Today in classical music July 21

 Ludwig Theodore Gouvy

  • 1748 - Birth of composer Louis-Henry Paisible. Six Quartettos for two violins, a Tenor and a Violoncello. [Parts.]

  • 1515 (22?)Birth of Italian Priest and composer Filippo NERI in Florence. d-Rome, 26 MAY 1595.

  • 1608 Frescobaldi is hired as St. Peter's organist in Rome.

  • 1773 Death of German composer Johann Joachim Quantz in Pottsdam. b-Oberscheden, 30 JAN 1697.

  • 1779 Birth of composer Gottlob Wiedebein. Lieder mit Begleitung des Piano-Forte, etc

  • 1797 Birth of composer Franz Schoberlechner 

  • 1822 Birth of composer Ludwig Theodore Gouvy

  • 1835 Birth of French-Belgian soprano Marguerite ARTOT in Paris. aka Desiree Artot de Padilla. d-3 APR 1907. Tchikovsky confidant. Debut as Fides in Prophete (Meyerbeer) 1858 Teachers, Francesco Lamperti, Marius-Pierre Audran,Pauline Viardot-Garcia Pupils, Sigrid Arnoldson, Lola Artot de Padilla (daughter), Anne Bartels Lola Beeth, Max Dawison, Alma Fohstrom, Marie Gotze Mathilde Jungstedt, Selma Kronold, Sofie Linelegren, Mravina Rose Olitzka, Erik Schmedes, Irene von Chavanne, Marie Wilt Nadezhda van Brandt

  • 1838 Death of Bavarian inventor of the metronome Johann Maelzel on the ship Otis in harbour of La Guiara, Venezuela, en route to Philadelphia.

  • 1863 FP of Offenbach: "Lischen et Fritzchen" Bad Ems (1863).

  • 1864 Death of soprano Mary Ann Paton. Born Oct 1802 in Edinburgh. Debut as Susanna in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 3 Aug 1822 Created Rezia in Oberon (Weber)

  • 1865 Birth of composer Robert Kahn

  • 1870 Death of Josef Strauss in Vienna, age 42. b-Vienna, 22 AUG 1827.
    Josef Strauss’s death...Multiple sources (Wikipedia—; IMDb— (though it shows a date of 21 Jul, the text of the bio gives it as 22 Jul); and Groves, e.g.) give his death date as 7/22.

  • 1873 Birth of American operatic bass Herbert WITHERSPOON in Buffalo, NY. d-10MAY 1935. GM of MET Opera. Debut 1898 as Ramfis in Aida (Verdi) Teachers, Jacques Bouhy, Dubulle, Jean Baptiste Faure, Walter Hall, Francesco Lamperti, Henry Wood, Max Treumann, Victor Capoul Pupils, Sophie Braslau, Mabel Garrison, Merle Alcock Merle Alcock, Reinald Werrenrath Created Arth in Mona (Parker)

  • 1874 Birth of Giuseppe Agostini Tenor Born 21 July 1874. d. Abiryton, July 26, 1951: MET: Début: Nov. 27, 1903 [Rodolfo] La Bohème, 1 season (1903-04) 2 perf. in 1 role.

  • 1879 Birth of teacher and baritone Waldemar Staegemann in Konigsburg. Died 11 Feb 1958. Pupils, Walter Grossmann, Fritz Hoppe, Hellmuth Kaphahn, Ruth Lange Einar Kristiansson, Elisabeth Reichelt, Paul Schoeffler, Hans Lobel.

  • 1883 Birth of American composer and editor of The Music Quarterly Carl ENGEL in Paris.

  • 1896 Birth of French composer Jean RIVIER in Villemomble. d-La Penne Sur Huveaune, 6 NOV 1987.

  • 1898 Birth of composer Ernest Willem Mulder

  • 1903 Birth of composer Theodore Karyotakis

  • 1906 Birth of Mexican violinist and conductor Daniel Ayala PÉREZ in Abalá, Yucatán. d-Veracruz, 20 JUN 1975.

  • 1906 Birth of German soprano Annelies Kupper in Glatz. Died Munich 8 Dec 1987. Debut as 2nd Boy Zauberflote (Mozart) 1935 Pupils, Renate Fack, Evelyn Dalberg She studied music, science, and education at the University of Breslau. She began as a concert singer, then made her debut in the Opera House of Breslau [second boy] Zauberflöte (1935). Other appearances quickly followed, the National Theatre of Schwerin (1937-1938); National Theatre of Weimar (1938-1940); State Opera of Hamburg (1940-45); and guest appearances at the State Opera of Vienna [Eva] Meistersinger (1938); then the State Opera Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, and Brussels. At the Festival of Bayreuth she sang [Eva] Meistersinger (1944); and [Elsa] Lohengrin (1960). At the Salzburg Festival she created the title role in the official premiere of the Richard Strauss' opera Die Liebe der Danaë (Aug. (1952). Reportedly the composer himself had promised her before his death in 1949. As late as 1961, she sang [Desdemona] Otello at Munich, and continued singing until (1966).

