• 1679 FP of Alesandro Scarlatti's first opera Gli Equivoci nel Sembiante at Teatro Capranica, in Rome.

  • 1687 Birth of Italian composer and violinist Francesco GEMINIANI. (Baptised 5 DEC 1687). d-Dublin, 17 SEP 1762.

  • 1705 Death of French composer Jean Gilles in Toulouse. b-Tarascon, 8 JAN 1668.

  • 1748 Birth of German composer Christian Gottlob NEEFE in Chemnitz. d-Dessau, 26 JAN 1798.

  • 1755 Birth of mezzo-soprano Carolina Fredrika Mueller in Copenhagen.  Died 17 Nov 1826 Created Christina Gyllenstierna in Gustaf Wasa (Naumann) Christina von Holstein in Gustaf Adolf och Ebba Brahe (Vogler) Aretea in Alcides Intrade I Varlden (Haefffner).

  • 1763 Birth of tenor Charles Incledon in Cornwall. Died 11 Feb 1826 Debut as Alphonso in Castles of Andalusia (S Arnold) 1784 Teacher. Venanzio Rauzzini, Richard Landon, William Jackson Sang in premiere of Woodman (Shield).

  • 1791 Death of tenor John Beard. Born 1717. Debut as Priest in Esther (Handel) 1732 Created Macheath in Beggar's Opera (Pepusch) Artabanes in Artaxerxes (Arne) Lurcanio in Ariodante (Handel) Oronte in Alcina (Handel) Jupiter in Semele (Handel) Amintas in Atlanta (Handel) Samson in Samson (Handel) Fabio in Berenice (Handel) Vitaliano in Giustino (Handel) Varo in Arminio (Handel) Sang in premiere of Devil to Pay (Coffey).

  • 1795 Death of tenor Antoine Trial. Born 1737 in Avignon. Debut as Bastien in Sorcier (Philidor) 4 July 1764 Created Ali in Zemire and Azor (Gretry) Bertrand in Deserteur (Monsigny) Andre in Epreuve Villageoise(Gretry) Crispin in Melomananie (Champein).

  • 1810 Birth of Norwegian composer and violinist Ole BULL, in Bergen. d- Lysø, 17 AUG 1880.

  • 1816 FP of Rossini's Barber of Seville, in Rome.

  • 1818 Birth of composer Samuel JACKSON. d-1885.

  • 1825 Death of tenor Pierre Gaveaux. Born 9 Oct 1760 in Beziers. Died 5 Feb 1825 Teachers, Francois Beck, Combes Created Jason in Medee (Cherubini) Floreska in Lodoiska (Cherubini) Romeo in Romeo et Juliette (Steibelt) Florestan in Leonore (Beethoven) Belfort in Les Visitandines (Devienne) Armand in Les Deux Journees (Cherubini) Ruben in Joseph (Mehul).

  • 1852 Marriage of soprano Jenny Lind to her pianist, Otto Goldschmidt.

  • 1862 Birth of Mexican composer Felipe VILLANUEVA in Tecamac, state, Mexico. d-Mexico City, 28 MAY 1893.

  • 1865 Birth of American composer Harvey Worthington LOOMIS. d-1930.

  • 1866 Birth of American composer Rossetter Gleason COLE. Gershwin's teacher. d-1952.

  • 1868 Birth of Belgian composer Lodewijk MORTELMANS in Antwerp. d-Antwerp, 24 JUN 1952.

  • 1875 Birth of Spanish pianist Ricardo VINES. d-suburban Severac, 29 APR 1943. Hear: The cemetier au printemps.

  • 1883 Birth of Austrian tenor Alfred PICCAVER in Vienna.

  • 1884 Birth of tenor Alfred Piccaver in Long Sutton Lincoln. Died 23 Sep 1958 Debut as Fenton in Falstaff (Verdi) 1 Sep 1912 Teachers, Mme Jaeger, Allan Lindsey, Ludmilla Prohaska-Neumann, Rosario Pupils,Nigel Douglas, Oldrich Kovar, Hugh Beresford Created Marzellus in Theodora (Zorlig) Sang in premiere of Ring of Polycrates (Korngold).

