• 1672 Birth of Italian composer Francesco MANCINI in Naples. d-? Search Francesco MANCINI.

  • 1700 Death of Italian composer Antonio Draghi in Vienna. b-Rimini, 1635.

  • 1724 FP of J. S. Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 155 Mein Gott, wie lang, ach lange on the 2nd Sunday following Epiphany, was part of Bach's first annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig 1723-24.

  • 1728 Birth of Italian opera composer Niccoló PICCINNI, in Bari. d- Passy, France 7 MAY 1800. Search Niccoló PICCINNI.

  • 1738 Death in Paris of French of organist and composer Jean Francois Dandrieu. b-Paris, 1682. Search Jean Francois Dandrieu.

  • 1739 FP G. F. Handel's Saul. Runs for six performances at the King's Theater in the Haymarket, in London. CD-Handel: Saul.

  • 1745 FP of Handel's musical drama HerculesCD-Hercules: Musical Drama in Three Acts (HWV 60)

  • 1800 FP of Luigi Cherubini's opera Les deux Journées at the Théatre Feydeau in Paris. CD-Cherubini: Les deux journées

  • 1861 Birth of tenor Albert Alvarez in Bordeaux. Died 26 Feb 1933, Debut as Faust in Faust (Gounod) 1887 Teacher, A De Martini Created Araquil in Navarraise (Massenet) Nicias in Thais (Massenet) Paris in Helene (Saint-Saens) Leicester in Amy Robsart (De Lara) Mirko in Montagne Noire (Holmes) Merowig in Fredegonde (Giraud) Jean in Helle (Duvernoy) Guatier in Burgonde (Vidal) Hercule in Astarte (Leroux) Bar-Kokeba in Fils de l'Etoile (Erlanger) Gautier in Messidor (Bruneau) Earl of Longford in Lady of Longford (E Bach) Sang in premiere of Messaline (De Lara).

  • 1864 Death of Anton Felix Schindler born 13 June 1795. d-16 January 1864. He was an associate of Beethoven and early biographer of the composer who lied about the “closeness” of their relationship, falsified information, and just plain made things up about Beethoven. MORE.
  • 1869 FP of Alexander Borodin's Sym No. 1, in St. Petersburg. CD-Borodine: The Complete Symphonies

  • 1876 FP of P. I. Tchaikovsky's Serenade mélancolique in Moscow. CD-Prokofiev: Violin Concertos 1 & 2. Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancholique

  • 1879 Death of tenor Lorenzo Salvi. Born 4 May 1810 in Ancona. Debut as Cam in premiere of Diluvio Universale (Donizetti) 1830 Teacher, Bonaccini Created Edoardo di Sanval in Giorno di Regno (Verdi) Gianni of Paris in Gianni di Parigi (Donizetti) Ferrando in Furioso all'Isola di San Domingo (Donizetti) Daniel in Betly (Donizetti) Oliviero in Adelia (Donizetti) Ernesto in Valeria (Pacini) Murray in Reggente (Mercadante) Riccardo in Oberto (Verdi) Sang in premiere of Il Duello sotto Richelieu (Ricci F).

  • 1886 Death of Italian opera composer Amilcare Ponchielli, in Milan. b-born Paderno, Italy, 31 AUG 1834. Search Amilcare Ponchielli.

  • 1886 Death of tenor Joseph Maas. Born 30 Jan 1847 in Dartford. Debut as Phassilis in Babil & Bijou (Herve / Clay) Teachers, Mme Bodda-Pyne, J L Hopkins, Antonio San Giovanni.

  • 1891 Death of French ballet composer Leo Delibes,in Paris. b-St.-Germain-du-Val, 21 FEB 1836. Search  Leo Delibes.

  • 1893 Birth of American composer Pauline ALDERMAN. d-1983. Search Pauline ALDERMAN.

  • 1900 Birth of bass Wilhelm Hiller in Karlsruhe. Died 7 April 1964, Debut 1923 Created Ferdinand Bol in Rembrandt van Rijn (Von Klenau) Sang in premiere of Peer Gynt (Egk).

