Georg Phillip TELEMANN
  • 1623 Birth of composer Adam-Nicolas Gascon.
  • 1681 Birth of German composer Georg Phillip TELEMANN in Magdeburg. He turned down the post of cantor at the Leipzig St. Thomas School that eventually was given to J. S. Bach. d-Hamburg, 25 JUN 1767.
  • 1714 (8th?)Birth of German composer Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH, third son, second surviving son, of J.S., in Vienna.
  • 1726 Birth of composer Josef Antonin Stepan.
  • 1727 Birth (baptism) of German composer Johann Gottlieb GOLDBERG in Danzig. d- 13 APR 1756.
  • 1734 FP of G. F. Handel's anthem This is the day which the Lord hath made for the wedding of Princess Anne and Prince Willem, the Prince of Orange, at the French Chapel of St. James's Palace, in London.
  • 1755 Birth of composer Pierre-Louis Couperin.
  • 1795 Birth of composer Rubert Lucas Pearsall.
  • 1796 Birth of tenor Anton Haizinger in Lichtenstein. Debut as Gianetto in Gazza Ladra (Rossini) 1821 Teachers, Giuseppe Mozatti, Woelkert Created Adolar in Euryanthe (Weber)
  • 1804 Birth of Austrian composer Johann STRAUSS, Sr. in Vienna. d- 25 SEP 1849. Was father of Josef and Johann, Jr. d-25 SEP 1849.
  • 1815 Birth of German-American composer Josephine LANG. d-2 DEC 1880.
  • 1824 FP of Franz Schubert's String Quartet in a, D. 804. Schuppanzigh Quartet in Vienna. Published in September, 1824, it was the only chamber work by Schubert published during his life.CD- Franz Schubert: String Quartets D 804.
  • 1826 Birth of American composer William Fiske SHERWIN in Buckland, MA. d-Boston, Ma. 14 APR 1888.
  • 1831 Birth of composer Leon Leopold Lewandoski.
  • 1835 Birth of composer Manuel Fernandez Caballero.
  • 1845 Birth of German composer August BUNGERT.
  • 1847 FP of G. Verdi's opera Macbeth at the Teatro della Pergolain Florence.
  • 1850 Birth of German musicologist Heinrich REIMANN. d-1906.
  • 1857 Birth of bass Eduard Aschenbrenner in Jicin.  Died 2 Nov 1921 Debut 1879 Teacher, Jan Lukes Sang in premiere of Porin (Lisinski)
  • 1859 Death of tenor Nicola Tacchinardi. Born 3 Sep 1772 in Livorno. Debut 1804 Teacher, Gaetano Crivelli Pupils, Erminia Frezzolini, Fanny Persiani Created Aristodemo in Sacrifizio D'Epito (Carafa) Temistocle in Temistocle (Pacini) Jarba in Didone Abbandonata (Mercadante) Feraspe in Nitocri (Mercadante) Duca di Lavarenne in Margherita D'Anjou (Meyerbeer) Trajano in Trajano in Dacia (Nicolini) Geronte in Emira Regina D'Egitto (Mosca G) Teseo in Fedra (Mayr) Sang in premiere of Danaidi (Morlacchi) Cesare nellie Gallie (Nicolini)
  • 1861 Birth of Boston piano craftsman Alexander STEINERT. Founder of Steinert Concert Hall. Son of Morris Steinert.
  • 1865 Death of tenor Carlo Negrini. Born 24 July 1826 in Piacenza. Debut as Jacopo in I Due Foscari (Verdi) 1847 Teacher, Angelo Boracchi Pupil, Francesco Merli Created Gabriele Adorno in Simon Baccanegra (Verdi) Glauco in Ione (Petrella) Glauco in Morosina (Petrella) Adel-Muza in L'Ebreo (Apolloni) Adelchi in Adelchi (Apolloni) Rienzi in Rienzi (Peri) Sang in premiere of Virginia (Petrella)
  • 1870 Birth of tenor Reinhold Batz. Born 14 Mar 1870 in Dusseldorf.  Died 19 Sep 1935 Debut as Max in Freischutz (Weber) 1900 Sang in premiere of Il Cuore delle Fanciulla (Buongiorno).
  • 1871 Birth of Swedish-American soprano Olive FREMSTAD in Stockholm. d-Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 21 APR 1951. Debut as Azucena in Trovatore (Verdi) 21 May 1895 Teachers:- E F Bristol, Lilli Lehmann Created Iolanthe in Wald (Smyth)
  • 1871 Birth of bass Vladimir Kastorsky Prima Voce: Vladimir Kastorsky in Moscow. Died 2 July 1948 Debut 1894 Teachers, Antonio Cotogni, Stanislaus I.Gabel Created Dulcimer Player in Invisible City of Kitesh (Rimsky-Korsakov) Old Man in Servilia (Rimsky-Korsakov).
