MAY 22

Johannes Schmidlin

  • 1722 Birth of composer Johannes Schmidlin. d-1772

  • 1723 J.S. Bach arrives in Leipzig to become cantor of St. Thomas Church.

  • 1759 Birth of composer Gervais-Francois Couperin

  • 1780 Birth of composer Jan Emmanuel Dulezalek

  • 1783 Birth of composer Thomas Forbes Walmisley

  • 1790 Birth of tenor Giuseppe Ciccimarra in Altamura. Died 5 Dec 1836 Pupils, Sophie Loewe, Joseph Tichatschek Created Aaron in Mose in Egitto (Rossini) Iago in Otello (Rossini) Pylades in Ermione (Rossini) Goffredo & Carlo in Armida (Rossini) Condulmiero in Maometto II (Rossini) Ernesto in Ricciardo e Zoraide (Rossini) Togorma in Berenice in Siria (Carafa) Fausto in Last day of Pompei (Pacini)

  • 1790 FP of Mozart's String Quartets in D, K. 575 and Bb, K. 589 at his home in Vienna.

  • 1811 Birth of Italian soprano Giulia Grisi in Milan. Died 29 Nov 1869. Debut as Emma in Zelmira (Rossini) 1828 Teachers, Virginia Boccabadati, Filippo Celli, Giacomelli, Giuseppina Grassini, Giuditta Grisi, Marliani, Giuditta Pasta, Ciro Pinsuti Created Giulietta in Capuletti e I Montecchi (Bellini) Adalgisa in Norma (Bellini) Elvira in Puritani (Bellini) Norina in Don Pasquale (Donizetti) Adelia in Ugo Conte di Parigi (Donizetti) Amelia in Briganti (Mercadante) Elena in Marino Faliero (Donizetti) Evelina in Enrico di Monfort (Coccia) Mistress Ford in Falstaff (Balfe) Queen in Don Carlos (Costa) Violetta Tiepole in Bravo (Marliani) Sang in premiere of Degonda (Marliani) Corrado D'Altamura (Ricci F)

  • 1813 Birth of German composer Richard WAGNER in Leipzig. d-Venice, 13 FEB 1883.Search for Richard WAGNER

  • 1813 FP of Rossini's opera The Italian Woman in Algiers at the Teatro San Benedetto in Venice.

  • 1820 Birth of composer Alexander Ernst Fesca

  • 1822 Birth of English conductor and Gresham College professor Henry WYLDE. Founder of London Academy of Music. Perhaps flute maker.

  • 1836 FP of Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio Paulus 'St. Paul', composer conducting, at the Lower Rhine Music Festival in Düsseldorf.

  • 1850 Birth of Austrian violinist and composer Johann SCHRAMMEL in Neulerchenfeld. d-Vienna, 17 JUN 1893.

  • 1852 Birth of French violinist Emile SAURET. m-pianist Teresa Carreno.

  • 1854 (´56?)Birth of English-American organist and composer Humphrey John STEWART in London. d-San Diego, CA, 1932.

  • 1861 Birth of tenor Desire Pauwels in Ghent. Died 25 Jan 1942. Pupils :- Louis Morrison, Sophie Pauwels van Biene. 

  • 1865 Birth of Catalan-Argentinian conductor and teacher Enrique MORERA in Barcelona. d-Barcelona, 11 MAR 1942.

  • 1870 Birth of French composer Jean CRAS in Brest. d- Brest, 14 SEP 1932.

  • 1872 Richard Wagner lays the cornerstone of his Festival Theater in Bayreuth, Germany. It was his 59th birthday.

  • 1873 Birth of Estonian composer Rudolf TOBIAS.

  • 1874 FP of Verdi's Requiem, conducted by the composer in Milan.

  • 1874 Birth of composer Francesco Paolo Neglia

  • 1879 Birth of American composer Eastwood LANE. d-22 JAN 1951. CD-Music for Moderns, Vol. 1

  • 1879 Birth of composer Jean Emile Paul Cras

  • 1884 Birth of composer Alceo Toni

  • 1885 Birth of Costa Rican composer Julio FONSECA in San Jose. d-22 JUN 1950.

  • 1891 Birth of French composer and arranger Lucien CAILLIET. d-1984. Search  for Lucien CAILLIET

  • 1892 Birth of Dutch tenor Louis Van Tulder in Amsterdam. Died Oct 1969. Debut 1915 Teacher :- Aaltje Noordewierreddingius.

