Ignaz Joseph PLEYEL

  • 1466 Birth of early music printer Ottaviano dei PETRUCCI in Italy.

  • 1677 Birth of Italian opera composer Marc Antonio BONONCINI in Modena. Son of Giovanni Maria Bononcini. d-Modena, 8 JUL 1726. Operas, "Il trionfo di Camilla, regina dei Volsci" (Naples, 1696); "Teraspo" (Vienna, 1704); "Arminio" (Vienna, 1706); "La conguista delle Spagni di Scipione Africano" (Vienna, 1707); "La presa di Tebe" (Vienna, 1708); "Tigrane, re d'Armenia" (Vienna, 1710); "I veri amici" (Naples, 1715); "Il Tiranno eroe" (Milan, 1715); "Sesostrim re di Egitto" (Milan, 1716); "L'enigma disciolto" (Modena, 1716); "Lucio Vero" (Modena, 1716); "La conquista del vello d'oro" (Reggio, 1717); "Astianatte" (Venice, 1718); "Grtkiselda" (Milan, 1718); "Nino" (Reggio, 1720, w/com. G. Capello, Gasparini); "Il triofo dell'aquila, e del giglio" (Modena, 1720); "Merope" (Rome, 1721); "Endimione" (Naples, 1721); "Rosiclea in Danio" (Naples, 1721).

  • 1723 Birth of composer Giuseppe Scarlotti

  • 1726 Death of French composer Michel-Richard de Lalande in Versailles. b-Paris, 15 DEC 1657, [ed note B Fodor]
     Birthdate entry for this composer states birth year of 1739 in La Flèche and may be an error/typo, as the death date is given as 18 JUN 1726, Versailles.
     Following sources have his place of birth as Paris and birth date as 15 DEC 1657:

    Although there appears to be many variants to the spelling of his name, Delalande seems to be the way the family wrote it, but a recent scholarly work has it as De Lalande.

  • 1744 Birth of composer Augustin Holler

  • 1753 Birth of French composer Nicolas-Marie DALAYRAC in Muret. d-Paris, 26 NOV 1809.

  • 1757 Birth of Austrian piano manufacturer and composer Ignaz Joseph PLEYEL in Ruppertsthal, Austria. d-Paris, 14 NOV 1831.

  • 1757 [6 JUN ?] Ignace Joseph Pleyel French pronunciation: ​[plɛjɛl], German pronunciation: [ˈplaɪ̯.l̩]; (18 June 1757 – 14 November 1831) was an Austrian-born French composer and piano builder of the Classical period.
  • 1780 Birth of composer Michael Henkel

  • 1799 Death of Mozart's German music publisher Johann André in Offenbach. b-Offenbach, 28 MAR 1741.

  • 1803 FP of Méhul/Boieldieu/Kreutzer/Nicolo: "Le Baiser et la quittance, ou Une Aventure de garnison" Paris.

  • 1807 FP of Gyrowetz's "Die Junggesellen-Wirtschaft" Vienna.

  • 1816 FP of Boieldieu/Herold's "Charles de France" Paris.

  • 1818 (17th?) Birth of French composer Charles GOUNOD in Paris. d-St.Cloud, 18 October 1893.

  • 1820 Birth of composer Martin Andreas Udbye

  • 1821 FP of C. M. Von Weber's opera Der Freischutz 'The Freeshooter' at the Königliches Schauspielhaus, in Berlin.

  • 1822 Birth of composer Henry David Leslie

  • 1831 FP of Donizetti's "La Romanziera e l'uomo nero" Opera buffa, Naples.

  • 1836 Birth of Polish soprano Teodozja Friderici-Jakowica in Kielce Poland. d-4 NOV 1889. Debut as Amina in Sonnambula 21 Mar 1865. Teachers were Lamperti, Julian Dobrski, Quattrini.

  • 1837 Felix Mendelssohn completes his String Quartet in e, Op. 44, no. 2, while on his honeymoon in Freiburg, Germany.

  • 1843 Birth of Austrian cellist and composer David POPPER, in Prague.

  • 1848 Birth of Belgian baritone Jacques BOUHY. (b) (1848-1929) Belgian. d-29 JAN 1929.

