DECEMBER 7 Today in classical music history

  • 1557 Birth of Italian composer Girolamo TROMBETTI in Bologna. Brother of composer Ascanio Trombetti, 1544-1590.

  • 1562 Death of Flemish composer and music school founder, Adrian Willaert in Venice.  Search Adrian Willaert.

  • 1604 Birth of composer Ambrosius REINER.

  • 1637 Birth of composer Bernardo PASQUINI in Massa da Valdinievole, Lucca. d-Rome, 21 NOV 1710. Search PASQUINI.

  • 1648 Birth of Italian composer Giovanni Maria CAPELLI.

  • 1732 The John Rich theater opens at Covent Garden in London.

  • 1734 Handel's 6 Concerti Grossi, Op. 3, published in London.

  • 1772 Birth of Viennese music patron Prince Josef LOBKOWITZ in Roudnice nad Labem. Supported Beethoven who dedicated the Triple Concerto, the Eroica and fifth Symphony to the prince. d-Trcaron, ebo Ncaron, 15 Dec 1816.

  • 1783 The Theatre Royal opens in Covent Garden, London. To become the Royal Opera House.

  • 1811 Death of Geramn composer Ignaz Spangler, at 54.

  • 1820 Birth of German conductor, violinist and pianist Karl Anton ECKERT in Pottsdam. d-Berlin, 14 OCT 1879.

  • 1823 Death of German composer Johann Gottlieb Schwencke, at 79.

  • 1825 Birth of Danish soprano Malvina Garrigues in Copenhagen. Died 8 Feb 1904, Debut in Robert le Diable (Meyerbeer) 1841 Teacher :- Manuel Garcia Jnr Pupils :- Heinrich Gudehus, Rosalie Miller.

  • 1829 Death of German composer Johann Christoph Kienlen, at 45. Zwölf Lieder, etc

  • 1834 Death of composer Ludwig Schuncke, at 23. Robert Schumann's Closest "Jugendfreund": Ludwig Schuncke (English and German Edition)

  • 1834 FP of Chopins's Eb Polonaise in a concert presented by Hector Berlioz at The Conservatory, in Paris. CD-Chopin: Favorite Piano Works

  • 1835 Birth of French monk and musicologist Dom Joseph POTHIER.

  • 1839 Death of composer Jan Matyas Nepomuk August Vitasek, at 69. b-1770. People From Melník District: Antonín Dvorák, Josef Seger, Jan August Vitásek

  • 1840 Birth of German organist, pianist, and critic Herman GOETZ in Konigsberg. d- Hottingen, Switzerland 3 DEC 1876.

  • 1841 Death of composer Johann Daniel Ferstenberg, at 83.

  • 1842 FP by The Philharmonic Society of NY, which became the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. In the Apollo Rooms at 410 Broadway. Program included Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Weber's Oberon overture.

  • 1849 Birth of German-American music publisher Carl FISCHER in Buttstadt. d- NYC 14 FEB 1923. Search FISCHER.

  • 1857 Birth of composer Nicola van WESTERHOUT.

  • 1858 Birth of music patron Carl STOECKEL in New Haven, CT. Sponsored Litchfield County festivals and build the music shed at Norfolk, CT. d-Norfolk, CT 1 NOV 1925. Carl Stoeckel - Pamphlet

  • 1861 FP of Brahms's Handel Variations. Pianist was Clara Schumann, in Hamburg. CD-Brahms: Handel Variations/Six Piano Pieces/Two Rhapsodies

  • 1863 Birth of English composer John Ebenezer WESTSearch WEST

  • 1863 Birth of Italian composer Pietro MASCAGNI in Livorno. d-Rome, 2 AUG 1945. Search MASCAGNI.

  • 1865 Birth of American soprano Sybil SANDERSON in Sacramento. Noted for wide vocal range. d-Paris, 15 MAY 1903. Debut as Manon in Manon (Massenet) 1888 Teachers:- Mathilde Marchesi, Jules Massenet, Giovanni Sbriglia, Anne De La Grange Created Thais in Thais (Massenet) Esclarmonde in Esclarmonde (Massenet) Phryne in Phyrne (Saint-Saens).