  • 1899 Birth of pianist Marcelle MEYER. Ses Enregistrements 1925-1957: Marcelle Meyer's complete EMI recordings CD-Rarities of Marcelle Meyer

  • 1900 Birth of Flemish coloratura soprano Vina BOVY. Debut Met in La Traviata in 1936. A native of Ghent, aka Johanna Pauline Bovi, d-1983. Debut as Argentine in Deux Billets (Poise).

  • 1902 Birth of Czech baritone Emanuel Kopecky in Prague. Teachers:- Gaetano Bavagnoli, Emil Burian, Egon Fuchs, Bohumila Rosenkranzova.

  • 1907 Birth of Corsican soprano Marta Angelici. Died 11 Sep 1973 Debut as La Plieuse in Louise (Charpentier) 1938 Teacher, Anfred Mahy

  • 1909 Birth of English composer Minna KEAL. d-1999.

  • 1911 FP of Debussy's Martyre de Saint-Sebastien. André Caplet conducting Paris Opera at the Théatre du Châtelet.

  • 1916 Birth of American composer Gordon BINKERD.

  • 1917 Birth of Austrian conductor George TINTNER in Vienna.

  • 1921 Birth of English trumpeter Humphrey LYTTLETON.

  • 1924 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Piano Concerto at Koussevitzky Concert, at the Paris Opéra conducted by Serge Koussevitzky, composer was the pianist in Paris.

  • 1924 Birth of composer Claude Andre Francois Ballif

  • 1925 Birth of British clarinetist Thea KINGSearch  for Thea KING.

  • 1925 Birth of Argentinian baritone Norbeto Carmona in Mendoza Argentina. Debut as Germont in Traviata (Verdi) 1956 Teachers, Jerome Hines, Julio Perceval, Marcello Urizar

  • 1925 Birth of American tenor James KING in Dodge City, KS. Debut as Don Jose in Carmen (Bizet) 1961 Teachers, Oren Brown, Ralph Errolle, Williams Hughes, Max Lorenz, Martial Singher.

  • 1926 Birth of bass Forbes ROBINSON.

  • 1929 Birth of composer Asher Ben-Yohanan

  • 1931 FP of William Grant Still's ballet Sahdji. Eastman Ballet and Rochester Civic Orchestra, Howard Hanson conducting. CD-Fiesta in Hi-Fi

  • 1933 Birth of American pianist John BROWNING in Denver. d-26 JAN 2003 of heart failure at his home in Wisconsin at age 69. NY Times, obit | Search  for John BROWNING pianist

  • 1934 Birth of American pianist and conductor of the Philadelphia Pops Orchestra, Peter NEROCD-All the Things You Are | Search for Peter NERO.

  • 1935 Birth of American tenor Mallory Walker in New Orleans. Debut as Tom in Rakes Progress (Stravinsky) 1959 Teachers, Cornelius Reid, George Schick Created Otone's Mother & Lord Dragon of Iwi in Joruri (Miki).

  • 1949 Death of German composer Hans Pfitzner in Salzburg at age 80 in Salzburg. b-Moscow, 5 MAY 1869.

  • 1977 Death of Dutch composer Marius Monnikendam in Haarlem. b-28 MAY 1896.

  • 1950 FP of Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs in London. CD-Strauss: Four Last Songs / Karajan, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

  • 1982 FP of Alvin Singleton's A Yellow Rose Petal for orchestra. Houston Symphony, C. William Harwood conducting. CD-Singleton: Shadows

  • 1990 FP of John Harbison's Simple Daylight with text by Michael Fried, with soprano Dawn Upshaw and pianist Alan Feinberg at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. CD-Simple Daylight, Words From Paterson

  • 1999 FP of Bright Sheng's Flute Moon with Aralee Dorough, flute. Houston Symphony, Christoph Eschenbach conducting. CD-Sheng: China Dreams; Flute Moon

  • 2003 FP of Melinda Wagner´s Piano Concerto Extremity of Sky commissioned by the Chicago Symphony, Emanuel Ax with the Chicago Symphony under Daniel Barenboim. She won Pulitzer Prize in 1999.

  • 2013 Death of French modernist composer Henri Dutilleux . b-22 Jan 1916.
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