classical music JULY 10


  • 1690 Death of Italian composer Domenico Gabrielli in Bologna. b-Italy, c.1640.

  • 1697 Birth of composer François Hanot

  • 1706 FP of Bononcini: G. "Endimione" Vienna (1706).

  • 1710 FP Bononcini: G. "Muzio Scevola" Vienna (1710).

  • 1733 FP Handel's oratorio Athalia at Oxford, England. CD-Handel: Athalia

  • 1759 Birth of composer Eleanore Sophia Maria Westenholz

  • 1762 A statue of Handel by Louis-François Roubiliac was dedicated at Westminster Abbey in London. Roubiliac also carved a statue of Handel in Vauxhall Gardens, London and also carved the composers tomb in Westminster Abbey.

  • 1778 Birth of Sigismund Ritter Von NEUKOMM, Haydn pupil, in Salzburg. Talleyrand and Dom Pedro pianist. d-Paris, 3 APR 1858.

  • 1779 Birth of composer Alois Basil Nikolaus Tomasini

  • 1798 FP DELLA MARIA: "L'opéra comique" Paris (1798).

  • 1811 Birth of American music teacher Benjamin Franklin BAKER in Wenham, MA. 1875, from its foundation, principal of the Boston music school. d-1889.

  • 1820 Birth of French amateur cellist and violin writer Louis Antoine VIDAL in Rouen. d-Paris, 1 JAN 1891.

  • 1825 Death of bass Ludwig Fischer. Born 18 Aug 1745 in  Mainz. Debut in Fiera di Venezia (Salieri) 1772 Teacher, Anton Raaff Created Osmin in Entfuhrung (Wagner) Brennus in Brenno (Reichardt) Rudolf II in Gunther von Schwarzburg (Holzbauer) Goffredo in Gerusalemme Liberata (Righini) Her von Bar in Rauchfangkehrer (Salieri)

  • 1826 Birth of composer Theodore Edouar d Dufaure de Lajarte

  • 1835 Birth of Polish violinist and composer Henryk WIENIAWSKI in Lubin, Poland. d-Moscow, 31 MAR 1880.

  • 1839 Death of Spanish composer Fernando Sor at age 61,in Paris. b-Barcelona, 13 FEB 1778.

  • 1844 Birth of Austrian soprano Materna, Amelie (s) (1844-1918) Austrian. (73) b. July 10, 1844; d. Jan. 18, 1918. Debut 1865 Teacher :- Heinrich Proch Pupils :- Alexander Kirchner, Hermine Kittel, Oskar Lassner Created Kundry in Parsifal (Wagner) Brunnhilde in Siegfried (Wagner) Brunnhilde in Gotterdammerung (Wagner) Queen of Sheba in Queen of Sheba (Goldmark)

  • 1845 Birth of Austrian soprano Amalie MATERNA in Styria. Photo.

  • 1858 Birth of Finnish composer Karl FLODIN.

  • 1875 Birth of Sylva, Marguerite (m/s) (1875-1957) Belgian. (81) b. Brussels, July 10, 1875: d. Glendale, CA, Feb. 21, 1957:

  • 1882 Birth of Italian composer and pianist Riccardo PICK-MANGIAGALLI, in Bohemia. d-Milan, 8 JUL 1949.

  • 1885 Birth of Arnold Flogl Bass Born 10 July 1885 Kromerz Died 20 Nov 1950 Teacher :- Emil Burian Pupil :- Jan Hadraba, Bohus Hanak Sang in premiere of Cunning Little Vixen (Janacek)

  • 1887 Birth of composer Alfred Ernest Whitehead

  • 1888 Birth of Polish soprano Schwarz, Vera in Zagreb. d. Vienna, Dec. 4, 1964: Debut 1912 Teacher :- Philip Forsten Pupils :- Donald Dame, Nelson Eddy Created Lisa in Land des Lachelns (Lehar) Sang in premiere of Paganini (Lehar) Zarewitsch (Lehar)

  • 1889 Birth of American ragtime lyricist Nobel SISSLE in Indianapolis, IN. Collaboration with James Hubert 'Eubie' Blake from 1915 to 1975, together they introduced many popular shows and songs to Broadway.

  • 1890 Birth of Canadian composer Rodolphe MATHIEU in Portneuf, Quebec. d-Montreal, 29 June 1962.

  • 1890 Birth of composer Andre Souris

  • 1895 Birth of German composer Carl ORFF in Munich. d-Munich, 29 MAR 1982.

