JULY 19 Today in classical music history

 Alessio Prati
  • 1592 Birth of composer Erhard Buttner
  • 1621 Death of Italian conductor and composer Francesco Soriano in Rome. b-c.1550.
  • 1730 Death of French composer and flutist Jean-Baptiste Loeillet at age 49, in London. b-Gent, Belgium, 18 NOV 1680.
  • 1735 Birth of Irish composer and founder of the Dublin Academy of Music, Garrett WESLEY aka Wellesley. Was professor at Trinity College and father of of Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington.
  • 1742 Birth of composer Jean-Baptiste Davaux
  • 1750 Birth of composer Alessio Prati
  • 1782 Birth of composer Jonathan Blewitt
  • 1795 Birth of violin prodigy and later a conductor in England, Michael LACY in Bilbao.
  • 1797 Birth of composer Johann Gottlieb Schneider
  • 1811 Birth of German organist, conductor and composer Vincenz LACHNER. d- 22 JAN 1893. Brother of Franz and Ignaz.
  • 1835 Death of German flautist Karl Keller.
  • 1837 Birth of American composer William Shakespeare HAYS Louisville, KY. d-1907.
  • 1842 Birth of Austrian operetta composer Carl ZELLER, in St. Peter in der Au.
  • 1873 Birth of Louis Zimmermann, violinist
  • 1877 Birth of baritone Dinh Gilly in Algiers Died 19 May 1940 Debut as Priest in Sigurd (Reyer) 1897 Teacher, Antonio Cotogni Pupils, John Brownlee, Reginald Bussell, Robert Easton Edith Furmedge, Dora Labette, Dennis Noble, Samuel Rabin, Elisabeth Schwiller, Hilbert Vavra, Walter Widdop Created Sonora in Fanciulla del West (Puccini) Mesphar in Pyrame et Thysbe (Tremisot) Pradea in Cozbar (Ferrari)
  • 1885 Birth of German conductor and director of Leipzig Radio Hans WEISBACH.
  • 1886 Final performance by composer and pianist Franz Liszt giving his last performance at Elisavetgrad then he moved to Weimar. He died 31 JUL.
  • 1887 Birth of German composer Walter RUMMEL in Berlin. d-Bordeaux, France, 2 MAY 1953.
  • 1898 Birth of Venezuelan pianist Juan-Batista PLAZA in Caracas. d-Caracas, 1 JAN 1964.
  • 1905 Birth of English conductor Boyd NEAL.
  • 1905 Birth of Hungarian born British pianist Louis KENTNER in Karwen. d 1987.
  • 1906 Birth of Norwegian composer Klaus EGGE in Gransherad, Telemark. d-Oslo, 1979.
  • 1907 Birth of composer Gunter Bialas
  • 1909 Birth of composer Jeno Vecsey
  • 1911 FP of what may be the shortest composition for orchestra composed by Anton Webern. One movement of Five Pieces For Orchestra, 6 1/3 bars lasting 19 seconds. CD-Webern: Passacaglia, Symphony, Five Pieces
  • 1913 Birth of American composer and pianist Peggy Stuart COOLIDGE in Swampscott, MA. d-Cushing, ME 7 MAY 1981.
  • 1914 Birth of composer Josef Palenicek
  • 1920 Birth of American violinist and composer Robert MANN in Portland OR. Composer and founder of the Juilliard String Quartet in 1948.
  • 1920 Birth of baritone Alda Protti in Cremona 10 Aug 1995 Debut as Figaro in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1948
  • 1924 Birth of soprano Amy Shuard in London Died 18 Apr 1975 Debut as Aida in Aida (Verdi) 1949 Teachers, Rosetta Pampanini, Gustav Sucher, Eva Turner, Ivor Warren Ernst Urbach
  • 1924 FP of Anton Webern's Six Bagatelles, Op. 9, for string quartet, by the Amar Quartet in Donauschingen, Germany. CD-Anton Webern: Complete Works, Opp. 1-31
  • 1929 Death of soprano Meta Seinemeyer. Born 5 Sep 1895 in Berlin. Debut in Orfee aux Enfers (Offenbach) 1918 Teachers, Ernst Grenzebach, Nikolaus Rothmuhl Created Duchess in Doktor Faust (Busoni)
  • 1935 Birth of tenor Peter Schreier in Meissen, Germany. Debut as First Prisoner in Fidelio (Beethoven) 1961 Teachers, Fritz Polster, Winkler, Johannes Kemter
  • 1935 Birth of English organist Nicholas DANBY. d-1997.
  • 1935 Birth of German conductor and tenor Peter SCHREIER in Meissen.
  • 1939 Birth of Norwegian composer Ketil HVOSLEF in Bergen, Norway.
  • 1940 Birth of American composer Terry JENNINGS in Eagle Rock, CA. d-San Pablo, CA 11 DEC 1981.
  • 1941 Birth of prima ballerina of The Bolshoi ballet Natalia BESSMERTNOVA.
  • 1942 FP in USAmerica of The Shostakovitch Seventh Symphony. Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra on an NBC radio network broadcast. The world premiere performance was by the Bolshoi Theater orchestra on 5 MAR 1942, in Kuybishe. CD-Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 in C major, ("Leningrad") Op. 60 (SACD)
  • 1945 Birth of tenor Graeme Matheson-Bruce in Dundee. Died 12 Feb 1994 Debut as Blind in Fledermaus (J Strauss) 1973 Teachers, Ena Mitchell, Nicholas Powell, Hans Hotter Created Pentheus in Bakxai (Buller) Lovelace in Clarissa (Holloway)
  • 1947 Birth of conductor Gerard Schwarz, Weehawken NJ
  • 1952 Birth of English conductor and composer Dominic MULDOWNEY in Southampton. The music director, Royal National Theatre, 1976-99.
  • 1954 Death of French composer Jean Jules Aimable Roger-Ducasse in Taillan-Médoc, France. b-Bordeaux, France, 18 APR 1873. Photo.
  • 1960 Birth of Italian conductor Carlo RIZZI.
  • 1964 Birth of English conductor Mark WIGGLESWORTH.
  • 1965 Birth of Scottish percussionist Evelyn GLENNIE in Aberdeen.
  • 1973 FP of Krystoff Penderecki's Symphony No. 1. The London Symphony, conducted by the composer in Peterborough Cathedral. CD-Penderecki: Orchestral Works, Vol. 02
  • 1976 FP of Richard Wernick's Visions of Terror and Wonder for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado. Won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1977.
  • 1984 Death of Yugoslavian composer Marko Tajcevic. b-Osijek, Yugoslavia, 29 JAN 1900.
  • 1996 FP of John Williams' Summon the Heroes for the 1996 Summer Olympics, commissioned by the Olympic Organizing Committee, in Atlanta, GA. CD-John Williams: Summon the Heroes Also see: Music inspired by The Olympic Games
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