September 21 in classical music history

  • 1527 Birth of composer Matthaus Ludecus
  • 1698 Birth of French violinist and composer François FRANCOEUR in Paris. Search for François FRANCOEUR
  • 1706 Birth of composer Jacob Wilhelm Lustig
  • 1728 Birth of composer Louis Emmanuel Eadin
  • 1737 Birth of American composer, writer and statesman Francis HOPKINSON first to use tune from "To Anacreon in Heaven" later adopted as setting for The Star Spangled Banner (See 1836 SMITH Below). d-Philadelphia, 9 MAY 1791.Search for Francis HOPKINSON
      Music Reference and Research Materials: An Annotated Bibliography
    • 1922 Birth of Flemish pianist Lode Backx
    • 1925 FP of Rudolph Friml's "The Vagabond King" in New York City. CD-Rudolf Friml: Chansonette
    • 1930 Birth of American composer Muhal Richard ABRAHMS.
    • 1938 Birth of Japanese composer Yuji TAKAHASHI in Tokyo
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