September 22 Today in classical music history


  • 1720 Birth of German composer and harpsichordist Adolph Karl KUNZEN in Wittenberg. d-buried, Lubeck, 11 JUL 1781.
  • 1729 Birth of composer George Wilhelm Gruber
  • 1733 Birth of composer Anton Filtz
  • 1737 Death of Italian composer Francesco Mancini in Naples. b-Naples, 1672.

  • 1755 Birth of German composer and court violinist in Cassel, Christian KALKBRENNER in Minden. d-Paris, 10 AUG 1806. Father of Friedrich (Wilhelm Michael) Kalkbrenner, German-French piano virtuoso and composer.

  • 1768 FP of JOMMELLI: "L'unione coronata" Solitude, (1768).

  • 1826 FP of KREUTZER: "Jadis et aujourd'hui" Vienna (1826).

  • 1854 Birth of American music critic and writer Henry T. FINCK in Bethel, MO. d-Rumford Falls, ME 1 OCT 1926.Wagner And His Work V1: The Story Of His Life With Critical Comments
  • 1860 Birth of composer Heinrich Reitsch
  • 1869 FP of Wagner's Das Rheingold in Munich, without his
    permission. Conducted by Franz Wullner.  CD-Rheingold-Complete Opera

  • 1870 Birth of soprano Georgette Bréjean-Silver, [Org. Georgette-Amelie Sixsout] Also known
    as Bréjean-Graviere. d. 19??Search for Georgette Bréjean-Silver

  • 1870 Birth of American Ragtime composer Arthur PRYOR. d-1942.Search for Arthur PRYOR

  • 1871 Birth of Spanish soprano Josefina Huguet. d. 1951 Gli Ugonotti (G. Meyerbeer)
  • 1872 Birth of English conductor and pianist Walter Henry Rothwell in London. First conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. d-Santa Monica, CA 12 MAR 1927.Walter Henry Rothwell
  • 1872 Birth of composer Luis Villalba Munoz
  • 1875 (GC, JC=10 SEP) Birth of Lithuanian composer and painter Mikolajus CIURLIONIS, in Varena, former Kaunas province of the Russian Empire. d-1911.Search for Mikolajus CIURLIONIS

  • 1882 Birth of composer Emil Abranyi
  • 1883 Birth of Austrian music writer Robert HERNRIED. d. Detroit, Sep. 3, 1951. Search for Robert HERNRIED

  • 1891 Birth of American tenor and composer Ralph ERROLLE in Chicago, IL. d-Birmingham, AL 2 SEP 1973. Search for Ralph ERROLLE
    Apprenticeships in Chicago and Australia. Errolle was a philanderer and his third wife took him to court, the Met fired him, and America lost a potentially important singer. As composer of Prince Elmar, he was awarded the David Bispham Memorial Medal by the Chicago Opera Association in 1934. His opera, The Messenger, was staged in Newark, NJ in 1938. His voice students included Arleen Auger and James King. MET Début, 8 NOV 1924 as Roméo in Roméo et Juliette. Only two seasons with MET (1924-26) in 44 performances of 12 works.

  • 1892 [1894?] Birth of German-American baritone Herbert JANSSEN in Cologne. d-NYC 3 JUN 1965.Lebendige Vergangenheit - Herbert Janssen
    MET Début: Jan. 29, 1939 [Wanderer] Siegfried, 14-seasons, (1938-52) 152-perf. 14-roles.

  • 1894 Birth of German soprano Elisabeth RETHBERG. d-NYC, 6 JUN 1976: MET:Début: Nov. 22, 1922 [Aida] Aida, 20 seasons (1922-42) 383 perf.,31 roles, 30 works.Search for Elisabeth RETHBERG

  • 1894 Birth of Rumanian composer Michel G. ANDRICO in Bucarest.

  • 1894 Birth of composer Hieronim Feicht
  • 1900 Birth of Russian tenor Ivan Danilovich Jadan in Lugansk. d-1995.

  • 1904 Birth of Russia bass Alexei Ivanov in Chizhova. d. Feb. 17, 1982: Debut 1932.Lebendige Vergangenheit - Alexei Ivanov

  • 1905 Death of the first Carmen and the first Mignon, French soprano
    Maria Celestine Galli-Marie' in Nice. b-Paris, NOV 1840. She
    created the roles of Carmen and Mignon.

  • 1910 Birth of composer Wlement Slavicky
  • 1917 Birth of Italian soprano Adriana Guerrini in Florence. d. April 24, 1970.La Traviata: Zweiter Akt - Alfredo?

