Today in classical music history August 23

  • 1572 Murders of Huguenot composer Claude GOUDIMEL in Lyons and Huguenot composer Philibert JAMBE-de-FER publisher of Epitome Musical (1556) and other French Protestants in what is known as the St. Bartholomew's Eve massacres.
  • 1727 Birth of composer Friedrich Hartmann Graf
  • 1735 FP of Rameau's opera Les Indes Galantes by Paris Opera.
  • 1784 FP of Giovanni Paisiello's opera Il Re Teodoro in Venezia in Vienna.
  • 1794 FP of GRÉTRY: "Denys le turan, maître d'école à Corinthe" Paris (1794).
  • 1802 Birth of baritone Eugene Massol in Lodeve Died 30 Oct 1887 Debut as Licinus in Vestale (Spontini) 1825 Teacher, Plantade Created Cosse in Huguenots (Meyerbeer) Herald of Arms in Robert le Diable (Meyerbeer) Rudolph in William Tell (Rossini) Severo in Poliuto (Donizetti) Abayaides in Dom Sebastian de Portugal (Donizetti) Ashaverus in Juif Errant (Halevy) Herald in Ivanhoe (Rossini) Reuben in Enfant Prodique (Auber)
  • 1802 Death of German singer and actress Corona Elizabeth Schroter in Ilmenau. b-Guben, 14 JAN 1751.
  • 1814 FP of Spontini: "Pélage, ou Le Roi et la paix" Paris, 1814.
  • 1835 FP of Rameau: "Les Indes galantes" opéra-ballet, Paris (1735).
  • 1837 FP of THOMAS: "La double échelle" Paris (1837).
  • 1853 Birth of Austrian bandmaster Joseph Franz WAGNER in Vienna. d-1908.
  • 1854 Birth of Polish-German pianist and composer Moritz MOSZKOWSKI in Breslau. d-Paris, 4 MAR 1925.
  • 1878 Death of Swedish composer, pianist and teacher Adolf Frederik Lindblad in Linkoping. b-Skanninge, 1 FEB 1801.
  • 1876 FP of FARKAS: "Bayadere" Budapest (1876).
  • 1879 Birth of Latvian organist and composer Alfreds (sic) KALNINS in Zehsis. d-Riga, 23 DEC 1951. He was father of Janis Kalnins and was one of Latvia's most prominent musicians of his time.
  • 1886 Death of Cuban tenor Marcos Cubas. d. Buenos Aires.
  • 1886 Birth of composer Gottfried Rudinger.
  • 1893 Birth of composer Roy Agnew
  • 1894 Birth of Heinrich Tessmer Tenor Born 23 Aug 1894 Berlin Died 31 Mar 1960 Teachers, Eduard Habich, Hermann Jadlowker
  • 1894 FP of FLORIDIA: "Maruzza" Venice (1894).
  • 1898 Death of Irish composer, conductor and singer Joseph Robinson in Dublin. b-Dublin, 20 AUG 1815.
  • 1900 Birth of Austrian-American composer, writer, professor, conductor and pianist Ernst KRENEK in Vienna. He studied composition with Franz Schreker first in Vienna and then in Berlin. He was married briefly to Anna Mahler, daughter of composer Gustav Mahler. d-Palm Springs, CA, 22 DEC 1991.
  • 1902 Death of Teresa Stolz Soprano Born 5 June 1834 Elbekosteletz Bohemia Died 23 Aug 1902 Debut 1857 Teachers, Cabouna, Francesco Lamperti, Giovanni Battista Gordigiani Sang in premiere of Requiem Mass (Verdi)
  • 1903 Birth of British-American violist-violinist William PRIMROSE in Glasgow. Primrose Quartet, NBC Symphony Orchestra. d-Provo, UT 1 MAY 1982.
  • 1905 Birth of British composer, conductor and writer Constant LAMBERT in London. d-London, 21 AUG 1951.
  • 1906 FP of R. Vaughan-Williams' Norfolk Rhapsody, in London.
  • 1907 Birth of Anzellotti, Alba (s) It. b. Rome, Aug. 23, 1907;
  • 1910 Birth of Caselotti, Louise (c) (1910-1999) (88) d. Malibu, CA, July 13, 1999:
  • 1911 Birthn of Hoffmann, Lore (s) b. Bielefeld
  • 1911 Birth of French recorder soloist Carl DOLMETSCH nr Paris. d-11 JUL 1997. Obituary. Son of Arnold Dolmetsch. Promoted Haslemere Festival founded by his father.
  • 1912 Birth of Italian bass Enzo Titta.
  • 1913 Birth of composer Luis-Felipe Ramon y Rivera
  • 1913 FP of Sergei Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 2 at Pavlovsk, conducted by A.P. Aslanov, composer was soloist. Second version premiered 8 MAY 1924. Serge Koussevitzky conducting, Prokofiev was soloist in Paris.
  • 1914 Birth of English composer Harold TRUSCOTT in Seven Kings, Ilford. d-Deal, Kent, 7 OCT 1992.
  • 1915 FP of HERBERT: "Princess Pat" Operetta, Atlantic City (1915).
  • 1917 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Inez Matthews.
  • 1919 FP of BERUTTI: "Los Heroes" Buenos Aires (1919).
