Carl Friedrich ZOLLNER
  • 1519 Birth of French composer Thoinot (Jehan) ARBEAU (Tabourot). Thoinot Arbeau was an anagram for Jehan Tabourot, composer of early dance manuscript, Orchesography. d- 23 JUL 1595.
  • 1664 Birth of composer Georg Osterreich.
  • 1665 Baptismal of French vocalist and harpsichordist Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La GUERRE.
  • 1675 Birth of composer Petrus Laurentius Wockenfuss.
  • 1733 FP of Handel's operetta Deborah at the King's Theater in London. Handel doubles the ticket price which is rebuked by lack of public attendance.
  • 1746 Birth of composer Jan David Holland.
  • 1749 FP of Handel's Solomon in London.
  • 1772 Birth of American sacred choral composer Stephen JENKS. d-1856.
  • 1800 Birth of German choral director and composer Carl Friedrich ZOLLNER. d-Leipzig, 25 SEP 1860.
  • 1804 (18th) Death of Russian composer and violinist Ivan Evstaf'evich KHANDOSHKIN. b-c. 1746.
  • 1805 Birth of Spanish singing teacher Manuel Patricio GARCIA. Inventor of Laryngoscope. d-London, 1 JUL 1906 at age 101.
  • 1830 Debut of F. Chopin and FP of his Piano Concerto in f minor, Chopin soloist, in Warsaw.
  • 1839 Birth of German organist and composer Josef RHEINBERGER in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. d-25 NOV 1901.
  • 1846 FP of G. Verdi's opera Atilla at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
  • 1848 Birth of American composer Horace Wadham NICHOLL. d-1922.
  • 1860 Birth of bass Josef Alken in Trier. Died 19 Aug 1932 Sang in premiere of Der Pfeifertag (Schilling).
  • 1862 Death of French opera composer Jacques François Halévy at age 62, in Nice. b-Paris 29 MAY 1799.
  • 1867 FP of J. Brahms' Waltzes, Op. 39 for piano, in Vienna.
  • 1869 Death of soprano Teresa Saporiti. Born 1763 in Milan. Created Donna Anna in Don Giovanni (Mozart) Sang in premiere Arsace (P A Guglielmi) Rinaldo (P A Guglielmi) Nitteti (Bianchi).
  • 1871 Birth of tenor Giuseppe Borgatti Lebendige Vergangenheit - Giuseppe Borgatti (Complete recordings)+Fagoaga in Cento. Died 18 Oct 1950 Debut as Faust in Faust (Gounod) 1892 Teachers, Alessandro Busi, Elena Cuccoli Pupils, Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender, Martin Kremer, Heddle Nash Alfons Schutzendorf, Adolf Loeltgen Created as Andrea Chenier in Andrea Chenier (Giordano) Tartini in Tartini (Falchi) Merodachin in Semirama(Respighi) Sang in premiere of Cassandra (Gnecchi)
  • 1874 Birth of soprano Minnie Saltzman-Stevens in Bloomington, Illinois. Died 25 Jan 1950 Debut as Brunnhilde in Ring (Wagner) 1908 Teacher, Jean De Reszke
  • 1876 Birth of composer Frederic Ayers.
  • 1879 Birth of tenor Walter Kirchhoff in Berlin. Died 26 Mar 1951 Debut as Manrico in Trovatore (Verdi) 1906 Teachers, Lilli Lehmann, Eugen Robert Weiss.
  • 1879 FP of P. I. Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin in Moscow (New calendar: 29 MAR).
  • 1880 Birth of Columbian composer Guillermo Uribe-HOLGUIN in Bogata. d- 26 JUN 1971.
  • 1882 FP of A. Glazunov's Symphony No. 1, in St. Petersburg. (New calendar: 29 MAR).
  • 1890 Birth of American composer Harold MORRIS. d-1964.
  • 1892 FP of (1st mm) S. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 1. (New calendar: 29 MAR).
