Johann Hermann SCHEIN
  • 1586 Birth of German composer Johann Hermann SCHEIN near Annaberg. d-Leipzig, 19 NOV 1630.

  • 1649 FP of Cesti's opera Orontea in Venice.

  • 1681 Birth of Italian composer Francesco Bartolomeo CONTI in Florence. d-Vienna, 20 JUL 1732. Search Francesco Bartolomeo CONTI.

  • 1703 Birth of Belgian composer organist and harpsichordist Joseph-Hector FIOCCO in Brussels. Son of Pietro. d-Brussels, 22 JUN 1741. Search Joseph-Hector FIOCCO.

  • 1726 FP of Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 13 eine Seufzer, meine Tränen on the second Sunday following Epiphany. Was part of Bach's third annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig (1725-27).

  • 1743 Birth of composer Pascal BOYER.

  • 1761 Birth of composer Giovanni Domenico PEROTTI. d-24 MAR 1825.

  • 1762 Birth of Belgian-French composer and publisher Jerome-Joseph de MOMIGNY. d-25 AUG 1842.

  • 1774 Death of Czech composer Florian Leopold GASSMANN in Vienna. b-Brux, 3 MAY 1729. Search  Florian Leopold GASSMANN.

  • 1798 Death of German composer Johann Christian CANNABICH in Frankfurt. Bap-Mannheim, DEC 1731. Search Johann Christian CANNABICH.

  • 1809 Birth of Spanish composer Sebastian de IRADIER in Sauciego. d-Vitoria, 1865.

  • 1821 Birth of English composer, pianist and teacher Clara Angela MACIRONE in London. d-London, 19 AUG 1895.

  • 1833 Death of soprano Gertrud Mara. Born 23 Feb 1749 in Cassel. Debut in Talestri (Electress Maria Antonia) Teachers, Johann Adam Hiller, Pietro Paradisi, Venanzio Rauzzini Created Dido in Dido Queen of Carthage (Storace).

  • 1844 Birth of Norwegian conductor and composer Johan Peter SELMER in Christiania. d-Venice, 21 JUL 1910.

  • 1855 Birth of French composer Amedee-Ernest CHAUSSON in Paris. d-Limay, 10 JUN 1899. BOOK-Ernest Chausson : The Composer's Life and Works.

  • 1856 FP of J. Brahms' Two Sarabandes, in a & b; Gavotte in A, arrangement of Gluck's Paris ed Elena, for piano, in Vienna.

  • 1864 Birth of German composer, conductor and critic Max STEINITZER in Innsbruck. d-Leipzig, 21 JUN 1936. Search  Max STEINITZER.

  • 1869 (GC, JC=1 FEB)Birth of Russian composer and violinist Julius CONUS, in Moscow. d-Malenki, 1942 Russia, Moscow. The brother of Georgi, father of Sergei. Search  Julius CONUS.

  • 1870 Birth of Belgian composer composer Guillaume Jean Joseph Nicolas LEKEU in Heusy. d-Angers, 21 JAN 1894.

  • 1871 Death of Russian composer Aleksandr Nikolayevitch Serov in St. Petersburg. b-St. Petersburg, 11 JAN 1820.

  • 1876 Birth of Polish pianist and composer Josef HOFMANN. d-1957. BOOK-Piano Playing | The Complete Josef Hoffmann, Vol. 2.

  • 1877 Birth of bass Emil Pollert in Liblice. Died 23 Oct 1935, Debut as Hermit in Freischutz (Weber) 27 Sep 1898 Teacher, Maurice Wallerstein, Frantisek Pivoda Sang in premiere of Schwanda the Bagpiper (Weinberger).

  • 1880 FP of J. Brahms' Two Rhapsodies, Op. 79, for piano, in Krefeld.

  • 1882 Birth of soprano Evgeniya Bronskaya in St Petersburg. Died 12 Oct 1953, Debut 1902 Teachers,Teresa Arkel, E De Hacke.

