• 1611 Birth of composer Pablo Bruna

  • 1613 Birth of composer Lambert Pietkin

  • 1684 Birth of Italian composer Francesco Onofrio MANFREDINI in Pistoia, Italy, d-Pistoia, 6 OCT 1762. BIO.

  • 1741 Birth of composer Alois Luigi Tomasini

  • 1741 Death of Belgian composer Gioseffo Hectore Fiocco in Brussels, Belgium. b-Brussels, 20 JAN 1703.

  • 1742 Birth of composer Heinrich Gottfried Reichard

  • 1763 Birth of French composer Étienne-Nicola MéHUL, in Givet, Ardennes. d-Paris, 18 October 1817. Operas, All performed in Paris: "Euphrosine, ou Le tyran corrigé" (1790); "Alonso et Cora" (1791); "Stratonice" (1792); "Le jeune sage et le vieux fou" (1793); "Horatius Coclès" (1794); "Le congrès des rois" (w/Berton: 1794); "Mélidore et Phrosine" (1794); "Doria, ou La tyrannie détruite" (1795); "La caverne" (1795); "La jeunesse d'Henri IV"(1797); "La taupe et les papillons" (1797?; not performed): "La prise du pont de Lodi" (1797); "Adrien, empéreur de Rome" (1799); "Ariodant" (1799); "Epicure" (w/Cherubini, 1800); "Bion" (1800); "L'irato, ou L'emporté" (1801); "Une folie" (1802); "Le trésor supposé, ou Le danger d'écouter aux portes" (1802); "Joanna" (1802); "Héléna" (1803); "Le baiser et la quittance, ou Une aventure de garnison" (w/Boieldieu, Kreutzer, 1803); "L'heureux malgré lui" (1803); "Les deux aveugles de Tolède" (1806); "Uthal" (1806); "Gabrielle d'Estrées, ou Les amours d'Henri IV" (1806); "Joseph" (1807); "Amphion, ou Les amazones" (1811); "Les amazones, ou La fondation de Thèbes" (1813); "L'oriflamme" (w/Berton, "Kreutzer, Paer, 1814); "La journée aux aventures" (1816); "Valentine de Milan" (w/Daussoigne-Méhul, 1822); "Psyché" (Not performed); "Anacréon" (Not performed) "Lausis et Lydie" (Not performed).

  • 1824 Birth of composer Frederic Louis Ritter

  • 1826 FP of Rossini's "Adina, o Il Califfo di Bagdad" Lisbon.

  • 1830 Birth of Austrian composer and pianist Theodor LESCHETIZKY in Lancut. d-Dresden, 14 NOV 1915.

  • 1842 FP of Thomas' "Le guerllero" Paris.

  • 1859 FP of Offenbach's "Un Mari à la porte" Paris.

  • 1866 Birth of English composer and organist Bruce Harry STEANE in Camberwell, London.

  • 1871 FP of Richard Wagner's Kaiser March at a Theodore Thomas Orchestra concert at Central Park Garden in NYC.

  • 1883 Birth of Mexican composer José ROLóN in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, Mexico. d-Mexico City, 3 FEB 1945.

  • 1889 Birth of Scottish mezzo-soprano Denne PARKER.

  • 1893 Birth of Czech composer Osvald CHLUBNA in Brno. d-Brno, 30 OCT 1971. Operas, All first performed at Brno: "Pomsta Catullova" (1921); "Aladina and Palomid" (1925); "Nura" (1932,); "V den pocátka" (1936); "Freje pana z Heslova" (1949); "Jirí of Kunstát and Podebrady" (1942); "Kolébka" (Brno, 1953); "Eupyros" (1962); "Rytír Jan z Linhartic" (1967).

  • 1899 Birth of German bass-baritone Jean STERN in Ludwigshafen. d-15 MAY 1974. Teacher was Carl Beines.

  • 1900 Birth of German soprano Charlotte BOERNER in Leipzig. Teachers were Hildegard Boerner, Max Wunsche.

  • 1900 Birth of Mezzo-soprano Jennie Tourel,Lebendige Vergangenheit - Jennie Tourel II  in St Petersburg Russia. Search for Jennie Tourel

  • 1904 Birth of Polish soprano Nîna GRUDZINSKA.

  • 1905 Birth of English composer Walter LEIGH in London. d-Lybia, 12 JUN 1942.