  • 1905 FP of second version of Eugene d'Albert's opera Tiefland, The Lowlands, at the Stadttheater, in Magdeburg. CD-Eugen d'Albert: Tiefland.

  • 1905 Birth of Spanish composer Ernesto HALFFTER in Madrid. d-1989. Search Ernesto HALFFTER.

  • 1907 Birth of German composer Martin SCHERBER in Nuremberg. d-Nuremberg, 10 JAN 1974.

  • 1909 Death of soprano Maria De Macchi. Born Jan 1870 in Peruzzarro. Debut as Laura in Gioconda (Ponchielli) 1889 Teacher, Virginia Boccabadati Sang in premiere Cecilia (Orefice).

  • 1914 Birth of American choral conductor Roger WAGNER, in Le-Puy, France. Founded Roger Wagner Chorale in 1946. Search Roger WAGNER.

  • 1916 FP of Sergei Prokofiev's Scythian Suite. CD-Prokofiev: Scythian Suite; Alexander Nevsky.

  • 1918 Birth of soprano Vera Borisenko in Bylorussia. Teachers, Evtushenko, Saizewa Created Nastasia in Armoured Train (Kabalevsky) Sang in premiere of Mother (Khrennikov).

  • 1918 Birth of soprano Valeria Heybalova in Kamnik, Slovenia. Debut 1948.

  • 1919 Birth of soprano Angelica Tuccari in Rome. Debut as Rosina in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1948.

  • 1920 Death of American composer, critic and conductor Henry DeKoven in Chicago. b-Middleton, CT 3 APR 1859.

  • 1922 Birth of tenor Jean Cox in Gadsden, Ala. Debut as Xerxes in Xerxes (Handel) 1954 Teachers,Wally Kirsamer, Max Lorenz, Luigi Ricci, William Steven Maria Sundelius, Bertelli.

  • 1923 Death of bass Hippolyte Belhomme. Born 1 Dec 1854 in Paris. Debut as Baskira in Lalla Roukh (David) 1879 Pupil, Albert Huberty Created Crespel in Contes D'Hoffmann (Offenbach) Sang in premiere of Louise (Charpentier).

  • 1924 Death of tenor Fritz Schrodter. Born 15 Mar 1855 in Leipzig. Sang in premiere of Merlin (Goldmark) Heimchen am Herd (Goldmark) Ein Wintermarchen (Goldmark).

  • 1924 Birth of French composer Jeanine BAGANIER in La Nayenne.

  • 1928 Birth of American composer Ezra SIMS. Search  Ezra SIMS.

  • 1928 (28 JAN? 12 OCT?) Birth of Spanish soprano Pilar LORENGAR in Saragossa Spain. d-1 JUN 1996. Debut 1949 Teachers, Carl Ebert, Hertha Klust, Angeles Ottein Also see Photo. Brief bio.

  • 1933 Birth of tenor Armin Ude in Weisenfels A D Saale. Debut as Fenton in Merry Wives of Windsor (Nicolai) 1959 Teachers, Dagmar Freiwald-Lange, Erna Hahnel-Zuleger.

  • 1933 FP of Nicolai Miaskovsky's Symphony No. 11, in Moscow. CD-Symphonies 5 &11.

  • 1934 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Marilyn HORNE in Bradford, PA. m/d conductor Henry Lewis. Debut as Hata in Bartered Bride (Smetana) 1954 Teachers, Lotte Lehmann, William Vennard, Edna Luce Pupil :- Isobel Bayrakdarian Created Houri in Ghosts of Versailles (Corigliano) Lora in Harvest (Giannini). BOOK-Marilyn Horne: The Song Continues | Search for Marilyn HORNEJust for the Record: The Golden Voice

  • 1934 Birth of American composer Richard WERNICK in Boston MA. Search Richard WERNICK.

  • 1935 Death of soprano Ella Russell. Born 30 Mar 1864 in Cleveland. Debut as Leonore in Trovatore (Verdi) 1882 Teacher, Anna de la Grange.

  • 1935 FP of Mascagni's opera Nerone. Masgagni conducting at La Scala in Milan. CD-Pietro Mascagni: Nerone.