  • 1871 Death of French bass Nicolas-Prosper Levasseur. Born 9 Mar 1791 in Bresles. Debut as Pasha in Caravane da Cairo (Gretry) 1813 Teacher :- Pierre-Jean Garat Pupil :- Leonard Hermann-Leon Created Zacharias in Prophete (Meyerbeer) Don Alvaro in Viaggo a Reims (Rossini) Carlo Belmonte in Margherita D'Anjou (Meyerbeer) Balthazar in Favorita (Donizetti) Marcel in Huguenots (Meyerbeer) Cardinal Brogni in Juive (Halevy) Bertram in Robert le Diable (Meyerbeer) Walter Furst in William Tell (Rossini) Tutor in Comte Ory (Rossini) Dom Juan di Silva in Dom Sebastien de Portugal (Donizetti).

  • 1873 FP of Saint-Saens symphonic poem Phaeton in Paris. CD-Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals

  • 1873 FP of Tchaikovsky's symphonic fantasia The Tempest, in Moscow. CD-Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Tempest/Symphony No. 2

  • 1875 Birth of Dutch pianist and accompanist Coenraad V. BOS. d - Chappaqua, NY, 5 AUG 1955.

  • 1876 Birth of German musiclogist Ludwig SCHIEDERMAIR, Beethoven archivist. Komponisten in ihrer Zeit: Musikwelt Europa in drei Jahrhunderten (German Edition).

  • 1879 [Groves 1980 edition] Birth of Bohemian-born American operetta composer Rudolf FRIML, in Prague. (Charles) Rudolf (Pseudonym Roderich Freeman). d-Los Angeles, CA 12 NOV 1972. 1879? Birth of Bohemian-American operetta composer is disputed, see below in this entry: Rudolf FRIML (Frimel) in Prague. d-Los Angeles, 12 NOV 1972. Search for Rudolf FRIML[NOTE two separate sources have Rudolph Friml as born on 7 Dec. The year, though, seems to be in dispute: Wikipedia lists 1879 while IMDb lists 1884.

    Here are the links:

    IMDB and

    Looking at some other links, it appears consensus puts the year as 1879.]

  • 1879 FP of Hector Berlioz opera La Prise de Troie 'The Capture of Troy', Acts 1 & 2 of Les Troyens 'The Trojans', posthumously at the Théatre du Châtelet; in Paris.

  • 1887 Birth of Austrian-American composer and pianist Ernst TOCH in Vienna. In Hollywood from 1937. d-Los Angeles, 1 OCT 1964. Search TOCH

  • 1889 Birth of composer Heathcote Dicken STATHAM.

  • 1889 FP of Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta The Gondoliers at the Savoy Theatre in London. CD-Gilbert & Sullivan: The Gondoliers

  • 1890 FP of Tchaikovsky's opera Pique Dame in St. Petersburg. CD-Pytor Il'ich Tchaikovsky: Pique Dame

  • 1894 Birth of Austrian soprano Maria Hussa in Vienna.  d- 19 Apr 1980, Debut 1917 Teachers:- Elise Elizza, Arnold Greve.

  • 1896 Birth of composer Juan Maria Thomas SABATER.

  • 1898 Opening of the building of the Opera-Comique, in Paris.

  • 1898 FP of Rimsky-Korsakov's Mozart and Salieri, in Moscow. CD-Rimsky-Korsakov: Mozart and Salieri; Glinka: I recall the wonderful moment

  • 1899 Death of composer Antoni Katski.

  • 1903 FP of the first Irish opera with Gaelic words, Muirgheis, in Dublin. Composer O'Brien Butler Whitehall, died in the sinking of the 'Lusitania'.

  • 1906 Birth of German soprano Elisabeth HONGEN in Gevelsburg. Debut as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (Verdi) 1933 Teachers:- Hermann Weissenborn, Ludwig Horth Created Bebett in Julietta (Erbse) Sang in premiere of Zauberinsel (Sutermeister). Dokumente einer Sängerkarriere - Elisabeth Höngen

  • 1910 Birth of march composer and band conductor Richard Franko GOLDMAN in NYC. d-1980.  Search GOLDMAN.

  • 1910 Birth of Dutch composer Gerard HENGEVELD in Kampen. d-Bergen, 28 OCT 2001. People From Kampen: Hendrick Avercamp, Gerard Hengeveld, Jaap Stam, Robert de Wilde, Valeska Gert, Peter Van de Kamp.

  • 1912 Birth of Welsh composer and conductor Daniel Jenkyn JONES in Pembroke. d-1993. Search JONES

  • 1917 Death of Austrian violinist and composer Leon Minkus at age 91. b-Vienna, 23 MAR 1826. Search Minkus.

  • 1918 Birth of composer Jorunn VIDAR. Youth in the Woods.

