Today in classical music history August 5

Guillaume Du FAY

  • 1397 Birth of French composer Guillaume Du FAY in Bersele. d-Cambrai, 27 NOV 1474.

  • 1607 Birth of composer Philipp Friedrich Boddecker

  • 1623 Birth (baptismal) of Italian opera composer Marc Antonio Pietro CESTI in Arezzo. d-Florence, 14 OCT 1669.

  • 1694 Birth of Italian composer and organist Leonardo LEO nr. Brindisi. d-Naples, 31 OCT 1744.

  • 1717 J.S. Bach appointed Kapellmeister to Prince Leopold at Coethen, after Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Weimar prevented from taking up the post.

  • 1735 Vivaldi returns to Venice as orchestra conductor at the Pieta.

  • 1775 Birth of German musician Joseph MORALT in Mannheim (Schwetzingen). d-Munich, 13 NOV 1855. Older brother of Johann Baptist Moralt (1777 - 1825) Member of Munich Haydn quartet players.

  • 1787 Death of French composer François Francoeur in Paris. b-Paris, 8 SEP 1698.

  • 1797 (Sep 8?)Birth of German composer and cellist Friedrich August KUMMER in Meiningen. d-Dresden, 22 AUG 1879.

  • 1811 Birth of French composer Ambroise THOMAS in Metz. d-Paris, 12 FEB 1896.

  • 1822 Birth of composer Johann Georg Herzog

  • 1828 Birth of composer Giovanni Rossi

  • 1829 Birth of composer Heinrich Franz Daniel Stiehl

  • 1843 Birth of composer James Scott Skinner

  • 1846 Birth of Brazilian composer Joao GOMES in Araujo (Pindamonhangaba).d-Sao Paulo, 8 SEP 1942.

  • 1850 Death of theater director Franz Pokorny.

  • 1850 Birth of composer Anton Simon

  • 1858 Birth of mezzo-soprano Maria Slavina in St Petersburg. Died 1951. Debut as Amneris in Aida (Verdi) 1877 Teachers, Camille Everardi, Natalia Iretskaya, Ippolit Pryanishnikov Created Konchakovna in Prince Igor (Borodin) Countess in Pique Dame (Tchaikovsky) Hanna in May Night (Rimsky-Korsakov) Clytemnestra in Oresteia (Taneyev) Princess in Enchantress (Tchaikovsky)

  • 1864 Birth of Spanish composer Resurreccion Maria de AZCUE, Basque.

  • 1865 Birth of bass Anton Sistermans in Herzogenbusch. Died 18 Mar 1926. Teacher, Julius Stockhausen Pupil, Louis Van de Sande

  • 1866 Birth of composer Alfred Holy

  • 1868 Birth of composer Oskar Merikanto

  • 1886 Birth of Spanish composer Oscar ESPLA in Alicante. d-Madrid, 6 JAN 1976.

  • 1890 Birth of Austrian composer Hans GAL in Brunn. d-Edinburgh, 3 OCT 1987. Photo.

  • 1890 Birth of Austrian conductor Erich KLEIBER, in Vienna. d-Zurich, 27 JAN 1956. NBC Symphony Orch 1945-46. Father of Carlos.

  • 1891 Death of English-born French composer, pianist and music publisher Henry Charles Litolff at age 73, in Bois-Colombes. b-London, 7 AUG 1818. Likeness.

  • 1900 Birth of Dutch mezzo-soprano Bodi Rapp

  • 1901 Birth of Argentinian composer Juan Carlos PAZ in Buenos Aires. d-Buenos Aires, 25 AUG 1972.

  • 1903 Birth of bass Boris Gmyrya in Lebedin Ukraine. Died 1 Aug 1969. Debut 1936 Teacher, P.V. Golubev

  • 1905 Birth of tenor Edouard Kriff in Algiers. Died 29 Mar 1966. Debut in Herodaide (Massenet) 1937 Teachers, Marguerite Carrere-Xanrof, Paul Franz, Titta Ruffo

  • 1914 Birth of Croatian composer and violinist Stjepan Sulek

  • 1916 Death of English composer George Butterworth at age 31, in France. British soldier during the battle of Pozières. b-London, 12 JUL 1885.

  • 1921 Birth of American composer David A. UBER.

  • 1926 Birth of American composer Betsy JOLAS (Elizabeth Illouz) in Paris.

  • 1927 Death of tenor Joseph O'Mara. Born 16 July 1864 in Limerick. Debut as Ivanhoe in Ivanhoe (Sullivan) Teacher, F Moretti Created Mike Murphy in Shamus O'Brien (Stanford)

  • 1927 Birth of composer Gunnar Bucht

  • 1932 Birth of Dutch composer Tera de MAREZ OYENS in Velzen. d-Hilversum, 29 AUG 1996. Works list.

  • 1945 Birth of Bulgarian violinist Stoika MILANOVA.

  • 1945 Death of Australian soprano Elsa Stralia. Born 1880 in Adelaide. Teacher, Hugo Fischer

  • 1956 FP of Ned Rorem's Symphony No. 2, at La Jolla, CA.

  • 1967 Death of soprano Evelyn Scotney. Born 11 July 1896 in Ballarat Victoria. Debut as Frasquita in Carmen (Bizet) 2 Dec 1911 Teachers, Mathilde Marchesi, Paolo Tosti

  • 1971 Birth of American composer James ROMIG in Long Beach, CA.

  • 1972 FP of David Del Tredici's Vintage Alice for soprano and chamber ensemble from a text by Lewis Carroll, in Saratoga, CA.

  • 1978 Patowan, Utah, names a local mountain Mr. Messiaen honoring the French composer, Olivier Messiaen, who composed Des canyons aux etoiles 'From the canyons to the stars'. He was inspired by the natural beauty of the area.

  • 1993 Death of Czech composer Eugen Suchon in Bratislava. b-Pezinok, Slovak Republic, 25 SEP 1908.

  • 1994 Death of sopranoi and singing coach Audrey Langford. Born 28 June 1912. Debut as Flower Maiden in Parsifal (Wagner) 1936 Pupils, Marie Angel, Josephine Barstow, Richard Best, Jeffrey Black Susan Bullock, Christine Bunning, Teresa Cahill, Robert Hayward Hugh Hetherington, Martyn Hill, Janis Kelly, Linda Kitchen Sally Langford, Maureen Morelle, Arwel Huw Morgan, Ashley Putman,Elizabeth Ritchie, Joan Rodgers, RussellSmythe, Gillian Sullivan,Stephen Varcoe, Josephine Veasey, Wendy Vercoe,Deborah Riedel, Richard Jackson, Sheri Greenawald

  • 2000 FP of Richard Danielpour's Violin Concerto A Fool's Paradise. Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit, with soloist Chantal Juillet at the Saratoga Center for the Performing Arts, in Saratoga, NY.

  • 2012 Death of American violinist Ruggiero Ruicci in Palm Springs, CA. b-San Francisco, CA 24 July 1918.

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