  • 1895 Death of Marie Miolan-Carvalho Soprano Born 31 Dec 1827 Marsailles Died 10 July 1895 Debut as Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti) 1859 Teachers:- Louis-Gilbert Duprez, Francois Felix-Miolan (father) Pupil :- Elisabe Parkina Created Marguerite in Faust (Gounod) Baucis in Philemon et Baucis (Gounod) Mireille in Mireille (Gounod) Juliette in Romeo et Juliette (Gounod) Sylvie in Colombe (Gounod) Topaze in Reine Topaze (Masse)

  • 1896 Birth of Gerhart, Maria (s) (1896-1975) Austrian. b. July 10, 1896; d. Vienna, Nov. 30, 1975: Debut 1918 Teacher :- Irene Schlemmer-Ambros Pupil :- Maiju Kuusova

  • 1896 Death of German conductor Ludwig Meinardus in Bielefeld. b-Hooksiel, Oldenburg, 17 SEP 1827.

  • 1898 Birth of Cristobal Altube Tenor Born 10 July 1898 Arevhavaleta Died May 1951 Debut as Samson in Samson et Delilah (Saint-Saens) Teachers:- Robert Bussel, Walter Krone

  • 1900 The trademark His Master’s Voice, was registered at the U.S. Patent Office. The image of the Victor Recording Company, in later years RCA Victor, shows Little Nipper the dog, cocking his head to question the sound of his masters voice coming from the horn of a gramophone machine.

  • 1902 Birth of Russian tenor Lemeshev, Sergei [Yakovlevich] (t) (1902-1977) Russ. (76) b. Staroe Knydzevo, Russia, July, 10, 1902; d. Moscow, June 26, 1977: Lemeshev became one the leading tenors at the Bolshoi Opera between (1930-50). He hd a bright, lyric tenor voice. He sang a wide variety of operas, including the standard Russian repertoire, as well as French, Italian and German lyric roles, all sung in Russian. He also enjoyed great success not only on the Russian opera and concert stage, but in cinema as well. Début:: Sverdlovsk (1926) Kharbin Opera in Manchuria (1927-29); Tiflis Opera (1929-31); Bolshoi (1931). He retired in 1961, and taught in the Moscow Conservatory. At the Bolshoi, on his 70th birthday, he sang [Lensky] Eugene Onegin (1972). Debut 1926 Teachers:- N C Raiskis, Stanislavsky Sang in premiere of Armoured Train (Kabalevsky)

  • 1904 Birth of Italian Mezzo-Soprano Ebe STIGNANI in Naples. d. Imola, Oct. 5, 1974: Debut as Amneris in Aida (Verdi) Teacher :- Agostino Roche Created Cathos in Prezione Ridicole (Lattuada) Voice in Lucrezia (Respighi)

  • 1904 Birth of composer Isa Krejci

  • 1913 Birth of Bulgarian Soprano Ljuba WELITSCH in Velitchkova, near Varna. d-1 SEP 1996: MET: Début: Feb. 4, 1949 [Salome] Salome, 5 seasons (1948-52, 71-72) 63 perf., 7 works. Debut in Louise (Charpentier) 1936 Teacher :- Theodor Lierhammer, Gyorgy Zlatev-Cherkin Pupil :- Kenneth Chertok

  • 1919 Birth of Scottish bass Ian WALLACE in London. London Debut as Schaunard in Puccini's La Boheme in 1946. A student of Norman Allin, Dino Borgioli, Rudolfo Mele, W S Drew. Sang in premiere of Searle's Take a Life. Debut as Schaunard in Boheme (Puccini) 1946 Teachers:- Norman Allin, Dino Borgioli, Rudolfo Mele, W S Drew Sang in premiere of Take a Life (Searle)

  • 1920 FP MALIPIERO: "Sette canzoni" Paris (1920). and MALIPIERO: "Orfeo, ovvero L'ottava canzone" Paris (1920 ).

  • 1921 Birth of composer Revaz Il'yich Lagidze

  • 1925 Birth of Dino Dondi Baritone Born 10 July 1925 Bologna Sang in premiere Assassinio nella Cattedrale (Pizzetti)

  • 1927 Birth of Faulhaber, Werner (b) (1927-1953) Ger. (26) b. Dresden, July 10, 1927; d. Portofino, May 27, 1953:

  • 1930 Birth of British mezzo-soprano Josephine VEASEY in London. MET: Début: Nov. 22, 1968 [Fricka] Das Rheingold, 1 season (1968-69) 6 perf., 2 works. Debut 1949 Teachers:- Audrey Langford, Maria Olczewska Pupils :- Richard Angus, Kim Begley, Sally Burgess, Phyllis Cannen Adrian Clark, Michael Druiett, Anne Evans, Helene Field Mary Hegarty, Simon Masterson-Smith, Felicity Palmer Ethna Robinson, Peter Sidhom, Vivian Tierney Created Andromache in King Priam (Tippett) Emperor in We Came to the River (Henze)

  • 1930 Birth of Jacques Klein, Brazilian pianist

  • 1932 Birth of Gerd Nienstadt Bass-Baritone Born 10 July 1932 Hanover Debut 1954 Teacher :- Otto Kohler

  • 1933 Birth of Broadway Musical composer Jerry HERMAN, in NYC.