  • 1936 FP of Frank Bridge's Ovation Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. BBC Symphony, composer conducting. Florence Hooton, cellest, in London.

  • 1937 Birth of English tenor Kenneth Woollam in Chester. Debut 1962 Teachers, Heddle Nash, Hervey Alan, Ruth Packer Created Challcuchima in Royal Hunt of the Sun (Hamilton) Millet / Bricard in Toussaint (Blake) Man in Gentle Spirit (Taverner).

  • 1938 Birth of soprano Charlotte Lehmann in Zweibrucken, Germany. Teacher, Sybille U Fuchs Pupil, Thomas Quasthoff.

  • 1942 FP of Benjamin Britten's Diversions on a Theme for Piano Left Hand, with pianist Paul Wittgenstein. Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy conducting. CD-Diversions on a Theme/Concerto for Orchestra.

  • 1943 Birth of English composer and teacher Gavin BRYARS in Goole, Yorkshire. Search Gavin BRYARS.

  • 1943 Birth of English composer Brian FERNEYHOUGH in Coventry. Search Brian FERNEYHOUGH.

  • 1946 Birth of Italian soprano Katia RICCIARELLISearch  Katia RICCIARELLI.

  • 1952 Birth of Swedish composer Par LINDGREN in Gothenberg.

  • 1955 Birth of American composer David Thomas ROBERTS in Moss Point, Mississippi.

  • 1955 Death of soprano Mirielle Berthon. Born 6 Aug 1889 in Paris. Debut as Thais in Thais (Massenet) 1917 Teachers, Louise Grand-Jean, Hettich, Angelica Pandolfini, Albert Saleza Sang in premiere of Ninon de Lenclos (Mainguenant).

  • 1957 Death of Italian-American conductor Arturo Toscanini in NYC. Born in Pharma Italy on March 25, 1867. One of the most acclaimed musicians of the late 19th and 20th century, he was renowned for his brilliant intensity, his restless perfectionism, his phenomenal ear for orchestral detail and sonority, and his photographic memory. As music director of the NBC Symphony Orchestra he became a household name (especially in the USA) through his radio and television broadcasts and many recordings of the operatic and symphonic repertoire.  Search Arturo Toscanini. more wikipedia bioArturo Toscanini: The NBC Years (Amadeus)The Letters of Arturo Toscanini

  • 1958 Birth of American composer Scott LINDROTH. Search Scott LINDROTH.

  • 1965 Birth of American composer Jennifer BILFIELD. Director of Serious Music at Boosey & Hawkes

  • 1968 Birth of Czech composer Miloš BOK in Prague.

  • 1969 Death of Russian-born American composer and songwriter Vernon Duke aka Vladimir Dukelsky, in Santa Monica, CA. Search  Vernon DukeSearch Vladimir Dukelsky.

  • 1969 FP of Milton Babbitt's Relata II. New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein conducting.

  • 1976 Death of tenor Vasco Campagnano. Born 11 Feb 1909. Debut 1935 Teachers, Olga Righi-Mieli, Mario Sammarco, Elvino Ventura.

  • 1983 FP of Daniel Asia'a Why (?) Jacob for piano. Sanford Margolis was soloist. CD-Daniel Asia: Ivory.

  • 1989 Death of mezzo-soprano Stefania Malagu. Born 11 Mar 1932 in Milan, Italy. Debut as Katchen in Werther (Massenet) 1956 Teachers, Guido Gonfallonieri, Arturo Martinis Sang in premiere of Linguaggio Dei Fiori (Rossellini).

  • 1997 FP of Esa-Pekka Salonen's L.A. Variations for orchestra. Los Angeles Philharmonic, composer conducting. CD-Salonen - LA Variations · Five Images After Sappho · Mania · Gambit · Giro / Upshaw · Karttunen · L.A. Phil. · London Sinfonietta · Salonen.

  • 2003 FP of William Kraft's Concerto for English Horn The Grand Encounter with Carolyn Hove, English Horn, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra under Esa-Pekka Salonen. More information on William Kraft and his music is available from Presser.

  • 2012 Death of Dutch harpsichordist and conductor Gustav Leonhardt. b-30 May 1928. Age 83.
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