  • 1892 Birth of composer Sayed DarwishIt Makhtary Ya AroussaSayed Darwish / History of Arabic song / Recordings 1920 - 1923
  • 1899 Birth of baritone Walter Olitzki in Hamburg-Altona. Died 2 Aug 1949 Teacher. Ernst Grenzebach Sang in premiere Der Falcher (Toch)
  • 1900 Birth of American film composer and conductor Alfred NEWMAN in New Haven, CT. d-LA, CA, 17 FEB 1970. Search Alfred NEWMAN.
  • 1900 Premiere of Debussy's Chansons de Bilitis.
  • 1901 Birth of soprano Franca Somigli in Chicago.  Died 14 May 1974 Debut as Mimi in Boheme 1926 Teachers, Carlo Edwards, Mario Malatesta, Rosina Storchio Created Contarini in Orseolo (Pizzetti) Sang in premiere of Caracciolo (Vittadini) Prosperina (Bianchi)
  • 1902 Birth of tenor Antonio Salvarezza in Alissandria, Italy. Died 24 June 1984 Debut as Duke in Rigoletto (Verdi) 5 Apr 1937 Teacher, Filippo Floria Sang in premiere of La Zolfara (Mule)
  • 1902 Birth of tenor Walter Ludwig in Oeynhausen.  Died 15 May 1981 Debut 1928 Created Friedemann Bach in Friedemann Bach (Graener).
  • 1903 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Aldor in Mulrose. Teacher, H.Feinhaus
  • 1903 Birth of American coposer Radie BRITAIN, in Amarillo, TX. d-1994.
  • 1906 Birth of ballet dancer Tamara Geva.
  • 1907 Birth of soprano Ellabelle Davis in New Rochelle. d-15 Nov 1960 Debut in The Chaplet (Boyce) 1941 Teacher, William Patterson, Reina Le Zaro Pupil :- Edith Thallaug
  • 1908 Birth of composer Radie Britain.
  • 1911 Birth of composer Raffaele d' Alessandro.
  • 1917 Birth of Irish composer Brian BOYDELL. d-2000.
  • 1918 Birth of Dutch pianist, composer and painter D Arendo, aka Arend Honhoff.
  • 1920 Birth of American composer and pianist composer John LaMONTAINE in Oak Park, IL.
  • 1923 FP of R. Gliere's three act opera Shahk-Senem in Baku.
  • 1924 Birth of English composer Stephen DODGSON. He studied composition and later taught at the Royal College of Music.
  • 1927 Birth of composer Maurice Ingvar Karkoff.
  • 1927 Birth of composer Sulkhan Ivanovich Nasidze.
  • 1928 Birth of composer Edino Krieger.
  • 1930 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Betty Lou ALLEN in Campbell, OH. Debut in Four Saints in 3 Acts (Thomson) 1952 Teachers, Zinka Milanov, Sarah Peck More, Paul Ulanowsky Created Monisha in Treemonisha (Joplin)
  • 1933 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Steiner in Berlin. Debut as Wanda in Rosamunde Floris (Blacher) 1961 Teacher, Frida Leider Created Mary in Jesu Hochzeit (Von Einem) Spalanzani / Mother in Sandman (Kounadis) Eve in Kain (W.Muller) Rachel in Stern Geht auf aus Jaakob (Burkhard) Sang in premiere of Kommt Davon (Krenek) Incidents at Emergency Landing (Blacher) Zerrissene (Von Einem) Devils of Loudon (Penderecki) Unter dem Milchwalde (Steffens) Jesus Hochzeit (Egk) Der Goldene Bock (Krenek) Der Belagerungszustand (Keleman).
  • 1934 Birth of composer Erhard Grosskopf.
  • 1936 Birth of composer Ladislaw Kupkovic.
  • 1938 Birth of Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. In 1961 he defected to U.S. and danced with Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Martha Graham Dance Company and was artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet.
  • 1939 Death of soprano Thila Plaichinger. Born 13 Mar 1868 Vienna 17 Mar 1939 Debut 1893 Teachers, Louise Dustmann, Joseph Gansbacher, Frau Mampe-Babbnigg.
  • 1941 Birth of composer Edward Harper.
  • 1944 Birth of English pianist John LILL.
  • 1945 FP of N. Miakovsky's Cello Concerto, in Moscow.
  • 1946 Birth of English composer and pianist Michael FINNISSEY in London.