  • 1887 FP of Verdi's opera Otello with Toscanini at the cello, at La Scala in Milan.

  • 1894 Birth of tenor William Wernigk in Chemnitz.   Died 21 Jan 1973 Sang in premiere of Die Dame im Traum (Salmhofer) Danton's Tod (Von Einem).

  • 1895 Pianist Rosina Lhevinne debuts with the Moscow Symphony.

  • 1895 FP of Ippolitiv-Ivanov's Caucasian Sketches, in Moscow. The composer conducting. CD-Khachaturian/Ippolitov-Ivanov: Orchestral Works.

  • 1897 FP in USA of Richard Strauss' Also Spracht Zarathustra in Chicago with Theodore Thomas conducting.

  • 1898 Birth of tenor Yoshie Fujiwara in Fukuoka, Japan.  Died 22 Mar 1976. Debut 1921

  • 1902 Birth of Polish composer Bronislaw KAPER. d-1983. send update

  • 1903 Birth of Persian violinist Ivan GALAMIAN in Tabriz.

  • 1904 Birth of soprano Erna Schluter in Oldenburg.  Died 1 Dec 1969 Debut 1925 Sang in premiere of Der Rossknecht (Zillig).

  • 1907 Death of German composer Ludwig Thuille, age 45, in Munich. b-Bozen, 30 NOV 1861.

  • 1909 Birth of Polish composer Grazyna BACEWICZ in Lodz. d-Warsaw, 17 JAN 1969.

  • 1911 Birth of Swedish tenor Jussi BJORLING, in Stora Tina. d-near Stockholm, 9 SEP 1960. However 2 February is the date he thought of as his birthday and celebrated all his life. It is the date on his tombstone. d-6 Sep 1960 Debut as Ottavio in Don Giovanni (Mozart) 1930 Teachers:- David Bjorling (father), John Forsell, Joseph Hislop Julia Svedelius, Tullio Voghera Created Martin Skarp in Fanal (Atterberg) Bargeman in Journey to America (Rosenberg).

  • 1916 Death of tenor Francesco Marconi. Born 14 May 1853 in Rome. Debut as Faust in Faust (Gounod) 1878 Teachers, Ottavio Bartolini, Veneslao Persichini, Enrico Tamberlik Sang in premiere of La Pellegrina (Clementi) Spartaco (Platania).

  • 1917 Birth of Austrian bass-baritone Otto EDELMANN in Vienna. d-Vienna, Austria 14 MAY 2003. Star of the Vienna State Opera famous for his interpretation of Strauss's Baron Ochs. Andante, obituary, London Times, obituary, NY Times, obituary. Debut as Figaro in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1937 Teachers:- Gruner Graarud, Josef Krips, Theodor Lierhammer

  • 1921 Birth of English conductor Sir John PRITCHARD in London. d-San Francisco, 5 DEC 1989.

  • 1926 Birth of French composer and teacher Andre GEDALGE in Chessy. d-Paris, FEB 1926.

  • 1929 Death of German composer and choral conductor Siegfried Ochs in Berlin. b-Frankfurt-am-main, 19 APR 1858.

  • 1931 Birth of soprano Elvina Ramella in Biella. Debut as Rosina in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1951 Teachers, Italo Brancucci, Elvira De Hidalgo.

  • 1934 Birth of tenor Pietro Bottazzo in Padua. Died 22 Sep 1999. Debut as Wilhelm in Mignon (Thomas) 1959 Teachers, Cecilia Sacchetti, Maria Carbone Sang in premiere of Sentenza (Manzoni).

  • 1934 Birth of English conductor and organist John POOLE.

