Today in classical music history August 28


  • 430 Death of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, in Algeria. A Church Father and composer of early Christian music. b- 354.

  • 1673 Birth of composer Conrad Michael Schneider

  • 1700 Birth of composer Carolomannus Pachschmidt

  • 1719 FP of FUX: "Elisa" Laxenburg (1719).

  • 1723 FP of FUX: "Costanza e Fortezza" Prague (1723).

  • 1726 FP of FUX: "La corona d'Arianna" Vienna (1726).

  • 1730 FP of HASSE: "Arminio" Milan (1730).

  • 1731 FP of FUX: "Enea negli Elisi, ovvero Il tempio dell'Eternità" Vienna (1731).

  • 1733 FP of Pergolesi's opera La Serva Padrona, in Naples.

  • 1735 Rameau finishes work on his popular Les Indes Galantes for Paris performance.

  • 1749 Birth of German social philosopher and dramatist, Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE in Frankfurt. Popular work, Faust. d-Weimar, 22 MAR 1832.

  • 1754 Birth of composer Peter Winter

  • 1767 Death of composer and harpsichordist Johann SCHOBERT and his entire family and household from eating poisonous mushrooms, in Nürnberg. b-Silesia, c.1735.

  • 1775 Birth of composer Sophie Gail

  • 1783 Birth of German tenor Josef Rockel in Neunberg.  Died 18 Sep 1870 Debut 1804 Pupil, Henrietta Sontag

  • 1791 Birth of soprano Louise Albert-Himm in France. Teachers, Girolamo Crescentini, Plantade

  • 1826 Birth of composer Walter Cecil Macfarren

  • 1827 Birth of composer Teresa Milanollo

  • 1827 FP of BARNET: "Two Seconds" London (1827).

  • 1827 FP of Barnet "The Deuce is in Her" London (1830).

  • 1829 Birth of composer Albert Dietrich

  • 1830 Birth of Austrian theater director Maximilian STEINER. Grandfather of film music composer Max Steiner.

  • 1831 Birth of Swedish conductor and composer Fredrik V. L. NORMAN in Stockholm. m. violinist Wilma Neruda. d-Stockholm, 28 MAR 1885.

  • 1849 FP of Liszt's Tasso at Weimar Goethe Centennery Festival.

  • 1850 FP of Richard Wagner's Lohengrin conducted by Franz Liszt at Weimar, w/Karl Beck (t) (1814-1879) Austrian; Franz Liszt, conducting.

  • 1866 Birth of German opera composer Michael Balling, in Heidingsfeld. d. Darmstadt, Sep. 1, 1925 Established the first music school in New Zealand.

  • 1867 (21st?) Birth of Italian composer Umberto GIORDANO in Foggia. d-Milan, 12 NOV 1948.

  • 1872 Birth of American composer Alfred Baldwin SLOANE. d-1925.

  • 1873 Birth of Swedish organist, conductor and composer Svante SJOBERG in Karlskrona. d-Karlskrona, 18 JAN 1935.

  • 1881 Birth of composer Arne Eggen

  • 1882 Birth of American writer and music critic Pierre V. R. KEY in Grand Haven, MI. d-NYC, 28 NOV 1945.

  • 1885 Birth of soprano Alice Zeppilli in Monte Carlo. Debut as Stella in Chopin (Orefice) 26 Dec 1902 Teacher, Elettra Callery-Viviani Sang in premiere of Dispettosi Amanti (Parelli)

  • 1885 Birth of composer Armas Toivo Valdemar Maasalo

  • 1887 Birth of composer Daniel Zamudio

  • 1890 Birth of English composer Ivor GURNEY in Glouscester. d-Dartford, Kent, 26 DEC 1937.

  • 1894 Birth of Austrian conductor Karl BOHM in Gratz. d-Salzburg, 14 AUG 1981. MET: Début Oct. 31, 1957, Don Giovanni, 16 seasons (1957-61, 62-63, 64-67, 68-74, 77-79) 261 perf. of 16 works.