  • 1949 Birth of American composer Jane BROCKMAN.
  • 1951 American debut of soprano Victoria de Los Angeles at the MET Opera in NYC in Gounod's Faust.
  • 1951 FP of Paul Dessau's opera Die Verhör des Lukullus 'The Sentencing of Lucullus' at the Deutsche Staatsoper (Berlin State Opera) in East Berlin. Later revised as Die Verurteilung des Lukullus 'The Judgement of Lucullus' on 12 OCT 1851 (same venue). Libretto by Bertold Brecht.
  • 1954 FP of Quincy Porter's Concerto Concertante which won the Pulitzer Prize. Scored for two pianos and orchestra. Louisville, KY.
  • 1963 Birth of American composer Nick PEROS.
  • 1963 Death of tenor Hendrik Drost. Born 5 Jun 1891 in Amsterdam. Sang in premiere of Der Tag bim Licht (Grimm) Godiva (Roselius).
  • 1966 Death of mezzo-soprano Else Schurhoff. Born 21 June 1898 in Wuppertal. Died 17 Mar 1966 Teacher, Julius von Raatz-Brockmann.
  • 1967 FP of Marvin David Levy's opera Mourning Becomes Electra, based on play by Eugene O'Neill, at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.
  • 1970 Death of tenor Max Meili. Born 11 Dec 1899 in Winterthur. Teacher, Felix von Kraus Sang in premiere of Die Mutter (Haba).
  • 1971 Death of mezzo-soprano Margarethe Arndt-Ober. Born 15 Apr 1885 in Berlin. Debut as Azucena in Trovatore (Verdi) 1906 Teachers, Arthur Arndt (later Husband), Benno Stolzenberg Created Asa in Peer Gynt (Egk) Sang in premiere of Singing Devil (Schreker) Poia (Nevin).
  • 1971 Death of baritone Hans Lobel. Born 3 Apr 1906 in Dresden. Debut 1935 Teacher, Waldemar Staegemann Sang in premiere of Flut (Blacher).
  • 1972 FP of George Crumb's Vox balaenae for three masked musicians, in Washington, DC.
  • 1976 Death of soprano and coach Giulia Tess. Born 9 Feb 1889. Debut as Mignon in Mignon (Thomas) 1909 Teacher, Bottagiso Pupils, Atsuko Azuma, Fedora Barbieri, Michaela Botez, Bottagisio Margherita Casals, Raina Kabaivanska, Rolando Panerai Mirto Picchi, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Disma De Cecco Created Jaele in Debora e Jaele (Pizzetti) Judith in Judith (Honegger) Orsola in Campiello (Wolf-Ferrari)
  • 1979 Death of tenor Giacomo Lauri-Volpi Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (Prima Voce). Born 11 Dec 1892 in Rome. Debut as Arturo in Puritani (Bellini) 2 Sept 1919 Teachers:- Antonio Cotogni, Enrico Rosati Created Pedro in Anima Allegra (Vittadini)
  • 1980 Death of Dutch composer Rudolph George Escher in De Koog. b-Amsterdam, 8 JAN 1912.
  • 1988 Death of bass Raffeale Arie. Born 26 Aug 1920 in Bulgaria. Debut 1945 Teachers, Apollo Granforte, Riccardo Stracciari, Carlo Tagliabue Christo Brambarov Created Trulove in Rake's Progress (Stravinsky) Dikoy in Uragano (Rocca) Aegisthis in Clitennestra (Pizzetti) Sang in premiere of Stirpe di Davide (Mannino).
  • 2002 Death of tenor Gosta Winbergh. Born 30 Dec 1943 in Stockholm. Died 17 Mar 2002 Debut as Rodolfo in Boheme (Puccini) 1971 Teachers, Carl Martin Oehman, Erik Saeden, Hjordis Schymberg Pupil :- Steve Davisilm
  • 2002 FP of Paul Schoenfield's Partita for violin and piano. Chamber Music Society of Minnesota concert with violinist Young-Nam Kim, the composer at the piano in St. Paul, MN.
  • 2003 FP of Augusta Reed Thomas' Pulsar. Ilya Gringolts, violin at Wigmore Hall in London.
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