Joachim Nikolas EGGERT

  • 1607 FP of Claudio Monteverdi's L'OrfeoCONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1628 German organist and composer Samuel Scheidt becomes music director at Marienkirche, Halle.

  • 1631 Ben Johnson and Inigo Jones produce their final piece, Chlorida Court Masque.

  • 1642 FP of Luigi Rossi's opera Il Palazzo Incantato d'Atlante 'The Enchanted Palace of Atlas', at the Barberini Theater in Rome.

  • 1745 Birth of Portugese composer João de Sousa CARVALHO, in Estremoz. d-Lisbon, 1799/1800.

  • 1749 Birth of musicologist and Bach biographer Johann Nikolaus FORKEL.

  • 1761 Birth of American composer Jacob KIMBALL. d-1826.

  • 1779 Birth of Swedish composer Joachim Nikolas EGGERT in Gingst, Rügen. d-Stockholm, 1813.

  • 1793 Death of baritone Antonio Casaccia. Born 1719 in Naples. Debut in premiere of Olimpia Tradita (Sacchini) 1758 Created Adolfo in Elena (Mayr) Don Bacco in Carlotta ed Errico (G Mosca) Sang in premiere of Donna Amante di Tutte e Fedele (Guglielmi) Gelosia per Gelosia (Sacchini).

  • 1810 Baptismal certificate indicates the birth of Frederick Chopin on this date. The Polish composer and pianist was probably born in Zelazowa, near Warsaw on March 1, 1810 the date given by Chopin himself. d- Paris, 17 OCT 1849.The 99 Most Essential Chopin Masterpieces (Amazon Exclusive)

  • 1817 Birth of Danish composer Niels W. GADE in Copenhagen. d-Copenhagen, 21 DEC 1890.

  • 1834 Birth of English baritone Sir Charles SANTLEY.

  • 1834 Birth of German harpist, teacher and composer Albert Heinrich ZABEL in Berlin. d-St. Petersburg, 16 FEB 1910.

  • 1846 Death of Dutch composer Carolus Antonius (Antoine) Fodor in Amsterdam. b-Venlo, 12 April 1768.

  • 1847 Birth of tenor Dmitri Uzatov. Died 23 Aug 1913 Teacher, Camille Everardi Pupil, Feodor Chaliapin Created Andrei in Mazeppa (Tchakovsky).

  • 1860 Birth of American composer John Samuel DUSS. d-1951.

  • 1866 Birth of baritone Ferruccio Corradetti Prender moglie! (Don Pasquale) in San Severino.  Died Aug 1939 Teacher, Giuseppe Faini Created Elio in Chopin (Orefice) Tartaglia in Le Maschere (Mascagni) Malbruk in Malbruk (Leoncavallo) Sang in premiere of Manuel Menendez (Filiati) La Cabrera (Dupont) Uguale Fortuna (Tommasini).

  • 1868 Birth of Polish pianist Antoinette SZUMOWSKA. d- 18 AUG 1938.

  • 1870 Birth of German composer George Washington PITTRICH in Dresden. d-

  • 1870 Birth of tenor Albert Reiss in Berlin.  Died 20 June 1940 Debut as Peter Ivanov in Zar und Zimmermann (Lortzing) 1897 Teachers, Julius Lieben, Benno Stolzenberg, Wilhelm Vilmar Created Nick in Fanciulla del West (Puccini) Broom Maker in Konigskinder (Humperdinck) Nail in Mona (Parker) Male Lover in Tabarro (Puccini) Richard II in Canterbury Pilgrims (De Koven) Sang in premiere of Cyrano de Bergerac (Damrosch) Fairyland (Parker).

  • 1872 Birth of baritone Nicola Geisse-Winkel in Bad Ems.  Died 11 Aug 1932 Debut 1905 Teacher, Benno Stolzenberg. Des Königs Wort und Will tu ich euch kund (Lohengrin).

  • 1876 Birth of Italian tenor Giovanni ZENATELLO in Vienna. Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) Apl 1898 Teachers, F Moretti, Zannoni Pupils, Nino Martini, Lily Pons Created Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) Alexis in Siberia (Giordano) Sang in premiere of Oceana (Smareglia) La Figli di Jorio (Franchetti).

  • 1878 FP of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Sym. in St. Petersburg. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1881 Birth of American composer James Reese EUROPE. d-1919.

  • 1881 FP of Max Bruch's Scottish Fantasy Op. 46, composer conducting; Joseph Joachim as soloist, in Liverpool. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1882 Death of soprano Catherine Stephens. Born 18 Sep 1794 in London. Debut 1812 Teachers, Gesualdo Lanza, Thomas Welsh.

  • 1884 Birth of English composer and pianist York BOWEN. d-1961.

