Ferdinand DAVID

  • 1613 Birth of composer Christian de Placker
  • 1701 Birth of French composer François RéBEL in Paris. d-Paris, 7 NOV 1775.
  • 1708 Birth of German composer Johann Gottlieb JANITSCH. d- 1763.
  • 1738 FP of Feo's "Polinice" Madrid.
  • 1747 Death of Italian composer Allessandro Marcello in Padua. b-Venice, 24 AUG 1669.
  • 1766 Birth of composer Edmund Weber
  • 1782 Birth of composer John Bray
  • 1793 FP of Cimasosa's "I traci amanti" Naples.
  • 1810 Birth of German violinist and composer Ferdinand DAVID. Leipzig teacher, Gewandhaus concertmaster. FP Mendelssohn VC, music of Bach and Beethoven.
  • 1810 The concertina is patented in England by Wheatstone.
  • 1810 Birth of composer Ferdinand David, violist/compser (Hohe Schule des Violinspiels)
  • 1815 Birth of Irish composer and organist John William GLOVER. d-Dublin, 15 JAN 1900. Operas, "The Deserted Village" (London, 1880); 2 Italian operas. Cantata: "St. Partick at Tara" (1870); "Erin's Matin Song" (1873).
  • 1817 FP of Carafa's "Ifigenia in Tauride" Naples.
  • 1825 FP of Rossini's "Il viaggio a Reims, ossia L'albergo del Giglio d'Oro" Paris, with Giuditta Pasta (s) (1797-1865) It.
  • 1842 Birth of Austrian composer Carl ZELLER in St. Peter, Germany. d-Baden-Baden, 17 AUG 1898. Operettas, "Joconde" (Vienna, 1876); "The Fornarina" (Munich, 1878); "Capitaen Nicoll, or the Carbonari" (Vienna, 1880); "The vagabond" (Vienna, 1886); "The bird dealer" (Vienna, 1891); "The upper riser" (Vienna, 1894); "The cellar master" (Vienna, 1901).
  • 1843 Birth of French composer Charles Edouard LEFEBVRE in Paris.
  • 1854 Birth of Italian composer Alfredo CATALANI in Lucca. Today remembered for his opera, La Wally. d-Milan, 7 AUG 1893, Tuberculosis. Operas, "La Falce" (Milan, 1875); "Elda" (Turin, 1888; rev. "Loreley," Turin, 1890); "Dejanice" (Milan, 1883); "Edmea" (Milan, 1886); "La Wally" (Milan, 1892).
  • 1866 Birth of Danish tenor Einar FORCHHAMMAR in Copenhagen. d-15 AUG 1928. Debut as Lohengrin in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1895. Teachers were Durslev, S. Miskov, Julius Lieban, Giovanni Sbriglia.
  • 1867 Birth of German tenor Stanislav DOUBRAVSKY in Kolin. d-4 SEP 1924. Debut in Dalibor 13 Oct 1897. Teacher was Franz Pivoda.
  • 1869 Last day of a five-day "Great National Peace Jubilee" with an orchestra of 1000 and a chorus of 10,000. All organized by bandmaster Patrick Gilmore performing in a specially-constructed hall in Boston's Back Bay.
  • 1885 Birth of composer Stevan Hristic
  • 1886 Birth of Belgian composer Robert HERBERIGS in Ghent. d-Oudenaarde, 20 SEP 1974. Operas, "Le mariage de Rosine" (Ghent, 1925); "L'amour médecin" (Ghent, 1920); Cantata: "De Legende van St. Jubertus" (1909).
  • 1887 FP of Resnicek's "Die Jungfrau von Orleans" Prague.
  • 1887 FP of Flotow's "Die Musikanten, or La Jeunesse de Mozart" Mannheim.
  • 1895 Birth of Russian soprano Anna LESKAYA in Kuev. d-NYC, 9 MAY 1983.
  • 1896 Birth of Australian organist George THALBEN-BALL who settled in England, and was organist at the Temple Church in London. City Organist of Birmingham. Performances popular on the BBC.
  • 1898 Birth of Swiss conductor Paul MULLER in Zurich. d -21 JUL 1993.
  • 1898 FP of Hausegger's "Zinnober" Munich, R. Strauss conducting.
  • 1899 FP of Elgar's Enigma Variations. Halle Orch at Queen's Hall, a Hans Richter concert in London.
  • 1904 Birth of composer Balis Dvarionas
  • 1905 Birth of composer Taneli Kuusisto
  • 1909 Birth of American composer and administrator Edwin GERSCHEFSKI former head of the Department of Music at the University of Georgia. d-1988.
  • 1911 Birth of Hungarian bass Miklos BENCZE in Budapest. Teacher was Manfredo Polverosi.
  • 1915 Birth of Hungarian soprano Maria GYURKOVICS in Budapest. d-Budapest, 28 OCT 1973. Debut as Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1937. Teacher was Imre Molnar.
  • 1915 Birth of American bass Hugh THOMPSON in Washington. MET Opera Début 1 DEC 1944 [Schaunard] La Bohème, 8 seasons (1944-51, 52-53) 237 Perf., 28 roles, 25 works. Debut as Ford in Falstaff (Verdi) 1942. Teachers were Leopold Sachse, Anna Schoen-Rene. Created Cuichon in Trial at Rouen (Dello Joio). Sang in FP Boor (Argento).
