Anton EBERL
  • 1592 Birth of composer Tobias Michael
  • 1627 Birth of composer Fidel Molitor
  • 1701 Birth of composer Angelo Antonio Caroli
  • 1732 FP of Graun's "Lo specchio della fedeltà" music not extant. Braunschweig.

  • 1736 Birth of composer Henryk Klein
  • 1743 FP of Jommelli´s "Demofoonte" Padua. A 2nd version FP Milan (1756); 3rd version, Stuttgart, 2/11/1764; [rev] Ludwigsburg, 2/11/1765; [rev] y da Silva, Lisbon, 6/6/1775; 4th ver., Naples, 11/4/1770.

  • 1747 Handel finishes his oratorio Solomon which includes the sinfonia The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.

  • 1753 (8th? 18th?) Birth of French opera composer Nicolas DALAYRAC.

  • 1757 Birth of composer Christian Ludwig Dieter
  • 1761 Birth of Czech composer and violinist Antonin VRANICKY in Nova Rise, Moravia. d- 6 AUG 1820. Studied with Haydn and Mozart in Vienna and a friend of Beethoven.

  • 1765 Birth of Austrian composer Anton EBERL in Vienna. d-Vienna, 11 MAR 1807. Many of his works were mistakenly published under Mozart's name.

  • 1775 Birth of composer Antoni Henryk Radziwill
  • 1784 FP of Wolfgang A. Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 17 (K. 453). Also on program were Piano & Wind Quintet (K. 452) and Sonata for Two Pianos (K. 448), performed with Mozart's pupil, Barbara Ployer, near Vienna.

  • 1795 Birth of Moravian violinist, conductor and Beethoven biographer Anton SCHINDLER. BIO. Not a popular fellow. d- 16 JAN 1864.

  • 1795 FP of Paer's "Il Cinna" Padua.

  • 1818 Birth of German soprano Livia FREGE. Star of the Royal Theater, Berlin. Friend of Mendelssohn. She sponsored Ferdinand David's orchestra.

  • 1820 FP of Schubert's "Die Zwillingsbrüder" singspiel, Vienna.

  • 1824 Birth of German composer Julius EICHBERG in Dusseldorf, Germany. d-1893.

  • 1829 Birth of composer Antonio Zamara
  • 1838 Birth of German bass-baritone Emil FISCHER in Brunswick. d-Hamburg, 11 AUG 1914. Début in Graz [Seneschal] Jean de Paris by Boieldieu (1857). Fischer broke his contract in Dresden in order to join the MET Opera (1885); he sang in numerous US premiere roles. MET Opera Début 23 NOV 1885 [Heinrich] Lohengrin, 7 seasons (1885-91, 1906-07) 370 perf., 29 roles, 28 works. Pupil was Rita Fornia.

  • 1842 Birth of French violinist Camilla URSO.

  • 1843 Birth of German composer Adolph NEUENDORFF in Hamburg. d-1897.

  • 1846 Birth of American composer Frederick Woodman ROOT in Boston, MA. d-Chicago, IL 8 NOV 1916.

  • 1846 FP of Ricci's Federico e Luigi, "L'amante di richiamo" Turin.

  • 1849 Death of Italian tenor and singing coach Davide Banderali. b-Lodi, 12 JAN 1789. Debut 1806. Pupils were Giuditta Grisi, Henriette Meric-Lalande, Giuditta Pasta, Alphonse Joseph Alizard, Giulio Pellegrini, Paolo Barroilhet, Adelaide Comelli-Rubini, Sabine Heinefetter.

  • 1852 FP of Schumann's Manfred with Franz Liszt conducting in Weimar.

  • 1855 FP of Verdi's Scicilian Vespers in Paris.

  • 1855 FP Halevy's "L'Inconsolable" Paris.

  • 1863 Birth of composer Josef Venantius von Woss
  • 1869 Birth of Italian-Hungarian composer Eduard POLDINI.

  • 1871 Birth of Italian violinist and composer Alfredo d'AMBROSIO.