  • 1923 (26th?)Birth of German opera conductor Wolfgang SAWALLISCH in Munich. Vienna Symphony (1960-70). Philadelphia Orchestra (1990-2003).
  • 1924 Birth of Bulgarian composer Georgi TUTEV in Sofia. d-Sofia, 13 SEP 1994.
  • 1924 Birth of composer Edvard Fliflet Braein
  • 1925 Birth of composer Sulkhan Fyodorovich Tsintsadze
  • 1925 Birth of Polish composer Wlodzimierz KOTONSKI in Warsaw.
  • 1927 Birth of composer Martial Solal
  • 1927 Birth of English baritone Raimund Herincx. Debut as Figaro in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1950 Teachers, Giovanni Valli, Van Dyck, Vida Harford, Samuel Worthington Pupils, Nicholas Fulwell, Rodney Gibson, John Riley-Schofield Created Faber in Knot Garden (Tippett) Old Man in Purgatory (Crosse) Justice Statute in What d'ye Call It (Tate) White Abbot in Taverner (Maxwell Davies) Governor in We Come to the River (Henze) Segura in Our Man in Havana (Williamson)
  • 1928 Birth of composer Gerd Natschinski
  • 1929 Birth of German bass-baritone Franz-Ferdinand Nentwig, in Duisburg. MET: Début: Jan. 14, 1980 [Pizarro] Fidelio, 6 seasons (1979-80, 81-85, 87-88) 40 perf., 9 works.
  • 1929 Birth of American bass Elfego "Beans" Esparza, in El Rancito, TX, d. Oct. 21, 1991: MET: Nov. 10, 1964 [Sacristan] Tosca, 3 seasons (1964-67) 34 perf. 10 roles. Teachers, Sergei Radamsky, Enzo Mascherini.
  • 1930 Birth of American composer Raymond SONGAYLLO in Chicopee, MA.
  • 1932 Birth of Australian composer, pianist and conductor Richard Graham MEALE in Sydney.
  • 1932 Birth of American saxaphone virtuoso Eugene ROUSSEAU in Blue Island, IL.
  • 1934 Birth of soprano Helia T'hezan, in Rieumes Debut in Armide (Lully) Created Infante in Reine Morte (Rossellini) Gertrude in Hamlet (Bentiou)
  • 1934 The founding of the Berkshire Symphonic Festival in Stockbridge, MA. American composer and conductor Henry Hadley was director and conducted the New York Philharmonic. Mershire Music Festiuval.
  • 1934 Birth of composer Lojze Lebic
  • 1935 Birth pf American composer Randall WOOLF in Detroit, MI.
  • 1935 Birth of American composer Loren RUSH in Fullerton, CA.
  • 1937 Death of French composer Albert Roussel in Royan. b-Tourcoing, 5 APR 1869.
  • 1938 Birth of Italian soprano Celestina Casapietra
  • 1938 Birth of composer Roger Greenaway
  • 1939 Birth of soprano Barbara Vogel, in Pritzwalk Debut as Barbarina in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1963 Teachers, Hugo Dietz, Ira Hartmann, Margarethe von Winterfeldt Sang in premiere of Ophelia (Kelterborn)
  • 1939 Birth of Celestina Casapietra Soprano Born 23 Aug 1939 Genoa Debut in Meses Mariano (Giordano) 1963 Teachers, Gina Cigna, Mario Vasquez D'Aceno
  • 1940 Birth of Dutch baritone Lieuwe Visser, in Diemen Holland. Debut as Basilio in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1973 Teachers, Giorgio Favaretto, Jo van de Meent Created Basil Hallward in Dorian Gray (Kox) Man in Naam van de Maan (Olthuis) Kaspar in Axel (De Leeuw / Van Vlijman)
  • 1942 Birth of American ballerina and administrator Patricia McBRIDE in Teaneck, NJ.
  • 1947 Birth of composer Terje Rypdal
  • 1947 Margaret Truman, daughter of U.S. President Harry S. Truman, presented her first public concert. Margaret sang before 15,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert did not get great reviews. In fact, the critics (Paul Hume, Washington Post) didn’t like Margaret’s singing at all. Margaret’s dad didn’t like the critics, and said so, from the White House.
  • 1959 Birth of American composer Randall WOOLF.
  • 1960 Death of American broadway librettist Oscar Hammerstein II at 65, at Highland Farms, Doylestown, PA. b-NYC, 12 JUL 1895.
  • 1962 Death of American composer Irving Fine in Boston. b-Boston, 3 DEC 1914.
  • 1964 FP of HOVHANES: "Wind Drum" and "The Burning House" Gatlinburg, TN (1964).
  • 1964 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Abraham and Isaac. It was dedicated to the people of Israel by the Israel Festival Orchestra conducted by Robert Craft in Jerusalem.
  • 1968 Birth of Portugese composer Sérgio Azevedo in Coimbra.
  • 1976 Birth of American composer Gordon BEEFERMAN in Cambridge, MA.
  • 1979 Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected while the Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in New York.
  • 1994 Death of American composer, teacher and trumpet player Fisher Tull in Huntsville, TX. b-Waco, TX 24 SEP 1934.
  • 1996 Death of Dutch composer Jurriaan Andriessen in The Hague. b-Haarlem, 15 NOV 1925. Son of Hendrik Andriessen, brother of Louis Andriessen.
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