Giacomo Carissimi
  • 1655 FP of Francesco Cavalli's opera Xerse at Teatro Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. CD-Cavalli - Xerse / Jacobs · J. Nelson · Gall · de Mey · Concerto Vocale · Jacobs.
  • 1674 Death of Italian bandmaster and composer Giacomo Carissimi, at 68 in Rome. b-Marini, 18 APR 1605. Search  Giacomo Carissimi.
  • 1674 Birth of composer Reinhard KEISERSearch  Reinhard KEISER.
  • 1675 FP of Lully's opera Theseus at St. Germain-en-Laye Palace nr Paris.
  • 1711 Birth of composer Gaetano LATILLASearch Gaetano LATILLA.
  • 1715 Birth of French composer of music for harpsichord, Jacques DUPHLY in Rouen. d-1789. Jacques DUPHLYworks.
  • 1723 FP of Handel's opera Ottone, with popular soprano Francesca Cuzzoni, at the King's Theater in London. CD-Handel - Ottone / Bowman, McFadden, J. Smith, Denley, Visse, M. George, The King's Consort, King.
  • 1730 Birth of German composer Johann Joachim Christoph BODE. d-1793. Search  Johann Joachim Christoph BODE.
  • 1735 Death of English composer John Eccles in Kingston-on-Thames. b-London, 1668. Son and pupil of Solomon Eccles.
  • 1737 Birth of Italian composer Brizio PETRUCCI.
  • 1762 Leopold Mozart arrives in Munich with young Wolfgang, six, and his sister, ten, to perform for the Elector of Bavaria.
  • 1765 Death of German composer Johann Melchior Molter, at 68, in Durlach. b-Tiefenort, 10 FEB 1696. Search Johann Melchior Molter.
  • 1789 Birth of tenor and coach Davide Banderali in Lodi. Died 13 June 1849, Debut 1806 Pupils, Giuditta Grisi, Henriette Meric-Lalande, Giuditta Pasta Alphonse Joseph Alizard, Giulio Pellegrini, Paolo Barroilhet Adelaide Comelli-Rubini, Sabine Heinefetter, John Sinclair.
  • 1794 Birth of bass Franz Hauser in Krasovice.  Died 14 Aug 1870, Debut as Sarastro in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1817 Teacher, Tomasek Pupils, Therese Vogl, Hans Feodor von Milde Created Tristan in Jessonda (Spohr).
  • 1804 Birth of French composer Hippolyte MONPOU. d-1841. Search Hippolyte MONPOU.
  • 1821 Birth of Russian composer Nikolai AFANISEV. d-3 JUN 1898.
  • 1829 Death of composer Michael Gotthard Fischer, at 55. b-1770.
  • 1836 Birth of English composer, critic and pianist Arabella Goddard DAVISON in St. Servan, Brittany. d-Boulogne, 6 APR 1972. Picture History.
  • 1837 Birth of composer Adolf JENSENSearch  Adolf JENSEN.
  • 1837 Birth of American composer Carlos TROYER. d-1920.  Search Carlos TROYER.
  • 1864 FP of J. Brahms's Variations on a Theme by R. Schumann Op. 23, for piano four-hands, in Vienna. CD-Andreas Boyde Plays Schumann & Brahms.
  • 1870 Birth of tenor Karl Burian in Raknovik. Died 25 Sep 1924, Debut as Jenik in Bartered Bride (Smetana) 28 Mar 1891 Teachers, D.Cipera, K.Hulka, Franz Privoda, Felix Von Kraus Moritz Wallerstein, Zikmund Winter Pupil, Karel Leiss Created Herod in Salome (Strauss).
  • 1876 Birth of soprano Anny Krull in Rostock. Died 14 June 1947, Debut 1898 Teacher, Hertha Bramer Created Elektra in Elektra (Strauss) Diemut in Feuersnot (Strauss) Sang in premiere of Manru (Paderewski).
  • 1876 Birth of Italian opera composer Ermanno WOLF-FERRARI in Venice. d-Venice, 21 JAN 1948. Search Ermanno WOLF-FERRARI.
  • 1884 Birth of composer Louis HORST. d-1964. Louis Horst: Musician in a Dancer's World.