  • 1850 Birth of Austrian-German composer Richard HEUBERGER in Graz. d-Vienna, 28 OCT 1914. Operas, "Die Abenteuer einer Neujahrsnacht" (Leipzig, 1886); "Abenteuer einer Neujahrsnacht" (Leipzig, 1889); "Manuel Venegas" (Leipzig, 1889; remodeled as "Mirjam, oder Das Maifest" Vienna, (1894); "Barfüssele" (Dresden, 1905); Operetta: All performed Vienna, "Der Opernball" (Vienna, 1898); "Ihre Excellenx," also known as "Eine entaückende Frgu" (Vienna, 1899); "Der Sechsuhrzug" (Vienna, 1900); "Das Baby" (Vienna, 1902); "Barfüssele" (Dresden, 1905); "Der Fürst von Düsterstein" (Vienna, 1909); "Don Quixote" (Vienna, 1910); "Eine entzückende Frau" (?) [rev. Ihre Excellenz].

  • 1872 Birth of English pianist Katharine GOODSON.

  • 1876 Birth of French soprano Marcelle DEMOUGEOT in Dijon. d-24 NOV 1931. Debut as Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni (Mozart) 1902. Teachers were Charles Laurent, Hettich. Sang in FP of Dejanire (Saint-Saens).

  • 1880 Birth of Mexican composer Jose POMER in Mexico City.

  • 1887 Birth of American soprano Blanche YURKA in St. Paul, MN. d-NYC, 6 JUN 1974. MET Opera Début 24 DEC 1903 [Flower maiden] Parsifal, 2 seasons (1903-05) 21 perf., 1 work.

  • 1887 Birth of soprano Kamila UNGROVA in Kourim. Debut as Erota in Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) 1906. Teacher was Ludmilla Prohaska-Neumann. Pupils were Jindrich Jindrak, Nadezda Kniplova.

  • 1889 Birth of Italian tenor Ismaele VOLTOLINI in Mantua. d-Milan, 29 AUG 1938. Debut as Dick Johnson in Fanculla del West (Puccini) 1919.

  • 1891 FP of Bruneau's "Le Rêve" Paris.

  • 1892 Birth of German pianist, arranger and teacher Edward STEUERMANN. d-1964.

  • 1894 Birth of Rumanian composer Sabin DRAGOI in Seliste. d-Bucharest, 31 DEC 1968. Operas, "Nãpasta" (Bucharest, 1928); "Constantin Brancoveanu" (1929); "Kir Ianulea" (Cluj, 1939); "Horia" (1945); "Pãcalã" (Brasov, 1962).

  • 1896 Birth of Australian composer and Organist Sir George THALBEN-BALL. d- 1987.

  • 1903 Birth of American soprano and actress Jeanette MacDONALD in Philadelphia, PA. d-Houston, TX 14 JAN 1965. See Links page.

  • 1904 Birth of French composer and conductor Manuel ROSENTHAL in Paris. d-5 JUN 2003 Bio. Rosenthal studied with Ravel, who encouraged him to compose and regarded as a conductor of Ravel. He studied the violin at the Paris Conservatoire. Andante, obituary. An infantryman at the outbreak of WW II in 1939, he was held prisoner in Germany (1940-41), released and returned to France, where he became active in the Résistance.

  • 1905 Birth of Estonian-Swedish composer Eduard TUBIN in Kallaste. d-Stockholm, Sweden 17 NOV 1982.

  • 1907 Alexander Glazunov receives Mus.D. degree from Oxford University.

  • 1915 Birth of French composer Victor LEGLEY in Hazebrouck. d-Oostende, 28 NOV 1994.

  • 1917 Birth of composer Akhmet Jevdet Ismail Hajiyev

  • 1923 Birth of American ethnic music composer Elizabeth WALDO.

  • 1927 Birth of Hungarian tenor Robert ILOSFALVY in Hódmezoevasárhély. Debut Hunyadi Laszlo (Erkel) 1954. Teacher was Andor Lendvai.

  • 1927 Birth of composer Simeon Pironkov

  • 1933 Birth of Australian composer Colin BRUMBY in Melbourne.

  • 1941 Birth of Dutch conductor Hans VONK in Amsterdam. d-Amsterdam, 29 AUG 2004. Obituary.

