Today in classical music history September 13

Luca Antonio Praedieri

  • 1551 Birth of composer Pandolfo Zallamella
  • 1594 Birth of composer Francesco Manelli
  • 1673 Birth of composer Hercule Brehy
  • 1682 Birth of composer Theodor Christleib Reinhold
  • 1688 Birth of composer Luca Antonio Praedieri
  • 1739 Birth of composer Giuseppe Sigismondo
  • 1731 J. A. Hasse becomes director of music to the King of Poland and Elector of Saxony.
  • 1755 Death of Italian composer Francesco Durante in Napoli. b-Frattamaggiore, 31 March 1684.
  • 1806 Birth of composer Moritz Ganz
  • 1819 Birth of German pianist, teacher and composer Clara Wieck (Veek) SCHUMANN in Leipzig. m-Robert Schumann. d-Frankfurt-am-Main, 20 MAY 1896.
  • 1825 Death of Italian baritone Luigi Bassi in Dresden. Original Don Giovanni. b-Pesaro, 4 SEP 1776.
  • 1841 Birthday gift to Clara from Robert Schumann, his Symphony #4 in d. CD-Schumann: The 4 Symphonies
  • 1842 Birth of composer Odon Peter Jozsef de Mihalovich
  • 1847 Birth of composer Charles Dupee Blake
  • 1848 Birth of Austrian opera impresario Heinrich CONRIED (Cohn) in Bielitz. MET Opera. d-Tirol, 27 APR 1909. The Conried Metropolitan Opera Company was formed in 1903, with Conried as manager.
  • 1858 Birth of Norwegian composer and conductor Catharinus ELLING in Oslo. d-Oslo, 8 JAN 1942.
  • 1866 Composer and pianist Nicholas Rubinstein opens the Moscow Conservatory and obtained for Tchaikovsky the post of teacher of harmony there.
  • 1874 Birth of Austrian-American composer Arnold Franz Walter SCHOENBERG in Vienna. Faculty music department of the University of California. d-Los Angeles, 13 JUL 1951.
  • 1877 Birth of Dutch conductor Elisabeth KUYPER in Amsterdam. d-Viganello, Switzerland 26 FEB 1953.
  • 1882 Birth of composer Henri Potiron
  • 1884 Birth of American composer Charles Edward "C.E." DUBLE in Jeffersonville, IN. d-Jeffersonville, IN AUG 1960.
  • 1894 Death of French composer Emmanuel Chabrier in Paris. b-Ambert, 18 JAN 1841.
  • 1897 Birth of composer Gaspar Cassado Moreu
  • 1898 Birth of French conductor Roger DESORMIERE in Vichy. d-Paris, 25 OCT 1963.
  • 1908 Birth of composer Ray Burns Green
  • 1909 FP of Oskar Strauss' operetta The Chocolate Soldier based on Shaw's Arms and the Man in NYC, at The Casino. CD-Strauss: The Chocolate Soldier
  • 1917 Birth of American composer Robert WARD in Cleveland, OH.
  • 1917 Birth of composer Jon Thorarinsson
  • 1924 Birth of French composer Maurice JARRE in Lyon.
  • 1924 FP of Schoenberg's Quintet for Wind instruments, on his birthday, in Vienna. CD-Schoenberg/Haas: Wind Quintets
  • 1925 Birth of composer Gabriel Charpentier
  • 1929 Birth of Bulgarian bass Nicolai GHIAUROV in Velingrad. d-Central Italy, 2 JUN 2004. Billboard Obituary. Debut as Basilio in Barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini in 1955. Teacher was Christo Brambarov.
  • 1932 Birth of composer Bengt Hallberg
  • 1932 Death of German composer Julius Röntgen in Utrecht, The Netherlands. b-Leipzig, 9 May 1855.
  • 1933 Birth of composer Arif Melikov
  • 1937 Birth of Canadian composer Jean CHATILLON in Nicolet, Québec.
  • 1939 Birth of American soprano Arleen AUGER in Los Angeles (South Gate). d-Netherlands, 10 JUN 1993. OBIT. Debut as Queen of the Night in Zauberflote by Mascagni in 1967. Teachers were Ralph Errolle, L D Frey. Pupils included Dalmacio Gonzales and Renee Fleming. Created Alma in Konig Nicolo by Weishappel.
  • 1945 Birth of composer Alain Louvier
  • 1948 FP of Cyril Scott's Oboe Concerto, at Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • 1955 Birth of German harpsichordist Andreas STAIER.
  • 1956 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Canticum sacrum ad honorem Sancti Marci nomiminis, composer conducts, at St. Mark's in Venice.
  • 1958 Death of Dutch composer Gerard Bunk in Kamen, Germany. b-Rotterdam, 4 MAR 1888.
  • 1967 FP of Aaron Copland's Inscape for Orchestra, a commission by the New York Philharmonic for its 125th Anniversary Year, by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • 1977 Death of conductor Leopold Stokowski in Hampshire, England, at age 95. b-London, 18 APR 1882.
  • 1985 Death of French-born American composer, painter and mystical philosopher Dane Rudhyar at age 90, in San Francisco, CA. b-23 MAR 1895.
  • 1986 FP of Leonard Bernstein's Concerto for Orchestra Jubilee Games composer conducting the Israel Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City.
  • 1994 Death of Bulgarian composer Georgi Tutev in Sofia. b-Sofia, 23 AUG 1924.
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