  • 1890 Death of German composer Franz Lachner in Munich. b-Rain am Lech, 2 APR 1803. Search for Franz Lachner.

  • 1891 Birth of Ukrainian-American violinist Mischa ELMAN in Talnoye, Ukraine. Search  Mischa ELMAN. | BOOK-Mischa Elman and the Romantic Style.

  • 1892 FP of Catalani's opera La Wally in Milan.

  • 1894 Birth of American composer Walter Hamor PISTON in Rockland, Maine. d-Belmont, MA 12 NOV 1976. Search Walter Hamor PISTON | BOOK-Harmony.

  • 1895 Birth of American composer Eva JESSYE in Coffeyville, Kansas. d-1992. Search Eva JESSYE.

  • 1896 Birth of Finnish musicologist Elmer R. DIKTONIUS.

  • 1899 (21st? GC, JC=8 JAN) Birth of Russian composer Alexander TCHEREPNIN. d-29 SEP 1977.  Search  Alexander TCHEREPNIN.

  • 1900 Birth of Russian composer and teacher Boris Semyonovich SHEKHTER in Odessa. d-Moscow, 16 DEC 1961.

  • 1904 Birth of bass-baritone Norman Cordon in Washington. Died 1 Mar 1964, Debut as King in Aida (Verdi) 1933 Teachers, Gaetano De Luca, Hadley Outland Created Greek God in Island God.

  • 1907 Birth of bass-baritone William Parsons in Bristol. Created Pickwick in Pickwick (Coates).

  • 1908 Birth of American composer and teacher Wilfred Conwell BAIN in Shawville, Quebec.

  • 1909 Death of soprano Zulma Bouffar. Born 23 May 1841 in Nerac. Created Fragoletto in Brigands (Offenbach) Gabrielle in Vie Parisienne (Offenbach) Sang in premiere of Voyage dans la Lune (Offenbach).

  • 1910 Birth of Italian composer Ennio PORRINO in Sardinia. d-Rome, 25 SEP 1959. Search  Ennio PORRINO.

  • 1919 Birth of British conductor Royalton KISCH. Search  Royalton KISCH.

  • 1919 Birth of Czech composer Stepan LUCKY in Zilina. 

  • 1920 Birth of baritone Theodore Uppmann in San Jose California. Debut as Papageno in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1946 Teachers, Ruth Miller, Jan Popper, Steuart Wilson Created Billy Budd in Billy Budd (Britten) Bill in Quiet Place (Bernstein) Jonathan Wade in Passions of Jonathan Wade (Floyd) Sang in premiere of Yerma (Villa-Lobos) Black Widow (Pasatieri).

  • 1924 Birth of French pianist Yvonne LORIOD in Houilles, France.  Search  Yvonne LORIOD.

  • 1926 Birth of American pianist and experimental music composer David TUDOR in Philadelphia, PA. Search  David TUDOR.

  • 1928 Birth of Portugese-American conductor and musicologist Antonio de ALMEIDA (dal MAY dah) in Neuilly, Paris. d-Pittsburgh 18 FEB 1997. Search  Antonio de ALMEIDA.

  • 1931 Birth of mezzo-soprano Birgit Finnila in Falkenberg. Debut in Orfeo in Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) 1967 Teachers, Roy Henderson, Ingalill Linden.

  • 1935 Birth of tenor Ugo Benelli in Genoa. Debut 1960 Teacher, Giulio Confalonieri Created Actor in Metamorfosi di Bonaventura (Malipiero).

  • 1938 Birth of mezzo-soprano Barbara Scherler in Leipzig. Debut as Cherubino in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1959 Teacher, Margarete Barwinkel Created Mrs Isidor Strauss in Untergang der Titanic (Siebert) Sang in premiere of Gespenstersonate (Reimann).

  • 1939 Birth of tenor Ermanno Mauro in Trieste. Debut as Manrico in Trovatore (Verdi) 1962 Teachers, Herman Geiger-Torel, George Lambert.

