Today in classical music history August 11

Alexander MOSOLOV
  • 1600 Birth of composer Paul Hallman
  • 1613 Birth of composer Cristoph Kaldenbach
  • 1720 Birth of composer Martin Gerbert
  • 1730 Death of Andre Philidor in Driux, music librarian to Louis XIV. b-Versailles, c. 1647.
  • 1744 Birth of German bassoonist and composer Johann Gottlieb SCHWENCKE to family of musicians in Saxony. d- Hamburg, 27 OCT 1822.
  • 1748 Birth of German kapellmeister and composer Joseph SCHUSTER in Dresden. d-Dresden, 24 JUL 1812. d- Dresden, 24 JUL 1812. He studied music with his father, a court musician, and with J.G. Schürer.
  • 1842 Birth of German composer Reinhold BECKER.
  • 1861 (July 12?) Birth of Russian composer Anton ARENSKY in Novgorod. d-Finland, 25 FEB 1906.
  • 1861 Death of Irish soprano Catherine Hayes. Born 25 Oct 1825 Ireland. Debut as Elvira in Puritani (Bellini) 10 May 1845 Teachers, De Micherout, Manuel Garcia Jnr, Giorgio Ronconi, Sapio
  • 1862 Birth of American composer Carrie Jacobs BOND in Janesville, WI. d-Glendale, CA 28 DEC 1946. I Love You Truly and other sentimental songs.
  • 1863 Birth of composer Arpad Szendy
  • 1868 Death of Norwegian composer Halfdan Kjerulf in Grefsen. b-Christiania, 15 SEP 1815.
  • 1872 Death of American composer, organist and conductor Lowell MASON in Orange, NJ. b-Medfield, MA, 8 JAN 1792.
  • 1873 Birth of American composer J. Rosamond JOHNSON in Jacksonville, FL. d-1954.
  • 1880 Birth of composer Frederick Jerome Work
  • 1894 Birth of composer Wilhelm Grosz
  • 1900 Birth of Russian composer Alexander MOSOLOV in Kiev. d- Moscow, 12 JUL 1973.
  • 1905 Birth of baritone Bruce Dargavel in Briton Ferry. Died 1 Nov 1985 Teacher, E Herbert Caesari
  • 1909 Birth of French composer and organist Gaston LITAIZE, blind, born in Menil-sur-Belvitte.
  • 1914 Death of bass Pol Plancon. Born 12 Jun 1854 Fumay. Debut Joseph in Cinq Mars (Gounod) 1 Dec 1878 Teachers, Louis-Gilbert Duprez, Giovanni Sbriglia Pupil, Paul Charles Rene Landormy Created Garrido in Navarraise (Massenet) Comte de Gormas in Cid (Massenet) Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing (Stanford) Sang in premiere of Elaine (Bemberg). Debut as Seneschal in Jean de Paris (Boieldieu) 1857 Pupil, Rita Fornia
  • 1915 Birth of composer Kunio Toda
  • 1919 Birth of French violinist Ginette NEVEU in Paris. d-Azores, 28 OCT 1949, in a plane crash. Poulenc re-wrote the final movement of the Violin Sonata he had written for her.
  • 1920 Birth of American pianist William MASSELOS in Niagra Falls, NY. d-23 OCT 1992.  Search  for William MASSELOS
  • 1922 Founding of the International Society for Contemporary Music.
  • 1925 Birth of American composer Robert LINN an emeritus professor at the USC Thornton School of Music. d-LA, CA 28 OCT 1999.
  • 1927 Birth of English conductor Raymond LEPPARD in London. Search for Raymond LEPPARD
  • 1929 Birth of Welsh composer Alun HODDINOTT Alun Hoddinott: Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 2; Clarinet Concerto; Harp Concertoin Bargoed, Wales.
  • 1929 Birth of Dutch mezzo-soprano Cora Canne-Meyer in Amsterdam. Debut 1951 Teachers, Re Koster, Jan Keizer, N Perugia, Alfred Jerger Created Marina in Pineda (Sauger) Nerine in Monsieur de Pourceaugnac (Martin) Sang in premiere of Francois Villon (Dresden) Mere Coupable (Milhaud)
  • 1930 Birth of composer Heinz Werner Zimmermann
  • 1933 Birth of Hungarian-Swiss conductor and pianist Tamas VASARY in Debrecen.
