• 1567 Death of German composer Leonhardt Paminger. b-Bavaria, 29 MAR 1495.
  • 1649 Birth of composer Johann Valentin Meder.
  • 1704 Death of Austrian composer Heinrich Biber at age 59, in Salzburg. b-Wartenberg, Czech Republic, 12 AUG 1644.
  • 1708 (5th?) Birth of composer Johann Adolph SCHEIBE. d- 22 APR 1776.
  • 1729 Birth of Bohemian composer, violinist, harpist and conductor Florian GASSMAN in Brux. d-Vienna, 20 JAN 1774.
  • 1737 Birth of composer Friedrich Schwindl
  • 1744 Birth of composer Freidrich Wilhelm Weis
  • 1745 Birth of German composer Johann Baptist KRUMPHOLZ in Zlonitz, Poland. d-Paris, 19 FEB 1790.
  • 1752 Birth of composer Braz Francisco de Lima
  • 1792 FP of Méhul's "Stratonice" Paris.
  • 1794 FP of Haydn's Clock Symphony at the Haymarket Theater in London.
  • 1819 Birth of composer Nicola De Giosa
  • 1820 Birth of French violinst Jules ARMINGAUD.
  • 1823 FP of Bishop's "Clari, or The Maid of Milan" at Covent Garden in London. Work incluide the song 'Home Sweet Home.'
  • 1825 FP of Auber's "Le Maçon" Paris.
  • 1831 FP of Herold's Opera Zampa in Paris.
  • 1839 Death of Italian composer and violinist Fernando Paer in Paris. b-Parma, 1 JUN 1771.
  • 1844 (1849?)Birth of English impresario and composer Richard D'OYLY CARTE in London. (Gilbert and Sullivan promoter) founder of the Savoy Theatre, London, and the Royal Opera House (now the Palace Theatre), London. d-London, 3 APR 1901. He formed a syndicate to stage productions of Gilbert and Sullivan at the London Opéra-Comique Theatre. Carte introduced many improvements in theatrical management, including the replacement of gaslight by electric illumination. Opera, "Dr. Ambrosias."
  • 1856 Birth of German-American Wagnerian tenor Max ALVARY aka Maximilian Achenbach, in Düsseldorf. d-Gross-Tabarz, 7 NOV 1898. MET Opera 25 NOV 1885 [José] Carmen, 4 seasons (1985-89) 179 perf., 21 roles, 19 works. Debut as Alessandro Stradella in Alessandro Stradella (Flotow). Teachers were Francesco Lamperti, Julius Stockhausen.
  • 1856 Death of French composer Adolphe Adam in Paris. b-Paris 24 JUL 1803.
  • 1864 FP of Fry's "Notre Dame de Paris" Philadelphia.
  • 1866 (15th?-1868?)Birth of Belgian soprano Lucy-Bertrand BERTHET aka as Berthand.
  • 1867 Death of Italian soprano Fanny Persiani. b-Rome, 4 OCT 1812. m-composer Giuseppe Persiani. Debut in Francesca da Rimini (Fournier). Teacher was Nicola Tacchinardi (her father). Created Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor. Rosmonda Clifford in Rosmunda d'Inghilterra (Donizetti). Pia in Pia di Tolomeu (Donizetti). Sang in FP of Fantasma (Persiani).
  • 1873 Birth of Russian composer Nicolai TCHEREPNIN aka, Cherepnin, in St. Petersburg. d-Paris, 26 JUN 1945.
  • 1875 Death of French soprano Sarah Fischer in Paris. Debut Micaela in Carmen 1918. Teachers were Celinie Marier, Romain Bussine, Jeanne Mauborg Created Old Lady in Pickwick (Coates).
  • 1886 Birth of French composer and organist Marcel DUPRE' in Rouen. d-Meudon, 30 MAY 1971.
  • 1891 Birth of bass-baritone Louis Leon GUENOT. d-1968. Debut as Tambour in Attaque du Moulin (Bruneau).
  • 1893 FP of Horatio Parker's oratorio Hora Novissima in NYC.
  • 1901 Birth of American film composer Hugo William FRIEDHOFER in San Francisco, CA. d-Hollywood, CA 3 MAY 1981.
  • 1908 Birth of English pianist and educator Sir William GLOCK. d-2000.
  • 1910 Birth of Italian conductor Alceo GALLIERA in Milant. d-Brescia, 20 APR 1996.
  • 1912 Birth of American organist Virgil FOX in Princeton, IL. d- 25 OCT 1980.
  • 1915 Birth of composer Evencio Castellanos
  • 1916 FP of Ernest Bloch's Schlemo. Bodanzky conducting the Society of the Friends of Music orchestra in NYC.
  • 1917 Birth of Bulgarian mezzo-soporano Nadia AFEYAN in Bulgaria.
  • 1917 FP of Ernest Bloch 's Schlemo and Israel Symphony. Society of the Friends of Music Concert, Artur Bodanzky conducting.
  • 1917 Birth of composaer James Penberthy.
  • 1918 Birth of Canadian tenor Leopold SIMONEAU in Saint-Flavien, nr Québec. Debut at student performance of Offenbach's La chanson de Fortunio (1935); His professional stage début was with the Variétés lyriques as [Hadji] Lakmé (1941); In 1944, he won the Prix Archambault the award. m-Soprano Pierrette Alarie 1946, they sang together in a number of local productions, and 1950's, they made numerous concert tours, as Bel Canto Trio with baritone Theodor Uppman. He first sang at Paris [Vincent] Gounod's Mireille (1949). Has also sang at La Scala, Don Giovanni (1953); Vienna, (1954); he was heard shortly afterwards at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and at the Salzburg and Edinburgh festivals. He taught voice at the conservatory. In Victoria, British Columbia, Festival Concert Society summer music program, and there he and Pierrette Alarie established the Canada Opera Piccola that was soon recognized as one of the most successful centres for advanced training in opera. MET Opera Debut,18 OCT 1963 [Ottavio] Don Giovanni 1 season (1963--64) 4 perf., 1 work. Teachers were Paul Althouse, Emile De La Rochelle, Salvator Issaurel.
