• 1649 Birth of French composer Pascal COLLASSE in Reims. d-Versailles, 17 JUL 1709.

  • 1655 FP of La Guerre's Le Triomphe de l'Amour. Dialog sung in song for first time.

  • 1707 Birth of composer Carl HOCKH.

  • 1709 Birth of composer Joseph REIPEL.

  • 1723 (GC)FP of Handel's opera Ottone, re di Germania (JC=12 JAN)

  • 1727 Birth of French composer Claude-Benigne BALBASTRE in Dijon.

  • 1729 Birth of Italian composer Guiseppe Luigi TIBALDI.

  • 1748 Birth of composer Lewis EDISON.

  • 1753 Birth of composer Peter FUCHS.

  • 1756 Birth of Italian composer Vincenzo RIGHINI.

  • 1756 Birth of  coach and tenor Vincenzo Righini in Bologna.  Died 19 Aug 1812. Debut 1775 Pupil, Margarete Luise Schick.

  • 1766 Recovering from intestinal flu the Mozart children perform at The Hague.

  • 1779 Birth of Italian composer Stefano PAVESI.

  • 1781 Birth of French composer, conductor and violinist Francois-Antoine HABENECK in Mezieres. d-Paris, 8 FEB 1849.

  • 1815 Birth of composer Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm PRAEGER.

  • 1824 Birth of Czech composer Josef Leopold ZVONAR in Prague.

  • 1842 Birth of composer Charles Henri MARECHAL. Search Charles Henri MARECHAL.

  • 1855 Birth of composer Ernst KULLAK.

  • 1859 FP of Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 1. Brahms was soloist in Hanover. CD-Brahms: Concertos for Piano No. 1 & 2, Fantasia Op. 116.

  • 1861 Birth of composer Karel STECKER. Orgelsonate. No. 1. Op. 1 (Album. Album für Orgel-Spieler, etc. Lief. 92).

  • 1861 Death of castrato Giovanni Battista Vellutti. Born 28 Jan 1781 in Corridonie, Ancona. Debut 1801 Teacher, Abbe Calpi, Padre Stanislao Mattei Pupils, Benadetta Rosamunda Pisaroni Created Decebalo in Trajiano in Dacia (Nicolini) Quinto Fabio in QuintoFabio Rutiliano (Nicolini) Armando D'Orville in Crociato in Egitto (Meyerbeer) Arsace in Aureliano in Palmira (Rossini) Ruggiero in Sacerdotessa D'Irminsul (Pacini) Andronico in Andronico (Mercadante) Tebaldo in Tebaldo e Isolina (Morlacchi) Sang in premiere of Asteria e Teseo (Guglielmi) Piramo e Tisbe (Andreozzi) Coriolano (Nicolini) Arminio (Pavesi) Angelica e Medoro (Nicolini) Ifigenia in Aulide (Federici) Raul di Crequi (Mayr) Eroe di Lancastro (Nicolini).

  • 1870 Birth of French organist and composer Charles Arnold TOURNEMIRE in Bordeaux. d-4 NOV 1939. 

  • 1871 Birth of composer Leon JESSELSearch Leon JESSEL.

  • 1876 Death of English minister and hymn composer John Bacchus Dykes in Ticehurst. b-Kingston-upon-Hull, 10 MAR 1823. Search John Bacchus Dykes.

  • 1882 Birth of Argentinian composer, pianist and teacher Ernesto DRANGOSCH in Buenos Aires. d-Buenos Aires, 26 JUN 1925. Piano Works By Drangosch, Piaggio & G. Carrillo.

  • 1886 Birth of American composer John Joseph BECKER in Henderson, Ky. d-1961.

  • 1887 Birth of mezzo-soprano Fanny Anitua in Durango. Debut as Orfeo in Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) 1909 Teachers, Leonor de Samaniego, Ariste Frances Chitti Pupils, Marta Ornelas (Domingo), Oralia Dominguez Created Etra in Fedra (Pizzetti).

  • 1887 FP of Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta Ruddigore at the Svoy Theatre in London. CD-Gilbert & Sullivan: Ruddigore.

  • 1889 Founding of the Columbia Phonograph Company, Washington, DC.

  • 1894 (GC) FP of A. Glazunov's Symphony No. 4, in St.Petersburg. (JC=3 FEB)

  • 1897 Birth of composer Josef STANISLAV.

