61) 15 perf., 4 works.

  • 1932 Birth of American tenor William BROWN is born in Jackson, Mississippi. d-Jacksonville, Fl OCT 2004 Obituary.

  • 1934 Birth of composer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler.

  • 1935 Birth of Welsh bass Delme Bryn-Jones in Brynamman, Carmarthenshire, Wales. d- 25 MAY 2001.

  • 1936 Birth of English composer Richard Rodney BENNETT in Broadstairs, Kent. d-24 DEC 2012.OBIT

  • 1937 Death of Polish composer Karol Szymanowski (shem-uh-NOFF-skee) in Switzerland at age 55. b-6 OCT 1882.

  • 1953 Birth of twin Turkish pianists Guher and Suher PEKINEL.

  • 1962 Birth of Swedish bass Urban MALMBERG in Stockholm.

  • 1964 Birth of Greek guitarist and composer Apostolos PARASKEVAS in Volos, Greece.

  • 1974 Birth of American composer Tom SCHNELLER. Cornell University graduate student and founding member of Tabula Rasa.

  • 1982 Death of german composer and teacher Carl Orff. b-10 JUL 1895.

  • 2000 FP of Bright Sheng's String Quartet No. 4. Shanghai String Quartet, in Richmond VA.

  • 2001 Death of American jazz and classical (Bach) pianist and composer John Lewis in NYC at age 80. (Modern Jazz Quartet)

  • 2003 FP of Augusta Reed Thomas' Canticle Weaving for trombone and orchestra. Ralph Sauer, trombone. Los Angeles Philharmonic, Esa-Pekka Salonen, cond. in LA, CA.

  • 2011 Death of English tenor Robert Tear. b-8 MAR 1939. OBIT.
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