October 12 Today in classical music history

Luciano Pavarotti
  • 1490 Birth of composer Bernardo Pisano
  • 1686 ('87?) Birth of German composer and lutenist Sylvius Leopold WEISS in Breslau. d-Dresden, 16 OCT 1750. Search for Sylvius Leopold WEISS
  • 1692 Death of Italian composer Giovanni VITALI in Modena. Search for Giovanni VITALI Developed sonata form. Father of Tommaso. b-Bologna, 18 FEB 1632.
  • 1713 (10,11?)Birth of German organist and composer Johann Ludwig KREBS who studied with J. S. Bach. Search for Johann Ludwig KREBS
  • 1739 (JC, GC=23 OCT) Handel completes in London his Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 7. Search for Handel Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 7
  • 1742 Handel completes his oratorio SamsonCD-Handel - Samson / Tear · J. Baker · Watts · Shirley-Quirk · Luxon · Langridge · A. Oliver · Burrowes · Lott · ECO · Leppard
  • 1745 FP of RAMEAU's "Les Fêtes de Polymnie" opéra-ballet, Paris.
  • 1756 FP of ARNE's  "The Humorous Lieutenant" London.
  • 1759 Birth of composer Frantisek Vaclav Tomes
  • 1763 Birth of composer John Ross
  • 1785 FP of PAISELLO's "Antigono" Naples.
  • 1785 FP of SALIERI's "La grotta di Trofonio" Vienna.
  • 1800 Birth of Italian composer Francesco FLORIMO in Calabria. Naples music librarian admired by Cosima Wagner. Search for Francesco FLORIMO
  • 1804 Death of Irish organist and composer Charles Thomas CarterSearch for Charles Thomas Carter.
  • 1808 Birth of composer John Liptrot Hatton
  • 1809 Birth of English composer and pianist John Liptrot HATTON in Liverpool. d-Margate, 20 SEP 1886. Search for John Liptrot HATTON
  • 1817 Death of German composer, organist and pianist Johann Franz Sterkel in Wurzburg. b-Wurzburg, 3 DEC 1750. Search for Johann Franz Sterkel
  • 1845 Birth of Italian composer Amintore GALLI in Talamello, near Rimini. d-Rimini, 8 DEC 1936.
  • 1848 Birth of American soprano Alwina VALLERIA in Baltimore. First American singer to appear at The MET in NYC, Oct. 26, 1883 [Leonora] Il Trovatore, 1 season (1883-84) 43 perf., 8 roles.
  • 1852 Birth of German baritone and lecturer Max FRIEDLANDER in Silesia. Leid authority. Search for Max FRIEDLANDER
  • 1855 Birth of Austro-Hungarian conductor and violinist Arthur NIKISCH in Lebenyi Szent-Miklos. d-Leipzig, 23 JAN 1922. Conductor with Boston, Leipzig and Berlin Orchestras. d-1922. Search for Arthur NIKISCH
  • 1865 Death of Irish composer, pianist and violinist William Vincent Wallace in Fagan, France. b-Waterford, (?) 1 JUN 1814 or 11 MAR 1812. Search for William Vincent Wallace
  • 1867 FP of HERVÉ's "L'oeil crevé" Paris.