  • 1884 Birth of soprano Tamaki Miura 1900s photo Tamaki Miura in Tokyo.  Died 26 May 1947 Debut as Euridice in Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) 1909 Teachers, Junker, Petzold, Sarcoli Sang in premiere of Namiko San (Aldo Franchetti).

  • 1890 Birth Ukranian of pianist Benno MOISEIWITSCH, in Odessa. d-1963.

  • 1890 FP of Johannes Brahms revised Piano Trio No. 1 in Bb, Op. 8. Rosé Chamber Concerts, with the composer at the piano, in Vienna. First version was composed in 1854. In USAmerica on 27 NOV 1855 in NYC. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1891 Death of soprano Josephine De Reszke. Born 4 Jun 1855 in Warsaw. Debut in Guarany (Gomes) 1875 Teachers, H Nissen-Salomon, Giovanni Sbriglia Created Sita in Roi de Lahore (Massenet).

  • 1898 (?) Birth of bass Gabriel Jullia. Died 8 Feb 1968 Debut in the premiere of Cantegril (Ducasse) 9 Feb 1931 Sang in premiere of L'Ecole des Maris (Bondeville) Les Mamelles de Tiresias (Poulenc) Doloras (Levy).  

  • 1903 Death of Austrian composer Hugo WOLF in Vienna insane asylum. b-Vienna, 22 FEB 1903.

  • 1904 Birth of tenor Jose Soler. Born 22 Feb 1904 in Barcelona. Died 1 Sep 1999 Debut as Radames in Aida (Verdi) 1945 Teacher, Frasco Monaco.

  • 1905 Birth of Mexican composer Luis MENESES-SANDI in Mexico City.

  • 1906 Birth of pianist Adele MARCUS. d- 3 MAY 1995.

  • 1907 FP of Ravel's Introduction and Allegro for harp in Paris. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1908 Birth of American music critic and author Irving KOLODIN in NYC.

  • 1910 Birth of bass-baritone Hervey Alan in Whitstable Died 12 Jan 1982. Teachers, Percival Driver, Mabel Kelly, Roy Henderson Pupils, Thomas Allen, Sally Burgess, Peter Sidhom, Janet Price Francis Egerton Created Mr Redburn in Billy Budd (Britten).

  • 1912 Birth of soprano Paula Brivkaine in Valdemarplis. Died 1990 Debut 1934 Sang in premiere of Saul (Reutter) Die Bruecke von San Luis Rey (Reutter).

  • 1925 Birth of soprano Gigliola Frazzoni Soprano in Bologna. Debut as Samaritan in Francesca da Rimini (Zandonai) 1948 Teachers, Marchesi, Secchiardi Created Mother Marie in Dialogues de Carmelites (Poulenc).

  • 1926 American debut of pianist Walter Gieseking. Aeolian Hall, NYC.

  • 1927 Birth of American composer David AHLSTROM.

  • 1927 Birth of Canadian bassoonist George ZUKERMAN.

  • 1927 Birth of mezzo-soprano Renate Haertel in Meerane. Debut as Suzuki in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 1954 Teachers, Elly Doerner, Annemarie Rauch Sang in premiere of Der Zerbrochene Krug (Geisler).

  • 1927 Birth of soprano Kyoko Ito in Kakegawa,  Japan. Debut as Liu in Turandot (Puccini) 1950 Teachers, Nobuko Hara, Nobuko Tanaka Created Shima in Night of the Wedding Song (Hara).

  • 1929 Birth of soprano Anny Schlemm Anny Schlemm - Dokumente einer Sängerkarriere in Germany. Debut as Bastienne in Bastin und Bastienne (Mozart) 1948 Teacher, Erna Westberger Created Bride in Bluthochzeit (Fortner) Isabel in Dame Kobold (Wimberger).

  • 1929 Birth of soprano Ilse Ludwig in Bautzen. Debut as Shepherd Boy in Tosca 1954 Teachers, Kate Heine-Mitzschke, Marianne Rau-Hoeglauer, Annemarie Rauch Sang in premiere of Der Schuhu und die fliegende Prinzessin (Zimmermann U).

  • 1930 Birth of American soprano Marni NIXON I Could Have Sung All Night: My Story in Altadena CA. (AKA Marni McEathren). Was a nun in film The Sound of Music. Her second husband was the composer Ernest Gold, who won an Oscar for his score for "Exodus". Known for her film over-dubbing for voices of Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Teachers, Sarah Caldwell, Carl Ebert, Boris Goldowsky, Jan Popper. Search for Marni NIXON.

  • 1931 Birth of soprano Margaret Hallin in Karlskoga, Sweden. Debut as Rosina in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1956 Teacher, Ragnar Hulten, K Torlind Created Prajapan in Siddharta (Norgard) Blind Poetess in Aniara (Blomdahl) Therese in Drommen om Therese (Werle) Unknown Voice in Feast (Back) D'Aiguille di Rocca Antica in Herr von Hancken (Blomdahl) Sang in premiere of Christina (Gefors) Tintomara (Werle) Traedgarden (Forssel).

