Today in classical music history July 29

 Enrique Granados

  • 1590 Birth of composer Gilles Hayne

  • 1646 Birth of German composer and teacher Johann THEILE in Nuremburg. Contrapuntalist. d-1724.

  • 1723 Birth of composer Christleib Siegmund Binder

  • 1739 Birth of composer Johannes Ritschel

  • 1755 Birth of composer Franz Gotz

  • 1778 Birth of composer Carl Borromaus Neuner

  • 1786 FP of Grétry, Angélique "Le Mariage d'Antonio" Paris, (1786).

  • 1802 FP of MÉHUL: "Le Trésor supposé, ou Le Danger d'écouter aux portes" Paris (1802).

  • 1818 FP of CARAFA: "Berenice in Siria" Naples (1818).

  • 1844 Death of Austrian composer Franz Xaver Mozart in Karlsbad, Germany. b-Vienna, 26 JUL 1791. Son of W. A.

  • 1848 (1846?) Birth of German pianist Sophie MENTER in Munich. d-Stockdorf, suburban Munich, 23 FEB 1918.

  • 1853 Birth of composer Henry Morton Dunham

  • 1856 Death of German composer Robert Schumann in Enderich. b-Zwickau, 8 JUN 1810.

  • 1863 Birth of Irish composer, organist and choir director James Christopher MARKS in Cork.

  • Birth of Sophie Menter
    a German pianist and composer. BIO and

    d-23 February 1918.
  • 1865 Birth of composer Nicola Spinelli

  • 1866 Death of German composer Adolf Müller, Sr.

  • 1867 [27th?] (July 29 generally accepted but wikipedia lists 27th) Birth of composer Enrique Granados, Spain

  • 1874 Birth of Italian tenor Amadeo BASSI in Montespertoli, nr Florence , July 29, 1874; d. Florence, Jan. 15, 1949. MET: Début: Mar. 2, 1911 [Ramerrez] La Fanciulla del West, 1 seasons (1910-11) 3 perf., 1 role. Debut in Ruy Blas (Marchetti) 1897 Teacher, Pavesi Negri Pupils, Benvenuto Finelli, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Caroline Unger Created Chopin in Chopin (Orefice)

  • 1879 FP of Antonin Dvorák's String Quartet in Eb, Op. 51, by the Joachim Quartet in Berlin. CD-Dvorák: The String Quartets

  • 1883 Birth of Spanish composer and pianist Manuel INFANTE.

  • 1886 Birth of baritone Apollo Granforte in Legnano, Verona. Died 10 June 1975 Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1913 Teachers, Guido Capocci, Nicola Guerrera Pupils, Raffeale Arie, Karel Berman, Miluse Dvorakova, LeylaGencer, Eduard Haken, Jaroslav Horacek, Jiri Joran Teodor Srubar, Stepanka Stepanova, Zdenek Svehla Giampietro Mastromei Created Menecrate in Nerone (Mascagni) Don Liborio in Matrero (Boero) Sang in premiere of Zingaro Ciece (Gazotti) Figlia del Re (Lualdi) Giulio Cesare (Malipiero) Caracciolo (Vittadini)

  • 1887 Birth of German composer Rudi STEPHAN in Worms. d-Battle of Tarnopol, 29 SEP 1915.

  • 1887 Birth of Hungarian born American operetta composer Sigmund ROMBERG in Nagykanizsa. Living in NYC from 1913. d-NYC, 9 NOV 1951.

  • 1887 Birth of composer Rudi Stephan

  • 1893 Birth of composer Arre Merikanto, Finnish composer (12-tones music)

  • 1898 Birth of baritone Jules Bledsoe, in Waco. d. Hollywood, July 14, 1943. Teachers, Mme Bakkers, Parisotti.

  • 1899 Birth of Austrian bass Ludwig WEBER in Vienna. d-Vienna, 1974. Debut as Fiorello in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1920 Teachers, Alfred Boruttau, Roller Pupils, Frederick Guthrie, Olivera Miljakovic, Hans Christian Created Holsteiner in Friedenstag (Strauss)

  • 1900 (11 AUG?) Birth of Russian composer Alexander MOSOLOV in Kiev, Ukraine. d-Moscow, 11 JUL 1973.

  • 1909 Birth of Russian composer Georgi Aleksandrovich MUSHEL in Tashkent. d-1989.