  • 1875 Birth of composer Max d' Ollone
  • 1879 Birth of Spanish contralto Maria GAY in Barcelona. d-NYC, 29 JUL 1943. MET Opera Début 3 DEC 1908 [Carmen] Carmen, 1 season (1908-09) 33 perf., 5 works. Teacher was Ada Adini. Pupil was Nino Martini. Sang in FP of El Avapies (Del Campo).

  • 1886 Death of Wagner's benefactor King Ludwig II of Bavaria by drowning in Lake Starnberg.

  • 1888 ('85)(91?)Birth of German-American soprano Elizabeth SCHUMANN in Merseburg. d-NYC, 23 APR 1952 or 1953. MET Opera Début 20 NOV 1914 [Sophie] Der Rosenkavalier, 1 season (1914-15) 52 perf. 10 works. Debut as Shepherd in Tannhauser (Wagner) 1909. Teachers were Marie Dietrich, Natalie Hanisch, Alma Schadow. Pupils were Pierette Alarie, Claire Watson, Barbara Troxell, Lola Rodriguez Aragon, Kenneth Neate, Shirlee Emmons.

  • 1888 FP of Moscheles' "Cyrus und Astyages" heroic opera, Vienna.

  • 1892 Birth of Russian soprano Valeria [Vladimirova] BARSOVA in Astrakan. d-13 DEC 1967. Debut as Rosina in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1915. Teachers were Umberto A Mazetti, Maria Vladimirov.

  • 1894 Death of Italian baritone Filippo Coletti. b-Anagn, 11 MAY 1811. Debut in Turco in Italia (Rossini) 1834. Teacher was Alessandro Busti. Pupil was Edouard de Reszke. Created Lusignano in Caterina Cornaro (Donizetti). Gusmano in Alzira (Verdi). Francesco in Masnadieri (Verdi). Duca D'Alba in Duca D'Alba (Pacini). Duca di Herz in Adolfo di Warbel (Pacini). Pietro Zampardi in Fidanzata Corsa (Pacini). Gianna di Capua in Stella Di Napoli (Pacini). Luchino Visconti in Margherita Pusterla (Pacini). Rodrigo in Vascello di Gama (Mercadante). Pelagio in Pelagio (Mercadante).

  • 1899 Birth of Mexican composer and conductor Carlos CHáVEZ in Calzada de Tacuba. Established Orquesta Sinfonica de Mexico in 1928, principal conductor until 1949. d-Mexico City 2 AUG 1978. Opera, "Panfilo and Lauretta" (1st produced in Eng. New York, 1957; then rev. produced in a spanish version as "Il Amor propiciado" Mexico City, 1959; still later retitled "The Visitors."

  • 1901 Birth of German soprano Anna BATHY in Beregszasz. d-20 MAY 1962. Debut as Elizabeth in Tannhauser (Wagner) 1928. Teacher was Bianca Maleczky.

  • 1902 Birth of American bass John GURNEY in Jamestown, NY. d- 6 AUG 1997. MET Opera Debut 12 APR 1935, Gala Performance: 1st Opera: May 13, 1936 [Sparafucile] Rigoletto, 11 seasons (1934- 45) 331 perf., 43 roles, 32 works.

  • 1902 Birth of Italian composer and conductor Oliviero de FABRITIIS in Rome. d-Rome, 12 AUG 1982 of cancer. Also trumpeter and interpreter of the 19th-c. Italian repertory. He was Mussolini's favorite maestro.

  • 1903 Birth of composer Philipp Kutev
  • 1911 FP of Stavinsky's Petrouchka with Nijinsky, Karsavina, Pierre Monteux, conducting with the Ballet Russe in Paris.

  • 1919 Birth of composer Leif Kayser
  • 1923 FP of Stravinsky's Les Noces at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.

  • 1923 (?)FP of Sir William Walton's Façade text by Dame Edith Sitwell who recited her poems with the composer conducting in London.

  • 1927 Birth of composer Knut Wiggen
  • 1928 FP of Prokofiev's "The Fiery Angel" 2 fragments perf., Paris. 1st staged, Venice, 14 SEP 1955.

