Giacomo Maria Predieri

  • 1598 Birth of German organist, composer and music theorist Johann Crüger. d-1662. BIO.
  • 1611 Birth of composer Giacomo Maria Predieri.
  • 1627 Birth of German composer Johann Caspar KERLL. d- 13 FEB 1693.
  • 1716 Birth of composer Johann Georg Zechner.
  • 1717 Birth of Austrian organist and composer Georg Matthias MONN. d-3 OCT 1750.
  • 1751 Birth of American clerk, selectman, teacher, part-time physician, singer and composer Supply BELCHER in in Stoughton, Massachusetts and sang in the Stoughton Music Society under William Billings. d-Farmington, ME 1836.
  • 1754 Birth of composer Antonio Frantisek Becvarovsky.
  • 1757 Birth of composer Wojciech Boguslawski.
  • 1794 Birth of German flute craftsman Theodore BOEHM. d-1881.
  • 1798 Birth of Italian opera singer  Giuditta Pasta, Giuditta Pasta Italian Opera Singer Giclee Poster Print by H. Thirai, 42x56 [Negri].
  • 1836 FP of AUBER's "Les chaperons blancs" in Paris.
  • 1846(7?) Birth of Italian born English singing teacher and composer Sir Francesco Paolo TOSTI in Ortona. d-Rome, 2 DEC 1916.
  • 1847 Birth of composer Francis William Davenport.
  • 1850 Birth of composer Herman Zumpe.
  • 1854 Birth of composer Seaborn M Denson.
  • 1869 Birth of Spanish tenor Florencio CONSTANTINO  Photo Florencio Constantino 1910 in Bilbao, Basque part of Spain. d-Argentina, 19 NOV 1919. Debut in Dlores (Breton) FEB 1896. Teacher was Leopold Stiatesi. MET: Début Nov. 24, 1910 [Duke] Rigoletto, 2 seasons (1910-12) 4 perf., 2 roles. (Source, Record of Singing)
  • 1870 Edvard Grieg boasts how Franz Liszt performed his Piano Concerto at sight and loved his work.
  • 1871 Birth of composer Arthur Fickenscher.
  • 1883 Birth of composer Renzo Bossi.
  • 1884 Birth of composer Franco Vittadini.
  • 1874 (10th?)Birth of Austrian composer Julius BITTNER in Vienna.d-9 JAN 1939.
  • 1887 Birth of American composer Florence Beatrice Smith PRICE, in Little Rock, AR. d-1953. Works.
  • 1888 Birth of baritone Hilbert VAVRA in Prague. d-8 JAN 1950. Debut as Onegin in Eugen Onegin (Tchaikovsky) 21 JAN 1912. Teachers were Mattia Battistini, Dinh Gilly, Antonin Vavra (father). Pupils were Jaroslav Gleich, Stepanka Jelinkova, Ladislav Mraz, Jarmila Novotna, Jarmila Palivcova.
  • 1888 Birth of Russian-born American theatrical impresario Sol HUROK. d- NYC, 5 MAR 1974.
  • 1888 Birth of American composer Florence Smith Price. (Wanamaker Prize 1932)
  • 1889 (21st?)Birth of Russian-American violinist Efrem ZIMBALIST. d-Reno, NV 22 FEB 1985. Married to Alma Gluck after her death married to Mary Louise Curtis Bok (Curtis Publishing, Saturday Evening Post) who founded Curtis Inst. of Music in Philadelphia. He was faculty member. Father of actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Grandfather of actress Stephanie Zimbalist.
  • 1894 Birth of composer Ernest Kanitz.
  • 1895 Birth of composer Rudolf Kattnigg.
  • 1898 Birth of Austrian tenor Julius Patzak Lebendige Vergangenheit - Julius Patzak .
  • 1898 Birth of American bass and actor Paul ROBESON in Princeton, NJ. Here I Standd-Philadelphia, 23 JAN 1976. Teachers were Anna Schoen-Rene, Amanda Aldridge. BIO.
  • 1898 Birth of Austrian tenor Julius PATZAK in Vienna. d- 26 JAN 1974. Debut as Radames in Aida (Verdi) 3 APR 1926. Pupils were Norman Bailey, Ernst Haefliger, Herbert Handt. Created Camille Desmoulins in Danton's Tod (Von Einem). Young Cavalier in Herz (Pfitzner). Private in Friedenstag (Strauss). Newsvendor in Passe Kontrolle (Angerer). Sang in premiere of Der Mond (Orff).
  • 1903 FP of Frederick S. Converse's Endymion's Narrative for orchestra. Boston Symphony, Wilhelm Gericke conducting.
  • 1904 Death of Hungarian baritone Johann Nepomuk Beck. b-Budapest, 5 MAY 1827. Debut as Speaker in Zauberflote 1851. Created Solomon in Queen of Sheba (Goldmark).
  • 1906 Birth of Hungarian-American conductor Antal DORATI in Budapest. Historic Print (L): [Antal Dorati, half-length portrait, seated, holding baton and looking at music sheet, fd-Gerzensee, Switzerland, 13 NOV 1988. He was on staff of the Budapest Opera (1924-28). Dresden Opera (1928-29) Search Antal DORATI. BIO.
  • 1908 Birth of composer Fred Lohse.
  • 1909 Birth of composer Ivan Ivonovich Dzerzhinsky.
  • 1909 Birth of dancer Robert Murray Halpmann.
