Today in classical music history August 10


  • 1560 Birth of German composer Hieronymus PRAETORIUS (Schulz) in Hamburg. (Not to be confused with Michael Praetorius). This Praetorius was son and pupil of Jacob, born in Hamburg, where he succeeded his father as organist of the Church of St Jacobi and St Gurtrud in 1586. Noted for his Venetian style polychoral music. d-Hamburg, 27 JAN 1629.

  • 1567 Birth of composer Girolamo Giacobbi

  • 1589 Birth of composer Pietro Antonio Tamburini

  • 1699 Birth of German composer and organist Christoph Gottlieb SCHROTER in Hohenstein. d-Nordhausen, 20 MAY 1782.

  • 1720 Birth of composer Franz Joseph Leonti Meyer von Schavensee

  • 1740 Birth of composer Samuel Arnold

  • 1750 Birth of German composer Daniel Gottlob TüRK in Claussnitz. d-Halle, 26 AUG 1813.

  • 1762 Birth of composer Santiago Ferrer

  • 1778 Mozart finishes Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Serenade.

  • 1788 Mozart finishes Jupiter Symphony #41 in C.

  • 1793 Birth of composer Heinrich August Neithardt

  • 1802 Death of Italian violinist Antonio Lolli in Palermo. b-Bergamo,c. 1725.

  • 1806 Death of German composer Christian Kalkbrenner in Paris. b-Minden, 22 SEP 1755.

  • 1806 Death of Austrian composer Michael Haydn, younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn, in Salzburg at age 68. b-Bap-Rohrau, 14 SEP 1737.

  • 1808 Birth of composer Carl Friedrich Weitzmann

  • 1811 Birth of American composer Benjamin Franklin BAKER in Wenham, MA. d-1889.

  • 1813 Birth of American composer William Henry FRY in Philadelphia. d-Santa Cruz, West Indies, 21 DEC 1864.

  • 1814 Birth of composer Jacob Edvard Gille.

  • 1825 Mendelssohn, at age 16, finishes opera Camacho's Wedding.

  • 1831 FP of GYROWETZ: "Felix und Adele" Vienna (1831).

  • 1835 Birth of composer Gyula Beliczay

  • 1836 Birth of composer Jose Teodor Vilar

  • 1856 Birth of composer Paul Geisler

  • 1864 FP of HERVÉ: "La liberté des théâtres" Paris (1864).

  • 1865 (GC, JC=29 JUL) Birth of Russian composer and professor Alexander GLAZUNOV in St. Petersburg. d-Paris, 21 MAR 1936.

  • 1872 FP of MILLÖCKER: "Wechselbrief und Briefwechsel, or Ein hagender Wurm" operetta, Vienna (1872).

  • 1876 Death of German cellist Carl Bergmann in NYC. Philharmonic conductor 1855 - 1876. b-Ebersbach, Saxony 12 APR 1821.

  • 1880 Birth of African-American composer Clarence Cameron WHITE in Clarksville, TN. d-NYC, 30 JUN 1960.

  • 1882 Birth of composer Max Kowalski

  • 1883 Birth of composer Carlos Lavin

  • 1889 Birth of composer Cecil Armstrong Gibbs

  • 1893 Birth of American composer, music book author and teacher Douglas Stuart MOORE in Cutchogue, NY. d-Greenport NY, 25 JUL 1969.

  • 1894 Birth of Russian-American violinist Sascha CULERTSON.

  • 1895 Sir Henry Wood's first Promenade Concert was held at Queen's Hall, London. Wood, born in London, was the principal conductor in these concerts, and is remembered annually by the "promenaders", who crown his bust with a laurel wreath on the "Last Night" of the Proms. The Proms season of orchestral classical music concerts is held annually in the Royal Albert Hall in London. "Proms" is short for "promenade concerts", and have cheap places reserved for those who stand throughout the performance. These folks are the "promenaders", and are unruly on the "Last Night". The concerts attract performers from all over the world.

  • 1900 Birth of Soviet composer Alexander MOSSOLOV in Kiev.

  • 1909 Birth of English composer Brian EASDALE in Manchester.

  • 1909 Birth of Leo FENDER, pioneer of the electric guitar, in Anaheim CA.

  • 1911 Birth of Austrian bass-baritone Ralph Telasko, in Vienna.

  • 1912 Birth of tenor Alfons Fuegel in Biberach.  Died 11 Oct 1960 Debut 1938

  • 1912 Birth of Dutch composer Herman STRATEGIER in Arnhem. d-Doorwerth, 26 OCT 1988.