  • 1939 FP of Carl Orff's opera Der Mond 'The Moon' at the Nationaltheater, in Munich.

  • 1942 Death of tenor Robert Hutt. Born 8 Aug 1878 in Karlsruhe.  Died 5 Feb 1942 Debut 1903 Teachers, Wilhelm Guggenbuhler, Julius Kniese Sang in premiere of Oberst Chabert (Waltershausen).

  • 1943 Birth of French-American composer Ivan TCHEREPNIN, near Paris. d-Boston, 14 APR 1998. Harvard Obit.

  • 1945 Birth of Czech tenor Josef PROTSCHKA in Prague. Debut 1977. Teachers, Erika Koth, Peter Witsch.

  • 1945 Birth of American soprano Phyllis BRYN-JULSON. Pupil:- Anna-Maria Bogner

  • 1951 Birth of American composer Elizabeth SWADOS.

  • 1952 Birth of English soprano Marilyn Hill SMITH.

  • 1953 Birth of American composer Lawrence SHERR.

  • 1953 Death of soprano Suzanne Adams. Born 28 Nov 1872 in Cambridge, Mass. Debut as Juliette in Romeo et Juliette (Gounod) 1894 Teachers, Jacques Bouhy, Mathilde Marchesi, Created Hero in Much Ado About Nothing (Stanford).

  • 1958 Death of baritone William Michael. Born 10 Jul 1888 in Ammansford So. Wales.  Died 5 Feb 1958 Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1917.

  • 1958 FP of Sir Michael Tippett's Symphony No. 2. BBC Symphony, Sir Adrian Boult conducting, in London.

  • 1954 FP at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Presenting Mozart's Don Giovanni.

  • 1962 Death of bass Leon Bjorker. Born 1 May 1900. Debut in Crown Bride (Rangstrom) 1929 Teachers, John Forsell, Oskar Lejdstrom Sang in premiere of Marionetter (Rosenberg) Fanal (Atterberg) Aladdin (Atterberg) Genoveva (Berg) Der Sturm (Atterberg).

  • 1962 Death of French composer Jacques Ibert, at age 71, in Paris. b-Paris, 15 AUG 1890. Search  Jacques Ibert.

  • 1967 Birth of Australian soprano and composer Sonia JACOBSEN in Camden, New South Wales.

  • 1969 FP of Thea Musgrave's Clarinet Concerto, in London.

  • 1970 FP of Elliott Carter's Concerto for Orchestra. New York Philharmonic.

  • 1991 Death of baritone John Hargreaves. Born 10 Mar 1910 in Colne Lancs. Debut as Valentin in Faust (Gounod) 1936 Teacher, Frederick Austin Pupil, Malcolm Rivers Created Charles Strickland in Moon & Sixpence(Gardner).

  • 2000 Death of Canadian composer Barbara Pentland. b-Winnipeg, 2 JAN 1912.

  • 2000 Death of baritone Pablo Elvira. Born 24 Sep 1938 in San Juan, P R.  Died 5 Feb 2000 Debut as Rigoletto in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1968 Teacher, Angeles Ottein Created Heracles in Heracles (Eaton).

  • 2003 FP of Kaija Saariaho's Terestre. Camilia Hortenga, flute; Felix Fan, cello; Bridget Kibbey, harp; Steven Schick, percussion; Yonah Zur, violin. Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, NYC.

  • 2004 FP of Stephen Paulus' Paean commissioned by Pat and Reidar Bjorhovde, symphony patrons. Tucson Symphony Orchestra, George Hanson conducting as part of the TSO´s Diamond Jubilee in Tucson, AZ.

  • 2004 FP of Bright Sheng´s The Pheonix. Jane Eagland, soprano. Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwartz, conducting, in Seattle, WA.

  • 2014 Death of Richard Hayman born March 27, 1920. American arranger, Boston Pops over 30 years, harmonica player (Ruby) and conductor....St. Louis, Boston and NAXOS popular music albums.
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