  • 1910 Birth of mezzo-soprano Cleo ELMO in Lecce. d-24 MAY 1962. Debut as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) 1935. Teachers were Edvige Ghibaudo, Pedrini, Rinolfi. Created Moraima in Re Hassan (Ghedini). Kabanova in Uragnano (Rocca). Goneril in Re Lear (Frazzi). Marfa in Prosperina y el Extranjero (Castro).
  • 1912 Birth of Belgian soprano Lily DJANEL Georges Bizet: Carmen [ New York -- March 27, 1943: Lily Djanel, Licia Albanese, Raoul Jobin, Leonard Warren; Sir Thomas Beecham] . MET Début: Jan. 24, 1942 [Carmen] Carmen, 5 seasons (1941-46) 57 perf., 6 roles, 5 works.
  • 1915 Birth of German tenor Rudolf SCHOCK in Duisberg. d-13 NOV 1986. Debut 1937. Teachers were Lorenz Hofer, Robert Von Der Linde. Created Ercole in Penelope (Liebermann).
  • 1916 FP of M. de Falla's Nights in the Gardens of Spain for piano and orchestra, in Madrid.
  • 1918 Birth of Danish architect Jørn Oberg Utzon  (Sydney Opera House)
  • 1919 Birth of American conductor and founder of the New York Pro Musica Antiqua, Noah GREENBERG, in NYC.
  • 1920 FP of Stenhammar's incidental music for Shakespeare's As You Like It at the Lorensberg Theater in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • 1921 (8th?)Birth of Italian tenor Franco CORELLI in Ancona. d-21 OCT 2003. Debut as Don Jose in Carmen (Bizet) 1951. Teacher was Scaravelli. Pupils were Stefano Secco, Neil Shicoff, Andrea Bocelli.
  • 1923 Birth of composer Bruno Kiefer.
  • 1924 Birth of composer Harald Heilmann.
  • 1926 FP of Edgard Varèse's Amériques. Philadelphia Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski conducting.
  • 1930 Death of French soprano Rose Caron. b-Monerville France, 17 NOV 1857. Debut as Brunehild in Sigurd (Reyer) World premiere 7 Jan 1884. Teachers were J-J Masset, Louis-Henri Obin, Marie Sass, Tharset. Pupil was Abby Richardson. Created Lorance in Jocelyn (Godard). Subject of famous Degas painting.
  • 1933 Death of German composer and organist Sigfrid Karg-Elert at age 55, in Leipzig. b-Oberndorf-on-Neckar, 21 NOV 1877.
  • 1935 Birth of Finnish composer Aulis SALLINEN in Salmi.
  • 1936 Birth of Polish conductor Jerzy MAKSYMIUK.
  • 1936 Death of Polish soprano Berta Foerstrova-Lauterova in Prague. b-Prague, 11 JAN 1869. Debut as Agatha in Freischutz (Weber) 12 Aug 1887. Teacher was Tauwitz, Antonia Poldkova-Panachova. Sang in premiere of Jacobin (Dvorak). Debora (Foerster).
  • 1938 FP in USA of Dimitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5. NBC Symphony, Artur Rodzinski conducting.
  • 1939 Singer Marion Anderson performs for 75,000 at Lincoln Memorial. Sponsored by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and those protesting the Daughters of the American Revolution, who would not let Anderson sing at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
  • 1942 FP of I. Stravinsky's Circus Polka by the Barnum & Bailey Circus band, M. Evans conducting at Madison Square Garden in NYC.
  • 1943 Birth of Italian bass-baritone Claudio DESDERI in Alessandria. Debut as Guadenzio in Signor Bruschino (Rossini) 1969. Pupils were Rosemary Joshua, Roselle Ragatzu.
  • 1945 Birth of English tenor Neil JENKINS in Sussex. Debut as Nikita Magadoff in Consul (Menotti) 1968. Teachers were Robert Bowman, John Carol Case, Gerald English, Helga Mott. Created Mario Cavaradossi in Exposition of a Picture (Oliver).
  • 1948 FP of Samuel Barber's Knoxville: Summer of 1915 with soprano Elenor Steber and Serge Koussevitzky conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra, in Boston.
  • 1949 Death of Russian soprano Maria Cebotari. b-Kishinev, 23 Feb 1910. Debut as Mimi in Boheme (Puccini) 1931. Teachers were Oscar Daniel, Alexander Wyruboff, Louis Bachner. Created Aminta in Schweigsame Frau (Strauss). Lucile in Danton's Tod (Von Einem). Isolde in Vin Herbe (Martin).
  • 1952 Birth of Scottish tenor Harry NICOLL in Perthshire, Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Debut as Nemerino in Elisir d'Amore (Donizetti) 1978. Teachers were Edward Brooks, Lyndon Van Der Pump. Created Wimar and Ben in Wildman (Le Fanu). M. Edmond de Gonfleur in Belle Vivette (Offenbach). Sang in premiere of Vanishing Bridegroom (Weir).
  • 1959 FP of Benjamin Lees' Prologue, Capriccio and Epilogue for orchestra, in Portland, OR.
  • 1960 Death of Australian composer and pianist Arthur Benjamin at age 66, in London. b-Sydney, 18 SEP 1893.
  • 1982 Death of Canadian conductor Wilfred Pelletier age 85 in NYC. Voice of Firestone conductor on radio. b-Montreal, Canada, 30 JUN 1896.
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