classical music JULY 7

Johann Tobias Krebs

  • 1690 Birth of composer Johann Tobias Krebs
  • 1710 Birth of composer Arvid Niclas Hopken
  • 1713 FP of Handel: "Utrecht Te Deum," at St. Paul's Cathedral in London (Gregorian Date: July 18)
  • 1720 Funeral of J.S. Bach's first wife, Maria Barbara (age 35); The cause of her death is unknown, and Bach's son Carl Philip Emmanuel reported that his father was at Carlsbad when she died: "The news that she had been ill and died reached him only when he entered his own house"
  • 1739 Birth of composer Friedrich Rust. d-28 February 1796
  • 1746 Birth of composer Ludwig Wenzel Lachnith
  • 1747 J.S. Bach dedicates his "Musical Offering" to Frederich the Great of Prussia
  • 1778 Birth of composer Antonio Francesco Gaetano S Pacini
  • 1791 Haydn conducts his Symphony No. 92 ("Oxford") at the Sheldonian Theater of Oxford University, where he was awarded an honorary degree.
  • 1851 Birth of composer Charles Albert Tindley
  • 1860 Birth of Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler, Mahler: The Complete Works - 150th Anniversary Box  in Kalischt, Bohemia. d-18 May 1911.
  • 1865 Death of Ubaldo Toffanetti Tenor Born 1896 Died 7 July 1865 Sang in premiere of Pulce d'Oro (Ghedini)
  • 1872 Birth of composer Juan Lamonte de Grignon
  • 1879 Birth of composer Jacob Weinberg
  • 1882 Birth of composer Zdzislaw Jachimecki
  • 1883 Birth of composer Toivo Kuula
  • 1885 Birth of English composer Ernest Bristo Farrar
  • 1886 Birth of composer HARTULARY-DARCLÉE: Ion (com/con) (1886-1969) Fr. b. Paris, July 7, 1886; d. Bucharest Apr. 2, 1969: He was the son of soprano Hariciea Darclée (s) (1860-1939) Romanian.
  • 1887 Birth of Grete Merrem-Nikisch Soprano in Duren Rhineland. Died 20 Mar 1970 Debut 1910 Teachers, Marie Hedmont, Schulz-Dornburg Pupil, Anni Frind Created Lady in Cardillac (Hindemith) Arsinoe in Toten Augen (D'Albert)
  • 1889 Death of composer Bottesini, Giovanni. b-24 December 1821
  • 1889 Death of tenor Nikolai Ivanov. b-22 Oct 1810 in Poltava. Debut as Percy in Anna Bolena (Donizetti) 1832 Teachers, Eliodoro Bianchi, Jozef Fodor-Mainvielle, Andrea Nozzari Heinrich Panofka
  • 1897 Birth of composer Quincy Porter Complete String Quartets of Quincy Porter
  • 1898 Birth of composer Hanns Eisler
  • 1905 Birth of composer Marcel Rubin
  • 1908 Birth of Russian soprano Nina Dorliak in St. Petersburg. d. May 17, 1998.
  • 1911 Birth of Italian-born American composer and conductor Gian Carlo Menotti, in Cadegliano. d-Monaco, 1 FEB 2007.
  • 1912 Birth of soprano Tiny Alma, aka Catharina E J Stam, an operetta singer
  • 1913 Birth of Czech mezzo-soprano Georgine von Milinkovic in Prague. d. Munich, Feb. 26, 1986. Debut 1937 Pupil, Ruza Pospis Baldani
  • 1914 Birth of composer Cor de Groot. d-26 May 1993.