  • 1897 Birth of American soprano Rosa PONSELLE in Meriden, Connecticut. d-25 May 1981, Debut as Leonora in Forza del Destino (Verdi) 15 Nov 1918 Teachers, Romano Romani, William Thorner Pupils, Lilli Chookasian, Sherrill Milnes, James Morris, Richard Cassily Beverly Sills, James Atherton, Spiro Malas, Raina Kabaivanska Created Carmelita in Legend (Breil). Ponselle Prima VoceRosa Ponselle - A Centenary Biography (Hardcover) (Opera Biography)

  • 1898 Birth of composer Alexander ABRAMSKY.

  • 1898 Birth of composer Gustav PAULSON.

  • 1900 Birth of composer Franz SALMHOFER. d-1975. Search Franz SALMHOFERHungerblümchen - Vergißmeinnicht - Schlüsselblume - Kamille (Heiteres Herbarium)

  • 1901 Birth of German born Austrian composer Hans Erich APOSTEL in Karlsruhe. d- 30 NOV 1972.

  • 1903 Birth of English composer Robin Humphrey MILFORD in Oxford. He was the son of Sir Humphrey Milford, a publisher, who set up the music department of the Oxford University Press. Search Robin Humphrey MILFORD.

  • 1904 Birth of Russian ballet master George BALANCHINE in St. Petersburg. (Alternate biography.)

  • 1907 FP in USA of Richard Strauss' opera Salome by the MET in NYC. Critics called it a scandal. It was cancelled after this performance. Later staged at the Met in 1930.

  • 1908 (GC) FP of Stravinsky's Symphony No. 1 in St. Petersburg. (JC=3 FEB). CD-Stravinsky: SYMPHONIES.

  • 1911 Birth of Belgian soprano Suzanne DANCO in Brussels, Belgium. d-Fiesole, suburban Florence, Italy 10 AUG 2000. Debut as Fiordiligi in Cosi fan Tutte (Mozart) 1941 Teachers, Fernando Carpi, Vida Harford Pupil, Amanda Boyd. Search  Suzanne DANCO.

  • 1914 Birth of soprano Emmy Loose in Karbiz, Czech. Died 14 Oct 1987, Debut as Blondchen in Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Mozart) 1939 Sang in premiere of Besuch der Alten Dame (Von Einem).

  • 1916 Birth of French composer Henri DUTILLEUX in Angers. 23 Jan 2004 he was present in NYC for his 88th birthday and the first U.S. performance of his violin-orchestra nocturne Sur le meme accord NY Phil, Mutter. Dutilleux (pronounced duh TEE yuh) dedicated it to violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, who performed the world premiere in April 2002 with K. Masur conducting the London Philharmonic.  Search Henri DUTILLEUX.Death, 22 May 2013

  • 1920 Birth of American baritone William WARFIELD in West Helena, Arkansas. d-Chicago, 25 AUG 2002. Biography Baritone performed theater works and oratorios. He was best known for his role of Porgy in Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. He sang Old Man River in the 1951 Technicolor film version of J Kern's Show Boat. NY Times Obituary. Porgy & Bess: High Performance 

  •  Something Within MeWilliam Warfield: My Music & My Life

  • 1920 Birth of baritone Rudolf Jedlicka in Skalice, Czech. Debut as Marcello in Boheme (Puccini) 1944 Teacher, Fernando Carpi, Pavel Ludikar, Tino Pattiera.

  • 1923 Birth of American composer Leslie BASSETT in Hanford, CA. Resident of Ann Arbor, MI. Search  Leslie BASSETT.

  • 1923 Birth of German composer Friedrich ZEHM in Neusalz an der Oder, Silesia. Search  Friedrich ZEHM.

  • 1923 Death of baritone Joachim Tartakov. Born 26 Nov 1860 in Odessa. Debut 1882 Teacher, Camille Everardi Pupils, Maria Kuznetsova, Vladimir Rosing.

  • 1926 Birth of Swiss flutist Aurele NICOLET in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Search  Aurele NICOLET.

  • 1927 Birth of baritone Hans Gunter Nocker in Westfalen. Debut as Alfio in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) Teachers, Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender, Hans-Hermann Nissen, Carl Momberg Created Gloucester in Lear (Reimann) Congo Hoango in Verlobung in San Domingo (Egk) Hummel in Ghost Sonata (Reimann) Sang in premiere of Aucassin und Nicolette (Bialas Gunther) Saul (Reutter) Verlobung in San Domingo (Egk) Elisabeth Tudor (Fortner) Comoedia de Christi Resurrecti (Orff).