  • 1942 Birth of British singer and composer Sir Paul McCARTNEY.

  • 1943 Birth of Hungarian soprano Eva MARTON [née Heinrich] in Budapest. MET Opera Début 3 NOV 1976 [Eva] Die Meistersinger, 12 seasons (1976- 77, 78-79, 81-89, 97-98, 99-2000) thru 2000, 94 perf., 12 roles, 11 works. Debut as Kate Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 1967. Teachers were Endre Rosler, Jeno Sipos.

  • 1944 Birth of American computer composer Paul LANSKY in NYC. Princeton link.

  • 1945 Birth of English horn player and conductor Anthony HALSTEAD.

  • 1947 Birth of composer Douglas Young

  • 1948 Birth of Hungarian Soprano Eva MARTON.

  • 1948 Birth of Belgian baritone Jacques BOUHY in Pepinster, Belgium. d-29 JAN 1929. Debut as Mephistopheles in Faust (Gounod) 1871. Pupils were Bessie Abott, Suzanne Adams, Lillian Blauvelt, Clara Butt, Amy Castles, Gervase Elwes, Eva Gauthier, Putnam Griswold, Kathleen Howard, Louise Kirkby-Lunn, Leo Rains, Oscar Saenger, Herbert Witherspoon. Created Escamillo in Carmen (Bizet). Don Cesar de Bazan in Don Cesar de Bazan (Massenet). Sang in FP of Paul et Virginie (Masse). Bravo (Salvayre).

  • 1948 Birth of Welch baritone Arwel Huw MORGAN in Neath S. Wales. Teachers were Audrey Langford, Ingred Surgenor.

  • 1950 Birth of Polish-American composer Jan RADZYNSKI in Warsaw, Poland.

  • 1950 Birth of American composer Frank FERKO in Barberton, OH.

  • 1952 Death of baritone Heinrich Schlushnus. b-Braubach am Rhein, 6 AUG 1888. Debut as Herald in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1915. Teacher was Louis Bachner. Pupil was Kurt Gester.

  • 1953 Birth of English pianist Peter DONOHOE.

  • 1955 Death of Swiss composer Willy Burkhard in Zürich. b-Evilard-sur-Bienne, Switzerland 17 APR 1900.

  • 1955 FP of Pierre Boulez`cantata Le Marteau sans Maitre in Baden-Baden.

  • 1957 Birth of American composer Rand STEIGER in NYC.

  • 1957 Death of tenor Georgi Nelepp. b-Bobruiky, Ukraine, 20 APR 1904. Debut 1930. Teacher was I. S. Tomar.

  • 1958 FP of B. Britten's opera Noye's Fludde at Orford Church, Aldeburgh. 1-act childrens opera.

  • 1962 FP of Halffter's Oratio 1st stage perf., la Scala.

  • 1962 Death of Swiss composer and conductor Volkmar Andreae in Zurich. b-Berne, 5 JUL 1879.

  • 1962 FP, poshumously, of Manuel de Falla`s opera Atlantida in Milan.

  • 1963 Death of Dutch tenor Hans Kaart. b-The Hague, 10 MAY 1920. Debut as Canio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1956. Teachers were Fred Husler, Johannes Seghers-De Beijl.

  • 1971 Death of baritone Heinrich Nillius. b-1908. Pupil was Hilde Konetzni.

  • 1977 FP of Davies' "The Martyrdom of St. Magnus" chamber opera, Kirkwall.

  • 1978 Death of Brazilian baritone Lourival Braga. b-1921. Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1949. Teacher Alda Pereira Pinto.

  • 1980 FP of V. Persichetti's Three Toccatinas for Piano. Performed by contestants in the International Piano Festival and Competition at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

  • 1982 FP in USAmerica, Stage Premier, Verdi: Il Corsaro in San Diego, CA. With Alfonso Navarrete (t) [Corrado] Rosalind Plowright (s) [Medora]; June Anderson (s) [Giulnara]; and Patrick Raftery (b) [Pasha Seid].

  • 1992 FP of Anthony Davis' opera Tania at the American Music Theater Festival in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 1994 Death of soprano Rosemare BRONCATO.
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