Today in classical music history September 3


  • 1568 Birth of Italian organist and composer Adriano BANCHIERI in Bologna. d-Bologna, 1634.

  • 1596 (Groves) Birth of Italian violin craftsman Niccolo AMATI in Cremona. (Fodor note: Nicolo Amati—son of Girolamo (1561–1630) and grandson of Andrea Amati (b–earlier than 1511–d, Cremona, earlier than 1580; founder of the clan) was born 3 DEC 1596 in Cremona, died 12 APR 1684 according to “The New Grove Dictionary")

  • 1695 Birth of Italian composer and violinist Pietro LOCATELLI in Bergamo. d-Amsterdam, 30 MAR 1764.

  • 1714 Death of Italian composer Pietro Antonio Fiocco in Venice. b-Bologna, c. 1650.

  • 1719 Birth of composer Ferdinand Zellbell

  • 1778 Birth of composer Jean Nicolas Auguste Kreutzer. Wikipedia (Portuguese edition) states that he was a descendant of English Baroque musician and composer Henry Purcell.

  • 1789 Birth of composer Ludvig Anton Edmund Passy

  • 1803 Birth of composer Alexander L'vovich Gurilyov

  • 1831 Birth of music editor Paul Graf von WALDERSEE. Breitkopf & Hartel editions of Mozart and Beethoven. Kochel catalog revision of Mozart works-1905.

  • 1840 Birth of composer Jacob Fabricius

  • 1846 Birth of French composer Theodore LACK in Quimper. d-Paris, 25 NOV 1921.

  • 1864 Birth of composer Hale Ascher VanderCook

  • 1880 Birth of Eduard Habich Baritone Born 3 Sep 1880 Cassel Died 1960 Debut 1904 Teacher, Max Fleich Pupil, Heinrich Tessmer

  • 1891 Birth of French-American harpist, composer and teacher Marcel GRANDJANY in Paris. Was in USA from 1940. d-NYC, 24 FEB 1975.

  • 1893 Birth of Egon Fuchs Baritone / Teacher of Singing Born 3 Sep 1893 Nurnberg Died 3 Mar 1971 Debut 1914 Pupils, Jaroslav Gleich, Marie Hlouskova, Emanuel Kopecky Oldrich Kova, Jara Pospisil, Ferdinand Pour, Stepanka Stepanova Hanus Thein, Vladimir Toms, Karel Berman, Alfred Jerger Rudolf Gerlach-Rusnak, Maria Nezadal, Pieter van den Berg

  • 1893 Birth of Harold Williams Baritone Born 3 Sep 1893 Sydney Died Jun 1976 Debut as Wolfram in Tannhauser (Wagner) 1921 Teacher, Charles Phillips Pupil, Margareta Elkins Created Don Pedro in Don Juan de Manara (Goossens)

  • 1893 Birth of English conductor, violinist, and composer Anthony COLLINS, in Hastings. d-LA, 11 DEC 1963.

  • 1893 Birth of Florrie Rodrigo, Dutch dancer, choreographer and teache

  • 1897 Birth of Brazilian composer Francisco MIGNONE in Sao Paulo. d-Rio de Janero, 20 FEB 1986.

  • 1900 Birth of Dutch conductor Eduard van BEINUM in Arnheim. d- Amsterdam, 13 APR 1959 of heart attack during rehearsal of Mahler's 3rd Sym.

  • 1903 Birth of Victor Bregy Tenor Born 3 Sept 1903 Kiev Died 20 May 1976 Debut 1927 Teacher, Adele Comte-Wilgocka, Maria Lubkowska Pupils, Hanna Lisowska, Hanna Rumowski, Anna Malewidz-Madey

  • 1905 Birth of composer Robert Ruthenfranz

  • 1906 Birth of Vera Davidova Mezzo-Soprano Born 3 Sep 1906 Novgorod Debut as Page in Huguenots (Meyerbeer) 1929 Teacher, E V Gebos-Sobeleva

  • 1906 FP of Victor Herbert's operetta The Red Mill at a trial run in Buffalo, NY.

  • 1910 Birth of American soprano and teacher Dorothy MAYNOR in Norfolk, VA. Harlem School of Arts founder. d-19 Feb 1996 Teachers, H Houghton,W Klamroth

  • 1912 FP of Arnold Schoenberg's Five Orchestral Pieces conducted by Sir Henry Wood in London.

  • 1914 Death of French composer Alberic Magnard at age 49. Was killed by Nazies defending his home in Baron, Oise. b-Paris, 9 JUN 1865. Photo.

  • 1914 Birth of Primo Zambruno Tenor Born 3 Sep 1914 Tortona Died 26 Nov 1991 Debut in Forza del Destino (Verdi) 1951 Teachers, Aureliano Pertile, Francesco Merli, Ferdinando Ciniselli

  • 1915 Birth of Norwegian organist and choral conductor Knut NYSTEDT in Christiania.

