July 24 in classical music history

 Adolph Charles ADAM

  • 1591 Death of Slovenian composer Jacobus Gallus in Prague. b-Carniolo, 1550.

  • 1739 Death of Italian composer Benedetto Marcello, in Brescia. b-Venice, 9 AUG 1686. Brother of Alessandro.

  • 1752 Birth of English violinist and composer Michael FESTING. Director of the Italian Opera in London and Music at Ranelagh.

  • 1755 FP of Francesco Uttini's Il Re Pastore in Stockholm.

  • 1765 Leopold Mozart and his two children leave London for Kent.

  • 1778 FP of PAISELLO: "Lo sposo burlato" St Petersburg (1778).

  • 1803 Birth of French opera composer Adolph Charles ADAM in Paris. d-Paris, 3 MAY 1856. Son of Jean Louis Adam Alsatian composer, teacher and pianist (1758-1848).

  • 1809 Death of German composer Johann Gottfried Eckard in Paris. b-Augsburg, 21 JAN 1735.

  • 1812 Death of German composer and choral conductor Josef Schuster in Dredsen. b-Dresden, 11 AUG 1748.

  • 1818 Birth of composer Felix Godefroid

  • 1825 Birth of soprano Anna Carolina La Grange in Paris. Debut 1842 Teachers, Francesco Lamperti, Giulio Bordogni.

  • 1826 Birth of tenor Carlo Negrini in Piacenza. Died 1865. Debut in Due Foscari (Verdi) 1847 Created Gabriele Adorno in Simon Boccanegra (Verdi) Glauco in Ione (Petrella)

  • 1831 Death of Polish pianist Maria Szymanowska in St. Petersburg, Russia. b-Warsaw, 14 DEC 1789.

  • 1831 Death of Austrian Cardinal Archduke and composer Joseph Rainer Rudolph in Baden. b-Florence, 8 JAN 1788. Studied with Beethoven.

  • 1832 Birth of violinist Johann Christoph Lauterbach.

  • 1849 Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. presented its first Doctor of Music Degree,  to Professor Henry Dielman.

  • 1861 Birth of baritone Maurice Renaud, in Bordeau. d. Paris, Oct. 16, 1933. Debut 1883 Teachers, Dupont, Francois Gavaert Created Boniface in Jongleur de Notre Dame (Massenet) Rinaldo in Amica (Mascagni) Philosopher in Cherubin (Massenet) Raphael in Ancetre (Saint-Saens) Toine in Nais Micoulin (Bruneau) Justinien in Theodora (Leroux) Sang in premiere of Sigurd (Reyer) Salambo (Reyer)

  • 1862 Birth of Spanish tenor Manuel Utor, nicknamed "El Musclaire," d. Bardelona, July 1, 1946.

  • 1863 Death of Italian composer Padre Davide da Bergamo Felice Moretti in Piacenza. b-Zanica, 21 JAN 1791.

  • 1864 Birth of composer Michel Gaston Carraud

  • 1865 FP of Offenbach: "Coscoletto, ou Le Lazzarone" Bad Ems (1865).

  • 1877 Birth of English music writer Percy A. SCHOLES. Compiled The Oxford Companion to Music.

  • 1878 Birth of Dutch baritone Cornelis Bronsgeest, in Leiden. d. Sep. 22, 1957. Debut in Nachtlager in Granada (Kreutzer) 1900 Teachers, Schulz-Dornburg, Julius Stockhausen

  • 1880 Birth of Swiss-American composer Ernest BLOCH in Geneva. Director of San Francisco Conservatory of Music 1925-30. d-Portland, Agata Beach, OR 15 JUL 1959.

  • 1883 Birth of German critic, conductor, and teacher at Imperial Academy in Tokyo, Klaus PRINGSHEIM, in Munich.

  • 1885 Birth of Hungarian organist Desider d'ANTALFFLY. New York Philharmonic Society. aka Desider Antalffy-Zsiross

  • 1887 FP of Gounod's Joan of Arc Mass, at Rheims.

  • 1894 Birth of Swiss composer Walter SCHULTHEISS.

  • 1895 Birth of tenor Rudolf Gerlach-Rusnak, in Duboulz. Died 23 Jan 1960. Debut Rodolfo in Boheme (Puccini) 1923 Teachers, Eugen Fuchs, Lara, Jacques Stuckgold

  • 1901 Birth of American soprano Josephine Lucchese, in San Antonio. d. there, Sep. 10, 1974. One of seven children, she received her musical training entirely in the United States and primarily in San Antonio, where she graduated from Main Avenue High School. She studied mandolin at age six and the piano at age ten; at fifteen she began voice lessons. Debut [Gilda] Rigoletto at the Manhattan Grand Opera House (Oct. 1921). During the 1920s and 1930s, Lucchese toured the U.S. and Europe, giving both opera and concert performances. Known in Europe as the "American Nightingale," Lucchese was an operatic success, at a time when it was considered impossible to achieve an international reputation without having first studied in Italy. She was featured at the Teatro National in Havana, and appeared with opera companies in Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Lucchese returned to Texas at the close of her operatic and concert career, and taught voice at the University of Texas (1956-68). After her retirement from the faculty, she continued to give private lessons to a few select students. She was twice married: first to her business manager, Adolfo Caruso, and later to Florentine Donato.