  • 1887 Death of Austrian composer, pianist and teacher Marie Blahetka in Boulogne. b-suburban Vienna, 15 NOV 1810. Search  Marie Blahetka.
  • 1888 Birth of composer Claude DELVINCOURT.
  • 1890 Birth of tenor Charles Friant in Montmartre. Died 22 Apl 1947, Debut 1914 Teacher, Leon Melchissedec Created Taras Bulba in Taras Bulba (Samuel-Rousseau) Sang in premiere of Le Hulla (Samuel-Rousseau) Le Bon Roi Dagobert (Samuel-Rousseau).
  • 1893 Death of baritone Karl Hill. Born 9 May 1831 in Taunus.  Died 12 Jan 1893, Debut as Jacob in Joseph (Mehul) 1868 Created Alberich in Siegfried (Wagner) Alberich in Gotterdammerung (Wagner) Klingsor in Parsifal (Wagner).
  • 1894 FP of A. Dvorák's String Quintet in Eb, Op. 97 American in NYC. CD-Dvorak: The Complete String Quintets.
  • 1898 Birth of composer Jose Forns y CUADRAS.
  • 1899 Birth of French baritone Pierre BERNAC in Paris. d- Villeneuve-les-Avignon, 17 OCT 1979. Teacher :- Walter Caplet Pupils :- Elly Ameling, Barbara Bonney, Bruce Brewer, Grace Bumbry Mattiwilda Dobbs, Bernard Kruysen, Bruce Laplante, Carol Neblett, Mary Lloyd-Davies, Gerard Souzay Jessye Norman, Barbara Blanchard, Marilyn Richardson Jennifer Smith, Robert Christesen. The Interpretation of French Song
  • 1900 Birth of Finnish composer Vaino HANNIKAINEN. Search Vaino HANNIKAINEN.
  • 1901 Birth of German choreographer Kurt JOOSS, in Wurtemburg, Germany. Search Kurt JOOSS.
  • 1904 Birth of bass-baritone Julius Huehn in Revere, Mass. Died 8 June 1971, Debut as Kurwenal in Tristan & Isolde (Wagner) 1934 Teachers, Louis Bachner, Anne Schoen-Rene Pupil, Philip Booth.
  • 1916 Birth of English cellist William PLEETH. d-6 APR 1999. Search William PLEETH.
  • 1917 Birth of American conductor Walter HENDL in West Orange NJ. Search Walter HENDL.
  • 1917 Death of baritone Hans Schutz. Born 18 Dec 1862 in Vienna.  Died 12 Jan 1917, Debut 1891 Teachers, Emmerich Katzmair, Normi, Joachim Sattler.
  • 1918 FP of George Templeton Strong, Jr's. tone-poem Le Roi Arthur 'King Arthur'. Ernest Ansermet conducting, in Geneva, Switzerland. CD-George Templeton Strong: Le Roi Arthur, Die Nacht.
  • 1921 Birth of American pianist and composer Leo SMIT in Philadelphia, PA. d-Encinitas, CA 12 DEC 1999. Search Leo SMIT.
  • 1921 Death of tenor Gervase Elwes. Born 15 Nov 1866 in Billing Hall. Died 12 Jan 1921 Teachers,Victor Beigel, Jacques Bouhy, Desire Demest, Henry Russell.
  • 1924 Birth of tenor Ernst Kozub in Duiborg. Died 6 Jan 1972, Debut as Chateauneuf in Zar und Zimmermann (Lortzing).
  • 1925 Birth of composer Laurentiu PROFETAContemporary Music IV.
  • 1926 Birth of American composer Morton FELDMAN in NYC. d-3 SEP 1987. Search  Morton FELDMAN.
  • 1927 Birth of American composer Salvatore MARTIRANO in Yonkers, NY. d-17 NOV 1995. Search  Salvatore MARTIRANO.
  • 1928 American debut of pianist Vladimir Horowitz and conductor Sir Thomas Beecham. Played Tchikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 with NY Philharmonic at carnegie Hall in NYC.
  • 1933 Birth of soprano Margherita Rinaldi. Debut as Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti) 1958 Teacher, Iris Adami Corradetti Pupil, Silvia Bossa. Search  Margherita Rinaldi.