  • 1932 Death of soprano Johanna Gadski Photo Johanna Gadski 1900. Born 15 June 1872 in Anciam. Debut in Undine (Lortzing) 1888 Teacher, Mme Schroder-Chaloupka Created Hester Prynne in Scarlet Letter (Damrosch) La Dama Boba (Wolf-Ferrari).

  • 1934 Birth of soprano Birgit Nordin in Neder Kalix, Sweden. Debut as Oscar in Ballo in Maschera (Verdi) 1967 Teachers, Lina Pagliughi, Brita von Vegesack Created Zelie in Queen of Golconda (Berwald). Un ballo in marschera: La Rivedrà Nell'estasi.

  • 1934 Birth of American bass Thomas PAUL in Chicago. MET 1963-70.

  • 1938 FP of D. Kabalevsky's opera Colas Breugnon in Leningrad.

  • 1939 Birth of baritone Silvano Carroli in Venice. Debut as Schaunard in Boheme (Puccini) 1963.

  • 1941 Death of tenor Henri Fabert. Born 19 Nov 1897 in Sarasse. Created Poet in Nariste (Bellenot) Sang in premiere of Renard (Stravinsky) L'Arlequin (D'Olonne) La Naissance de la Lyre (Roussel) Le Miracle (Hue) L'Enfant et les Sortileges (Ravel).

  • 1941 FP of Paul Creston's Symphony No. 1, in NYC. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1941 FP of Morton Gould's Latin American Symphonette in Brooklyn, NY. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1942 Birth of American pianist Steven LUBIN in NYC.

  • 1942 Birth of bass Luigi Roni in Lucca. Debut as Mephistopheles in Faust (Gounod) 1965 Teacher, Sara Sforni Corti Created Hercules in Civil Wars (Glass).

  • 1945 FP of Virgil Thompson's Symphony on a Hymn Tune composer conducting in NYC. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1948 Birth of tenor Ian Caley in Preston, Lancashire. He studied at the Royal Manchester College of Music entering as a pianist but soon changing to singing. He became one of Britain’s most versatile tenors. Debut as Telemaco in Ritorno D'Ulisse in Patria (Monteverdi) 1972 Teachers, Frederic Cox, Denis Dowling, Gwilym Jones, Erich Vietheer Joseph Ward Created Silenus in Oberon (Castiglioni) Entheus in Lord's Masque (Castiglioni) Simeon in Stephen Climax (Zender). Byezdomny in Meister und Margarita (Holler) Sosie in Celestine (Ohana) Lover in Murder the Magician (Hoddinot).

  • 1954 Birth of American soprano Lucy SHELTON in Pamona, CA.

  • 1960 Death of bass Ivan Patorzhinsky. Born 1 Apr 1896 in Petro-Svistunovo, Ukraine. Debut Gipsy in Sorochintsky Fair (Mussorgsky) 3 Oct 1925 Created Valko in Young Guard (Mejtus) Kalinchuk in Perekop (Mejtus).

  • 1961 Birth of American composer Lowell Liebermann, in NYC.

  • 1962 FP of Benjamin Lees' Concerto for Orchestra No. 1, in Rochester, NY. CONSUMER INFORMATION.

  • 1971 Birth of soprano Andzella Kirse. Teacher, Anita Garanca.

  • 1983 Death of English conductor Sir Adrian Boult. Best known for his interpretations of English music, he trained and conducted the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

  • 1983 Death of soprano Giuseppina Arnaldi. Born 1921 in Ventimiglia.  Died 22 Feb 1983 Debut as Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1945 Sang in premiere of Ipocrata Felice (Ghedini) Il Giuduzio Universale (Tosatti).

  • 1984 Death of tenor Giovanni Manuritta. Born 1 Aug 1895 in Sassari. Debut as Ernesto in Don Pasquale (Donizetti) 1922 Teacher, Alfredo Martino Pupils, Anna Sassone-Saster, Lina Lanza, Gino Lussardi Sang in premiere of Giocondo e il Suo Re (Jachino).

  • 1986 Death of soprano Victoria Elliott. Born 1922 in Gateshead. Debut as Siebel in Faust (Gounod) 1940 Teacher, Rosetta Pampanini Created Lady Hamilton in Nelson (Berkeley).

  • 1987 Death of baritone Afro Poli Lebendige Vergangenheit - Afro Poli. Born 22 Dec 1902 in Pisa. Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1927 Pupil, Domenic Natoli Sang in premiere of Pulce D'Oro (Ghedini) Madonna Imperia (Alfano) Il Dottor Antonio (Alfano).

  • 2013 Death of German conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch at age 89. b 26 AUG 1923. Wikipedia
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