classical music JULY 3

Wilhelmina Sophie FRIEDERIKE

  • 1691 Death of Italian castrato Marc'Antonio Pasqualini. b-Rome, 25 APR 1614. Pupil was Atto Melani. Created Aristaenus in Orfeo (L Rossi). Sang in FP of Sincerata Triofante (Cecchini).
  • 1709 Birth of German-Prussian composer and Princess of Prussia, Wilhelmina Sophie FRIEDERIKE in Berlin. d-Bayreuth, 14 OCT 1758.
  • 1802 Birth of composer Joseph Labitzky
  • 1814 Birth of composer Janis Cimze
  • 1816 FP of Carafa's "Gabriella di Vergy" Naples.
  • 1819 Birth of composer Louis Theodore Gouvy
  • 1836 Death of English soprano Cecilia Davies. b-London, 1750. Teacher was Hasse.
  • 1842 Death of Italian soprano Matilde Palazzesi. b-Montecarotto, 1 MAR 1802. Debut as Zelmira in Zelmira (Rossini) 1824. Teacher was Solarto. Created Elisabetta in Conte D'Essex (Mercadante).
  • 1846 Birth of Russian composer A. N. ALFERAKY in Ukraine. d-1919.
  • 1848 Birth of American music publisher Theodore PRESSER of Philadelphia. Also published The Etude magazine.
  • 1850 - Birth of composer Alfredo Kiel, composer
  • 1852 Birth of Hungarian-American pianist Rafael JOSEFFY. Introduced Brahms concertos to the USAmerica. d-1915.
  • 1854 Birth of Czech (Moravian) composer and conductor Leos JANACEK in Hukvaldy. d-Ostrava, Czech Republic, 12 AUG 1928. His operas included "Sárka" (1888, [rev] 1919, w/com. Chkubba, [rev] Brno, 1925,); "Pocátek romanu" (Brno, 1894); "Její pastorkyna, generally known by its German title "Jenufa" (Brno, 1904, [rev] 1906, [rev] 1911, [rev] 1916); "Osud" (1904, [REV] 1906, Brno, Radio, 1934); "Výlet pana Broucka do XV stoleti" (Prague, 1920); "Kát'a Kabanová" (Brno, 1921); "Príhody Lisky Bystrousky" (Brno, 1923); "Vec Makropulos" Brno 1926); "Z mrtvého domu" (Brno, 1930, w/com. Chlubna, Bakala). Known as well for his orchestral piece Taras Bulba.
  • 1855 Birth of composer Piotr Maszynski
  • 1860 Birth of Scottish composer and writer William WALLACE in Greenock, Scotland. First to use the term 'Symphonic Poem'. d-1940.
  • 1860 Birth of bass Wilhelm Hesch in Labsky Tynec. d-4 JAN 1908. Debut in Bartered Bride (Smetana) 1880. Teachers were E. Lukese, Franz Pivoda. Created Diego in Bride of Messina (Fibich). Vavrance in Debora (Foerster). Priamus in Kreigsgefangene (Goldmark).
  • 1861 Birth of German tenor Oskar FEUGE in Reudnita. d-Dessau, 3 NOV 1913.
  • 1862 Birth of composer Friedrich Ernst Koch
  • 1871 Birth of Basque composer Vicente ARREGUI GARAY.
  • 1873 Death of Italian tenor Josef Poniatowski. b-Rome, 20 FEB 1816. Debut in Giovanni di Procida (Poniatowski) 1839. Teachers were Zanetti, Perelli. Sang in FP of Giovanni da Procida (Poniatowski).
  • 1874 Death of German pianist and composer Franz Bendel in Berlin. b-Schonlinde, Bohemia 23 MAR 1833. Grave site photo.
  • 1877 Birth of Italian baritone Domienico Viglione-Borghese in Mondovi. d-Milan, 26 OCT 1957. Debut as Herald in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1899. Teachers were Antonio Cotogni, Leonese. Sang in FP of Maja (Leoncavallo).
  • 1879 (5th)Birth of French composer Philippe Gaubert. d-10 JUL 1941.