  • 1921 Birth of composer Arne DORUMSGAARD.

  • 1924 FP of Carl Ruggles' Men and Mountains in NYC. CD-Ives: Three Places in New England; Ruggles: Sun-treader

  • 1926 Birth of composer Wolfgang LUDEWIGSearch LUDEWIG

  • 1927 Birth of composer Vlastimir PERICIC. Visejezicni recnik muzickih termina (Posebna izdanja)

  • 1927 Birth of Welsh contralto Helen WATTSSearch WATTS

  • 1928 Birth of composer Raymond Henry Charles WARREN.

  • 1930 Birth of composer Richard FELCIANOSearch FELCIANO.

  • 1935 Birth of American bass Richard Cross in Faribault, Minnesota. Debut as Donato in Maria Golovin (Menotti) 1958 (World Premiere) Pupils :- Jonathan Hays, Ding Gao, John Kramar, Jochen Schmeckenbecher Created Postman in Scarf (Hoiby) Amery Dexter in Minutes to Midnight (Ward) De Hoffman in Madame Adare (Silverman) Jaggers in Miss Havisham's Fire (Argento) Mikhail Mikhailovitch in Natalia Petrovna (Hoiby).

  • 1935 Birth of French composer Jean-Claude CASADESUSL'Arlésienne Suite No. 2 - Farandole

  • 1936 Birth of Yugoslavian soprano Breda Kalef in Belgrade. Debut as Mercedes in Carmen (Bizet) 1960 Teacher :- Maria Carbone, Zlata Gjungenac.

  • 1937 Death of German pianist Adele Aus Der OHE in Berlin. b-Hanover, 11 DEC 1864.

  • 1939 FP of William Walton's violin concerto, Artur Rodzinski conducting, Jascha Heifetz soloist with Cleveland Orchestra. CD-Barber/Walton/Bloch: Violin Concertos

  • 1941 Death of composer Cecil Forsythe, at 71, in NYC. Orchestration

  • 1942 Birth of composer Jonathan D. KRAMER.

  • 1944 Birth of American organist Daniel CHORZEMPACD-Franck: Symphony in D Minor/Saint-Saëns: Organ Concerto.

  • 1944 Death of German baritone Julius Von Raatz-Brockmann. Born 29 April 1870 in Hambourg. Pupils :- Paul Kotter, Hans Hermann Nissen Arno Schellenberg, Else Schurhoff. Der Nöck

  • 1945 Birth of Mexican pianist and teacher Graciela Agudelo MURGUIA in Mexico City.

  • 1948 Birth of American baritone Frederick Burchinal in Wichita. Teachers:- H John Lennon, Daniel Ferro, Joshua Hecht Created Gamba in Lord Byron (Thomson) Henri Gatz in Great Gatsby (Harbison).

  • 1948 Death of composer Godfrey Turner, at 35.

  • 1949 Birth of American computer music composer John BISCHOFF.

  • 1950 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Kathleen KUHLMANN inSan Francisco Debut as Maddalena in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1979.

  • 1959 Birth of American composer Ronald CALTABIANO in NYC. Ronald Caltabiano

  • 1960 Birth of American composer Matthew SHIPP.

  • 1960 Death of American mezzo-soprano Lila Robeson. Born 1880 in Cleveland. Debut as Ortrud in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1911 Teachers:- C S Burnham, S C Ford, Isadore Luckstone, Oscar Saenger Pupils :- Grace Hoffmann, Thelma Votipka, Kathryn Nussbaum.

  • 1962 Death of Soprano Kirsten Flagstad in Oslo, age 67. See the Kirsten Flagstad Museum . Debut as Nuri in Tiefland (D'Albert) Teachers:- Gillis Bratt, Ellen Schytte-Jacobsen, Albert Westwang Inge Isene Pupils :- Nina Carina, Kari Lovaas. Search Flagstad Wagner/Strauss: Kirsten Flagstad Sings Wagner & Strauss

  • 1965 Birth of composer Carlyle SHARPE in Brownsville, TX.

  • 1975 FP of Lou Harrison's Symphony No. 2 Elegiac, the Oakland Youth Symphony, Denis de Coteau cond.

  • 1986 Death of  bass Victor De Narke. Born 1930, Corrientes, Argentina. Debut 1952.

  • 1999 FP of Gunther Schuller's Saxophone Sonata, Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, NYC.

  • 2004 Death of American conductor Frederick FENNELL in Florida. b-Cleveland, OH, 2 JUL 1914. Obituary  Search FENNELL.

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