Today in classical music history September 14

Johann Michael HAYDN
  • 1716 FP of FUX: "Angelica vincitice de Alcina" Vienna (1716).
  • 1722 Birth of composer Joseph Paul Ziegler, composer.
  • 1731 J.S. Bach begins organ recitals in Dresden, 14-21 SEP.
  • 1737 Birth of Austrian composer Johann Michael HAYDN in Rohrau. Brother of Franz Joseph, friend of Mozart. Concertmaster to the Archbishop of Salzburg. d-Salzburg, 10 AUG 1806. Singspiel: "Rebekka als Braut" (Salzburg, 1766); "Der Traum" (1767); "Die Hochzeit auf der Alm" (Salzburg, 1768); "Die Wahrheit der Natur" (Salzburg, 1769); "Hermann, ein Beyspiel der Liebe zum Vaterlande" (1773); "Der Bassgeiger zu Wörgl" (c.1773-5); "Titus, der standhafte Christ" (Lost, 1774); "Abels Tod" (c.1778); "Der englische Patriot" (c.1779): "Andromeda e Perseo" (Salzburg, .1787); "Die Ährenleserin" (Salzburg, 1788).
  • 1741 Handel finishes his Messiah after constant work for 23 days. CD-Handel: Messiah / Harper, Watts,...available here.
  • 1748 Birth of composer Johann Paul Schulthesius
  • 1760 Birth of Italian composer Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore CHERUBINI in Florence. d-Paris, 15 MAR 1842.
  • 1761 Birth of composer Pavel Lambert Masek
  • 1768 Birth of composer Georg Johann Schinn
  • 1772 FP of JOMMELLI: "Cerere placata" Naples (1772).
  • 1775 FP of HAYDN: "L'incontro improvviso" (Esterháza (1775).
  • 1781 FP of BIANCHI: "Venere e Adone" Florence (1781).
  • 1782 FP of Sarti: "I dui Litiganti" Milan (1782).
  • 1811 FP of ISOUARD: "Le billet de loterie" Paris (1811).
  • 1814 In Baltimore Maryland, at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key finishes his Star Spangled Banner in early morning hours. CD-The American Album, available here.
  • 1820 FP of DANZI: "L'Abbe de Attaignant oder Die Theaterprobe" Karlsruhe (1820).
  • 1833 Death of Irish composer and organist John Andrew Stephenson in Kells, County Meath. b-Dublin, NOV 1761.
  • 1833 Death of Irish composer Sir Andrew Moore.
  • 1839 Birth of Czech composer Johann Nepomuk KRAL.
  • 1840 Birth of composer George Elbridge Whiting
  • 1842 Birth of American composer George Elbridge WHITING in Holliston, MA. d-1923.
  • 1851 Birth of French pianist and composer Gabrielle FERRARI in Paris. d. Paris, July 4, 1921: Opera: "Le dernier amour" (Paris, 1895); "Sous le masque" (Vichy, 1893); "Le Tartare" (Paris, 1906); "Le Cobzar" (Monte Carlo, 1909).
  • 1854 FP of Missa Solemnis by Anton Bruckner, in St. Florian, Austria. CD- Missa available here.
  • 1866 Birth of New Zealand composer Mentor CROSSE in Dunedin.
  • 1869 Birth of American soprano Ellen Beach-Yaw, in Boston, MA. d. Covina, CA, Sep. 9, 1947: MET: Debut: Mar. 21, 1908 [Lucia] Lucia di Lammermoor, 1 season (1908) I perf., 1 work.
  • 1876 Birth of Italian baritone Ernesto Badini. d. July 6, 1937: Début Lambro, [Figaro] Il barbiere (1895). Called to La Scala by Toscanini to perform in Verdi's Falstaff (1913). Badini contemplated the more congenital parts [Ford] Falstaff, [Beckmeister], [Lescaut], [Gianni Schicchi], [Kyoto], [Malatesta,], in Don Pasquale, [Giordano], in Sly, by Wolf-Ferrari (1927), and many other roles. Badini sang in the Complete Pagliacci (1907) recorded at La Scala, conducted by Carlo Sabajno (supervised by Leoncavallo).
  • 1882 Birth of composer Harald Fryklof
  • 1882 Birth of Belgian mezzo-soprano Clair Croiza, [Conelly] in Paris, Sep. 14, 1882; d Paris, May 27, 1946.
  • 1885 Birth of Italian opera conductor Vittorio Gui, in Rome. d. Florence, Oct. 16, 1975: Founder of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.  Vittorio GUI. d-1972.
  • 1885 Birth of American tenor Charles Marshall, in Waterville, ME. d. May 8, 1951
  • 1885 Death of German composer Friedrich Kiel. b-Puderbach, 8 OCT 1821.
  • 1887 Birth of Polish violinist Paul (Pawel) KOCHANSKI in Warsaw, (Orel). From 1924 at the Juilliard School in NYC. d-NYC, 12 JAN 1934.
  • 1891 Birth of Polish soprano Ada Nordenova, in Prague, Sep. 14, 1891; d. 1973.