  • 1914 Birth of composer Serafim Sergeyevich Tulikov
  • 1916 Birth of composer Robert Stevens Baker
  • 1921 Birth of composer Stanislaw Michal Wislocki d-31 May 1998
  • 1923 Birth of Argentine guitarist Eduardo Falf
  • 1923 Birth of composer Roberto Caamano
  • 1924 Birth of composer Dieter Nowka
  • 1927 Birth of composer Charlie Louvin
  • 1927 Birth of soprano Hermi Ambros in Germany, Teachers, G Voigt, Johannes Kemter, Elly Doerrer Sang in premiere of Hexe von Passau (Gerster)
  • 1930 Birth of composer Hank Mobley
  • 1930 Birth of bass Peter Lagger in Buchs Switzerland. Debut 1953 Teacher, Hans Duhan Created Cadmus in Bassarids (Henze) Agis in Alcestiad (Talma)
  • 1930 Birth of bass Ivan Sardi in Budapest. Debut as Padre Guardiano in Forza del Destino (Verdi) 1951 Teacher, Antonio Melandri Created Isidor Strauss in Untergang der Titanic (Siebert) Sang in premiere of Terra Senza Passato (Manenti).
  • 1932 Birth of composer Joe Zawinul
  • 1933 Birth of bass Federico Davia in Genoa. Debut as Colline in Boheme (Puccini) 1959 Teachers, Tristano Illersberg, Piero Magenta Sang in premiere of Al Gran Sole Carico D'Amore (Nono) Orfeo AD MCMXLVII (Ramous). d. New York, Jan. 2, 1997.
  • 1934 Birth of composer Vinko Globokar
  • 1936 Birth of composer Friedhelm Dohl
  • 1936 Birth of composer Stuart Dempster
  • 1937 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elena Obratsova in Leningrad. Debut as Marina in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) 1964 Teacher, Antonina Grigoryeva
  • 1939 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elena Obraztsova in Leningrad, Russia. MET Stage Début: Oct. 12, 1976 [Amneris] Aida, 5 seasons (1976-79, 87-88, 90-91) 42 perf., 7 works.
  • 1945 Birth of Finnish baritone Matti Salminen inTurku. MET Début: Jan 9, 1981 [Marke] Tristan und Isolde, 9 seasons( 1980-81, 83-84, 87-90, 91-94, 96-97) 109 perf., 11 roles. Debut as King Philip II in Don Carlos (Verdi) 1981 Teacher, Luigi Ricci Created Antti in Horseman (Sallinen) Lear in King Lear (Sallinen)
  • 1952 Birth of composer Robert Capanna
  • 1954 Birth of composer Jeff Talman
  • 1956 Birth of composer Paula Kimper
  • 1961 FP of BARRAUD's "Lavinia" Ais-en-Provence
  • 1962 Birth of composer Geloen, Ludo
  • 1965 Birth of composer Rupert, Chris
  • 1965 Death of bass-baritone Jaro Prohaska. b-25 Jan 1891 in Vienna. Debut 1922 Teacher, Otto Muller Pupils, Uwe Kreyssig, Hermann Prey, Thomas Stewart, Manfred Capell Sang in premiere of Prinz von Hamburg (Graener)
  • 1968 Death of American organist and composer Leo Sowerby, age 73, in Fort Clinton, Ohio. b-1 May 1895.
  • 1968 FP Russo's three pieces for blues band
  • 1969 Death of mezzo-sporano Gladys Swarthout. Lebendige Vergangenheit - Gladys SwarthoutBorn 25 Dec 1900 in Deepwater Missouri. Debut as Shepherd in Tosca (Puccini) 1924 Teacher, Leopoldo Mugnone
  • 1982 Death of composer Alexander Steinert
  • 1984 Death of soprano Denise Monteil. Born 1928 in Paris. Debut as Marguerite in Faust (Gounod) 1958 Sang in premiere of Moise (Levy)
  • 1994 FP of John Williams' Cello Concerto, at the opening of Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, Mass., by the Boston Symphony, with the composer conducting and Yo-Yo Ma the soloist
  • 2001 FP of David Ward-Steinman: "Dublin Down," for 2 pianos, during the College Music Society International Conference in Limerick, Ireland, by the composer and Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman.
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