  • 1900 Birth of Canadian soprano Flora Nielson, in Vancouver. d. 1976. Debut 1910 Teachers, Felicie Kaschovska, Anna Thurfield, Elena Gerhardt Pupils, Sheila Armstrong, Norma Burrowes, Lesley Garrett, Felicity Lott Kathryn Harries

  • 1901 Birth of Austrian soprano Irene Jessner in Vienna. Died 10 Jan 1994. Debut as Elsa in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1930 Teacher, Victor Fuchs Pupils, Teresa Stratas, Lilian Sukis, Jeanette Zarou

  • 1901 Birth of Hungarian music critic and musicologist Paul Henry LANG in Budapest. d-Lakeville, Ct, 22 SEP 1991.

  • 1903 Birth of composer Rudolph Wagner-Regeny

  • 1903 Death of August Labitsky.

  • 1905 Death of Greek tenor Yannis Apostolou.  Born 1863 in Athens. Teachers, Alexander Katakouzenos, Napoleon Lambelet

  • 1906 Birth of opera composer David TAMKIN in Chernigov. d. Los Angeles, June 21, 1975. Opera: "The Dybbuk" (N.Y., 1951); "Blue Plum Tree of Esau" (1962).

  • 1913 Birth of  "Reuben TICKER", known as American opera tenor Richard TUCKER in Brooklyn, NY. d-Kalamazoo, MI 8 JAN 1975. MET: Début: Nov. 14, 1945 [Enzo] La Gioconda, 31 seasons (1944-75) 735 perf., 31 works. Debut as Alfredo in Traviata (Verdi) 1943 Teachers, Paul Althouse, J S Weiser, Martino, Borghetti

  • 1914 (GC, JC=16 AUG) Death of Russian composer Anatol Liadov at age 59, at his home near Novgorod. b-St. Petersburg, 11 MAY 1855.

  • 1917 Birth of Italian composer Ugo AMENDOLA in Venice. d-Venice, 20 FEB 1995.

  • 1924 Birth of composer Vilayat Khan

  • 1929 Birth of Hungarian conductor Istvan KERTESZ in Budapest. d-Kfar Saba, Israel 16 APR 1973, drowning in Mediterranean Sea. Biography.

  • 1924 Birth of opera composer Berislav Klobucar.

  • 1927 Birth of Hungarian baritone Nicolae Herlea in Bucharest. Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1951 Teacher, Aurelius Costescu-Duca

  • 1931 Birth of Dutch soprano Cristina Deutekom, [Chrustube Engel] in Amsterdam. Her father worked in a sugar factory and the family had no musical background at all, although her mother reportedly had a beautiful voice, and both the parents were active choir members. After singing lessons, during a period of five years, she enrolled in the conservatory, and married Jaap Deutekom in 1952, he was a member of the choir of the Nederlandse Opera. Christine Deutekom made her début at the Nederlandse Opera [Queen of the night] Zauberflöte (1963),. She first appeared in Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Milan, afterwards, she sang outside of Europe, Vienna, Munich, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Bologna, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Trieste. In 1985, because of a heart attack, she ended her career. She gave singing lessons to many promising students, and is as guest-teacher to the Royal Conservatory at The Hague.. MET: Début: Sep. 28, 1967 [Queen] Die Zauberflöte, 3 seasons (1967-68, 73-75) 19 perf., 3 works. Debut as Queen of the Night in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1963 Teachers:- Coby Riemensma, Johann Thomas Pupils :- Wiebke Goetjes, Anneleen Bijnen.  Christina DEUTEKOM.

  • 1931 Birth of English conductor Robert IRVING in Winchester. d-Winchester, 1991.

  • 1931 Birth of British tenor John SHIRLEY-QUIRK (KIRK) in Liverpool. d- 7 APR 2014 MET: Début: Oct. 18, 1974 [Seven Villians] Death in Venice, 3 seasons (1974-75, 78-79, 90-91) 30 perf., 10 roles, 4 works. Debut as Mittenhofer in Elegy for Young Lovers (Henze) Teachers:- Austin Carnegie, Roy Henderson Pupils :- Christopher Robson Created Shadrach in Burning Fiery Furnace (Britten) Ferryman in Curlew River (Britten) Traveller in Death in Venice (Britten) Spencer Coyle in Owen Wingrave (Britten) Father in Prodigal Son (Britten) Lev in Ice Break (Tippett) Gil-Martin in Confessions of a Justified Sinner (Wilson)

  • 1931 Birth of Hungarian tenor Bela Karizs in Budapest. Debut as Calaf in Turandot (Puccini) 1969 Teacher, Jeno Sipos

  • 1939 FP of BOGATYREV: "In the Forests of Polesye" Moscow (1939).