  • 1915 Birth of composer Abel Ehrlich

  • 1915 Birth of composer Knut Nystedt

  • 1919 Death of Josef Wiedeman.

  • 1921 Birth of British musicologist, conductor and keyboard virtuoso Thurston DART in London. d-London, 6 MAR 1971.

  • 1921 Birth of Elisabeth Parry Soprano Born 3 Sep 1921 Aberdeen Debut as Lucretia in Rape of Lucretia (Britten) 1947 Teachers, Joan Cross, Dino Borgioli Sang in premiere of Little Sweep (Britten)

  • 1922 Birth of composer Rosendo Ejercito Santos

  • 1923 Birth of Erik Saeden Baritone Born 3 Sep 1923 Stockholm Debut 1952 Teachers, Wilhelm Feunel, Carl Martin Oehman, Arne Sunnergardh Sven Erik Alexandersson Pupils, Claes Hakan Ahnsjo, Anita Soldh Created Julien in Drommen on Therese (Werle) Ulisse in Ulisse (Dallapiccola) Mimarobe in Aniara (Blomdahl) St Phar in Queen of Golconda (Berwald) Anfelt in Amorina (Runsten) Sang in premiere of House with Double Entrance (Rosewerg) Grand Macabre (Ligeti)

  • 1926 Organization in Dayton Ohio of the Westminster Choir by Mrs. Harold E. Talbot and Dr. John Finley Williamson. Since 1932 in Princeton NJ. (Fodor note: Westminster Choir Founding—Given as 1926 on this page.  From, though, The Westminster Choir was founded by John Finley Williamson in 1920 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Dayton, Ohio. Convinced that professionally trained musicians could best serve the church, he established the Westminster Choir School in September 1926 with sixty students and a faculty of ten instructors. As the Choir School and the Westminster Choir's reputation grew, the demand for the school's graduates increased. The graduates came to be known as "Minsters of Music," a term coined by John Finley Williamson and still being used today by many church music programs.”  It appears that 1926 would be the correct year for the founding of the school, but the choir was established in 1920.  They relocated to Princeton, NJ, in 1932 as “The Westminster Choir College of Rider University.”  Specific dates for founding of the choir and the college not found on line.)

  • 1927 Birth of American composer Wayne PETERSON in Albert Lea, MN. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in music (1992).

  • 1931 Birth of Swiss composer Rudolf KELTERBORN in Basel.

  • 1931 FP of Charles Ives' Washington's Birthday. Henry Cowell's New Music Society. Chamber ensemble conducted by Nicolas Slonimsky at the Community Playhouse in San Francisco.

  • 1933 Birth of composer Roland Kayn

  • 1934 Birth of composer Xavier Darasse

  • 1935 Birth of Dutch composer Otto KETTING in Amsterdam.

  • 1938 FP of Jon Leifs' Loftr Suite. Nordic Music Festival concert in Copenhagen conducted by the composer.

  • 1944 FP of Paul Hindemith's Theme and Variations of The Four Temperaments in Boston, conducted by Richard Burgin.

  • 1946 Death of German composer Paul Lincke in Berlin. b-Berlin, 7 November 1866.

  • 1946 Death of Polish composer and pianist Moriz Rosenthal in NYC. b-Lwow, 17 DEC 1862.

  • 1947 Birth of English flautist Susan MILAN.

  • 1949 FP of Ernest Bloch's Concerto Symphonique. BBC Scottish Symphony conducted by the composer at the Edinburgh Music Festival.

  • 1963 Birth of American composer Steve MARKOWITZ in Santa Monica, CA.

  • 1964 Death of Austrian composer Joseph Marx in Graz. b-Graz, 11 MAY 1882.

  • 1974 Death of American composer Harry Partch, an experimenter with many new instruments, in San Diego at age 73. b-Oakland, CA 24 JUN 1901.

  • 1981 Death of Mafalda Favero Soprano Born 6 Jan 1903 Portomaggiore Died 3 Sep 1981 Debut as Lola in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) 1926 Teachers:- Alessandro Vezzani, Giuseppe Podesta, Ersilde Cervi Caroli Created Madelon in Prezione Ridicole (Lattuada) Gasparini in Campiello (Wolf-Ferrari)

  • 1984 Death of Dora Labbette Soprano Born 4 Mar 1898 Purley Died 3 Sep 1984 Debut as Mimi in Boheme (Puccini) 1935 Teachers:- Dinh Gilly, Liza Lehmann

  • 1987 Death of American composer Morton Feldman at age 61, in Buffalo, NY. b-NYC, 12 JAN 1926.
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