  • 1934 FP of first version of D. Shostakovich's opera Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District at the Maliiy Opera Theater in Leningrad.

  • 1936 FP of Paul Hindemith's Trauermusik 'Music of Mourning' for Viola and String Orchestra. BBC memorial concert broadcast for King George V of England who died on 20 JAN 1935. Sir Adrian Boult conducting and Hindemith was soloist. CD-Hindemith: Trauermusik/Sonata,Op.11/Duett/Brahms: Sonata In F/Dvorák: Sonatina,Op.100.

  • 1944 Birth of Italian violinist Uto UGHISearch  Uto UGHI.

  • 1948 Death of tenor Rudolf Jager. Born 30 Aug 1875 in Dresden. Debut as Steersman in Flying Dutchman (Wagner) 1898 Teacher, Richard Muller Created Narraboth in Salome (Strauss).

  • 1949 Birth of American composer, conductor and teacher Dean DRUMMOND in Los Angeles, CA. 

  • 1953 Birth of South Korean conductor and pianist Myung-Whun CHUNGSearch Myung-Whun CHUNG.
    Myung-Whun CHUNG in Seoul Korea. Search for Myung-Whun CHUNG

    [NOTE: 2 Dec’s list includes Myung-Whun Chung as born in 1953. While the year appears correct, two sources list his date of birth as 22 Jan.

    Bio and

    Wikipewdia] (Thanks to Bill Fodor)

  • 1964 Death of Philadelphia born composer Marc Blitzstein from brain injury received in a barroom fight in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Age 58. Search Marc Blitzstein.

  • 1970 FP of Carlisle Floyd's opera Of Mice and Men in Seattle. Perhaps the most frequently performed American opera. CD-Floyd: Of Mice & Men.

  • 1980 Death of soprano Elvira De Hidalgo. Born 27 Dec 1888 in Arragena. Debut as Rosina in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1908 Teachers, Bordalba, Melchiorre Vidal Pupils, Maria Callas, Leyla Gencer, Arda Mandikian, J Hill, Elvina Ramella, Zoe Vlachapoulos.

  • 1980 FP, in concert, of John Williams' Cowboys Overture by the Boston Pops, conducted by the composer, his first year with the Pops. From Williams' film score The Cowboys, in Boston. CD-By Request: The Best Of John Williams And The Boston Pops Orchestra.

  • 1982 Birth of tenor Miervaldis Jenes. Teachers, Katia Angeloni, Bruna Egle.

  • 1982 Death of baritone Hans Fidesser. Born 12 Mar 1899. Debut as Rigoletto in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1922 Teacher, E Mauck.

  • 1993 Death of soprano Patricia Brooks. Born 7 Nov 1937 in New York. Debut as Marianne in Rosenkalier (Strauss) 1960 Teachers, Edward Brooks, Daniel Ferro, Margaret Harshaw, Luigi Ricci Created Abigail Williams in Crucible (Ward) Smeraldina in Servant of Two Masters (Giannini) Lisavetta / Bolisov in Natalia Petrovna (Hoiby).

  • 1997 Death of tenor Seth McCoy. Born 17 Dec 1928 in Sanford, N C. Debut as Tamino in Zauberflote (Mozart) Teachers, Antonia Lavanne, Pauline Thesmacher.

  • 1998 FP of Bright Sheng's Postcards at the University of Minnesota. Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Hugh Wolff conducting in Minneapolis, MN. CD-Sheng: China Dreams; Flute Moon.

  • 1999 Death of tenor Gabor Carelli. Born 20 Mar 1916 in Budapest. 

  • 2000 Death of tenor Carlo Cossutta. Born 8 May 1932 in Trieste. Debut 1958 Teachers, Mario Melani, Manfredo Miselli, Arturo Wolken Created Rodrigo in Don Rodrigo (Ginastera).

  • 2003 FP of Judith Weir's The Welcome Arrival of Rain. Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vanska, conducting in Minneapolis, MN.

  • 2004 FP of Leo Brouwer's Concerto for Two Guitars. John Christopher Williams and Costas Kotsiolis, soloists with the Camerata Orchestra in Athens, Greece.
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