Today in classical music history September 2


  • 1397 Death of Italian composer and organist Francesco Landini. b-1325.

  • 1661 Birth of German composer and organist Georg BOEHM in Hohenkirchen, Thuringa. d-Lüneburg, 18 MAY 1733.

  • 1716 Birth of composer Johann Trier

  • 1750 Birth of composer Pehr Frigel

  • 1773 The Empress Maria Therese is entertained by Prince Esterhazy with Haydn's Symphony #48 in C, known today by the nickname Maria Therese.

  • 1806 (14th?)Birth of Polish virtuoso Michal Jozef GUZIKOV in Szklow. He performed on a dulcimer-like instrument called the 'Strohfidel'. d-Aachen, 21 OCT 1837.

  • 1813 Birth of Gustav Holzel Bass-Baritone Born 2 Sep 1813 Budapest Died 3 Dec 1883 Debut 1829 Created Sixtus Beckmesser in Meistersingers (Wagner) Di Fiesco in Mario di Rohan (Donizetti)

  • 1814 Birth of Hungarian composer Mihaly MOSONYI (Michael Brand), in Boldogasszonyfalva. d-Pest, 31 OCT 1870.

  • [Bill F notes]Francesco Landini: Some sources showed his birth year as 1335, but none gave a date for his birth. Most sources go with 1325; I’d leave your note as is, FWIW.

  • 1838 Birth of Hawaiian Queen and composer Lili'uokalani . aka Lydia Kamaka'eha Paki Reigning 1891-93, she was Hawaii's last sovereign before the Pacific territory was annexed by the U.S. in 1898. She composed 'Aloha 'oe and Hawaiian anthem 'He mele lahui Hawaii' also pianist, organist, and choral director. d-Honolulu, 11 NOV 1917.

  • [1862] 1863 Birth of Dutch composer Alphons DIEPENBROCK in Amsterdam. d-Amsterdam, (5th?) 24 APR 1936 (1921?).

  • [Bill F notes]Alphons Diepenbrock: See Wikipedia (DOB & DOD confirmed in Grove’s as 2 Sep 1863 & 5 Apr 1921, respectively). Grove’s cites Amsterdam as places of Birth and Death.

  • 1863 Birth of French pianist Isidore PHILIPP in Pest. From 1903, professor at the Paris Conservatory. d-Paris, 20 FEB 1958.

  • 1871 Birth of Kennerley Rumford Baritone Born 2 Sep 1871 London Died 9 Mar 1957 Teachers, Alfred Blume, Georg Henschel

  • 1875 Death (suicide) of American violinist and conductor Ureli Corelli Hill in Paterson, NJ. Was founder of the NY Philharmonic Society and its' first conductor. b-Hartford, CT c. 1802.

  • 1886 (1st?) Birth of Swiss pianist conductor and composer Othmar SCHOECK in Brunnen. d- Zurich, 8 MAR 1957.

  • 1888 Birth of Hungarian bass-baritone SCHORR in Nagyvarad. d-Farmington, CT 14 AUG 1953. Debut as Wotan in Walkure (Wagner) 20 Jun 1912 Teacher, Adolf Robinson Pupils, Carlos Alexander, Ezio Flagello, Ossie Hawkins, Nell Tangeman Grace Hoffmann, Corneil MacNeil, Arturo Sergi, Marilyn Tyler

  • 1892 Birth of composer Felix Wolfes

  • 1895 Birth of Mercedes Llopart Soprano / Teacher of Singing Born 1895 Barcelona Died 2 Sep 1970 Debut 1915 Pupils, Bianca-Maria Casoni, Nico Castel, Laura Didier, Alfredo Kraus Anna Moffo, Renata Scotto, Elena Suliotis, Fiorenza Cossotto Monserrat Caballe, Renata Tebaldi Sang in premiere of Sly (Wolf-Ferrari)

  • 1896 Birth of Rosetta Pampanini Soprano Born 2 Sep 1896 Milan Died 2Aug 1973 Debut as Micaela in Carmen (Bizet) 1920 Teacher, Emma Molajoli Pupil, Amy Shuard, Victoria Elliott Sang in the premiere of Delitto e Castigo (Pedrollo) Thien Hoa (Bianchini)

  • 1900 Birth of Wilhelm Strienz Bass Born 2 Sep 1900 Stuttgard Died 10 May 1987 Debut 1922 as Hermit in Freischutz (Weber) Teachers, Louis Bachner, Louise Reuss-Belce, Theodor Scheidl, Oscar Schrotter

  • 1904 Birth of Swedish tenor Set SVANHOLM in Vasteras. d-nr Stockholm, 4 OCT 1964. Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1930 Teachers, John Forsell Pupils, Einar Andersson, Gosta Bjorling Sang in premiere of Fredlos (Linberg)

  • 1910 Birth of Bruce Boyce Baritone Born 2 Sep 1910 Ontario Pupils, Bonaventura Bottone, Graham Clark, Philip Langridge, Alastair Miles Created Mr Somers in Gentlemen's Island (Horovitz)

  • 1911 Birth of Chilean composer Rene ASTABURUAGA in Santiago. d-Santiago, 1954.