  • 1911 Birth of composer jan CIKKER in Banska Bystrica. d. Bratislava, Dec. 21, 1989:

  • 1919 Birth of English conductor Charles FARNCOMBE. Conductor Whitehall Choir.

  • 1925 Birth of Greek composer Mikis THEODORAKIS in Chios.

  • 1927 Birth of German conductor and composer Michael GIELEN. Royal Opera, Stockholm. Orchestre National de Belgique in Brussels.

  • 1928 Birth of composer Bidzina Alexandrovich Kvernadze

  • 1930 Birth of bass-baritone Harold Enns, in Fresno, CA. Debut as Sparafucile in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1954 Teachers, Harry Koehler, Ernest St John Metz, William Vennard

  • 1930 Death of German conductor Alexander von FIELITZ in Bad Salzungen. b-Leipzig, 28 DEC 1860.

  • 1935 Birth of German tenor and conductor Peter SCHREIER in Meissen.

  • 1936 Birth of tenor Richard Van Vrooman, in Kansas City, MO. Debut as Lorenzo in Fra Diavolo (Auber) 1962 Teachers, Max Lorenz, Enzo Mascherini

  • 1939 Birth of New Zealand composer Annea LOCKWOOD in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • 1942 Birth of Austrian baritone Bernd WEIKL in Austria, Vienna, July 29, 1942; MET: Début Dec. 22, 1977 [Wolfram] Tannhäuser, 9 seasons (1977-79, 80- 83, 88-90, 91-92, 95-96) 97 perf., 10 roles. Debut as Ottaker in Freischutz (Weber) 1968 Teacher, Ubaldo Gardini Created Ferdinand in Kabale und Liebe (Von Einem)

  • 1943 Birth of Polish composer Marta PTASZYNSKA in Warsaw.

  • 1943 Death of Maria Gay Mezzo-Soprano Born 13 June 1879 Barcelona. Debut as Carmen in Carmen (Bizet) 1902 Teacner, Ada Adini Pupil, Nino Martini

  • 1960 Birth of German composer Stefan HAKENBERG in Wuppertal.

  • 1962 FP of Gene Gutchë's Symphony No. 5 for strings, in Chautauqua, N.Y.

  • 1963 Birth of Russian pianist and composer Evgeni KOSTITSYN.

  • 1963 Birth of Russian Mezzo-Soprano Olga BORODINA in Minsk, July 29, 1963; Studied at Leningrad, member of the Kirov O from 1987. Appearances: Paris, London, CG. MET: Début: June 13, 1997 [Marguerite] La Damnation de Faust, 4 seasons as of 2000, 1996-00) 35 perf. 5 roles, 6 works.

  • 1970 Death of Heinz Sauerbaum Tenor Born 16 Dec 1913 Rauschen Died 29 July 1970 Debut 1938 Sang in premiere of Pallas Athene Weint (Krenek)

  • 1970 Death of Oda Slobodskaya Soprano Born 28 Nov 1888 Petrograd Died 29 July 1970 Debut as Lisa in Pique Dame (Tchaikovsky) 1918 Teacher :- Natalia Iretskaya Pupils :- Ann Collins, Yvonne Fuller Created Parasha in Mavra (Stravinsky)

  • 1970 Death of British conductor and cellist Sir John Barbirolli in London. b-London, 2 DEC 1899.

  • 1976 Death of Kline, Olive [aka: Alice Green] (s) (1885-1976) U.S. (91) b. New York State, 1885; d. Kale George, NY, July 29, 1976: She began her career as an oratorio and church singer and never abandoned these activities. It was a time when Victor needed singers, and Kline's voice was acoustic horn friendly. From 1912, she was a stalwart of the Victor company, providing her voice whenever it was required, ballads, pop songs and singing under several different names, and filling in whenever an extra voice was needed in an operatic ensemble. She provided the offstage voice of [Ducinée] in Chaliapin's famous two-sided 78-rpm discs of Don Quichotte's death, from Massenet's opera.

  • 1981 Death of Enzo Mascherini Baritone Born 1911 Florence Died 29 July 1981 Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1937 Teachers:- Titta Ruffo, Riccardo Stracciari Pupils :- Norman Mittelmann, Richard Van Vrooman, Elfego Esparza Alexander Malta

  • 1992 Death of composer William James Mathias. b-Whitland, Pembrokshire, Wales, 3 JAN 1934.
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