Today in classical music history JULY 27

Francois-Hippolyte Barthelemon

  • 1502 Birth of composer Pier Francesco Corteccia

  • 1547 (June 27?)Birth of Italian composer and music editor Cristofano MALVEZZI in Lucca. d-1599.

  • 1609 Birth of composer Heinrich Pape

  • 1729 Death of French composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre in Paris. b-Paris, 1659.

  • 1734 Birth of composer Jakob Zupan

  • 1741 Birth of composer Francois-Hippolyte Barthelemon

  • 1741 Death of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi in Vienna. b-Venice, 4 MAR 1678.

  • 1773 FP of HAYDN: "L'infedeltà delusa" Esterháza (1773).

  • 1781 Birth of Italian composer Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantano GIULIANI in Bisceglie. d-Napoli, 8 MAY 1829.

  • 1783 Death of German composer and writer Johann Philipp Kirnberger in Berlin. b-Saalfeld, 24 APR 1721. Made musical puzzles.

  • 1784 Birth of French-English pianist Andre Georges Louis ONSLOW in Clermont-Ferrand. d-Clermont-Ferrand, 3 OCT 1853.

  • 1802 Birth of composer Benedikt Randhartinger

  • 1824 Birth of theater director Kar TREUMANN.

  • 1848 Birth of Russian pianist Vladimir de PACHMAN in Odessa. Well known for his playing of Chopin music and eccentric performing.

  • 1853 Birth of American hymn composer and organist Henry Morton DUNHAM. d-1929.

  • 1857 FP of Offenbach: "Une Demoiselle en lôterie" Paris, 1857.

  • 1867 (Confirmed by Bill Fodor, 28 or 29th in some catalogs) Birth of Spanish composer and conductor Enrique GRANADOS in Lerida. d-at sea following sinking of the SS Sussex in the English Channel in World War I, 24 MAR 1916 by a German submarine.

  • 1872 Birth of bass Ernst Svedelius, in Copenhagen. d. Stockholm, Oct. 20, 1945. Debut 1900 Teacher, Julius Gunther

  • 1872 Birth of composer Stanislav Binicki

  • 1875 Birth of soprano Rachel Frease-Green, in Canton, OH. d. Cleveland, Nov. 11, 1953. Debut as Eva in Meistersingers (Wagner) 1908 Teachers, Jean De Reszke, Mathilde Marchesi

  • 1877 Birth of Hungarian composer and pianist Erno (Ernst) Von DOHNANYI in Poszony, Pressburg. Grandfather of conductor Christophe Von Dohnanyi. d-NYC, 9 FEB 1960.

  • 1882 Birth of tenor Paul Razavet, in Auray. d. MAR 1957. Debut 1911 Pupil, Gerard Serkoyan

  • 1883 Death of German composer Albert Franz Doppler in Baden-Baden. b-Lemberg, 16 OCT 1821.

  • 1890 Birth of Clemens, Hans (t) Ger. b. Gelsenkirchen, July 27, 1890; d.25 Aug 1958.

  • 1896 Birth of Ivar Andresen Bass Born 27 July 1896 Oslo Died 6 Nov 1940 Debut as Re in Aida (Verdi) 1919 Teachers, Gillis Bratt, Hjaldis Ingebjart Pupil, Sven Nilsson

  • 1897 Birth of Andrésen, Ivar (bs) (1896-1940) Norw. (44) b. July 27, 1897; d. Nov. 24/26, 1940: MET: Début: Nov. 1, 1930 [Daland] Der Fliegende Holländer, 2-seasons (1930-32) 36-Perf. of 7-roles.

  • 1897 FP of BERUTTI: "Pampa" Buenos Aires (1897).

  • 1899 Birth of Crawford, Robert M. (b) (1899-????) Can b. Dawson, Yukon Territory, July 27, 1899.

  • 1899 Birth of American composer and lecturer Harl McDONALD in suburban Boulder, CO. Choral director at University of Pennsylvania. In 1939 manager of the Philadelphia Orchestra. d-1955.

  • 1900 Birth of opera composer Hans HAUG, in Basle. d. Lausanne, Sep. 15, 1967.

  • 1903 Birth of composer Clive Martin Douglas

  • 1906 Birth of bass-baritone Wilhelm Schirp, in Elberfeld. d. Dec. 26, 1974.

  • 1911 Birth of German organist and composer Max Martin STEIN in Jena.

  • 1912 Birth of Lorenz Fehenberger Tenor Born 24 July 1912 Oberbayern Died 27 Jul 1984 Debut 1939 Teacher, Elizabeth Wolff Pupils, Dodi Protero. Alan Crofoot Created Blind Citizen in Versuchung (Tal) Sang in premiere of Antigonae (Orff)

  • 1912 Birth of Russian-born conductor and composer Igor MARKEVITCH in Kiev. d-Antibes, France, 7 MAR 1983.

  • 1914 Birth of Kenneth Neate Tenor Born 27 July 1914 Cessnock Australia Teacher, Emilio De Gogorza, Elizabeth Schumann Pupil, Angela Feeney Created Judge Danforth in Crucible (Ward) Sampiero Corso in Sampiero Corso (Tomasi)

  • 1915 Death of Danish composer Johan Adam Krygell in Copenhagen. b-Naestved, 18 SEP 1835.

  • 1915 Birth of Italian tenor Mario del MONACO, in Florence. del Monaco, Mario (t) (1915-1982) It. (67) b. Florence. d. Venice, Oct. 16, 1982: MET: Début Nov. 27, 1950 [Des Grieux] Manon Lescaut, 7 seasons (1950-53, 54-55, 56-59) 42 perf., 16 roles. Debut as Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 29 Dec 1940 Teachers, Luisa Melia-Palazzini, Arturo Melocchi Pupils, Peter Lindroos, Dana Talley, Silvano Carroli Created Ariodante in Ariodante (Rota)

  • 1916 Birth of German composer Siegfried REDA in Bochum. d-Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland, 12 DEC 1968.