  • 1911 Birth of composer Rene Amengual 1915 - Birth of composer Hans Joachim Koellreutter, composer

  • 1916 Death of Max Schlosser Tenor Born 17 Oct 1835 Amberg Bavaria Died 2 Sep 1916 Created David in Meistersingers (Wagner) Mime in Rheingold (Wagner) Messenger in Feen (Wagner)

  • 1917 Birth of Brazilian classical and popular guitarist Laurindo ALMEIDA. Also Grammy Award-winning performer, Girl from Ipanema, 1964. Viva Bossa Nova. Underscore: Viva Zapata. m-soprano, Deltra Eamon. d-Northridge, CA 26 JUL 1995.

  • 1919 Birth of composer Gideon William Waldrop

  • 1924 FP of Rudolf FRIML's Rose Marie, with great reviews, in NYC.

  • 1927 Birth of composer Tzvi Avni

  • 1928 Birth of composer Miloslav Istvan

  • 1930 Birth of composer Andrey Pavlovich Petrov

  • 1930 Birth of Zdzislav Klimek Baritone Born 2 Sep 1930 Sosnowiece Poland Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1953 Teachers, Margherita Carosio, Gregori Orlow Sang in premiere of Fair Girl (Czyz)

  • 1934 Birth of American composer Michael SAHL in Boston, MA.

  • 1936 Birth of British composer David BLAKE in London.

  • 1938 Birth of Ruzena Maturova Soprano Born 9 Sep 1869 Prague Died 25 Feb 1938 Debut as Pamina in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1889 Teachers:- Loewe, Aug Vyskocil Pupil :- M. Kolarova, Marta Krasova, M. Kottnaurova-Alexova

  • 1938 Birth of American baritone Simon ESTES in Centerville, IO.

  • 1942 Birth of American composer Greg A. STEINKE.

  • 1943 Birth of American cellist Gayle SMITH in Los Angeles.

  • 1945 Birth of Sona Ghazarian Soprano Born 2 Sep 1945 Beirut Debut as Oscar in Ballo in Maschera (Verdi) 1972 Teacher :- Gino Bechi, Giorgio Favaretto, Badia Haddad

  • 1949 Death of Giuseppina Cobelli Soprano Born 1 Aug 1898 Maderno Died 2 Sep 1949 Debut as Gioconda in Gioconda (Ponchielli) 1924 Teacher :- G Benvenuti Created Silvana in Fiamma (Respighi) Sang in premiere of Circo Max (Negri)

  • 1951 Birth of American composer Ira J. MOWITZ.

  • 1954 Birth of American composer Timothy KUCIJ in Whittier, CA.

  • 1954 Birth of American composer and harpist Stephanie BENNETT.

  • 1956 Birth of English oboist and condctor Paul GOODWIN.

  • 1960 FP of W. Walton's Symphony No. 2 at the Edinburgh Festival by the Royal Liverpool Orchestra conducted by John Pritchard.

  • 1961 Death of Greet Koeman Soprano Born 9 Dec 1906 Zaandam Died 2 Sep 1961 Debut as Barberina in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1938 Teachers:- Johann Den Hertog, Aaltje Noordewierreddingius Created Duchess in Francois Villon (Dresden) Sang in premiere of Philomela (Andriessen)

  • 1963 Death of Laszlo Szemere Tenor Born 30 June 1906 Budapest 2 Sep 1963 Debut 1936 Created Titorelli in Prozess (Von Einem) Sang in premiere of Irische Legend (Egk) Sturm (Martin)

  • 1966 FP of Nino Rota's ballet La Strada 'The Road' from his score for the Fellini film, at La Scala in Milan.

  • 1970 Death of Dutch composer Kees van Baaren in Oegstgeest. b-Enschede, 22 OCT 1906.

  • 1971 Birth of Hungarian composer Pèter KOSZEGHY in Balassagyarmat.

  • 1972 FP of K. Penderecki's Cello Concerto, at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

  • 1973 Death of Ralph Errolle Tenor Born 22 Sep 1888 Chicago 2 Sep 1973 Debut as Fra Diavolo in Fra Diavolo (Auber) 2 May 1909 Teacher :- Herman Devries Pupil :- Arleen Auger, James King, Justino Diaz

  • 1975 FP of Joonas Kokkonen's opera The Last Temptations in Helsinki.

  • 1980 FP of Peter Maxwell Davies' opera The Lighthouse in Edinburgh.

  • 1981 Death of Polish composer Tadeusz Baird in Warsaw. b-Grodzisk Mozowiecki, 26 JUL 1928.

  • 1992 FP of Aribert Reimann's opera Das Schloss 'The Castle', from the novel by Franz Kafka, at the Deutsche Opera in Berlin.

  • 1996 Death of American composer Otto Luening at age 96, in NYC. b-Milwaukee, WI, 15 JUN 1900.

  • 1996 Death of American composer Lee Gannon, auto accident in Nashville, TN. b-Nashville, 1960.

  • 1997 Death of Rudolph Bing, former director of the MET Opera, 1950-72, New York, NY, age 95. b-Vienna, 9 JAN 1902.

  • 1999 Death of Giuseppe Modesti Baritone Born 1914 Cremona Died 2 Sep 1999 Debut as Schelkalov in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) 1941 Created Abner in David (Milhaud) Sang in premiere of Atomtod (Manzoni)
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