October 17 Today in classical music history

Susan Davenny Wyner,
  • 1688 Birth of composer Domenico Zipoli
  • 1707 J. S. Bach marries his cousin Maria BarbaraSearch for Maria Barbara J S Bach
  • 1720 Birth of Italian singer, harpsichordist and composer Maria Teresa d'AGNESI in Milan. d-Milan, 19 JAN 1795.
  • 1727 FP of J.S. Bach's Trauerode 'Funeral Cantata' at a memorial service for Electress Christiane Eberhardine who died on 4 SEP 1727. Search for Trauerode
  • 1729 Birth of French composer Pierre-Alexandre MONSIGNY in Fauquembergues. d-Paris, 14 JAN 1817.
  • 1730 Birth of composer Ernestus Weinrauch
  • 1739 Handel finishes his Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 8 in London. Search for Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 8
  • 1761 FP of Gluck's ballet Don Juan with dancer Gasparo Angiolini before the court in Vienna. CD-Gluck: Don Juan
  • 1771 FP of 16 year old Mozart's opera Ascanio in Alba, in Milan. CD-Mozart: Ascanio in Alba / Chance, Feldman, Windsor, Rannion, Milner; Grimbert
  • 1786 FP of DALAYRAC's "Azémia, ou Le nouveau Robinson" Fontainebleau.
  • 1810 Birth of Italian tenor Giovanni Matteo aka MARIO. Married to Grisi. d-1883.
  • 1814 FP of ISOUARD's"Jeannot and Colin" Paris.
  • 1825 FP of one-act, two part, opera Don Sanche ou Le chateau d'Amour by 14 year old Franz Liszt.
  • 1825 FP of LISZT/PAËR's "Don Sanche, ou le Château d'Amore" Paris.
  • 1831 FP of Feliz Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 in g, Op. 25, composer was soloist in Munich. CD-Mendelssohn: Piano Concertos
  • 1837 Death of German pianist and composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel in Weimar. b-Pressburg, 14 NOV 1778.  Search for Johann Nepomuk Hummel
  • 1844 Birth of composer Miguel Nieto
  • 1849 Death of Frederic Chopin in Paris. His coffin sprinkled with earth he had kept from his homeland, Poland. b-Zelazowa Wola, near Warsaw, 1 MAR 1810. Search for Frederic Chopin
  • 1856 FP of ADAM's "Falstaff" Paris.
  • 1860 Birth of composer Dionyssios Lavrangas
  • 1861 FP of Offenbach's "Apothicarire et perruquier" Paris.
  • 1878 Birth of French composer Henri MULET in Paris. d-Draguignan, 20 SEP 1967.  Search for Henri MULET
  • 1887 Birth of German tenor Gotthelft Pistor, in Danzig. d. Apr. 4, 1947.
  • 1891 Birth of Georgian composer Heraclius DJABADARY in Tbilissi. d-Nice, France, 18 AUG 1937.  Search for Heraclius DJABADARY
  • 1891 FP by Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Theodore ThomasSearch for Theodore Thomas Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
  • 1892 Birth of Czech composer Otakar JEREMIÁS in Pisek. d-Prague, MAR 1962. 
  • L'Art d'Otakar Jérémias (conductor) - Volume 1 - Smetana: Ma Patrie (Ma Vlast, My Country) (recorded 1943)
  • 1892 Birth of British composer Herbert HOWELLS in Lydney, Gloucestershire. d- 24 FEB 1983.  Search for Herbert HOWELLS
  • 1893 Birth of composer Jean Binet
  • 1894 FP of AUDRAN's "L'enlèvement de la Toledad" Paris.
  • 1896 Birth of American tenor Frank FOREST in St. Paul MN. d- Santa Monica, 23 DEC 1976. His opera career primarily in in Europe, however he was featured in several Hollywood movies, I'll Take Romance, The Count of Luxembourg, and The Big Broadcast of 1937. He founded the Empire State Music Festival, producing the U.S. premiere of Pizzetti's Assassinio nella Cattedrole.
  • 1902 Birth of soprano Maria Gentile. d. May 18, 1993.  Début [Gilda] Rigoletto (1924).
  • 1905 FP of Alexander Glazunov's Violin Concerto. Soloist was Micha Elman. At Queen's Hall, London. Search for Alexander Glazunov's Violin Concerto
  • 1909 Birth of Italian tenor Angelo Mercuriali. d. Milan, Dec. 17, 1999.  Search for Angelo Mercuriali
  • 1910 Death of American composer Julia Ward Howe at 91. (Battle Hymn of the Republic). Search for Julia Ward Howe.