  • 1872 Birth of English composer, conductor, church organist, folksong collector and professor Ralph (Rayf) VAUGHAN WILLIAMS in Down Ampney, Gloucester. d-London, 26 AUG 1958. Operas, "Hugh the Drover, gold Coils in the Stocks" (London, 1924); "The Shepherds of the Delectable Mountains" (London, 1922 [ rev. 1956); "Sir John in Coils" (London, 1929); "The Poisoned Kiss" (Cambridge, 1936, [ rev. 1937, [ rev 2, 1957); "Riders to the Sea" (London, 1937); "The Pilgrim' S Progress" (London, 1951). Edmund Rubbra composed tribute to RVW, titled: A Tribute for Ralph Vaughan-Williams on His 70th Birthday for orchestra, Op 56 .CD-Rubbra: Symphony No.1/A Tribute/Sinfonia Concertante | Search for VAUGHAN WILLIAMS
  • 1880 Birth of English composer Healey WILLAN in London. d-Toronto, 16 FEB 1968. Search for Healey WILLAN
  • 1881 Birth of composer Carlos Lopez Buchardo
  • 1882 Birth of composer Hermann Wolfgang Sartorius Waltershausen, German musicologist
  • 1883 Birth of English soprano Caroline Hatchard, in Portsmouth. d. Jan, 7, 1970. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1900). She won the Melba Prize for sopranos July (1903). After graduating, she sang concerts and oratorio until late (1906). She made her first appearance in Grand Opera at Covent Garden, Hansel Und Gretel (1907), she also sang important parts in Faust, La Traviata, Tales of Hoffman,, Wagner's 'Ring," and other great Operas. She also established herself in concerts and oratorio. She sang at, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Yorkshire and others. Hatchard sang in the radio broadcast from Birmingham England, Nov. 5, 1924. Her recordings total about 27 recordings, 21 of which were released.
  • 1885 Birth of German conductor Arthur ROTHER. d-22 SEP 1972. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Search for Arthur ROTHER
  • 1885 Birth of French mezzo-soprano Raymonde Delaunois, in Brussels. d. Corbeil, June 29, 1984: MET Début: Nov. 28, 1914 [Feodor] Boris Godunov, 12 seasans (1914-26) 315 perf., 31 works.  
  • Photo (M): Mrs. Raymonde Delaunois
  • 1886 Birth of German soprano Wanda Aschel, in Berlin. d. Aug. 3, 1977: Début [Elsa] Lohengrin (1910)
  • 1887 Australian soprano Nellie Melba aka Mrs. Helen Porter Armstrong, creates a sensation with her operatic debut in Brussels. Search for Nellie Melba
  • 1890 Birth of Portugese composer Luís FREITAS BRANCO in Lisbon. d-Lisbon, 27 NOV 1955. Branco Cronology. | Search for Luís FREITAS BRANCO
  • 1892 Birth of Italian soprano Gilda Dalla-Rizza, in Verona. d. Milan, July 4, 1975. Search for Gilda Dalla-Rizza
  • 1893 Birth of composer Pall Isolfsson
  • 1893 FP of d'Albert's "Der Rubin" Karlsruhe.
  • 1895 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Kathryn Meisle. d. Jan. 17, 1970. 
  • Yesterdays
  • 1895 FP of STRAUSS' Johnn (II) "Jabuka, oder Das Apfelfest" Vienna (1895).
  • 1906 Birth of German bass Herbert Alsen in Hildesheim. d. Vienna, Oct. 25, 1978. MET Début: Jan. 16, 1939 [Marke] Tristan und Isolde, 1-season (1938/39) 13 perf., 7 roles.
  • Dokumente einer Sängerkarriere - Herbert Alsen

  • 1906 Birth of composer Willy Hess
  • 1907 Birth of German composer Wolfgang FORTNER in Leipzig. d-Heidelberg, Sep. 5, 1987. Search for Wolfgang FORTNER
  • 1908 FP of DE KOVAN's "The Golden Butterfly" New York (1908).
  • 1910 FP of Ralph Vaughan Williams' A Sea Symphony with text by Walt Whitman at the Leeds Festival, England. Grammy winning CD-Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony
  • 1915 Birth of Puerto Rican composer Guillermo VENEGAS LLOVERAS in Quebradillas. d-San Juan, 27 July 1993.
  • 1916 After 54 years, Arrigo Boito completes his opera Nerone in Milan. Search for Arrigo Boito | CD-Boito - Nerone / Eve Queler
  • 1918 Birth of composer Emil Cossetto
  • 1919 Birth of composer Andre Casanova
  • 1922 Birth of Australian baritone John Shaw. d. Feb.23, 2003.