  • 1941 Birth of American bass Paul PLISHKA in Old Forge, PA. MET: Début: Sep. 18, 1967 [Monk] La Gioconda, as of 2000, he has sung in 1282 perf., 78 roles, 59 works. Debut 1961 Teachers:- Armen Boyajian, Alberta Masiello Pupil, Cynthia Ballentine

  • 1942 Birth of American baritone Alfred Anderson. Created Eliassen in Labyrinth (Norgard) Madman in Tell-Tale Heart (Bernstein B)

  • 1946 Birth of Italian soprano Elena Mauti-Nunziata in Palma. Has sung at Dallas, Verona, and La Scala, MET: Début: Nov. 5, 1977 [Mimi] La Bohème, 2 seasons (1977-78, 79-80) 26 perf., 3 works.

  • 1947 Birth of Austrian conductor Gustav KUHN in Turrach. He studied at the academies of Salzburg and Vienna under Bruno Maderna and Herbert von Karajan. He has won numerous awards including the Lilly Lehmann Medal of the Mozarteum Foundation. Mr. Kuhn's discography includes recordings on the BMG, EMI, CBS, Phillips, Capriccio, Koch/Schwann and Arte Nova labels.

  • 1948 Birth of mezzo-soprano Zehava Gal.

  • 1948 Birth of Cuban-American pianist Horacio GUTIERREZ in Havana.

  • 1948 (29th?) Birth of Italian soprano Lucia Valentini-Terrani in Padua. d. Seatle WA, June 11, 1998: MET: Début: Nov. 16, 1974 [Isabella] L'Italiana in Algeri, 1 season (1974-75) 4 perf., 1 work. Debut as Angelina in Cenerentola (Rossini) 1969

  • 1949 Birth of English pianist Imogen COOPER in London.

  • 1949 Founding of the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado as part of 200th anniversary of Goethe's birth.

  • 1950 Birth of American composer Michael MATTHEWS.

  • 1954 FP of Vincent Persichetti's Symphony No. 5 for strings, by the Louisville Orchestra.

  • 1956 FP of Bohuslav Martinu's Frescoes of Piero della Francesca for orchestra, at the Salzburg Festival in Austria.

  • 1959 Death of Czech composer Bohuslav Jan Martinu in Liestal. b-Policka, 8 DEC 1890.

  • 1961 Birth of American composer John BERNERS in Milwaukee, WI.

  • 1963 FP of Sir Michael Tippett's Concerto for Orchestra at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

  • 1964 Death of Italian baritone Aristide Baracchi. Born 31 July 1885 in Reggio Emilia. Created Slave Admonisher in Nerone (Boito) Mandarin in Turandot (Puccini) Vinicio in Nerone (Mascagni) Guardian of Fire & 4th Shepherd in Maria D'Allessandria (Ghedini) Sang in the Premiere of Cena delle Beffe (Giordano) Diavolo nel Campanile (Lualdi) Fra Gherardo (Pizzetti) Bella e il Monstro (Ferrari-Fontana) Delitto e Castigo (Pedrollo)

  • 1968 Birth of American composer Geoffrey GORDON in Flint, MI.

  • 1971 FP of MALIPIERO: "L'Iscariota" Siena (1971).

  • 1971 FP of MALIPIERO: "Uno dei dieci" Siena (1971).

  • 1972 Death of French composer and conductor, René Leibowitz at age 59, in Paris. b-Warsaw, 17 FEB 1913.

  • 1999 FP of Philip Glass' Symphony No. 5 Requiem, Bardo and Nirmanakaya. Dennis Russell Davies conducting the Vienna Radio Symphony and performers at the Salzburg Festival in Austria.

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