NOVEMBER 10 Today in classical music history

  • 1483 Birth of German hymn composer, flutist and religious reformer Martin LUTHER in Eisleben. d-Eisleben, 14 FEB 1546. Search for Martin LUTHER

  • 1636 Birth of Italian composer Francesco PASSARINI. Search for Francesco PASSARINI

  • 1665 Death of Bohemian composer Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, at 36, in Stuttgart. b-1628. Search for Samuel Friedrich Capricornus

  • 1668 Birth of French composer and organist Francois COUPERIN in Paris. d-Paris, 11 SEP 1733. Search for Francois COUPERIN

  • 1679 Birth of German composer Johann Christian SCHIEFERDECKERSearch for Johann Christian SCHIEFERDECKER

  • 1694 Birth of French composer Jean-Laurent KRAFT.

  • 1704 Birth of Italian composer Carlo ZUCCARISearch for Carlo ZUCCARI

  • 1719 Birth of English composer Georg Philipp KRESS. Search for Georg Philipp KRESS

  • 1726 FP of J. S. Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 98 Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan on the 21st Sunday following Trinity. Was part of Bach's third annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig, 1725-27. Search for Cantata No. 98 Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan

  • 1772 Birth of German composer Jan Nepomuk KANKA.

  • 1786 Birth of German violinist and composer Carl EBERWEIN in Weimar. Search for Carl EBERWEIN

  • 1804 FP of SALIERI's "Die Neger" Vienna.

  • 1811 Birth of German pianist, conductor and composer Louis KUFFERATH. Family of musicians. d- Brussels, 2 MAR 1882.

  • 1821 Death of German violinist and composer Andreas Jacob Romberg, at 54 in Gotha. b- Vechta, 27 APR 1767. Search for Andreas Jacob Romberg

  • 1833 Birth of Bulgarian composer Dobri VOYNIKOV. Search for Dobri VOYNIKOV

  • 1843 Birth of Italian composer Gialdino GIALDINI in Pescia. d-Pescia, 6 MAR 1919. Search for Gialdino GIALDINI

  • 1846 Birth of German composer Paul KUCZYNSKI in Berlin. d-Berlin 21 OCT 1897. Search for Paul KUCZYNSKI

  • 1846 FP of MERCADANTE's "Orazi e Curiazi" tragedia lirica, Naples.

  • 1846 Birth of Finnish choral director Martin WEGELIUS, Helsingfors Conservatory. Taught Sibelius and Jarnefelt. d-1906. Search for Martin WEGELIUS

  • 1851 Death of German composer, priest and teacher Joseph Mainzer in Salford, Lancashire, England. b-Trier, 21 OCT 1801. Search for Joseph Mainzer

  • 1854 Birth of German tenor Raimund von zur-Müehlen,  in Livonia. d. Steyning, Sussex, Dec. 9, 1931.

  • 1862 FP of Verdi's opera La Forza del Destino, commissioned by the Russian Imperial Opera, in St. Petersburg. CD-Forza Del Destino-Complete Opera

  • 1864 Birth of Brazilian-French composer Alexandre LEVY in Sao Paulo. d-Sao Paulo, 17 JAN 1892. Search for Alexandre LEVY

  • 1872 FP of Bizet's l'Arlesienne Suite, in Paris. CD-Bizet: Carmen and L' Arlésienne Suites

  • 1873 Birth of French composer and conductor Henri Benjamin RABAUD in Paris. Director of conservatory following Faure. d-Paris, 11 SEP 1949.

  • 1873 Birth of Belgian mezzo-soprano Jeanne MAUBOURG in Namur. d- Montreal, 12 MAY 1953. Studied in Nancy, Algiers, and Paris. Début at the Théâtre des Galeries in Brussels, Ali Baba, 1895. Chicago Opera 1915, 1916. M-conductor Albert Roberval. In Montreal, Maubourg Ave was named in her honor, 1965. MET Opera début, 12 DEC 1909 as Lange in La Fille de Madame Angot, 5 seasons, 1909-14.

  • 1875 FP of LECOCQ's "Le pompon" Paris.

  • 1876 FP of German soprano Mia Werber, in Wiendied. d. Theresienstadt, 1943.

  • 1883 Birth of Czech composer Bedrich Antonin WIEDERMANNSearch for Bedrich Antonin WIEDERMANN

  • 1888 American debut of 13 year old violinist Fritz Kreisler at Old Steinway Hall in NYC. Search for Fritz Kreisler

  • 1889 Birth of American composer Edward Joseph COLLINS. d-1951. The effects of remedial education (Educational monographs)

  • 1894 FP of HUBAY's "Le Luthier de Crémone" Budapest.

  • 1892 Birth of Austrian soprano Maria Schreker-Binder, in Vienna, Nov. 10. 1892; d. Berlin, Dec. 23, 1878

  • 1892 FP of MASCAGNI's "I Rantzau" Florence.