  • 1939 FP of C. Ives' Piano Sonata No. 2 composed in Concord, MA. 1840-1860. Performed by pianist John Kirkpatrick, in NYC.

  • 1940 Birth of Portugese pianist and composer Jorge PEIXINHO, aka Manuel Rosada Marques, in Montijo. Search Jorge PEIXINHO.

  • 1941 FP of B. Bartók's String Quartet No. 6, by the Kolisch Quartet, in NYC. CD-Bartók: Six String Quartets.

  • 1944 FP of Paul Hindemith's Symphonic Metamorphosis on a Theme of Carl Maria Von Weber. New York Philharmonic, Artur Rodzinski conducting. CD-Hindemith ~ Mathis der Maler - Symphonie · Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber · Nobilissima visone - Suite / The Philadelphia Orchestra · Sawallisch.

  • 1945 Death of baritone Armando Borgioli. Born 19 Mar 1898 in Florence. Sang in premiere of Maddalena (Michetti).

  • 1948 Birth of American composer Woody NORVELL in Norfolk, VA. 

  • 1951 Birth of Hungarian conductor Ivan FISCHER brother of conductor Adam. Search Ivan FISCHER.

  • 1952 Death of American composer and teacher Arthur Farwell, at age 79, in NYC. b-St. Paul, MN 23 APR 1872. Search  Arthur Farwell.

  • 1956 Death of soprano Lucy Marsh. Born 10 Apr 1878 in New York. Teacher, Walter Hall, Angelo Trabadello.

  • 1958 Death of tenor Nikolai Bolshakov. Born 23 Nov 1874 in Kharkov. Debut 1899 Teacher, Ippolitov Pryanishnikov.

  • 1960 Death of bass Constantin Joukowitsch. Born 1894. Teacher, Lucette Korsoff

  • 1961 FP of F. Poulenc's Gloria in Boston, MA. CD-Poulenc: Gloria/Stabat Mater.

  • 1968 Death of baritone Alfred Poell. Born 1900 in Linz. Debut 1929 Teachers, Philipp Forsten, Josef von Manowarda Created Lawyer in Prozess (von Einem) Sang in premiere of Le Vin Herbe (Martin) Le Liebe der Danae (Strauss).

  • 1970 Birth of Bulgarian composer, pianist and organist Sabin LEVI in Sophia. Search Sabin LEVI.

  • 1975 Birth of American composer Kati AGOCS.

  • 1979 FP of G. Rochberg's String Quartets Nos. 4-6 of The Concord Quartets, by the Concord Quartet at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA. CD-Rochberg: String Quartets Nos. 3-6.

  • 1987 Death of tenor Luigi Pontiggia Tenor Born 1919.

  • 1993 Death of baritone Marko Rothmuller. Born 31 Dec 1908 in Zagreb. Debut as Ottokar in Freischutz (Weber) 1932 Teachers, Franz Steiner, Eugen Robert Weiss Pupil, Gillian Sands Created Truchess von Waldburg in Mathis der Maler (Hindemith).Lebendige Vergangenheit - Marko RothmüllerMarko Rothmuller Vol. 2 Schubert : Die Winterreise, Historical Recordings from 1945

  • 2000 Death of mezzo-soprano Ira Petina. Born 1907 in St Petersburg. Created Desire Annable in Merry Mount (Hanson).

  • 2001 Death of singing coach Beverley Johnson. Born 12 Jun 1901. Pupils, Ara Berberian, Mignon Dunn, Faith Esham, Renee Fleming,  Richard Fredericks, Rita Shane, John Calvin West Willard White.

  • 2014 Death of Italian conductor Claudio ABBADO in Milan. b26 June 1933. MET Opera Début, 7 OCT 1968, Don Carlo, 1 season (1968-69) 6 Perf. I work. Search  for Claudio ABBADO
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