  • 1933 Birth of composer Justin Connolly
  • 1938 Birth of composer Rainer Boesch
  • 1939 Birth of composer Attila Bozay
  • 1942 Composer George Antheil and movie actress Hedy Lamarr received a United States patent for the use of radio-controlled missiles that could be used against the Germans. Their process used a frequency-hopping radio encryption technique called spread-spectrum technology used today in cell phone transmissions. Tony Rothman, author of Everything's Relative: And Other Fables from Science and Technology , says the importance of the patent is largely a product of urban legend.
  • 1943 Birth of composer Krzysztof Meyer
  • 1943 FP of Richard Strauss' Horn Concerto No. 2. Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Karl Böhm, with Gottfried von Freiburg, horn, at the Salzburg Festival.
  • 1945 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Barbara Conrad in Pittsburg Texas. Created Clotilde in Bayou Legend (Still)
  • 1947 Birth of French pianist Catherine Collard
  • 1948 Birth of American composer Raphael MOSTEL.
  • 1949 Death of Austrian born composer Karl Weigl in NYC at age 68. b-Vienna, 6 FEB 1881.
  • 1952 Death of American tenor Riccardo Martin. Born 18 Nov 1874 in Kentucky. Debut as Faust in Faust(Gounod) Oct 1904 Teachers, Franklin Cannone, Beniamino Carelli, Jean de Reszke Leon Escalais, Vincenzo Lombardi, Giovanni Sbriglia Enrico Caruso, Oscar Saenger Created Quintas in Mona (Parker)
  • 1954 Birth of English composer Sinan Carter SAVASKAN in London.
  • 1955 Leonad Bernstein's On the Waterfront Bernstein: Candide; West Side Story; On the Waterfront; Fancy Free Symphonic Suite. Boston Symphony conducted by the composer at Tanglewood, Lennox, MA.
  • 1955 FP of Avery Claflin's madrigal A Lament for April 15. IRS text on how to file an income tax return, at the Berkshire Center in Tanglewood, MA.
  • 1956 Birth of American composer Daniel KALLMAN.
  • 1957 FP of Paul Hindemith's opera, The Harmony of the World the composer conducting in Munich.
  • 1966 Birth of Argentinian composer Juan María SOLARE in Buenos Aires.
  • 1968 FP of Darius Milhaud's Music for New Orleans to celebrate the 250th anniversary of New Orleans in 1966, it was rejected. Aspen Festival in Colorado.
  • 1969 Death of soprano Miriam Licette Born 9 Sep 1885 Chester.  Died 11 Aug 1969 Debut as Cio Cio San in Madama Butterfly (Puccini) 1911 Teachers, Jean De Reszke, Mathilde Marchesi, Vincenzo Sabbatini
  • 1974 Death of mezzo-soprano Maria Maksakova. Born 8 Apr 1902 in Astrachan. Debut as Amneris in Aida (Verdi) 1923 Teacher, Maximilian Maksakov
  • 1984 FP of S. Rachmaninoff's opera Monna Vanna Act 1 orchestrated by Igor Buketoff, posthumously, at a concert performance in Saratoga, NY. In 1907 Rachmaninoff left it unfinished.
  • 1985 FP of Han Werner Henze's realization of Monteverdi's opera Il ritorno d'Ulisse 'The Return of Ulysses' at the Salzburg Festival.
  • 1988 Death of French opera designer, producer and director Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, in Munich at 56. b-Paris, 19 FEB 1932. Carmina Burana.
  • 1995 Death of bass Karel Berman. Born 14 Apr 1919 Jindrichuv Hradec. Debut 1946 Teachers, Eugen Fuchs, Apollo Granforte Created Charpeau in Lake Ukerve (Macha) Dr Galen in White Disease (Andrasovan) Sang in premiere of Invincible (Kalas)
  • 1996 Death of Czech pianist, composer and conductor Rafael Kubelik A Portrait [DVD Video] in Lucerne. b-Bychory, 29 JAN 1914. Thierry VAGNE's Biographical Site of KubelikSearch for Rafael Kubelik
  • 2003 FP of Judith Weir's The Voice of Desire for voice and piano, with mezzo-soprano Alice Coote and pianist Julius Drakem at an afternoon BBC Proms concert at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
  • 2003 FP of Mark O'Connor's Violin Concerto No. 6 Old Brass. Academy of St. Martin in the Fields conducted by Kenneth Sillito, composer soloist at an evening BBC Proms concert at Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • 2011 Death of Spanish violinist and conductor Jose Luis Garcia. b-25 February 1944.
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