  • 1919 FP of Claude Debussy´s Clarinet Rhapsody with clarinetist Gaston Hamelin, at Pasdeloup Concert in Paris.
  • 1923 FP of Ravel's orchestration of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition at a Koussevitzky concert in Paris.
  • 1924 Birth of Dutch mezzo-soprano Mimi AARDEN in Netherlands. Debut as Carmen in Carmen (Bizet) 1948. Created Prophetess in De Groom (De Leeuw). Sang in FP of Prinz von Hamburg (Henze).
  • 1924 Birth of French baritone Guy FONTAGNERE in Bordeaux. Debut as Valentin in Faust (Gounod) 1944. Teachers were Frantz Caruso, Rene Lapelletrie.
  • 1929 FP of Francis Poulenc's Concert Champêtre for harpsichord and chamber orchestra with soloist Wanda Landowska in Paris.
  • 1930 Death of Polish cellist Joseph ADAMOWSKI, Boston Symphony, New England Conservatory professor.
  • 1931 Death of Norwegian composer, organist and lutenist Otto Winter-Hjelm in Christiania. b-Christiania, 8 OCT 1837.
  • 1933 Death of German soprano Berta Kiurina. b-Linz, 18 FEB 1882. Debut, 1904. Teacher was Gustav Geiringer.
  • 1934 Birth of German composer Georg KRöLL in Linz, Rhein.
  • 1934 FP of Bernard Rogers' Three Japanese Dances in Rochester, NY.
  • 1935 Death of English bass Charles Manners. b-London, 27 DEC 1882. Debut as Private Willis in Iolanthe (Sullivan) 1882. Formed Moody Manners Opera Company with his wife Fanny Moody.
  • 1939 Birth of English composer, teacher and cellist Jonathan HARVEY.
  • 1942 Birth of Italian soprano Gabriella RAVAZZI in Milan. Debut as Susanna in Nozze di Figaro 1965. Teachers were Adelina Campi, Carla Castellani. Created Rowena in Je vous dis que je suis mort (Aperghis). Sang in premiere of Trionfo della notte (Guarnieri). Amore e Psiche (Sciarrino).
  • 1943 FP of Henry Cowell's American Melting Pot for Chamber Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Orchestrette of New York, Frédérique Petrides conducting, in NYC.
  • 1951 Death of Belgian baritone Hector Dufranne. b-Mons, 25 OCT 1870. Debut as Valentine in Faust (Gounod). Teachers were Desire Demest, Achille Tondeur. Created Marquis de Saluces in Griseldis(Massenet). Father Peralta in Natoma (Herbert). Golaud in Pelleas & Melisande (Debussy). Don Quixote in Retablo de Maese Pedro (De Falla). Andrea Thorel in Therese (Massenet). Micoulin in Nais Micoulin (Bruneau). Sang in premiere of Love of 3 Oranges (Prokofiev). Fortunio (Messager)
  • 1952 FP of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Romance for harmonica and orchestra, in NYC.
  • 1958 FP of Walter Hartley's Concerto for 23 Winds. Eastman Wind Ensemble, Frederick Fennell conducting at the Eastman School in Rochester, NY.
  • 1959 Birth of Japanese composer Shigeru KAN-NO in Fukushima.
  • 1959 Birth of composer Christopher JENTSCH.
  • 1963 FP of Henry Cowell's Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harp, at the University of Miami.
  • 1966 Death of Russian composer Boris Vladimirovich Savelev in St. Petersburg. b-Leningrad, 28 JUL 1896.
  • 1967 Debut of Evelyn Lear at song recital at Philharmonic Hall in NYC.
  • 1969 Birth of Latvian soprano Sonora VAICE in Tukums Latvia. Teachers were Ludmilla Brauna, Katia Angeloni.
  • 1969 FP of Dimitri Shostakovich's Violin Sonata. David Oistrakh, violin and Sviatoslav Richter, piano, in Moscow.
  • 1970 Death of Mexican composer Candelario Huízar in Mexico City. b-Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico, 2 FEB 1883.
  • 1971 Birth of NPR Radio Network. National Public Radio, the U.S. national, non-commercial radio network. NPR was formed in Washington, D.C. to educate, entertain and inform in ways that were not available elsewhere. It is the public's alternative to commercial radio. NPR’s network comprises of primarily FM public radio stations in the USAmerica.
  • 1976 Birth of American composer Keith CORBIN.
  • 1987 Death of soprano and teacher Edda Ercole.
  • 1989 FP of James MacMillan's Visions of a November Spring for string quartet. Bingham String Quartet performing at University Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • 1996 Death of Greek composer Dimitri Fampas in Athens. b-Lafkos/Volos, 22 DEC 1921.
  • 1997 Death of Spanish guitarist Narciso Yepes in Murcia, Spain, of cancer. See Biography.b- Lorca, 14 NOV 1927.
  • 1999 Death of Italian baritone Giulio Fioravanti. b-Ascoli, Piceno 17 OCT 1922. Teacher was Riccardo Stracciari. Sang in FP of Rappresentazione e Festa (Malipiero). Vivi (Mannino).
  • 2002 Death of Russian conductor Yevgeny Svetlanov in Moscow. Led his nation's State Symphony Orchestra for 35 years and was a guest conductor all over the world. b-Moscow, 6 SEP 1928.
    Selected biographies and obituaries. Also see Russian culture biography and Spotlight on Svetlanov.
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