  • 1880 Birth of American soprano Marie Tiffany in Chicago. d-12 APR 1938. MET Opera Début 16 NOV 1916 [Milliner] Der Rosenkavalier, 13 seasons (1916-29) 208 perf., 31 roles, 25 works. Created Female Lover in Tabarro (Puccini). Nella in Gianni Schicci (Puccini).
  • 1880 Birth of composer Carl Schuricht
  • 1881 Death of Italian baritone Achille De Bassini. b-Milan, 5 MAY 1819. Debut as Belisario in Belisario (Donizetti) 1837. Teacher was Perelli. Pupil was Alberto De Bassini. Created Melitone in Forza Del Destino (Verdi). Francesco Foscari in I Due Foscari (Verdi). Miller in Luisa Miller (Verdi). Seid in Corsaro (Verdi). Arturo in Malvina di Scozia (Pacini). Giasone in Medea (Mercadante).
  • 1885 Birth of Swedish baritone Carl Richter in Stockholm. d-25 DEC 1940. Debut as Amonasro in Aida (Verdi) 1911. Teachers were Gillis Bratt, Agnes Edholm, Vittorio Vanzo.
  • 1890 Birth of Austrian bass Jossef MANOWARDA, Austrian of Polish birth. d-Krakow, 24 DEC 1942. Studied in Graz, where he sang from (1911-15). Then three years at the Vienna Volksoper, debut at the Staatsoper as the [Spirit Messenger] in the FP of Die Frau ohne Schatten (1919); Salzburg (1922); and Bayreuth (1931). He continued to sing regularly in Vienna, and moved to Berlin (1934).
  • 1892 Birth of Polish bass-baritone Josef von Manowarda in Cracow. d-23 DEC 1942. Debut 1911. Teacher was Iro Otto. Pupils were Walter Hofermeyer, Alfred Poell, Ferdinand Burgmann, Julius Katona.
  • 1892 Birth of composer Wilhelm Rettich
  • 1894 Birth of Italian soprano Bianca SCACCIATI in Faenza. d-1948. Debut as Marguerite in Faust (Gounod) 1917. Teacher was Ernesto Bruschino.
  • 1895 Birth of Russian bass Mark REIZEN in Moscow. d-Ukraine, 25 NOV 1992. Debut as Pimen in Boris Godounov (Mussorgsky) 1921. Teacher was Federico Bugamelli. Created Molotov in For Beautiful Petrograd (Gladovsky / Prussak).
  • 1895 Birth of composer Oles' Semyonovich Chishko
  • 1899 Birth of composer Klimenty Arkad'yevich Korchmaryov
  • 1899 Birth of composer Otto Reinhold
  • 1900 Death of American tenor Charles R. ADAMS. b-Charlestown, MA 9 FEB 1834. Teachers were Carlo Barbieri, Giovanni Lamperti. Pupils were Nellie Melba, Emma Eames, Ellen Beach Yaw, Marcella Craft.
  • 1901 Birth of American composer Ruth Crawford SEEGER in East Liverpool, OH. d-Chevy Chase, MD 18 NOV 1953.
  • 1904 Birth of English conductor Stanford ROBINSON. d-1984.
  • 1907 Birth of German composer Romeo Maximilian Eugene Ludwig Gutsche, aka Gene GUTCHë in Berlin. d-White Bear Lake, MN 15 NOV 2000.
  • 1907 Birth of Italian soprano Cesarini Valobra. d-31 DEC 1981. Debut as Lisa in Sonnambula (Bellini) 1928. Sang in FP of Cena delle Beffe (Giordano). Maddalena (Michetti).
  • 1912 Birth of German soprano Elinor JUNKER-GIESEN in Berlin. Debut 1936. Pupil was Margarethe Bence. Sang in FP of Revisor (Egk).
  • 1920 Birth of American composer John LESSARD.
  • 1922 Birth of Scottish bass David WARD in Dumbarton, Scotland. d-Dunedin, New Zealand, 16 JUL 1983. MET Opera Début 3 JAN 1964 [Sarastro] Die Zauberflöte, 7 seasons (1963-66, 73-75, 78- 80) 48 perf., 7 roles. Debut as Old Bard in Immortal Hour (Boughton). Teachers were Clive Carey, Hans Hotter. Created Hardy in Nelson (Berkeley).
