October 3 Today in classical music history

Stanisław Skrowaczewski
  • 1631 Birth of composer Sebastian Anton Scherer

  • 1679 Death of English composer, conductor and violinist John Banister in London. b-London, 1625. Search for John Banister

  • 1705 FP of PAISELLO: "Il gran Cid" Florence.

  • 1713 Birth of composer Antoine Dauvergne

  • 1733 Birth of composer Fran‡ois Krafft

  • 1750 Death of Austrian composer Mathias Georg Man (aka MONN) in Vienna. b-Vienna, 9 APR 1717.Search for Mathias Georg Monn

  • 1786 FP of DITTERSDORF: "Betrug durch Aberglauben oder Die Schatzgräber" Vienna.

  • 1792 Birth of composer Cipriani Potter

  • 1795 Death of German-English composer and organist John Christopher Smith aka Johann Christoph Schmidt, in Bath, England. b-Ansbach, 1712. Handel associate.Search for Johann Christoph Schmidt 

  • 1804 FP of PAËR: "Leonora, ossia L'amore conjugale" Dresden.

  • 1807 Birth of composer Heinrich Panofka

  • 1816 Schubert finishes his Fifth Symphony in B-flat.

  • 1822 FP of Ludwig Von Beethoven's Consecration of the House Overture, Op. 124, composed for the opening of the Josephstadt Theater in Vienna.

  • 1826 Beethoven finishes his F-Major String Quartet, Op 135. Beethovenhaus website says he completed it on Oct. 30.

  • 1828 Birth of composer Woldemar Bargiel

  • 1833 Hector Berlioz marries Henrietta Smithson at the British embassy in Paris with Liszt at witness.

  • 1834 Birth of Czech composer Blodek VILEM in Prague. d-Prague, 1 MAY 1874. Operas, "Clarissa" (Incomplete, 1861); "Chorista" (Prague, 1862, Lost); "V studni" (In the Well) (Prague, 1867); "Zitek" (Prague, w/ com. F.X. Vana, 1934).

  • 1835 Mendelssohn meets Schumann at the home of Clara Wieck and her father.

  • 1853 Death of French composer George Onslow in Clermont-Ferrand. b-Clermont-Ferrand, 27 JUL 1784.

  • 1857 FP of DELIBES: "Maître Griffard" Paris.

  • 1860 FP of Johanness Brahms' Serenade No. 1 in D, Op. 11, in Hanover.

  • 1866 Birth of composer Learmont Drysdale

  • 1868 FP of SUPPÉ: "Tantalusqualen" Vienna.

  • 1872 Birth of American composer Edward SCHNEIDER. d-1950.

  • 1873 Birth of Danish mezzo-soprano Ellen Beck. d. Nov. 17, 1953.

  • 1881 Birth of Polish composer and conductor Ludomir Michal ROGOWSKI in Lubin. d-Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia 14 MAR 1954. He studied music at musical academies in Poland, France and Germany. The most notable performance by Rogowski was the Miracle of St. Blasius with text written by Ivo Vojnoviæ, in 1928.

  • 1882 Death of English contralto Adelaide Phillips. b. Stratford-on-Avon, England, 1833. Moved to the U.S. in 1840. Her mother taught dancing, and Adelaide began a career on the Boston stage at age ten [Little Pickle] "The Spoiled Child" at the Boston Museum (1843). She made her first New York appearance at Barnum's Theatre as a child dancer. In 1850, her talent for singing evident, and through Jenny Lind and others she was sent to London and to Italy to study. In 1855, she returned to America an accomplished vocalist; and for many years she was the leading American contralto, equally successful in oratorio and on the concert platform. Phillipa appeared in concert with with Clara Kelogg (s) (1842-1916) U.S. In 1856, she made her opera debut at the New York Academy of Music [Azucena] Il Trovatore, under the name of Mademoiselle Fillippi. Phillips again sang the role of Azucena in Paris, at the Italian Opera House. She performed during the Great Peace Jubilee in Boston (1869).

  • 1883 FP of STRAUSS: Johnn (II) "A Night In Vienna" Operetta, Berlin.

  • 1888 Birth of American composer Roy WEBB. d-1982.

  • 1888 FP of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Yeoman of the Guard. Savoy Theater, London.

  • 1892 Birth of French cellist Maurice MARECHAL in Dijon. d-1964.

  • 1893 Birth of Czech bass Karl Norbert, in Prague. d. Aug. 8, 1936.

  • 1893 Birth of composer Frantisek Picha

  • 1900 FP of Elgar's oratorio The Dream of Gerontius. Birmingham England under Hans Richter.