  • 1933 Birth of American soprano Jan DeGAETANI in Massillon, OH. d-15 SEP 1989, irreversible leukemia. Teacher :- Kimball Wheeler

  • 1936 Birth of composer Jan Wincenty Hawel

  • 1939 Birth of Jonny Blanc Tenor Born 10 July 1939 Lessebo Sweden Teachers:- Clemens Kaiser-Brerne, Kathe Sundstrom Created Martin in Anne Pedersdotter (Braein) Narrator in Tintomara (Werle)

  • 1940 Birth of American soprano Helen DONATH in Corpus Christi, TX. MET: Début: Jan. 1, 1991 [Marzelline] Fidelio, 3 seasons (1990-91, 92-94) 21 perf., 4 roles, 3 works. Debut as Wellgunde in Rheingold (Wagner) Teachers:- Carl Dapholl, Klaus Donath, Carl Duckwall, Paola Novikova Created Elsalil in Doppelgangerin (Meyerowitz)

  • 1940 Death of British composer and conductor Sir Donald Tovey at age 64, in Edinburgh. b-Eton, 17 JUL 1875.

  • 1941 Death of French composer Philippe Gaubert in Paris. b-Cahors, 3 JUL 1879.

  • 1941 Death of American pianist and gambler Ferdinand Joseph Morton in LA, CA. b-New Orleans, LA 20 SEP 1885. Known to his fans and friends as 'Jelly Roll'.

  • 1947 Death of Corinne Rider-Kelsey Soprano Born 24 Feb 1877 Le Roy N Y Died 10 July 1947 Debut as Micaela in Carmen (Bizet) 1908 Teachers:- Theodore Toedt, R A Torrens

  • 1950 Birth of English pianist Graham JOHNSON.

  • 1951 FP of Luigi Nono's Polifonica Monodia Ritmica in Darmstadt.

  • 1952 Death of Danish composer Rued Immanuel LANGGåRD in Denmark. b-Denmark, 28 JUL 1893.

  • 1960 Death of Povla Frijsch Born 3 Aug 1881 Denmark Died 10 July 1960 Teachers:- Sarah de Lalande, Jean Perier Pupil :- Jean Kraft, Hilda Ohlin, Ginia Davis

  • 1972 Death of Jean Madeira Mezzo-Soprano Born 14 Nov 1918 Centralia Ill Died 10 July 1972 Debut in Martha (Flotow) 1943 Teacher :- Karin Branzell Created Circe & Melanto in Ulisse (Dallapiccola)

  • 1974 Death of Emmy Funk Soprano Born 1916 Vienna Died 10 July 1974 Debut 1946 Sang in premiere Mathis der Maler (Hindemith)

  • 1978 FP Reimann: "Lear" Munich (1978); w/Fischer-Dieskau (b).

  • 1979 Death of American conductor of the Boston Pops, from 1930-1979, Arthur FIEDLER at the age of 84. Obituary.

  • 1981 Birth of Italian composer, pianist and organist Simone STELLA in in Florence.

  • 1982 Death of Maria Jeritza Soprano Born 6 Oct 1887 Brno Died 10 July 1982 Debut as Elsa in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1910 Teachers:- Ariadne, Marcella Sembrich, Blanche Marchesi Created Ariadne in Ariadne auf Naxos (Strauss) Nurse in Frau ohne Schatten (Strauss)

  • 1983 Death of Bruna Castagna Mezzo-Soprano Born 15 Oct 1905 Bari Italy Died 10 July 1983 Debut as Marina in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) 1925 Teacher :- Tina Scognamiglio

  • 1983 Death of German composer Werner Egk at age 82, in Inning. b-Auchsesheim, 17 May 1901.

  • 1996 Death of Antonio Annaloro Tenor Born 10 May 1920 Died 10 July 1996 Debut as Arnold in William Tell (Rossini) 1942 Created Giovanni dei Neri in Oro (Pizzetti) Pentheus in Baccanti (Ghedini) Vieri in Vanna Lupa (Pizzetti) Cagliostro in Diavolo nel Giardine (Mannino) Sang in premiere of Fiery Angel (Prokofiev)

  • 2001 FP of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story Suite for violin and orchestra, arranged by William David Brohn. Joshua Bell and the New York Philharmonic, William Eddins, conducting in Central Park, NYC. CD-Joshua Bell ~ Bernstein - West Side Story Suite

  • 2015 Death of Canadian tenor Jon Vickers. MET Début: Jan. 17, 1960 [Canio] Pagliacci, 22-seasons (1959-63, 64-69, 70-75, 77-81, 83-87) 280-perf. , 17 roles. d-29 JUL 2015, Ontario Canada. OBIT b-29 OCT 1926 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
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