  • 1875 Birth of tenor Piero Schiavazzi in Cagliari. Died 25 June 1949 Debut as Cenciaiuolo in the premiere of Iris (Mascagni) 1898 Created Mateo in Conchita (Zandonai).
  • 1875 Birth of composer Norman Houstoun O'Neill.
  • 1877 Birth of tenor Paul Reimers Reprint Paul Reimers 1900 in London.  Died 14 Apr 1942 Debut as Max in Freischutz (Weber) 1903 Teachers, Jean Criticos, George Henschel, Spengel Raimund von Zur Muhlen Pupil, Martha Lipton
  • 1883 Birth of composer Juan Manen.
  • 1884 Birth of American composer Wintter WATTS. d-1962.
  • 1885 FP of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Mikado at the Savoy Theater, London.CD: Sullivan: Mikado
  • 1886 Birth of baritone Stepan Chodounsky in Prague. D-11 Oct 1954 Teacher, Konrad Wallerstein
  • 1887 Birth of English composer and conductor Sir Laurence COLLINGWOOD.
  • 1893 Birth of tenor Ferdinando Ciniselli in Mortara. Died 30 Jan 1954 Debut as Alfredo in Traviata (Verdi) 1919 Pupil, Primo Zambruno Created Renato in Via della Finestra (Zandonai)
  • 1893 Birth of tenor Franco Lo Giudice in Paterno.  Died 8 Aug 1990 Debut in Fanciulla del West (Puccini) 1915 Teachers, Matteo Aderno, Beniamino Carelli, Di Cagno, Luigi Lucenti Antonio Savastano Created Gosta Berling in Cavalieri di Ekuba (Zandonai) Sing in premiere Giuliano (Zandonai) Dafni (Mule)
  • 1894 Birth of composer Josef Schelb.
  • 1904 Birth of soprano Iris Adami Corradetti in Milan. 21 Jun 1998 Debut as Coralito in Anima Allegra (Vittadini) 25 Nov 1927 Teacher, Bice Adami Pupils, Mara Zampieri, Franca Como, Elio Battaglia Franco Boscolo, Rosanna Carteri, Rosanna Lippi Wladimiro Ganzarolli, Rosa Laghezza, Miwako Matsumoto Alessandro Mantovani, Katia Ricciarelli, Gianni Amato Antonio Salvadori, Margherita Rinaldi, Katharina Ikonomou Lucia Valentini-Terrani, Margherita Roberti Created Lucieta in Campiello (Wolf-Ferrari) Sang in premiere of Pulce D'Oro (Ghedini) La Notte di Zoraima (Montemezzi) Bacco in Toscana (Castelnuovo-Tedesco) Monte Ivnor (Rocca).
  • 1904 Birth of tenor Ferdinand Burgmann in Kuttenplan, Bohemia.  Died 30 May 1987 Teachers, Konrad Wallerstein, Josef von Manowarda Created Old Man in Peer Gynt (Egk) Aart in Rembrandt van Rijn (Von Klenau).
  • 1905 Death of tenor Fyodor Petrovich Komissarzhevsky. Born 1838 in Kiev. Debut 1863 Teacher, E Repetto Pupil, Stanislavsky Created Grigori in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) Sinodal in Demon (Rubinstein) Giovanni in Stone Guest (Dargomizhsky) Vakula in Vakula the Smith (Tchaikovsky)
  • 1906 Birth of composer Ulvi Cemal Erkin.
  • 1908 Birth of composer Nikolay Petrovich Rakov.
  • 1908 FP of Maurice Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole at a Colonne Concert in Paris. CD- Ravel: Orchestral works.
  • 1913 Birth of composer Witold Rudzinski.
  • 1914 Birth of composer Jiri Reinberger.
  • 1914 Birth of soprano Sari Barabas in Hungary. Debut as Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1939 Teacher, Frau Speckler.
  • 1915 Birth of composer Alexander Brott.
  • 1915 Birth of composer Carlos Surinach Carlos Surinach: Melorhythmic Dramas; Symphonic Variations; Feria Magica Overture; Sinfonietta Flamenca in Barcelona Spain.
  • 1915 Birth of bass-baritone Josef Pollak in Vienna. Teachers, Oto Iro, Hans Frolich, Hermann Jadlowker.
  • 1918 Death of Russian composer and music critic Cesar Cui at age 83. He urged many of his composer friends to ignore European influences and write music with a distinctly Russian sound.
  • 1926 Birth of composer Francois d'Assise Morel.
  • 1929 Feodor Chaliapin gave his final performance in Boris Godunov, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
  • 1930 Birth of German vicar and composer Dieter Schnebel.