  • 1915 (GC, JC=6 JUN) Death of Russian composer Sergey Taneyev in Moscow. b-Vladimir, Russia, 25 NOV 1856. Nephew of Alexander Taneyev.  Search  for Sergey Taneyev
  • 1915 FP of C. Saint-Saëns' choral work Hail California. Composer conducted in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1922 Birth of English baritone Walter MONACHESI in Mercerata. Debut as Rabbi David in L'Amico Fritz (Mascagni) 1956. Teacher was Gino Berardi. Sang in FP of Don Tartufo Bacchettone (Malipiero). Search  for Walter MONACHESI
  • 1923 Death of soprano Emilie Herzog. b-Ermatingen, 1859. Teachers were Karl Gloggner, Adolf Schimon. Pupils were Lula Mysz-Gmeiner, Ella Gmeiner. Created Louise Mauclair in Heirat Wider Willen (Humperdinck). Drolla in Feen (Wagner).
  • 1924 Birth of German soprano Anneliese ROTHENBERGER Die Stimme Für Millionenin Mannheim. MET Opera Début 18 NOV 1960 [Zdenka] Arabella, 6 seasons (1960-66) 48 perf. 7 works. Debut 1943. Teacher was Erika Muller. Created Telamachos in Penelope (Liebermann). Madame Bovary in Madam Bovary (Sutermeister).
  • 1924 FP of Palma's "Nazdah" Buenos Aires.
  • 1926 FP og G. Antheil's Ballet Mécanique in Paris.
  • 1926 FP of Szymanowski's "Król Roger" Warsaw.
  • 1927 Birth of composer Karel Kupka, d-1985.
  • 1928 Birth of American tenor David THAW in NYC. m-soprano Claire Watson (1927-1986). Debut as Vincent in Mireille (Gounod) 1950. Teachers were Giovanni Martinelli, Giuseppe Pais, Cesare Sturani. Created Banker A in Versuchung (Tal).
  • 1930 Birth of composer Jul Levi
  • 1931 FP of Freer's "A Legend of Spain" in concert form, Milwaukee.
  • 1933 Death of Russian tenor cantor Josef Rosenblatt. b-Biela, 2 MAY 1882.
  • 1934 Birth of Canadian bass-baritone Donald BELL in South Bournaby, British Columbia. He began his studies in Vancouver. Royal College of Music in London on a Scholarship (1953-55); Berlin (1955-57); Düsseldorf (1967-76); and Oberlin, Ohio from (1985). Has appeared at Glyndebourne, Berlin State Opera, London's Wigmore Hall, and Bayreuth Festivals (1958-61). Deutsche Opera am Rhein in Düsseldorf (1964-1967). Taught at the Carleton University and the University of Ottawa (1977), the University of Calgary from (1982). Debut 1957. Teachers were Edith Boroschek, Hermann Weissenborn. Created Peyton Farquhar in Incident at Owl Creek (Whelan).
  • 1935 FP of Bondeville "L'École des maris" Paris.
  • 1936 Birth of American soprano Marisa GALVANY aka Mayra Gennis-Kornbluth, in Paterson, NJ. MET Opera Début 12 MAR 1979 [Norma] Norma, 3 seasons (1978-79, 84-86) 9 perf., 4 works. Debut as Tosca in Tosca (Puccini) 1968. Teacher Armen Boyajian.
  • 1937 Birth of English bass John GIBBS in London. d-21 JAN 1986. Debut as Joe Blake in the FP of One Man Show (Maw) 1964. Sang in FP of Rising of the Moon (Maw).
  • 1939 FP of Carvalho's "Descuberta do Brasil" Rio de Janeiro.
  • 1940 Death of French composer Maurice Jaubert in Azerailles. b-Nice, 3 JAN 1900. Search  for Maurice Jaubert
  • 1959 FP of Badings' "Salto mortale," chamber opera for television, Netherlands Television. The first opera to be accompanied exclusively by electronic sound.
  • 1969 Death of Italian tenor Gennaro Caracciolo. b-Naples, 1884. Debut as Turiddu in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni). Teacher was Fernando De Lucia. Pupil was Franco Ghitti.
  • 1970 Birth of American composer Tom SCHUTTENHELM .
  • 1971 FP of Hoiby's "Summer and Smoke" St. Paul MN.
  • 1972 Death of Danish tenor Helge Roswaenge Helge Roswaenge . b-Copenhagen 29 AUG 1879. Died 19 June 1972. Debut as Don Jose in Carmen (Bizet) May 1921. Pupils were Peter Gougaloff, Camillo Meghor, Hans Hassen.
  • 1984 FP of L. Bernstein's opera A Quiet Place revision. La Scala Opera, John Mauceri conducting. The first version FP at Houston Grand Opera on 17 JUN 1983, under John DeMain. The performance incorporating "Trouble in Tahiti".
  • 1988 Death of Jay C. Holbrook, general manager of Baltimore Opera, Towson, MD.
  • 1995 Death of English tenor Murray Dickie. b-Renfrewshire 3 APR 1924. Debut 1947. Teachers were Dino Borgioli, Guido Farinelli. Created Cure in Olympians (0Bliss). Tailor in Konig Nicolo (Weishappel). Son in Eingebildete Kranke (Wolpert). Sang in FP of Sturm (Martin).
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