  • 1918 Birth in Zelazowa Wola, Poland of naturalized Mexican violinist Henryk
    (SHER' ing). d-Kassel, 3 MAR 1988.Search for Henryk SZERYNG
  • 1918 Birth of composer Archibald James Potter
  • 1922 Death of English baritone Sir Charles Santley, in London. b-Liverpool, 28 FEB 1834.Student and singer: The reminiscences of Charles Santley
  • 1926 Birth of American composer and clarinet teacher William Overton SMITH in
  • Sacremento, CA.
  • 1929 Birth of Canadian composer Serge GARANT in Quebec City, Quebec. d-Quebec City, Quebec, 1986.Serge Garant

  • 1929 Birth of English violinist Hugh BEAN in Beckenham, Kent. d-26 DEC 2003. London Guardian obituary. Hugh Bean was for more than half a century one of Britain's most distinguished and versatile violinists. From recording with the bands of Geraldo and Billy Cotton, he went on to lead the Philharmonia Orchestra. On CD- celebrated interpretation of Vaughan Williams: Lark Ascending
  • 1930 Birth of American avant-garde composer Roger HANNAY in Plattsburgh, NY.Mere Bagatelle (1978) : Senza mesura

  • 1931 Birth of Italian conductor Nello Santi. MET Début: Jan. 25, 1962, "Un Ballo in Maschera", 25 seasons (1961-65, 76-77, 79-80, 81-2000) 401 perf., 20 works. Search for Nello Santi

  • 1931 Birth of English Opera director Colin GRAHAM.
  • 1933 Birth of Spanish composer Leonardo BALADA in Barcelona.Search for Leonardo BALADA
  • 1937 Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas conducts his Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca (1936) during the Spanish Civil War in Madrid. The city was under siege by Spanish fascist forces. The Spanish poet Garcia Lorca was killed by the Falangists. Search for Silvestre Revueltas
  • 1938 FP of A. Webern's String Quartet, Op. 28. Berkshire Chamber Music Festival, at South Mountain, Pittsfield, MA. Commissioned for $750 by the American music patron, Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. Search for Webern's String Quartet, Op. 28

  • 1940 Birth of composer Edward Boguslawski
  • 1941 Birth of Bulgarian soprano Anna TOMOWA-SINTOW in Stara Zagora, Bulgairia. MET: Début: Apr. 3, 1978 [Donna Anna] Don Giovanni, 8 seasons (1977-78, 79-80, 83-88, 92-93) 62 perf., 7 works.Search for Anna TOMOWA-SINTOW

  • 1945 Birth of Italian tenor Maurizio Frusoni in Rome. d. Rome, Mar. 6, 2000. Il trovatore : Act I: Sull'orlo dei tetti

  • 1946 Birth of English bass John TOMLINSON in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Wagner: The Flying Dutchman

  • 1953 Birth of Russian baritone Vladimir CHERNOV. MET Début Apr. 12, 1991 [Miller] Luisa Miller, 10-seasons (1990-2000) 89-perf. of 10 roles. Search for Vladimir CHERNOV

  • 1958 Birth of American composer Mark KILSTOFTE. Search for Mark KILSTOFTE

  • 1963 Birth of Italian tenor Luca Canonici in Montevarchi. Italia Amore Mio

  • 1964 FP of Broadway musical Fiddler On the Roof and runs for 3,242 perfs.  CD-Fiddler On The Roof: The Original Broadway Cast Recording [CAST RECORDING] Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, Zero Mostel, Bert Convy, Beatrice Arthur, Maria Karnilova, Fiddler On The Roof (Related Recordings), Julia Migenes

  • 1971 FP of S. Barber's The Lovers for solo voice and chorus, based on a poem by Pablo Neruda, in Philadelphia. Search for Barber The Lovers

  • 1988 Death of Hungarian composer Rezsõ Sugár in Budapest. b-Budapest, 9 OCT 1919.

  • 1989 Death of American composer Irving Berlin at age 101 in NYC. b-Mogilev, Russia 11 MAY 1888.Search for Irving Berlin

  • 1990 FP of James MacMillan's The Beserking piano concerto. Peter Donohoue and the Royal Scottish Orchestra, Matthias Bamert conducting at Henry Wood Hall in Glasgow. Search for James MacMillan The Beserking

  • 1990 FP of Christopher Rouse's Jagannath for orchestra. Houston Symphony Orchestra, Christoph Eschenbach conducting.

  • 1998 Death of composer Rezsõ Sugár. b-9 OCT 1919.Search for Rezsõ Sugár

  • 2000 FP of E. T. Zwilich's Millennium Fantasy for piano and orchestra. Jeffrey Biegel and Cincinnati Symphony, Jesús Lopez-Cobos conducting.

  • 2000 FP of Philip Glass' Tirol Concerto for piano and orchestra. Dennis Russell Davies, pianist and conductor with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. 7th annual Klangspuren Festival in Schwaz, Tirol, Austria. Search for Tirol Concerto

  • 2001 Death of Russian-American violinist Isaac Stern . b-Kremenetz, 21 JUL 1920. ~ age 81. Obit.Search for Isaac Stern
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