  • 1896 Birth of Mexican tenor José Mojica, in Mexico City DF. d. Sep. 21, 1974
  • 1898 FP of HERBERT: "The Fortune Teller" Operetta, Toronto (1898).
  • 1903 FP of DE KOVAN: w/com. W. Jerome, J. Schwartz: "The Jersey Lilly" New York (1903).
  • 1904 Birth of Russian mezzo-soprano Sifya P. Preobrazhenskaya.
  • 1904 Birth of German composer Richard MOHAUPT in Breslau. d-Reichenau, 3 JUL 1957.
  • 1905 FP of HERBERT: "Wonderland" Operetta, Buffalo, N Y (1905).
  • 1910 Birth of Swiss composer Rolf LIEBERMANN, in Zurich. d-Paris, 2 JAN 1999. Universal edition bio. Also see: Ricordi. Operas, "Das neue Land" (Basel, 1946); "Leonore 40/45" (Basel, 1952: "Penelope" (Salzburg, 1954); "The School for Wives" (Louisville, KY, 1955); rev: "Die Schule der Frauen" (Salzburg, 1957); "La Forêt" (1986); "School for Wives" (Louisville, KY, 1955); "Die Schule der Frauen" (Salzburg, 1957, [rev. The School for Wives).
  • 1910 Birth of American composer, conductor and writer Lehman ENGEL in Jackson, Mississippi. d-29 AUIG 1982.
  • 1914 W. C. Handy copyrights his St. Louis Blues CD-John Williams/Boston Pops Salute to America.
  • 1914 Birth of composer Michael Spisak
  • 1917 Birth of Swiss conductor and violinist Rudolf BAUMGARTNER in Zurich.
  • 1919 Birth of composer Deryck Victor Cooke
  • 1920 Italian tenor Enrico Caruso made his last recording. Rossini's Messe Solonnelle `Crucifixus' sung in Latin.
  • 1922 Birth of English conductor and composer Michael HOWARD. d-2002
  • 1926 Birth of composer Hovhannes Gorgeni Ter-T'at'evosyan
  • 1926 Birth of composer Richard Elsasser
  • 1936 Death of pianist composer Ossip Gabrilowitsch in Detroit. b-St. Petersburg, 7 FEB 1878. Detroit Symphony
  • 1937 Birth of American composer Joseph JARMAN.
  • 1937 FP of MUSSORGSKY: completed by A. Tcherepnin; "Zhenitba" Essen (1937).
  • 1942 Birth of composer Kuldar Sink
  • 1944 Birth of English tenor Martyn HILL in Kent. Owen/White Mgmt.
  • 1950 Birth of Argentinian tenor Raul GIMENEZ in Santa Fe, Argentina.
  • 1951 Birth of Brazilian composer Arrigo BARNABé in Londrina.
  • 1952 FP of Frank Martin's Concerto for Harpsichord, in Venice.
  • 1954 FP of Benjamin Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw, at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. A chamber opera; Venice (1954); w/ Peter Pears (t) (1910-1986) Eng. [Quint]; Douglas Ahlstedt (t) U.S. composer conducting.
  • 1962 Death of French composer Marcel Francois Delannoy in Nantes. b-La Ferte-Alais, 9 JUL 1898.
  • 1964 Death of American composer and pianist Mary Howe in Washington, D. C. b-Richmond, VA 4 APR 1882.
  • 1965 Birth of American composer Shawn PATTERSON in Athol, MA.
  • 1968 Birth of Belgian composer Vincent GHADIMI in Rocourt.
  • 1968 FP of Dmitri Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 12, by the Beethoven Quartet in Moscow.
  • 1973 FP by an American orchestra in China. The Philadelphia Orchestra gives a concert in Beijing.
  • 1975 FP of BLACHER: "Das Gheimnis des entwendeten Briefes" after The Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan Poe, Berlin (1975).
  • 1978 FP of Samuel Barber's Third Essay for Orchestra by NY Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta. CD-available here.
  • 1982 FP of MUSGRAVE: "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" radio opera, London (1982).
  • 1994 FP of Richard Danielpour's Cello Concerto, by San Francisco Symphony, conducted by Herbert Blomstedt. Yo-Yo Ma, soloist in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1996 FP of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Freitag aus Licht 'Friday from Light', at the Leipzig Opera, Leipzig.
  • 1997 FP of Kaija Saariaho's Graal Théâtre for chamber ensemble, by the Avanti Ensemble and violinist John Storgards, in Helsinki.
  • 2000 Death of Spanish tenor Carlo Del Monte.  b. Badalona, Spain, 1925; d. Mexico City.
  • 2002 FP of David Amram's Flute Concerto Giants of the Night. Louisiana Philharmonic conducted by Klauspeter Seibel, with James Galway the soloist in New Orleans, LA.
  • 2002 FP of Colin Matthews, Judith Weir, Poul Ruders, David Sower, Michael Torke, Anthony Payne, and Magnus Linberg's Bright Cecilia: Variations on a Theme by Purcell. BBC Symphony, Leonard Slatkin conducting, at Royal Albert Hall in London. A collection of orchestral variations on a theme by Henry Purcell commissioned by 'BBC Music magazine' to celebrate their 10th anniversary.
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