  • 1902 Birth of composer Hans Chemin-Petit

  • 1903 Birth of composer Robert Mills DELANEY. d-1956.

  • 1904 Birth of French-born American composer and arranger Leo Noël Arnaud, in Lyon.

  • 1906 Birth of French cellist Pierre FOURNIER, in Paris. d-Geneva, 8 JAN 1985.

  • 1914 Birth of composer Riccardo Malipiero

  • 1917 Birth of Canadian-English composer Robert FARNON in Toronto, Ontario. d-Guernsey, 23 APR 2005. Farnon Society Biography

  • 1918 Birth of American violinist Ruggiero RICCI in San Francisco, CA. d-5 AUG 2012, Palm Springs, CA.

  • 1921 Birth of Italian tenor Giuseppe "Pippo" DI STEFANO in Catania, Sicily, [Motta Santa Anastasia]. MET: Début: Feb. 25, 1948 [Duke] Rigoletto, 7 seasons (1947- 52, 55-56, 64-65) 112-perf., of 15-roles. Debut as Des Grieux in Manon (Massenet) 20 Apr 1946 Teachers, Luigi Montesanto, Adriano Tocchio Created Giuliano delle Voila in Calzare D'Argento (Pizzetti)

  • 1922 Birth of baritone Bernard Ladysz, in Vilnius. Sang in premiere of Fair Girl (Czyz). Devils of Loudon (Penderecki)

  • 1922 Birth of American composer Leo KRAFT in NYC.

  • Birth of American cellist Janos Starker. d-28 APR 2013. Obit

  • 1924 Birth of American composer Glenn GLASOW in Pine City, Minnesota. d-Oakland, CA, 28 JUL 2002.

  • 1926 FP of Paul Hindemith's Concert Music for Winds, Op. 4. Hermann Scherchen conducting in Donaueschingen, Germany.

  • 1925 Birth of American soprano Adele Addison, in NYC, New York.

  • 1927 Birth of English composer Wilfred JOSEPHS. d-21 NOV 1997.

  • 1927 Birth of Austrian soprano Anny Felbermayer, in Vienna. Teachers, Elisabeth Rado, Josef Witt

  • 1931 FP of ABRAHAM: "Die Blume von Hawaii" Leipzig (1931).

  • 1933 Death of German composer Max von Schillings in Berlin. b-Düren, Rhineland, 19 APR 1868.

  • 1934 Birth of tenor Neil Howlett, in Surrey. Debut 1960. Teachers, Ettore Campogalliani, Otakar Kraus, Tino Pattiera Created Shard in Grace of Todd (Crosse) Mirador in Story of Vasco (Crosse) Toussaint Breda in Toussaint (Blake) Stanley Hardcastle in Plumber's Gift (Blake) Mark in Departure (Maconchy)

  • 1937 Birth of American composer Barry VERCOE.

  • 1937 Death of American composer, pianist and teacher Julia Rive-King in Indianapolis, IN. b-Cincinnati, Oh 30 OCT 1854. Studied with Carl Reinecke and Franz Liszt.

  • 1938 Birth of British opera administrator Sir Colin SOUTHGATE, chairman of Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

  • 1938 FP of Richard Strauss' opera Friedenstag 'The Day of Peace' in Munich.

  • 1947 Birth of American pianist Peter SERKIN in NYC. Son of famed pianist Rudolf Serkin.

  • 1947 Death of baritone Armand Crabbe. Born 23 Apr 1883 in Brussels. Debut as Watchman in Meistersingers (Wagner) 5 Sep 1904 Teachers, Desire Demest, Raymond Gilles Created Pico in Natoma (Herbert) Ramon in Ardid de Amor (Pedrell) King in Re (Giordano)

  • 1954 Death of tenor Lambert Murphy. Born 15 Apr 1885 in Springfield Mass. Teachers, Thomas Cushman, Isadora Luckstone, Herbert Witherspoon Created Caradoc in Mona (Parker)

  • 1964 Birth of American composer Elliott GOLDKIND in NYC.

  • 1964 FP pof Alberto Ginastera's opera Don Rodrigo at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

  • 1971 Death of English composer Alan Rawsthorne, in Cambridge. b-Haslingden, 2 MAY 1905.

  • 1983 FP of Elisabetta Brusa's Favole 'Fables' for chamber orchestra, George Hanson conducting the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

  • 1987 Death of tenor Benvenuto Finelli. Born 1910 in London. Debut as Almaviva in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1941 Teachers, Amedeo Bassi, Romeo Berti, Dino Borgioli Pupil, Naftali Herstik

  • 1995 FP of Michael Torke's opera Strawberry Fields by the Glimmerglass Opera, Stewart Robinson conducting at Cooperstown, NY.

  • 2000 Death of American violinist Oscar Shumsky in Rye, New York. b-Philadelphia, 23 MAR 1917.
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