  • 1901 Birth of composer Masao Oki

  • 1908 Birth of American composer poet, pianist, and educator, Zenobia Powell PERRY in Boley, OK. d-Xenia, OH, 17 JAN 2004 at the age of 95.

  • 1912 Death of Italian composer, violinist and teacher Guido Papini in London. b-Camagiore, 1 AUG 1847.

  • 1919 Birth of composer Walter Gieseler

  • 1922 Birth of composer Marcel van Thienen

  • 1923 Birth of Polish-American conductor and composer Stanislaw SKROWACZEWSKI in Lwow. Bio

  • 1927 Death of Spanish baritone Vincent Ballester. b. Valencia, Nov. 1887; d. Oct. 3, 1927: MET: Début: Nov. 11, 1924 [Valentin] Faust, 1 season (1924-25) 17 perf., 5 works.

  • 1928 Birth of Danish dancer Erik Bruhn, with National Ballet of Canada.

  • 1929 FP of Sir William Walton's Viola Concerto. Walton conducting Queen's Hall Orchestra, London, with soloist Paul Hindemith.

  • 1930 Birth of American composer and conductor David EPSTEIN. d-2002.

  • 1931 Death of Danish composer Carl Nielsen in Copenhagen. b-Sortelung, 9 JUN 1865.

  • 1931 Birth of Canadian soprano Irene Salemka, in Weyburn, Sesketchewan.

  • 1934 Birth of American composer Benjamin BORETZ. A graduate of Princeton University, and author of many articles and texts notibly his book Meta-Variations.

  • 1934 Death of French composer, violinist and teacher Henri Marteau in Lichtenberg, Bavaria. b-Rheims, France, 31 MAR 1874.

  • 1934 Death of Italian bass Fernando Autori in Florence. b. Palermo, 1884.

  • 1934 FP of BLODEK: "w/ com. F.X, Vana: "Zitek" Prague.

  • 1936 Birth of British-Austrian composer, pianist and teacher Erika FOX in Vienna.

  • 1936 Birth of American composer Steve REICH in NYC.

  • 1937 Birth of composer Boldizsar Csiky

  • 1937 Birth of composer Ton de Kruyf

  • 1941 Birth of American composer John MELBY.

  • 1941 Birth of Italian bass Ruggero RAIMONDI in Bologna. (Not related to tenor Gianni Riamondi, although, both were born in Bologna) MET: Début Sep. 14, 1970 [Silva] Ernani, 8 seasons (19 70-73, 81-84, 85-86, 88-89) 106 perf., 15 roles.

  • 1944 Founding of the New York City Opera.

  • 1945 Birth of Belgian composer Wilfried WESTERLINCK in Leuven.

  • 1946 Birth of American composer Sheila SILVER.

  • 1946 Birth of Dutch composer Tristan KEURIS in Amersfoort. d-Hilversum, 15 DEC 1996.

  • 1953 Death of English composer Sir Arnold Bax, Master of the King's Musick 1941-53, in Cork, Ireland. b-London, 8 NOV 1883.

  • 1956 Birth of American composer Sumi TONOOKA in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 1963 FP of Alberto Ginastera's Violin Concerto. Ruggiero Ricci, soloist. New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein conducting.

  • 1964 Birth of American composer Steve HOROWITZ.

  • 1967 Death of English conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent in London. b-Stamford, Lincolnshire 29 APR 1895.

  • 1968 FP of William Schuman's To Thee Old Cause. New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Work dedicated to memory of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

  • 1971 Death of Irish composer, teacher and administrator Sean O Raida aka John Reidy in London. b-Cork, 1 AUG 1931.

  • 1971 FP of Aaron Copland's Duo for flute and piano. Elaine Shaffer and Hephzibah Menuhin performing in Philadelphia.

  • 1984 FP of John Corigliano's Creations for narrator and chamber orchestra. Lukas Foss conducting in Milwaukee, WI.

  • 1987 Death of Austro-Hungarian composer Hans Gál in Edinburgh. b-Brunn,5 AUG 1890.

  • 1996 FP of James MacMillan's Cello Concerto. Mstislav Rostropovich and the London Symphony, Sir Colin Davis conducting at the Barbican in London.

  • 1997 FP of Anthony Davis' Jacob's Ladder. St. Paul Sunday radio host Bill McGlaughlin conducting Kansas City Symphony.

  • 2003 FP of John Harbison's Ulysses (1983). The Boston Modern Orchestra Project presenting the first full performance of the ballet score in Boston, MA.

  • 2003 FP of Augusta Read Thomas' Rainbow-Bird. Antigoni Goni, guitar, in San Diego, CA.

  • 2004 FP of Gerard Schurmann's String Quartet by the Chilingirian Quartet in London.
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