  • 1930 FP of Arnold Bax Third Symphony in London. CD- Bax: Symphony No. 3.
  • 1932 Birth of bass Marius Rintzler in Bucharest. Debut as Basilio in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1964 Teacher, Aurel Alexandrescu.
  • 1932 Death of photo pioneer George Eastman, founded Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.
  • 1934 Birth of bass-baritone Carl Allen Schultz in Los Angeles. Teachers, Walter Ducloux, Gwendolyn Koldofsky, Fritz Schaetzler Sang in premiere of Incidents at Emergency Landing (Blacher).
  • 1935 Birth of Dutch composer Jo van den BOOREN in Maastricht.
  • 1938 Conductor Bruno Walter resigns as conductor of the Vienna Opera after Nazi's take Austria. Forced to leave country with property confisgated.
  • 1941 Birth of soprano Rachel Mathes in Atlanta. Debut as Aida in Aida (Verdi) 1965 Teachers, Edith Boroschek, Marie Wagner Created Pentheus's Mother in Pentheus (Valdambrini) Sang in premiere of Marchen vo der schonen Lilie (Klebe).
  • 1949 In Philadelphia, PA, radio station WFLN-FM begins broadcasting classical music to the people of the Delaware Valley...with early announcers such as Frank Carter, Al Barclay, Taylor Grant, John Edwards, Alan Campbell, Ken Orr, Dave Conant, Ed Cunningham, Jim Keeler and Ralph Collier. The station also produced and syndicated the broadcasts of The Philadelphia Orchestra. New ownership drops format on 5 SEP 1997. 95.7 History
  • 1954 Birth of Welsh baritone Philip JOLL in Merthyr Tydfil. Debut as Bonze in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 1978 Teachers, Frederic Cox, Reginald Goodall, Hans Hotter, Nicholas Powell.
  • 1954 Death of soprano Zdenka Fassbender. Born 12 Dec 1879 in Decin, Czechoslovakia.   Died 14 Mar 1954 Debut as Rachel in Juive (Halevy) 1899 Teacher, Sophie Lowe-Destinn Created Ilsebill in Ilsebill (Klose).
  • 1963 FP of Robert Simpson's Symphony No. 3, in Birmingham, England. Robert Simpson: Symphony No. 3; Clarinet QuintetCD- Robert Simpson: Symphony No. 3.
  • 1966 Death of baritone Dennis Noble. Born 25 Sep 1899 in Bristol. Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1923 Teacher, Dinh Gilly Pupil, Margaret Norden Created Sam Weller in Pickwick (Coates) Sweyne in Serf (Lloyd) Sang in premiere of Judith (Goossens) Leper's Flute (Bryson) Trevallion (Philips) Don Juan de Manara (Goossen).
  • 1967 Birth of Argentinian conductor and composer Alejandro RUTTY.
  • 1969 Death of soprano Mercedes Capsir. Born 20 July 1895 in Barcelona. Debut as Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1914 Teacher, Bidai Neunei Pupil, Juan Oncina Sang in premiere of Re (Leoncavallo)
  • 1972 Birth of American composer and violinist Keeril MAKAN.
  • 1974 Birth of American composer Ariel BLUMENTHAL.
  • 1975 FP of Ulysses Kay's Quintet Concerto for five brass solists and orchestra in New York.
  • 1976 FP of Paul Creston's Hyas Illahee for chorus and orchestra, in Shreveport, LA.
  • 1977 Death of tenor Julius Katona. Born 17 Jan 1902 in Berlin. Debut as Figaro in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1930 Teachers, Gertrude Foerstel, Josef von Manowarda, Julius von Raatz-Brockmann Sang in premiere of Marina (Dostal).
  • 1986 FP of Harrison Birtwistle's Earth Dances for orchestra. Peter Eotvos conducting the BBC Symphony, at Royal Festival Hall in London. CD- Birtwhistle: Earth Dances
  • 1996 FP of Leo Ornstein's Piano Sonata No. 6. Marvin Tartakat, pianist, at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, CA.
  • 2000 FP of David Maslanka's Wind Quintet No. 3. Missouri Quintet, in Columbua, Mo. CD- Blue Dawn into White Heat
  • 2001 FP of Richard Danielpour's Cello Concerto No. 2 Through the Ancient Valley at Lincoln Center, by soloist Yo-Yo Ma with the New York Philharmonic;
  • 2002 FP of Andre Previn's Violin Concerto, Previn: Violin Concerto / Bernstein: Serenadecommissioned by the Boston Symphony for soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter, with her future husband, Previn, conducting.
  • 2003 FP of Jim Mobberley's Vox Inhumana for live and prerecorded sounds. NewEar ensemble in Kansas City, MO.
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