  • 1909 Katherine Dunham, dancer and choreographer

  • 1910 Birth of English tenor Sir Peter PEARS in Farnham. d-Aldeburgh, 3 APR 1986. aka Peter Neville Luard Pears. MET Opera Début 18 OCT 1974 [Aschenbach] Death in Venice, (age-64) 2- seasons, 16-perf. of 2-Roles. Debut as Hoffmann in Contes D'Hoffmann 1942. Teachers were Dawson Freer, Elena Gerhardt, Lucie Manen, Clytic Mundy, Therese Schnabel-Bahr. Pupils were Brian Bannatyne-Scott, Laurence Dale, Christopher Robson, Jane Leslie Mackenzie, Jean Treleaven, Anne Wilkes, Nvala Willis, Margaret Marshall, Guy de Mey, Nancy Argenta. Created Albert Herring in Albert Herring (Britten). Edward Fairfax Vere in Billy Budd (Britten). Nebuchadnezzar in Burning Fiery Furnace (Britten). Gustave von Aschenbach in Death in Venice (Britten). Roberto Devereux in Gloriana (Britten). Peter Grimes in Peter Grimes (Britten). Male Chorus in Rape of Lucretia (Britten). Peter Quint in Turn of the Screw (Britten). Tempter in Prodigal Son (Britten). Flute in Midsummer Night's Dream (Britten). Pandarus in Troilus & Cressida (Walton). Don Antonio in Duenna (Gerhard). Boaz in Ruth (Berkeley).

  • 1911 Birth of French baritone Michel DENS in Roubaix. Debut 1934.

  • 1911 Death of German-American composer, pianist and organist Bruno Oscar KLEIN. b-Osnabruck, 6 JUN 1858.

  • 1911 FP of Edward Elgar's Coronation March at coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in London.

  • 1911 The world's largest organ, the Wanamaker Organ, was first played at its home in Philadelphia's John Wanamaker's Department Store. More
  • 1912 Birth of composer Vit Nejedly

  • 1921 Death of American soprano Lucille MARCEL aka Wasself. b-NYC, 1885. Debut as Elektra in Elektra (Strauss) 1908.

  • 1925 Birth of German born English conductor Hans Hubert SCHONZELER. d-1997.

  • 1926 Birth of composer Ruth Zechlin

  • 1926 FP of William Walton's Portsmouth Point Overture at Festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music in Zurich. CD-Symphony 1/Portsmouth Point Ov

  • 1932 Birth of American composer Michael HORVIT.

  • 1933 Birth Czech conductor of Libor PESEK.

  • 1934 Birth of American soprano Carol Ann BAYARD.

  • 1938 FP of Krenek's opera Karl Vat the New German Theater in Prague. CD-Krenek: Karl V

  • 1939 FP of William Bergsma's ballet Paul Bunyan in San Francisco.

  • 1942 Birth of American soprano Rita SHANE in NYC. MET Opera Début 22 SEP 1973 [Queen] Die Zauberflöte, 8 seasons (1973-80, 81-82) 71 perf., 8 works. Member Eastman School faculty.

  • 1949 Birth of French violinist Pierre AMOYAL.

  • 1951 Birth of American composer Gerald LEVINSON.

  • 1953 Birth of American soprano Erie MILLS in Granite City, IL. Studied at Wooster, Ohio, and the University of Illinois. She was a recipient of a Richard Tucker Foundation grant (1984). She has performed in the world's major opera houses, including the Teatro alla Scala, Vienna Staatsoper, Chicago Lyric Opera, San Francisco Opera and many others. She is also an active concert artist, and on the faculty of School of Music and Dance San Jose State University San Jose CA. MET Opera Début 26 NOV 1987 [Blonde] Die Entführung aus dem Serail, 6 seasons (1987-92, 94-95) 30 perf., 5 works. Debut as Ninetta in Love of 3 Oranges (Prokofiev) 1979. Teachers were Elena Nikolaidi, Kaerl Trump, Grace Wilson.

  • 1955 Birth of American composer Jeffrey MUMFORD in Washington, DC.

  • 1969 FP of Alun Hoddinott`s Investuture Dances in London.

  • 1973 Death of soprano Rita Melis. b-1895. Debut 1914 as Musetta in Boheme (Puccini) 1914.

  • 1974 Death of French composer Darius Milhaud, age 81, in Geneva. b-Aix-en-Provence, France 4 SEP 1892. Publisher Universal Ed. has a works list: -choose Milhaud.

  • 1977 FP of Rota's "Napoli milionaria" Spoleto.

  • 1989 Death of French composer Henri Sauguet, aka originally Henri-pierre Poupard, in Paris. b-Bordeaux, 18 MAY 1901.

  • 1989 Death of tenor Anton Dermota. b-Kropa Slovenia, 4 JUN 1910. Debut as 1st Armed Man in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1936. Teacher was Elisabeth Rado. Pupils were Maldwyn Davies, Dalmacio Gonzales, Alexander Oliver, Seppo Juhani Ruohonen, Richard Salter, Peder Severin. Sang in FP of Sturm (Martin).

  • 1990 (21st?)Death of soprano Elizabeth Harwood. b-Kettering, 27 MAY 1938. Debut as 2nd Boy in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1960. Teachers were Frederick Cox, Elsie Thurston.
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