  • 1896 FP of A. Dvorák: String Quartet No. 12 in Ab, Op. 105, in Vienna. CD-Dvorák: The String Quartets

  • 1900 Debute of Russian pianist Ossip Gabrilowitsch at Carnegie Hall in NYC. m.-contralto Clara Clemens, daughter of American writer Samuel 'Mark Twain' Clemens. Search for Ossip Gabrilowitsch

  • 1900 FP Leoncavallo's light opera Zaza, in Milan. w/ tenor Edoardo Garbin  (1879-1937) It. [Dufresne].

  • 1902 Birth of Columbian pianist and composer Antonio Maria VALENCIA in Cali. d-Cali, 22 JUL 1952.

  • 1907 FP of DESTOUCHES' "Omphale" Paris.

  • 1909 Death of Danish composer, pharmacist and teacher Ludvig Theodore Schytte in Berlin. b-Aarhus, 28 APR 1848.

  • 1909 Gustav Mahler conducts the New York Philharmonic from the keyboard of Steinway piano with altered action as harpsichord. Performed his symphonic arrangement of movements from Bach’s Orchestral Suites. Search for Gustav Mahler

  • 1909 Debut in America of tenor John McCormack at the MET in NYC, in Verdi's La TraviataSearch for John McCormack

  • 1910 FP of Block's "Macbeth" Paris.

  • 1910 FP of Elgar's Violin Concerto. Fritz Kreisler, soloist at Queens's hall in London. Search for Elgar's Violin Concerto

  • 1912 Birth of Mexican composer Salvador CONTRERAS-Sánchez in Cuerámaro. d-Mexico City, 7 NOV 1982. Salvador Contreras: Vida y obra (Coleccion de estudios musicologicos) (Spanish Edition)

  • 1916 Birth of Italian composer Guido TURCHI in Rome. Il Buon soldato Svejk. [Opera.] Canto e pianoforte

  • 1919 Birth of French mezzo-soprano Suzanne Lefort, in Lievin. d. Paris, Mar. 20, 1977.

  • 1923 FP of HUBAY's "Anna Karenina" Budapest.

  • 1926 Birth of Czech composer Jeronym ZAJICEK , in Krasne; Brezno, Czechoslovakia. American citizen in 1957. From 1964-1996 taught composition and conducting at the Chicago City College.

  • 1927 Death of Norwegian composer and conductor Ole Olsen in Oslo. b-Hammerfest, 4 JUL 1850. Search for conductor Ole Olsen

  • 1928 Birth of Italian composer Ennio MORRICONE, in Rome, Italy. Search for Ennio MORRICONE

  • 1928 FP of PALMA's "Los Hijos del Sol" (The Sons of the Sun) Buenos Aires.

  • 1929 Birth of Greek tenor Michael Heliotis, in Athens.

  • 1930 Birth of Yugoslav composer Toma PROSEV in Skopje. Toma Prosev - The Sun Of The Ancient Country; Oratorium/macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra

  • 1932 FP of Bernard Wagenaar's Second Symphony. NY Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Arturo Toscanini.

  • 1938 Birth of Dutch composer Jan VRIEND in Sijbekarspel.

  • 1938 Birth of Dutch conductor H. J. de ROYEN, director-manager Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam. d-27 FEB 1991.

  • 1941 Birth of English tenor Graham CLARK in Littleborough. MET Début Oct. 17, 1985 [Steva] Jenufa, 11 seasons (1985-86, 87-93, 95-98, 99-2000) 63 perf. 9 roles, 8 works. Search for Graham CLARK

  • 1942 Birth of Swiss-Russian composer and conductor Michel TABACHNIK in Geneva. 

  • Batalla
  • 1954 FP of CIKKER's "Juro Jánosik" Bratislava.

  • 1955 Birth of English organist David FLOOD, master of the choristers, Canterbury Cathedral, England.

  • 1956 Birth of English composer Frederick NAFTEL in Manchester.

  • 1957 FP of A. Copland's incidental music for The World of Nick Adams based on text by Ernest Hemingway, for a live CBS television broadcast.

  • 1960 Birth of American composer Andrew WAGGONERSearch for Andrew WAGGONER

  • 1960 Death of American composer Isadore Freed, at 60 in Rockville Centre, NY. b-Brest-Litovsk, Russia; 26 MAR 1900. Belarusian Composers: Victor Smolski, Isadore Freed, Uladzimir Karyzny, Vasily Rainchik, Igor Luchenok, Niescier Sakalouski

  • 1968 FP of Kalmanoff's "Victory at Masada" Detroit.

  • 1994 FP of Stephen Albert's Symphony No. 2. New York Philharmonic, with Hugh Wolff conducting.

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