  • 1932 Birth of German soprano Adele Stolte.
  • 1924 Birth of Austrian-born, English violinist Eric GRUENBERGSearch for Eric GRUENBERG
  • 1924 FP of G.Mahler's unfinished Symphony No. 10. A premiere of the 1st and 3rd movements, by the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria. CD-Mahler - Symphony 10 / Berliner Philharmoniker · Rattle
  • 1928 Birth of Polish conductor Jerzy SEMKOWSearch for Jerzy SEMKOW
  • 1928 (Jan 16th?) Birth of Spanish soprano Pilar LORENGAR. d-1 JUN 1996. Brief Bio. | Search for Pilar LORENGAR
  • Pilar Lorengar: In Recital
  • 1930 Birth of American composer Jack GOTTLIEB, in New Rochelle, NY. Search for Jack GOTTLIEB
  • 1930 Birth of Italian baritone Gianni Jaia.  Search for Gianni Jaia
  • 1931 Birth of Austrian-American composer Raoul PLESKOW in Vienna.
  • 1931 FP of S. Rachmaninoff's Variations on a Theme of Corelli aka 'La Folia' (lah foh LEE ah). Rachmaninoff was pianist, in Montréal. CD-Rachmaninov: Music for 2 Pianos
  • 1932 Birth of American composer Joel MANDELBAUMSearch for Joel MANDELBAUM.
  • 1935 Birth of Italian tenor Luciano PAVAROTTI in Modena. Search for Luciano PAVAROTTI. d-6 SEP 2008. 
  • 1941 Birth of tenor Bruce Brewer.
  • 1944 Birth of Dutch harpsichordist and conductor Ton KOOPMAN in Zwolle. Search for Ton KOOPMAN.
  • 1946 Birth of English composer and tenor Daryl RUNSWICK.
  • 1947 Birth of soprano Anita Terzian.
  • 1951 Birth of American conductor Randolph MAULDIN in Atlanta. d.-Falls Church, VA, 16 APR 1989.
  • 1951 FP, posthumous, of G. Bizet's opera Ivan le Terrible in Bordeaux.
  • 1951 FP of second version of Dessau's opera Die Verurteilung des Lukullus 'The Trial of Lucullus' at the Deutsche Staatsoper in East Berlin. CD-Dessau/Brecht: Die Verurteilung des Lukullus
  • 1953 Birth of English composer and guitarist Derek HASTED in Erith, Kent.
  • 1956 Birth of Argentinian composer and violist Sergio PAROTTI in Buenos Aires.
  • 1956 Birth of English contralto Penelope WALKER in Manchester.
  • 1956 Death of Italian composer, choral director and priest Lorenzo Perosi in Rome. b-Tortona, 21 DEC 1872.
  • 1961 FP of Douglas Moore's opera The Wings of the Dove. Based on the novel by Henry James, in NYC.
  • 1966 FP of Gunther Schuller's opera The Visitation in Hamburg.
  • 1984 FP of Olly Wilson's Sinfonia. Boston Symphony, Seiji Ozawa conducting in Boston. CD-Wilson: Sinfonia/Harbison: Symphony No.1
  • 1984 FP of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich's Celebration for orchestra. Indianapolis Symphony, John Nelson conducting. CD-Zwilich: Symphony No. 1 / Celebration / Prologue & Variations
  • 1997 FP of Aulis Sallinen's Overture Solennel. Monte Carlo Philharmonic, James DePreist conducting in Monaco.
  • 1998 FP of Philip Glass's opera The Voyage. Bruce Ferden conducting at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. CD-Philip Glass: The Voyage; Symphony No.3
  • 2000 FP of Einojuhani Rautavaara's Harp Concerto. Kathy Kienzel and the Minnesota Orchestra, Omso Vänkä conducting in Minneapolis, MN. CD-Rautavaara: Symphony No. 8 (The Journey) / Harp Concerto
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