  • 1933 Death of composer Vaclav Suk, at 71, in Moscow. b-November 16, 1861, Kladno, Bohemia, then Austria. He was a Czech-born Russian violinist, conductor and composer.
  • 1937 Birth of baritone Vincenzo Sardiniero in Barcelona. Debut as Escamillo in Carmen (Bizet) 1964 Teacher, Vladimiro Badiali.
  • 1941 Birth of English mezzo-soprano Anne HOWELLS in Southport, Lancashire Debut as Flora in Traviata (Verdi) 1964 Teachers, Frederic Cox, Vera Rozsa Created Cathleen Sweeney in Rising of the Moon (Maw) Orphelia in Hamlet (Searle) Regine in Foret (Liebermann) Lena in Victory (Rodney Bennet) Mrs Heegan in Silver Tassle (Turnage).
  • 1934 FP of E. Bloch's Sacred Service in Turin, Italy. CD-Sacred Service.
  • 1942 FP of Miaskovsky's Symphony No. 22 in Tbilisi.
  • 1944 Birth of Russian pianist Viktoria POSTNIKOVASearch Viktoria POSTNIKOVA.
  • 1950 Death of composer Koos van de Griend, at 44. b-1905.
  • 1953 Death of Bolivian composer Simeon Roncal, at 82.
  • 1955 Birth of American choral composer Lori LAITMANSearch  Lori LAITMAN.
  • 1955 Birth of American composer and sopranpo saxophonist Jane Ira BLOOMSearch  for Jane Ira BLOOM.
  • 1958 Death of American composer Arthur Shepherd, at 77, in Cleveland, OH. b-Paris, ID 19 FEB 1880. Search  Arthur Shepherd.
  • 1962 Death of composer Richard de Guide, at 52.
  • 1964 FP of Henry Cowell's Concerto Grosso for chamber orchestra. Miami Symphony Orchestra, Fabien Sevitzky, conducting in Miami Beach, FL. CD-Cowell, Persichetti and MacDowell.
  • 1971 Death of bass Wilhelm Lang. Born 20 Oct 1904 in Frankfurt.  Died 12 Jan 1971, Debut 1933 Teacher, Alexander Wellig.
  • 1972 Birth of American composer Dan COLEMAN.
  • 1975 Death of tenor Max Lorenz. Born 17 May 1902 in Dusseldorf. Debut as Walther in Tannhauser (Wagner) Sep 1927 Teacher, Ernst Gronzebach Pupils, Claes Hakan Ahnsjo, Richard Ames Jean Cox James King, John Rath, Unni Rugtvedt, Claud Heater, Richard Van Vrooman, Haken Hagegard Created Josef K in Prozess (Von Einem) Torbern in Bergwerk zu Falun (Wagner-Regeny) Tiresias in Alcestiad (Talma) Mayor of Castel Circeo in Penelope (Liebermann) Sang in premiere of Irische Legend (Egk) Die Konigin (Von Klenau) Prince von Homburg (Graener).
  • 1982 Death of bass-baritone Hervey Alan. Born 22 Feb 1910 in Whitstable. Teachers, Percival Driver, Mabel Kelly, Roy Henderson Pupils, Thomas Allen, Sally Burgess, Peter Sidhom, Janet Price Francis Egerton Created Mr Redburn in Billy Budd (Britten).
  • 1988 Death of tenor Bruno Prevedi. Born 21 Dec 1928 in Mantua. Debut as Tonio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1959 Teachers, Vladimiro Badiali, Alberto Soresina.
  • 1988 Death of Belgian composer and teacher Marcel Poot in Brussels. b-Vilvoorde, 7 MAY 1901. Search Marcel Poot.
  • 1990 Death of composer Paul Amadeus Pisk, at 96. Search  Paul Amadeus Pisk.
  • 2001 Death of soprano Kyra Vayne aka Kyra Knopmuss. born St Petersburg, Russia 29 January 1916; married 1952 Igor Semiletoff (marriage dissolved);. Debut in Sorochintsky Fair (Moussorgsky) 1941. Teachers, Horatio Davis, Manlio di Verdi, Mignon Nevada.
  • 2002 FP of 15 year old Athena Adamopoulos' Soliloquy for cello and piano. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Christopher O'Riley. A recording session for Public Radio International at Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.
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