  • 1912 FP of HADLEY: "The Atonement Of Pan" (San Francisco (1912).

  • 1913 Birth of American tenor William Horne, in New York. d. April 9, 1983

  • 1914 Birth of Polish pianist Witold MALCUZYNSKI, nr. Vilnius. d- Palma, Majorca, 17 JUL 1977.

  • 1921 Birth of Dutch soprano Agnes Giebel, in Heerlen. Her first public appearances were in works of Bach (1947). She made name entirely in concert repertoire and refused offers to appear in opera. She was one of the leading soprano singers of Bach's vocal works during the 1950's and 60's. Debut 1947 Teacher, Hilde Wesselmann

  • 1926 Birth of French organist Marie-Claire ALAIN in St. Germain-en-Laye. d-26 February 2013. Obit

  • 1926 Birth of New Zealand composer Edwin CARR in Auckland. d-Waiheke Island, 29 MAR 2003.

  • 1929 Birth of English choir conductor John ALLDIS in London. d-20 December 2010.

  • 1931 Birth of German soprano Renate Holm, in Vienna. Debut 1957 Teachers, Maria Ivogun, Fohr-Waldeck

  • 1932 Birth of German-English composer Alexander GOEHR in Berlin. Son of Walter, conductor-composer.

  • 1934 Birth of American pianist, conductor, teacher, and composer James Carl TENNEY in Silver City, NM.

  • 1935 Birth of Russian composer Giya KANCHELI in Tbilisi.

  • 1943 Birth of German soprano Gisela Ehrensperger, in Wiesbaden. 

  • 1943 Birth of American composer Michael MANTLER.

  • 1946 Death of baritone and vocal coach Alberto Garcia. Born 5 Jan 1875 in London. Teachers, Bataille, Bucine, Gustave Garcia(father), Pauline Viardot-Garcia Pupils, Keith Falkner, Leon Lishner, Oscar Natzke, Sameul Rabin Grace Mary Ball

  • 1947 Birth of Russian pianist Dimitri ALEXEEV in Moscow.

  • 1949 FP of Darius Milhaud's Octet for Strings. Budapest and Paganini Quartets at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

  • 1952 Birth of American soprano Ashley Putnam, in New York. MET: Début: Apr. 23, 1983 [Lucia] Lucia di Lammermoor, 2 seasons (1982-83, 89- 90) 15 perf., 3 works. Debut as Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti) 1976 Teachers, Audrey Langford, Elizabeth Mosher, Willis Paterson Sang in premiere of Reigen (Boesmans)

  • 1954 Birth of American guitarist Eliot FISK in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 1955 Death of American baritone Robert Steel. Born 17 Dec 1899 in Lansdowne Pa. Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 24 June 1924 Teachers, William Brady, Eugenio Giraldoni

  • 1963 Death of Austrian soprano Paula Buchner. Born 15 Sep 1900 in Vienna. Debut 1926 Teacher, Rosa Papier-Paumgartner

  • 1965 Birth of American composer Stephen VOIGT.

  • 1965 Death of baritone Joseph Royer. Born 1884. Created Aaron Burr in Man without a Country (Damrosch)

  • 1965 FP of William Schuman's Philharmonic Fanfare. New York Philharmonic conducted by William Steinberg, at the orchestra's first outdoor concert in Central Park, NYC.

  • 1968 FP of Ferde Grofé's Virginia City: Requiem for a Ghost Town in Virginia City, NV.

  • 1970 Death of German composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann at age 52, in Konigsdorf, suicide. b-Suburban Cologne, 20 MAR 1918.

  • 1981 FP of John Tavener's Akhmatova: Requiem at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

  • 1992 FP of James MacMillan's Veni, Veni, Emmanuel Percussion Concerto, with soloist Evelyn Glennie and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Sarsate conducting at Royal Albert Hall in London.

  • 1995 Death of baritone Aldo Protti. Born 19 July 1920 in Cremona. Debut as Figaro in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1948

  • 1997 (9th ?) Death of American-Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow in Mexico City, age 84. b-Texarkana, AR, 27 OCT 1912.

  • 2000 Death of soprano Suzanne Danco. Born 22 Nov 1911 in Brussels. Debut as Fiordiligi in Cosi Fan Tutte (Mozart) 1941 Teachers, Fernando Carpi, Vida Harford Pupil, Amanda Boyd

  • 2001 FP of Per Norgard's String Quartet No. 9 Into the Source. Orion String Quartet at the Sante Fe Chamber Music Festival in NM.
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