  • 1923 Birth of American composer Jean Eichelberger IVEY.
  • 1926 Birth of American composer Meyer KUPFERMAN. d-Rhinebeck, NY 3 DEC 2003.
  • 1929 Birth of Spanish composer and jazz saxophonist, Pedro ITURRALDE.
  • 1930 Birth of German conductor Carlos KLEIBER in Berlin. d-13 JUL 2004.
  • 1932 Birth of Italian tenor Tito del BIANCO.
  • 1933 Birth of Chilean mezzo-soprano Laura Didier in Santiago Chile. Debut as Fidalma in Matrimonio Segreto (Cimarosa) 1949. Teachers were Mercedes Llopart, Margherita Salvi.
  • 1937 Birth of American filmscore composer David SHIRE.
  • 1939 Birth of German mezzo-soprano Brigitte FASSBAENDER in Berlin. MET Opera Début 16 FEB 1974 [Octavian] Der Rosenkavalier, 4 seasons (1973-74, 86- 87, 89-90, 93-94) 37 perf., 4 works. Debut as Nicklausse in Contes D'Hoffmann (Offenbach). Teacher was Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender (father). Pupils were Penelope Walker, Ingrid Bartz, Andrea Bierbaum, Sarah Castle. Created Lady Milford in Kabale und Liebe (Von Einem).
  • 1940 Birth of Irish mezzo-soprano Bernadette Tattan GREEVY in Dublin. Debut as Beppe in L'Amico Fritz (Mascagni). Teachers were Jean Nolan, Helen Isepp.
  • 1942 Birth of American baritone Thomas Jamerson in New Orleans. Debut as Count Almaviva in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1967. Teachers were Loren Davidson, Cornelius Reed. Created Bolental in Most Important Man (Menotti).
  • 1944 FP of Robert Wright & George Forest's musical The Song of Norway, with music of Norwegian composer Edward Grieg, in San Francisco. It opened on 21 AUG 1944 in NYC.
  • 1945 Danish concert pianist and comedian Victor Borge premiered on NBC radio. The network gave the comedian/pianist the summer replacement slot for Fibber McGee and Molly.
  • 1948 Birth of composer Peter Ruzicka
  • 1959 Birth of American composer Lawrence DILLON.
  • 1957 Birth of German soprano Gabriele Maria ROUNGE in Hanover.
  • 1960 Birth of soprano Susanna ANSELMI.
  • 1961 Death of soprano Edith De Lys. Teachers were Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Jean De Reszke.
  • 1964 FP of Robert Ward's opera, The Lady from Colorado in Center City, CO.
  • 1966 Death of American composer, writer, and broadcaster, Joseph Deems Taylor, at age 80, in NYC. b-NYC, 22 DEC 1885.
  • 1967 FP of Havergal Brian's Symphony No. 4 Das Siegeslied [1929], in London.
  • 1976 FP of Alan Hovhaness' Violin Concerto Ode to Freedom Yehudi Menuhin and André Kostelanetz conducting, at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA.
  • 1979 Death of French composer Louis Durey in St. Tropez, France. b-Paris, 27 MAY 1888.
  • 1981 Death of tenor John Brooks McCORMACK. b-Columbia, SC, 1900. Debut as Duke of Mantua in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1945. Teacher was Edith Gaudenzi.
  • 1986 Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, became a U.S. citizen in ceremonies at Ellis Island, New York.
  • 1998 Death of English romantic composer George Lloyd in London. b-St. Ives, 1913.
  • 2004 FP of Dr. Phillip Smith's War Between the States - Music of the American Civil War and Les Marsden's 'American' Symphony on New and Old Tunes at Yosemite National Park.
  • 2006 Death of American mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, a riveting singer known for her fearsome vocal and dramatic power, whether in opera or the cantatas of Bach. She died peacefully at her home in Santa Fe, N.M., according to Richard Gaddes, general director of the Santa Fe Opera. She was 52. b-San Francisco, CA 1 MAR 1954.
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