  • 1918 Birth of American cellist Leonard ROSE in Washington, D.C. d-1984. Member of Stern-Rose-Istomin trio.

  • 1918 Birth of composer Eero Aukusti Sipila

  • 1918 Death of American music critic Gustav Kobbe' off the Long Island coast where a navy hydroplane struck the mast of his boat. Author-editor

  • 1919 FP of ZANDONAI: "La via della finestra" Pesaro (1919); rev. Trieste, 1/18/1923.

  • 1924 Birth of composer Otar TAKAKISHVIH.

  • 1924 Death of Italian-German composer and pianist Ferruccio Busoni at age 58, in Berlin. b-Empoli, Italy, 1 APR 1866.

  • 1927 Kurt Weill and Paul Hindemith's radio cantata Der Lindbergflug "Lindberg's Flight" at the Baden-Baden Musiktag festival in Germany.

  • 1928 Birth of Ferrin, Agostino (bs) (Agostino Ferin) b. Padua, July 27, 1928. Debut in Comte Ory 1957 Teacher, Cesara Chiesa

  • 1928 Birth of Roman Wegrzyn Tenor Born 27 July 1928 Lemberg Poland Debut as Jontek in Halka (Moniuszko) 1960 Teacher, Anatol Wronski

  • 1928 Birth of composer Sakari Mononen

  • 1929 Birth of composer Marc Wilkinson

  • 1932 Birth of Carroll, Joan (s) U.S. b. Philadelphia, July 27, 1932; Début [Zerbinetta] Ariadne auf Naxos (1957). Debut 1957 Teacher, Margarethe von Winterfeldt

  • 1933 Death of Luisa Bertana Mezzo-Soprano Born 11 Jan 1898 Buenos Aires Died 27 July 1933 Debut as Preziosilla in Forza del Destino (Verdi) 1921 Teacher :- Rinaldi Created Rubria in Nerone (Boito)

  • 1935 Birth of Woitach, Richard (con/opera) U.S. b. July 27, 1935; MET: Début: Feb. 24, 1974, Syllabaire pour Phèdre, 19 seasons (1972-82, 83-85, 86-92, 93-94) 162 perf., 27 works.

  • 1935 Birth of Meghor, Camillo (b) (1935-1993) Belgian. (59) b. Antwerp, July 27, 1935; d. 1993. Debut as Marcello in Boheme (Puccini) 1958 Teachers:- Tino Pattiera, Helge Roswaenge

  • 1941 Birth of Boesch, Christian (b) Austrian. b. Vienna, July 27, 1941; MET: Début: Feb. 17, 1979 [Papageno] Die Zauberflöte, 4 seasons (1978-79, 80-81, 83-85) 32 perf., 4 works. Debut 1966

  • 1941 Birth of composer Johannes Fritsch

  • 1941 FP of Bernard Herrmann's Symphony No. 1, on a CBS radio network broadcast by the Columbia Symphony with Herrmann conducting.

  • 1941 FP of Paul Creston's Prelude and Dance and A Rumor in NYC.

  • 1952 Birth of American soprano Carol VANESS in Los Angeles. She studied piano when she entered California State Polytechnic College, but also took an interest in voice. She began taking voice and studied in graduate school at California State University. In 1976, she became one of six singers chosen to take part of the inaugural year of the San Francisco Opera's Merola Opera Program for young singers. Her apprenticeship lasted two years, during which she studied with Kurt Herbert Adler, then the general director of the San Francisco Opera. Adler advised Vaness to resist offers to sing major parts at such an early stage in her career, and as a result she turned down offers from the opera companies in Houston; Tucson, Arizona; and Glyndebourne. In 1977, took the small part of Henrietta in Bellini's I Puritani with Beverly Sills as Elvira. NYCO in 1979. In 1980, Vaness made her European debut as Vitellia in Bordeaux, France. Glyndebourne Festival debut in 1982 as Donna Anna and her Covent Garden debut as Mimi in La Bohème. MET Opera Début: Feb. 14, 1984 [Armida] Rinaldo, 16 seasons (1983-90, 91-thru 2000) 176 perf., 19 roles, 14 works. Debut as Vitellia in Clemenza di Tito (Mozart) 1977 Teacher :- Scott David

  • 1956 Birth of Rorholm, Marianne (m/s) b. July 27, 1956;

  • 1957 Birth of American composer Kevin KAISERSHOT in Dickinson, ND.

  • 1963 Death of Martha Rohs Mezzo-Soprano Born 2 June 1909 Saarbrucken Died 27 July 1963 Debut 1932 Sang in premiere of Daphne (Strauss)

  • 1967 The Santa Fe Opera House burns to the ground.

  • 1974 FP of PASATIERI: "Signor Deluso" Vienna, VA (1974); w/ Sheri Greenwald (s).

  • 1976 Birth of English composer John PITTS in Kingston-upon-Thames.

  • 1977 FP of Hoddinott: "What the Old Man Does Is Always Right" Fishguard Festival.

  • 1993 Death of Puerto Rican composer Guillermo Venegas Lloveras in San Juan. b-Quebradillas, 12 OCT 1915.

  • 1995 Death of Hungarian-American composer Miklos Rozsa in Los Angeles. b-Budapest, 18 APR 1907.

  • 2015 Death of Czech pianist Ivan MORAVEC (EE vahn MOR ah vetz) Born in Prague. Search for Ivan MORAVEC OBIT

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