  • 1912 Death of baritone Antonio Magini-Coletti. Born 17 Feb 1855 in Ancona. Debut Valentin in Faust (Gounod) 1882 Teacher, Venaslao Persichini Created Frank in Edgar (Puccini) Abdar in Profeta Velato (Napoletano).

  • 1920 Birth of Russian born, American Violinist Isaac STERN Isaac Stern Plays Beethoven in Kremenetz, of whom cellist YoYo Ma says 'leaves no TUNE un-STERNed'. American debut was in San Francisco in 1934.Bio Death at age 81, NYC Cornell Medical Center hospital. ObitSearch for Isaac STERN

  • 1920 Birth of composer Manuel Valls Gorina

  • 1925 Birth of composer Lovro Zupanovic

  • 1926 Birth of American harpsicordist Albert FULLER.

  • 1927 Birth of composer Stefan Niculescu

  • 1931 Birth of composer Leon Schidlowsky

  • 1931 Inventor Hans Barth patents his quarter-tone piano. Two keyboards of 88 notes each.

  • 1934 Birth of British opera director Dr. Jonathan MILLER.

  • 1935 Birth of German soprano Margit Schramm, in Dortmund. d. May 13, 1996.

  • 1936 Birth of German soprano Ursula Schroder-Feinen in Gelsenkirchen. Debut as Aida in Aida (Verdi) 1963 Teacher, Marie Helm.

  • 1936 Death of Italian tenor Nicola Zerola Tenor in New York City. Born Naples, 1876. He sued the Met for breach of contract and lost the case. MET: Début Mar. 13, 1921 [Canio] Pagliacci, 1- season, 2-perf. of 1-role.

  • 1938 Birth of composer Anton Emil Kuerti

  • 1938 FP of Paul Hindemith's ballet St. Francis composer conducting at Covent Garden in London. Note the suite titled Nobilissima Visone is taken from this work.

  • 1945 Death of soprano Fanny Moody. Born 23 Nov 1866 in Redruth. Debut as Arline in Bohemian Girl (Balfe) Teacher, Charlotte Sainton-Dolby

  • 1949 Death of Italian baritone Cesare Formichi. Born 15 Apr 1883 in Rome. Debut 1909 Teachers, Di Pietro, Vincenzo Lombardi, Luigi Rasi Sang in the premiere of Fedra(Romani)

  • 1949 Birth of Danisj tenor Poul Elming.  MET: Début Feb. 3, 2000 [Siegmund] Die Walküre, thru 2000, 1 season, 2perf, 1 work.

  • 1951 Birth of Hungarian soprano Sylvia SAAS.

  • 1960 Birth of Argentinian pianist and composer Ezequiel VIñAO in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • 1962 FP of Stolz: "Trauminsel" operetta, Bregenz (1962).

  • 1965 FP of Effinger: "Cyrano de Burgerac" Boulder Co (1965).

  • 1966 Death of soprano Sofia Preobrashenskaya. Born 14 Sep 1904 in St Petersburg. Debut 1928 Teachers, Ivan Ershov, N N Zajcova, Maria Matveyeva Pupil, Renata Babak

  • 1968 Birth of American composer Patrick Zimmerli.

  • 1968 Death of tenor Karl Aagard Oestvig. Born 17 May 1889 in Oslo. Debut 1914 Teachers, W Kloed, Fritz Steinbach, Franz Wullner Pupil, Arne Hendriksen Created Emperor in Frau Ohne Schatten (Strauss) Giovanni in Mona Lisa (Schillings)

  • 1978 American debut of Irish flutist James Galway in NYC.

  • 1981 Death of impressario Carole Fox. Born 15 June 1926 in Chicago. Teachers, Giovanni Martinelli, Edith Mason

  • 1983 FP of Thomas Oboe Lee's Morango …almost a tango for string quartet, by the Composers in Red Sneakers ensemble at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, MA.

  • 1988 Death of soprano Stanislava Zawadska. Born 1899 in Warsaw. Pupils, Stefania Woytowicz, Marisa Stachov

  • 1992 Death of vocal coach Vida Harford. Born 1907 in Perth W.Australia. Pupils, Joan Carden, Anne Evans, John Mitchinson, Maureen Guy Suzanne Danco, Raimund Herincx, Giorgio Tozzi, Helen Field Elizabeth Connell, Malcolm Donnelly
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