  • 1929 Birth of English horn virtuoso Alan CIVIL. d- 19 MAR 1989.

  • 1929 Birth of Austrian tenor Kurt EQUILUZ in Vienna. Teacher was Adolf Vogel. Pupil was Gabriela Herrera.

  • 1930 Birth of American composer Richard PEASLEE in NYC.

  • 1938 Birth of Welsh bass Gwynne HOWELL in Swansea. MET Opera Debut 21 JAN 1985 [Lodovico] Otello, 3 seasons (1984-85, 87-89) 32 perf., 5 works. Debut as Monterone in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1968. Teachers were Gwilym Jones, Otakar Kraus, Redvers Llewellyn Frederick Cox. Created Richard Taverner & St John in Taverner (P Maxwell Davies). Croucher in Silver Tassle (Turnage).

  • 1938 Birth of American composer David RAKOWSKI.

  • 1942 FP of Arthur Honegger's Joan of Arc at the Stake at the Stadttheater in Zürich.

  • 1949 Birth of Bulgarian-Canadian contralto Mariana PAUNOVA in Kapinovo, Bulgaria. d-Port Jefferson, NY, 27 JUL 2002. MET Opera Début 11 1979 [Olga] Eugene Onegin, 1 season (1978-79) 2 perf., 1 work.

  • 1951 Birth of American composer Liz PHILLIPS in Jersey City, NJ.

  • 1952 Death of American soprano Emma Eames. b-Shanghai, 13 AUG 1865. Debut as Juliette in Romeo et Juliette (Gounod) 13 Mar 1889. Teachers were Mathilde Marchesi, Clara Munger, Charles R. Adams. Created Colombe in Asciano(Saint-Saens). Zaire in Zaire (De la Nux). Ghisele in Ghisele (Franck). Countess of Longford in Lady of Longford (Bach E.).

  • 1962 Death of English conductor and composer Sir Eugene Goossens at age 69 in London. b-Hillingdon, England 26 MAY 1893.

  • 1964 Birth of American composer Mark ZANTER.

  • 1966 FP of Milhaud's "La Mère coupable" Geneva, with Louis Quilico (b) (1925-2000) Can.; Jose van Dam (bs/b) Belgian.

  • 1967 FP of David Ward-Steinman's Cello Concerto. Japan Philharmonic conducted by Milton Katims, with Edgar Lustgarten in Tokyo.

  • 1970 Birth of American composer Gregg WRAMAGE.

  • 1972 Death of Spanish mezzo-soprano Marina de Gabarain in Paris. b-San Sebastian, 1925. Teacher was Luigi Ricci. Created Mother in Bodas de Sanger (Castro).

  • 1977 Death of American mezzo-soprano Carmella Ponselle. b-NYC, 7 JUN 1888. Debut 1923. Sister of Rosa Ponselle.

  • 1980 Death of Danish bass-baritone Holger Byrding. b-Mariager, Denmark, 28 DEC 1891. Debut as Gremin in Eugen Onegin (Tchaikovsky) 1911. Pupil was Erik Sjoberg. Photo.

  • 1982 Death of Swedish soprano Irmgard Armgart. b-1906. Teacher Jean Nadalovitch.

  • 1984 Death of Dutch composer Marinus de Jong in Ekeren, Belgium. b-Oosterhout, Netherlands 14 AUG 1891.

  • 1986 Death of American classical and big band clarinetist Benny Goodman. b-Chicago, 30 MAY 1909. NYTimes obituary.

  • 1986 FP of John Adams' Short Ride in a Fast Machine. Pittsburgh Symphony conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas at Great Woods, Mansfield, MA.

  • 2002 Death of American composer, teacher and conductor Ralph SHAPEY, in Philadelphia. b-Philadelphia, 12 MAR 1921.

  • 2005 Death of American composer David Diamond. b-Rochester, NY 9 JUL 1915. LINK to composers bureau works list. | LINK to complete BIOGRAPHY at Peer Music.

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