  • 1914 Birth of composer Albert Markos
  • 1916 Birth of Polish composer Tadeusz PACIORKIEWICZ in Sierpc. d-Warsaw, 21 NOV 1998. Search for Tadeusz PACIORKIEWICZ.
  • 1922 (10th?) Birth of Italian baritone Gulio Fioravanti, in Ascoli Piceno. d. Milan, May 3, 1999. 
  • 1924 Birth of Italian baritone Rolando Panerai, in Ccmpi Bisenzio, Florence. Search for Rolando Panerai,
  • 1928 Birth of composer Ivan Marinov
  • 1929 Birth of composer Ram Da-Oz
  • 1930 Birth of composer Angelo Paccignini
  • 1932 Birth of American composer Gundaris PONé. Founded Pone Ensemble for New Music, Inc. based in the Hudson Valley. Promoted and performed 20th Century music, primarily living American composers. d-1994.
  • 1933 Birth of French soprano Françoise Garner, in Nérac. MET Début: Apr. 4, 1984 [Constanze] Die Entführung aus dem Serail, 2 seasons (1983-84, 86-87) 3 perf., 2 works.
  • 1937 FP of GRUENBERG's "Green Mansions" CBS radio network broadcast.
  • 1939 Birth of German tenor Reiner GOLDBERGSearch for Reiner GOLDBERG
  • 1940 Birth of Yugoslav-American pianist Stephen Bishop KOVACEVICH.  Search for Stephen Bishop KOVACEVICH
  • 1941 FP of William Schuman's Symphony No. 3. Boston Symphony, Serge Koussevitzky conducting. Search for Schuman's Symphony No. 3
  • 1942 Birth of Italian baritone Rolando PANERAI nr. Florence. Search for Rolando PANERAI
  • 1943 Birth of Naumberg prize winning violinist, violist conductor and soprano Susan Davenny WYNER in New Haven CT. BIO. MET Début: Oct. 8, 1981 [Woglinde] Das Rheingold, This was the only performance by this soprano. Search for Susan Davenny WYNER
  • 1944 Death of Czech composer Viktor Ullmann in massive Nazi holocaust in Auschwitz, Poland. b-Prague, 1 JAN 1898. Search for Viktor Ullmann
  • 1944 Death of Czech composer Pavel Haas in holocaust, Auschwitz, Poland. b-Brno, 1889. Search for Pavel Haas
  • 1944 Death of Czech composer Hans Krása in holocaust, Auschwitz, Poland. b-Brno, 1889. b-Prague, 1899. Music of RemembranceSearch for Hans Krása
  • 1944 FP of Aaron Copland's Letter from Home radio broadcast. Search for Copland's Letter from Home
  • 1949 Birth of American composer and pianist Rain WORTHINGTON. Search for Rain WORTHINGTON
  • 1949 Birth of American composer Maurice WRIGHTSearch for Maurice WRIGHT
  • 1953 FP of BLACHER's "Abstrakte Oper No 1" stage premier, Mannheim.
  • 1855 FP of KRENEK's "Pallas Athene weint" Hamburg.
  • 1957 Death of Austrian-German composer Ralph Benatsky in Zurich. b-Mährisch-Budweis, 5 JUN 1884. Search for Ralph Benatsky
  • 1958 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Epitaphium in memory of Prince Max Egon zum Fürstenberg, at the Donaueschingen Festival in Germany. CD-Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky
  • 1978 Opera singer Marian Anderson receives the Congressional Medal of Freedom from President Jimmy Carter. Search for Marian Anderson.
  • Marian Anderson Rare and Unpublished Recordings, 1936 - 1952
  • 1988 FP of Christopher Rouse's Artemis for brass quintet, by The Brass Ring at Yale University, New Haven, CT.
  • 1991 FP of Wayne Peterson's 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning Face of the Night, The Heart of the Dark for orchestra. San Francisco Symphony, David Zinman conducting. Search for Wayne Peterson
  • 1996 Death of German composer Berthold Goldschmidt in London. b-Hamburg, 18 JAN 1903. Search for Berthold Goldschmidt
  • 1996 FP of Peter Lieberson's Fire. New York Philharmonic concert conducted by Leonard Slatkin.
  • 2000 FP of John Tavener's The Bridegroom. Anonymous 4 and the Chilingirian String Quartet at the South Bank Centre in London. CD-Darkness into Light 
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